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Sundance Spas

Welcome to the Sundance Spas section of our store.


In this section you will find all replacement spa parts that we stock for Sundance Spas including Air Blowers, Circuit Boards, Heaters, Pumps, Covers, Ozonators, Control Boxes, Pillows, Jets, Filters, Topside Control Panels and many others.


We are constantly adding hot tub parts to our  brands categories on a weekly basis as we gain more knowledge on each spa brand. If the part you need is not listed below please take a look at our other parts categories listed to the left of the page as we may just have it in stock but not organised yet into the specific spa brands. 


A lot of spa parts are licensed by spa brands and can only be obtained from them directly, just let us know what part you need and we will obtain it for you from them, in most cases cheaper than their retail price.


If you are still having trouble trying to determine exactly what part you need for your hot tub, then please get in touch or if you simply want more information, you can contact us by email or call us.


Sundance Genuine Parts

Sundance Genuine Blowers


Sundance Genuine Circuit Boards

Circuit Boards

Sundance Genuine Control Panels

Control Panels

Sundance Genuine Filter Replacement Cartridges

Filter Cartridges

Sundance Genuine Heater parts


Sundance Genuine Light Parts


Sundance Genuine Spa Pillows


Sundance Genuine Plumbing Parts


Sundance Genuine Spa Pumps and Parts


Sundance Genuine SunPurity Sanitizer Parts



As a supplier of Genuine Sundance Parts we have hundreds of components for hot tubs and spas. From blowers and circuit boards to filters, heaters and pumps; chances are we have the Sundance spa and hot tub parts you need. Not finding what you’re looking for? Then call or email us to have one of our Pool Plaza experts help you

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HOT TUB FLO Error Code / HOT TUB Flow Problem / HOT TUB Not Heating

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Heater sundance parts spa

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How To Replace a HOT TUB Heater Element [ STEP by STEP GUIDE ]

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