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CVS Announces Same Day Delivery Services for Prescription Medication

There are very few industries that are not constantly trying to make it easier for consumers to buy and receive their products. The internet and faster shipping methods have made it far simpler and far less expensive for businesses to speed up shipping and make sure that people receive their products quickly, sometimes even on the same day.

CVS just announced it would be offering a speedier delivery for those who use the pharmacy to fill their prescriptions. This could have major benefits for those who may need their prescriptions quickly and who cannot go out to pick them up.

Same Day Delivery

CVS has offered nationwide, one-day and two-day delivery options for prescription drugs for about a year now. But in April the company announced it would be starting a prescription delivery service that would get your medications to you within hours of the pharmacist filling the prescription. Delivered by Shipt, 6000 CVS locations across the country are making it possible for you to opt for same day delivery when CVS notifies you that the prescription has been filled.

Prescription users can opt for same day delivery by using the CVS Pharmacy app, text message, or over the phone. The convenience this offers does come at a cost, though. The same day delivery service will charge $7.99 for delivery of eligible prescriptions.

But if you’re not willing to pay the fee, you can still get your prescriptions delivered at a lower cost by opting for a slower delivery option. Most CVS products can be shipped along with eligible prescriptions, including OTC medications for allergies, cold and flu, and pain relief.


This change in CVS’ delivery policy will benefit a lot of people who may not be able to leave their homes, or who are in need of medications quickly. But all Americans can benefit from lower prices at the pharmacy, whether their medications are being shipped to them or if they’re going to pick them up themselves. rxless can help you get your prescriptions at a lower price every time you go to the pharmacy.

Prescription Discount Offers

rxless can help you find prescription discount offers for your medications. Whether you take a medication every day like Lipitor or you’re only take for a short time, such as antibiotics like Amoxicillin, these offers can save you money when you pay for your prescription.

All you have to do is head to our site and search for the name of your medication, select the correct dosage, then scroll down to find the discount associated with your pharmacy.

Rite Aid Partners With Shipt to Offer Same-Day Delivery in 17 States

In a move to match the delivery options offered by its major pharmacy competitors Walgreens and CVS, Rite Aid has partnered with Shipt to offer same-day delivery of health and wellness products from more than 2,000 stores in 17 states. The service will operate through the Shipt marketplace, enabling customers to receive their orders in as little as an hour.

The partnership was inspired by shoppers’ needs for both wellness items and more delivery options during the pandemic. Rite Aid will offer more than 20,000 products, including cold and flu medicines, vitamins, beauty staples and snacks.

“As part of our ongoing RxEvolution, continuing to bring to life the ‘new Rite Aid’ is paramount — and that includes offering consumers exciting new ways to shop,” said Katie Finnegan, Chief Customer Experience and Ecommerce Officer at Rite Aid in a statement. “Our partnership with Shipt brings another level of convenience to the Rite Aid customer experience.  “We’ll continue exploring ways to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get the items they need to keep their families healthy, happy and thriving.”

Rite Aid is Shipt’s second major health and wellness partner. The Target-owned delivery platform launched a same-day delivery offering with GNC in February 2021 that includes vitamins, supplements, protein bars and even fitness equipment.

Walgreensoffers same-day delivery nationwide through partnerships with Postmates, DoorDash and Instacart, and CVS has same-day delivery options through Shipt and Instacart.

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CVS Pharmacy upgrades prescription delivery benefit for CarePass members

Prescriptions and select wellness essentials now available within hours through Shipt delivery

WOONSOCKET, R.I. — CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health (NYSE: CVS), today announced an upgrade to its CarePass membership program, with prescription delivery within hours now free for eligible CarePass members with an eligible prescription through an expanded partnership with the delivery service Shipt.

With the addition of free same-day delivery CarePass members enjoy access to their prescriptions in a matter of hours.

CarePass is a paid membership program of exclusive benefits that delivers industry-leading value and convenience to CVS Pharmacy customers. With the addition of free same-day delivery CarePass members enjoy access to their vital prescriptions in a matter of hours. Members may also add everyday wellness essentials to their prescription delivery, including select items from categories like vitamins, digestive health, pain relief, first aid, grocery and more. Non-CarePass members may also choose same-day prescription delivery for $7.99.

This upgrade to the prescription delivery benefit is in addition to a list of already-available benefits of a CarePass membership, including access to a 24/7 pharmacist helpline, 20 percent off CVS Health brand products and free 1-2 day shipping on Plus, as a special thank you, members receive a $10 Promo Reward every month, which can be spent on health, beauty, or everyday essentials in the store or online. CarePass launched nationally in August of 2019 and customers may join in-store and at for just $5 per month, or at a discounted annual membership fee of $48.

"The member response to the CarePass program is tremendous," said Neela Montgomery, President of CVS Pharmacy and Executive Vice President, CVS Health. "Our goal is to continuously evolve CarePass to meet our customers' changing needs. By speeding up prescription delivery for CarePass members to a matter of hours, we're offering additional convenience for the millions of members who've opted into the program."

"We're thrilled to expand our work with CVS to include free same-day delivery with CarePass, helping to meet the needs of even more CVS Pharmacy patients," said Shipt CEO, Kelly Caruso. "Our trusted network of 300,000 Shipt Shoppers deliver items safely and with care, which is critical for sensitive items like prescriptions. We look forward to collaborating with CVS Pharmacy on this effort."

Same-day delivery by Shipt is currently offered at nearly 8,000 CVS Pharmacy stores in 47 states for eligible prescription drug orders with qualifying prescription benefit programs and insurance plans. For details on availability, visit the Store Locator or call your local CVS Pharmacy. For more information about CarePass or to sign up, visit or stop into your local CVS Pharmacy.

About CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy, the retail division of CVS Health, is America's leading retail pharmacy with nearly 10,000 locations, including over 1,700 pharmacies inside of Target and Schnucks grocery stores. We are committed to delivering innovative health solutions that create a simpler, more accessible experience for patients, customers, and caregivers. CVS Pharmacy is the only national pharmacy to remove tobacco products from its shelves and has taken a leadership role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by making testing and vaccinations available at locations across the United States.For the latest product and service offerings, visit or download the CVS Pharmacy app.

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Let's discuss Shipt Rx Delivery \u0026 Tips

CVS expands same-day prescription delivery nationwide

CVS has decided its customers will no longer wait a couple of days to have their prescriptions delivered.

The pharmacy chain is now offering same-day delivery nationwide, almost a year after introducing one- and two-day shipping, the company announced Thursday. CVS will partner with Shipt, a Target company, to deliver prescriptions the same day they're filled. The service will cost $7.99.

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Consumers continue to demand faster delivery for online orders. This is especially true with groceries that need to stay fresh and prescription drugs that customers need to take right away. If a person is diagnosed with strep throat and fills a prescription for an antibiotic, they're not going to wait one or two days for it to arrive.

Plus, CVS needs to act quickly if it wants to get ahead of e-commerce behemoth Amazon, which bought online pharmacy PillPack last year. Other start-ups are also trying to woo consumers with the ease of filling their prescriptions without ever walking into a pharmacy or standing in line.

CVS first tested same-day delivery in New York in late 2017 and expanded the service to a handful of other big cities last summer. It's now available at 6,000 of CVS' nearly 10,000 stores, the company said.

People can select delivery through CVS' app, via text or by calling the pharmacy. They can also add health and household items, such as cough medicine, vitamins and diapers, to the delivery. CVS will keep the option for one- or two-day delivery at a price of $4.99.

The drugstore chain has been trying to figure out ways to stay relevant as consumers consolidate their shopping carts. Not all of its ideas have worked. The company stopped offering curbside pickup in September after two years.


Delivery shipt cvs

Shipt Adds 1,000 Retail Locations to Same-Day Delivery Services

Shipt Expands

Photograph courtesy of Shipt

Shipt has announced its largest nationwide expansion in three years, adding its same-day delivery services to more store locations and reaching millions of potential new customers. As part of this expansion, Shipt has added nearly 1,000 more store locations from which customers can use the company’s same-day delivery service. In addition, more than two million more households that previously were just outside of Shipt's coverage area can now access Shipt for convenient and fast shopping, according to the company.

“This is the first time Shipt has expanded this way,” said Bridget Fruit, COO for Shipt, in a statement. “Over the years, Shipt has launched one city at a time or rolled out a new retail partner nationwide, but this exciting coast-to-coast expansion is unlike anything we've done before.”

Teams at Shipt worked with the company’s existing retail partners to identify areas of opportunity for store location growth, including CVS, Bed Bath & Beyond and Party City. Through this expansion, Shipt is now available from more than 200 additional CVS locations than before. It also includes some 50 additional GNC stores.

Customers in more than 5,000 communities across the country have access to Shipt today, with those in Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Los Angeles and Seattle areas seeing some of the greatest number of new store locations available to them, according to the company, which recently partnered with Cardenas Markets to provide same-day delivery to its stores across Southern California.

As it increases the reach for retailers on Shipt’s marketplace, more customers can enjoy access to same-day delivery for anything from grocery to wellness to home goods, the company stated.

“This expansion recognizes the importance of same-day delivery in people’s lives,” added Fruit. “We’re growing strategically and intentionally with a commitment to provide our customers with even more places to shop, retailers with the opportunity to reach new customers and Shipt Shoppers with even more flexible earning potential than ever before.”

Last month, Shipt launched a new Preferred Shoppers feature for members of its grocery delivery service that is available to 80% of households in more than 5,000 U.S. cities. Customers who rate their shopper with five stars after an order is delivered have the option afterward to add them as a favorite to their “preferred shopper list.” If the shopper accepts the request, that shopper will be prioritized for the customer’s future orders.

The Birmingham, Ala.-based Shipt is an independently operated, wholly owned subsidiary of Minneapolis-based Target Corp.



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Birmingham’s Shipt is now offering same-day prescription and retail delivery for CVS.

Details of the deal have not been disclosed, but the pharmacy chain says it will be able to offer deliveries from 6,000 CVS Pharmacy locations across the country.

“A year ago CVS Pharmacy redefined convenience for customers by introducing prescription delivery nationwide in order to extend the connection that our trusted, local pharmacists provide to their customers at our nearly 10,000 locations around the country,” CVS President Kevin Hourican said in a statement. “Today we’ve taken another step forward by expanding same-day delivery nationwide and enhancing the experience with our On-Demand delivery service.”

The service is offered through the chain’s CVS Pharmacy app, through text, or by calling a local CVS Pharmacy location. The delivery charge is $7.99. The fee for one- to two-day delivery is $4.99.

CNBC is reporting the move counters a similar one by Amazon, which bought online pharmacy PillPack last year.

Last month, Target executive Kelly Caruso was named to replace founder Bill Smith in the top job at Shipt. Smith will continue to serve as an advisor to the company.


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How to Complete a CVS Prescription Delivery in Shipt Shopper

  • 1

    Tell them that you have an "On-Demand prescription order for Shipt".They'll ask the name of the customer. Try saying something like "I'm the Shipt Shopper coming to pick up the On-Demand order for (customer name).
    • The "On-Demand" designation is a major designation to mention, as this supersedes anything else about the prescription pickup that makes this one different than anything else they have from other orders given to other customers.
  • 2

    Let the CVS employee take over. If they ask for additional payment or a date of birth, show them your screen as you can tell them that you don't have access to that information and that these orders are already prepaid - but they can look through their "RXNet"(sic) or "LEARNet"(sic) computers for additional details if necessary - where they will often need to click buttons on their end.

  • 3

    Let the pharmacy employee hand you the prescription bag.The bag will generally be taped by a blue-colored tape similar to Duct tape, and overtop of this (or near this) should be a label that you can use for the next step.
    • If they tell you that it needs to be refrigerated, tell them that you'll let the customer know - then walk away - texting the customer before marking the order under the next steps - however, you might not get very many of those prescription requests.
  • 4

    Verify the name and/or address of the customer matches what you have for your customer onscreen. Look for this under the "Drop-Off Details" section labeled "Drop-off address." If at least the addresses match, check the name. If the name matches, great. If not, ask if there's any others or if there were changes made after the delivery was sent to Shipt for filling. If they say it's their only name, take it with a grain of salt in hopes this is what is happening. If it isn't their only name, talk to someone knowledgable with the process.

  • 5

    Scroll the page back down to the bottom and tap the circular button to the left of "Mark as picked up".

  • 6

    Confirm you'd like to mark the order as picked up at the store. On the dialog box saying " Mark as picked up Are you sure you want to mark this order as picked up?" tap the "Yes" button.

  • 7

    Send an On the Way text to the customer.CVS requires that you send this message.[2]Tap the Contact Details line once, and Shipt Shopper will prefill a message saying "Hi (first name), this is your Shipt shopper (your first name). I just picked up your order from CVS. I'm on my way, see you soon!"
    • If they don't have a Contact Details line, there may be a bug - in which case, tap the Store icon in the top right corner of the order details screen and tap "Text message" from the dialog box at the bottom of the screen. Compose a message manually saying you've picked up their order from the CVS Pharmacy location and are on the way to them. Follow your device-specific instructions for sending the message from there.
      • Random orders sometimes glitch out, and your only fix is to let them know through substitute/secondary measures (which isn't ideal but is workable)!
  • 8

    Set the prescription bag into a cool place in your car - away from the sun. Most often, your best spot will be found sitting on the floor of your car - away from direct sunlight.

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