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Everyday Collection™

Fresh and modern, our Everyday Collection™ offers a sleek solution to your closet clutter. This design includes 3/4-inch straight-edge panels, adjustable shelves, and half-overlay flat face doors. Best of all, it’s available at a price that’s equally as pleasant as its appearance.


Classic Collection™

A home storage solution that honors the traditional; our Classic Collection™ makes use of our exclusive soft edge treatment. Show off your favorite pieces with our flat-face, half-overlay doors and drawers, available in dozens of materials and colors.


Regency Collection™

Marrying sophisticated style with storage excellence, our Regency Collection™ is a cut above. When you choose this design option, your closet will be as beautiful as your impressive wardrobe.


Brio Collection™

Want a home storage look that’s out of the ordinary? For a design option that is quickly becoming popular, turn to our Brio Collection™. The collection celebrates the look and feel of natural woods like cypress and fir, without the real-wood cost.


Here is what our clients are saying

  • Very quick response to my inquiry and design consultant was extremely professional, through and without a pushy sales approach. I had a number of bids for comparison and while I don't know that they will come in at the cheapest, I will more likely consider them due to the consultation experience.

    Monica L.

  • Excellent design, completed on time, will use their services again. We had two master bedroom closets and a home office closets. All were done to our satisfaction, and on time

    Sarv S.

  • Very pleasant experience with a positive outcome. The consultant was helpful and asked many questions on the desired outcomes expected. Installation is in about three weeks so that will be the final judgement criteria of Closets by Design..!

    Bill H.

  • We are very happy with our closet. Joyce was an excellent designer with great customer service. She listened to all of our ideas, and incorporated them in the design while trying to save $ on things that weren't necessary. Delivery and installation were flawless. We are EXTREMELY happy with the closet

    Ramey E.

  • Installing my new closets and family entertainment center this week. Everything looks amazing. Marine was our designer and was fantastic to work with. Very friendly and went out of her way to get us exactly what we wanted at a fair price. I'd highly recommend asking for her to be your designer!

    Swpehr S.

  • Super excited about garage storage next to my window, I love to garden and it is going to look amazing...can’t wait! Prices were not so high as I thought it would be, the quality cabinet and all that it includes explains the cost, which made sense to me. I’m not looking for cheap Residential Wood or Commercial Wood. Melamine Condensed Wood is something I’ve never used before and so glad it is a USA product! Our designer was also Christina Garcia, she is very pleasant and listened to what I wanted and pointed out some features I did not consider. I think her number is 949-302-0043 and she can honor coupon promotions just like advertised.

    Robyn M.

  • Donna Perry, our design consultant is awesome!! She is very easy to work with and always follows our design requests. We love working with her. She always attempts to get us the best price as well. We will continue to use Closets By Design for all of our projects in the future.

    Kristen S.

  • Excellent selection. Good products, excellent service. Fair pricing.

    Amela G.

  • This whole experience was fantastic! Sylvia was a delight to speak with during our initial visit, she designed a good plan that utilized every possible space in our not so big closet. And the installation guy (I forgot his name) was great as well and finished in a timely manner. He cleaned up the garage where his equipment was and it looked better then when he arrived.

    Jennifer L.

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Most standard closets are pretty lackluster, but installing an organizational system can turn your boring closet into something that not only ensures your clothes and accessories are always right where you need them but actually looks great, too. You know, because style and function are just as important. Closet systems can range from ultra-affordable to totally lavish—it just depends on what your needs are and what aesthetic you're going for. And there are plenty of options for those of you who want to go custom and work with the pros, as well as pre-configured and adjustable closet systems that are easy to install on your own.

Whether you've got a giant walk-in closet or a tiny reach-in (or even no real closet at all!), there's a perfect closet system for you out there. If you're ready to overhaul your entire wardrobe, these are the best closet systems for every budget. We'll also show you how to get consultations for custom systems if you'd prefer to go the tailor-made route. In any case, your closet will thank you—or at least, you'll be thanking yourself every time you go to get dressed.


Starting at $804,


The Elfa system, available at The Container Store, is a totally customizable system that you can design online or work with an expert to create. It comes in two styles, Classic and Decor, and systems can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size, the features, and the finishes you choose. Plus, The Container Store also has two other custom closet system options: Avera and Laren.


Starting at$84,


IKEA's Boaxel system is a stellar choice if you're looking for an affordable option. It has tons of shelving units to choose from as well as coordinating baskets, boxes, racks, and more. It's simple yet sleek—and most importantly, it's versatile. You can choose the pieces you need to customize it. You can also try IKEA's similar Pax for a customizable wardrobe.




For an affordable, easy-to-install option, look for ClosetMaid products. You can find the brand's systems on Amazon and at other retailers, and the designs vary. Whether you want something that's simple and effective (like this all-in-one kit) or something that feels a little more upscale, there are options for you.




Whitmor's closet systems are loved by reviewers (this one has nearly 6,000 5-star ratings!) and totally budget-friendly. You'll find options with shelves, options with multiple hanging racks, rolling garment racks perfect for closet-less apartments, and more, so you're sure to find something that works for your space.

California Closets

Custom, prices vary,


If you really want to go all out, design a custom closet with California Closets. This is the option for you if you're ready to design the closet of your dreams. You can fill out your info for a free consultation, and you can even shop a modular collection from Martha Stewart.

Modular Closets



Modular Closets is all about making customizing your closet affordable and easy. You can buy pre-configured closet systems (like the one seen here) from $270 up to $800 and easily shop by the size of your closet. You can also fill out this form to get a free closet design based on your space's measurements and style.

Easy Track



Easy Track closet systems are available at retailers like Ace Hardware, but you can also design your own custom closet system with Easy Track if you prefer. You can fill out a form on the brand's website for free design assistance, too, if you need a little help DIY-ing it.

Closet Evolution



Closet Evolution sells a ton of closet systems you can find at Home Depot. Whether you're working with a corner walk-in, a reach-in, or a very small hallway closet, there's something that'll work for your space and budget. You can even customize the units by adding drawers, shelves, and accessories.




Rubbermaid also has a huge offering of affordable closet organizers and closet systems, many of which you can find at Walmart. They're simple and easy to install, and they'll totally give your closet new life.


Custom, prices vary


Another custom-designed closet system option? EasyClosets—you can check out the gallery on the brand's website for closet inspiration, and get a free consultation over the phone.

Closet Factory

Custom, prices vary


Another custom resource worth checking out is Closet Factory. The brand designs both walk-in and reach-in closets, shoe closets, closet organizers, and more—not to mention you get a free consultation with a designer before you even get started. They also have options for organizing other spaces in your home like laundry rooms, pantries, and home libraries, so you can go way beyond your closet if you'd like.

John Louis Home



For a closet makeover that isn't too expensive but still feels more upscale, try John Louis Home's closet systems. With customizable pieces and solid wood finishes (like the warm caramel seen here!), your closet will look stylish and organized.

Seville Classics



Another affordable option: Seville Classics. This freestanding wire system is easy to use in or out of a closet, and it's available for only $130 at Walmart.

Grow With Me by Little Seeds



If you need a closet system that will work for your kids and adjust to continue to work for them as they grow up, Little Seeds makes a system aptly called Grow With Me that is basically exactly what you need. Available at retailers like Amazon and Wayfair, this wall-mounted system features plenty of hanging racks and cubbies and can be adjusted as your child gets older.

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16 Best Closet Systems for Next-Level Organization

There’s something about a well-organized closet that can start your day off on the right foot and—dare we say it—might even make you enjoy folding clothes and towels. Plus, you probably spend a lot more time in your home’s closets than you think, so why not make them look great and work smarter? 

Closet systems are structures typically consisting of shelves, drawers, rods, and storage accessories such as jewelry holders and shoe racks. A closet organizer system is an easy way to streamline your closet setup and appearance while carving out a home for every item. Whether you’re working with a tight reach-in or a sprawling walk-in, there’s a closet organizer system that will meet your needs and give you streamlined storage for clothing, linens, and more. Learn about the best closet systems available to find one that works for your space and lifestyle.

Custom Closet Systems

Customized closet organizer systems are made to order and typically require working with a design consultant to determine the best closet system size, layout, and storage accessories for your space. Here are a few custom closet system companies that can help you conceptualize your dream closet.

Credit: Courtesy of California Closets

California Closets

The best closet organization fixtures are ones that fit your personal style and needs. California Closets offers multiple lines of customizable closet organizers and multiple product lines in a variety of eco-friendly wood-look finishes. The price of a custom California Closets system depends on various characteristics like material, size, and additional features, such as LED lighting, drawer dividers, and hooks. Design options and product line availability vary by location, so schedule a consultation by calling 888-336-9707 or visiting the California Closets website.

Credit: Courtesy of Closet Factory

Closet Factory

Closet Factory features custom closet organizer systems in a variety of sizes (including reach-in and walk-in closets) as well as an array of finishes, including engineered wood with melamine or solid-wood veneers in many colors. Through Closet Factory, a designer works one on one with you to determine the best setup for your closet and help configure the shelves and rods for optimal storage. To schedule a consultation, call 800-634-9000 or visit their website.

Credit: Courtesy of Closets by Design

Closets by Design

Closets by Design has four product lines at varying price points: Everyday, Classic, Regency, and Brio. The Everyday collection is a good line for those installing a closet system for the first time. It’s basic enough to organize your items but can easily be upgraded with drawers and molding as needed. To set up a personalized consultation, call 888-500-9215 or visit their website.

Credit: Courtesy of Easy Closets


The high-end DIY closet organizers from EasyClosets ship directly to your doorstep and are easy to design online and install in your space. Each closet organizer system is made from 3/4-inch high-density particleboard with durable melamine coating in seven colors and seven hardware finishes. There are also a few upgrades and accessories you can add, like belt hooks and drawer dividers. Units are sold exclusively on the EasyClosets website and include a free design service.

ikea pax closet organizer


The PAX closet system from IKEA is as DIY as it gets. Simply pick and choose components like drawers, rails, mesh baskets, doors, and hardware for your closet. Choose from mirrored, glass, and painted cabinet doors, as well as wardrobe frames to fit various closet configurations. Before you order, save yourself a headache and take complete measurements of your closet because the IKEA PAX closet system is not one size fits all.

Credit: Courtesy of ORG Home

ORG Home

Keep your belts, jewelry, shirts, and more organized with an ORG Home closet system. These personalized storage solutions are professionally designed and installed by local dealers. There are 29 colors to choose from as well as accessories like belt racks, valet rods, tie racks, hooks, and jewelry trays. Visit their website to schedule a consultation.

closet with outdoor access
Credit: Courtesy of Poliform

Poliform USA

For a modern closet system, consider the Senzafine wardrobe from Poliform. It features components that are custom-designed to fit any space. Wardrobe options are available with leaf, folding, or sliding doors in a variety of finishes, including matte and glossy lacquer, wood veneer, laminate, glass, and mirror. Get this closet system through corporate showrooms and dealers nationwide.

closet with floating shoe shelves
Credit: Courtesy of Studio Becker


The Ultimate Wardrobe System by StudioBecker is made with an engineered-wood core and solid-wood veneer. Standard and custom finishes are available. Accessories include jewelry inserts, hidden electronic safes, shoe storage solutions, pants racks, and cosmetics refrigerators. Pricing starts at $800 per linear foot for each wood closet system. To find an authorized dealer or showroom, call 510-865-1616 or visit StudioBecker’s website.

Where to Buy Off-the-Shelf Closet Systems

Most closet systems you’ll find at retailers like Amazon and Wayfair come as-is with all the materials you need to set it up yourself. Although they’re not customized to your storage needs, these types of closet systems are usually less expensive, more accessible, and fairly easy to assemble.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


ClosetMaid closet systems feature a range of affordable designs, including wire shelving, wood laminate kits, and premium configurations. This easy-to-install closet tower starter kit has a simple structure that boosts the storage space of smaller closets. It includes a wood laminate adjustable shelf and three expandable rods that fit closets from 5 to 10 feet wide. You can also choose customizable add-ons (sold separately), including closet drawers and decorative doors. 

Buy It:ClosetMaid Suite Symphony Starter Tower Kit, ($153, Amazon)

10 Clever Closet Organization Ideas That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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10 Clever Closet Organization Ideas That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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