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How to install the web browser plugin on Windows computer?

First of all, we suggest to use our new software Foscam VMS which does not need any plugin to view and manage the camera on computers.

Please go to download and install it. If you insist to login the camera with web browsers, please continue to see below.

Overview: This article will introduce the process of using a Windows based computer to view a Foscam camera for the first time.

Technical Note:If the Foscam camera is an older model or possibly using older firmware the use of Internet Explorer web browser is suggested.
Note: Please be sure the camera and computer are connected to the same network before proceeding. Also, if there are any Pop Up Blockers running, please be sure they are disabled otherwise this will interfere with the installation. Disable any virtual network drivers that may be installed by such packages as Oracle’s Virtualbox, they will interfere with the Equipment Search Tool.
Step 1:Launch the Equipment Search Tool to obtain the IP address and Port information for the Foscam camera.
Step 2:Launch Internet Explorer and type the web address for the camera into the address bar. The browser will navigate to the login page for the camera. You will be prompted to install the plugin at the bottom of the web page.
Step 3:Click Install to continue the installation of the web browser plugin. The file will have a .exe extension.

Step 4:Follow the instructions contained in the Setup Wizard during the installation process.
Note: During the installation process Internet Explorer will be forced to close. This is normal during the installation. Click “Yes” to close Internet Explorer.

Step 5:Click “Finish” and re-start the Internet Explorer browser. Type the address and port number of the camera into the address bar again to login to the camera.

How to fix the error “please re-login after plugin installed”?

First of all, we suggest to use our new software Foscam VMS which does not need any plugin to view and manage the camera on computers.

Please go to download and install it. If you insist to login the camera with web browsers, please continue to see below.

Overview: While using a HD camera the web browser plugins were installed successfully however the user may experience the error message"Please re-login after plugin is installed".  The reason for this is that the browser is still blocking the plugin from being executed while attempting to access the camera. This can also be caused by many reasons including a Pop Up Blocker deliberately blocking the browser from launching the appropriate plug-in. Be sure to disable the Pop Up Blocker while accessing Foscam products.

Chrome (Windows OS)
Launch the browser and in the address bar type the address chrome://components
Find pnacl located in the list; if the version number indicated is the component has not been updated. Click on Check for Update to update the pnacl component and restart the browser after the update is complete.

Some anti-virus programs will block the browser plugin from being executed. If the problem continues after the pnacl plugin is updated temporarily disable the ant-virus program and try to login to the camera.

Firefox Version 52 or below (Windows)
Launch Firefox and in the address bar type about:addons and press enter.
Click Plugins and find nplIPCRegDLL and choose the option Always Active. Close Firefox and re-launch the browser. Attempt to login to the camera.

Note, Firefox above 52 has blocked Foscam plugin of the old cameras completely, please use Internet Explorer instead.

Internet Explorer (Windows)
Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to
Tools → Internet Options → Security → Customer Level → ActiveX Controls and Plugins
Enable Download unsigned ActiveX controls
Enable Initialize and script ActiveX controls
Enable Run ActiveX controls and plugins
Close and re-launch Internet Explorer and attempt to login to the camera.

Also,if you've turned on ActiveX Filtering, please click turn it off so the plugin can run.

Safari (MacOS)
Open Safari and navigate to
Security Settings → Internet Plug-Ins options
Enable Allow Plug-Ins.
Close Safari completely and re-launch the browser and attempt to login to the camera.

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Enable Live View of CCTV Camera on Chrome by Enabling NPAPI Plugin

Our CCTV Camera, IP Cameras, NVR, DVR have the built-in function which allow a user to watch the live view and replay on the browsers directly. All the major browers are supported: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. We quite recommend Chrome, Firefox and Safari, as they are more stable and better browsers. 

If you notice that recently your Chrome browser won't give you the live view, that is probably caused the recent Chrome update, which disable the NPAPI plugin by default. Here is the tweek of how you can change a setting to make sure you can still watch the live view and replay video of your CCTV Camera, IP Cameras, NVR, DVR on your Chrome browser: 

  1. Open your Chrome browser, at the address bar, copy and paste chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. You should see the screen as below. Click "Enable" 
  3. Relaunch (close and reopen) your chrome browser. Login to your CCTV camera page. It should be working now!

Want to install IP Surveillance CCTV Camera for your home or office? Browse various types of IP Surveillance CCTV Camera packages, or find out more distinct features of our High Resolution IP Surveillance Cameras with NVR!

Foscam HD Ip Cameras - How to install plugin on Google Chrome

Foscam Viewer

This app is especially designed to work with Foscam IP cameras. Please make sure you have the following Foscam camera models before download:

Agasio AW
Agasio AW
Agasio AW
Agasio MI

App Features:
- Guaranteed to work with all Foscam cameras (Receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with our app).
- Remotely view and control all Foscam IP camera models .
- User-friendly interface. Fast loading .
- Record video and take snapshots from your IP cameras and share videos via email
- Hear audio remotely (Support 1-way audio)
- Unlimited number of cameras. View up to 4 cameras on screen at a time .
- Instantly capture camera's screen and send via email
- Perfect for home security, pet-cam or workplaces.
- Designed for both phones and tablets
- Pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) (available on selected models)
- Developed by 3rd party developers. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Foscam company.


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How To Install Foscam Google Chrome Plugin

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