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I have always enjoyed having a variety of pets and have lived with dogs my whole life. In 2001, I adopted my first german shepherd dog (Taylor), and shortly after that, my second GSD – Rumor. Taylor was largely ‘the perfect dog’ from the start. Rumor proved to be a bit more challenging. It was in working with Rumor that my fascination with training dogs began.

Since that time, I have attended many seminars by world-renowned trainers (Patricia McConnell, Suzanne Clothier, Karen Pryor, and Ken Rameriz to name just a few). I have read many training and behavior books, attended multiple classes, and tried to absorb as much information as possible. I have become a life-long learner. One thread that has carried on through all my learning is that a positive, relationship-based training program achieves the best results.

In 2016, I discovered Absolute Dogs and the concept-based training methodology. I have completed several Absolute Dogs courses and have been a member of the Academy ever since. Concept training and the relationship with my dogs developed through this training style has truly been a game-changer. When the opportunity to become a Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs became available in 2018, I knew this was the path for me.


Professional Dog Training in New Berlin, WI

Dog Training Elite Milwaukee - Professional Dog Training Methods

Empowering Owners

We work with dogs of any breed, size or age... at your home in New Berlin - and we empower owners with lifelong skills to continue successes.

  • Leash & potty training
  • Staying & coming
  • Destructive chewing & digging
  • Stealing food, clothing, or other objects
  • Barking, howling & whining
  • Food guarding & begging
  • Mouthing, nipping & playing rough
  • Anxiety & submissive urination
  • Jumping up & hyperactivity
  • Aggression & anxiety

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We strongly believe that the key to sustained obedience and training is to empower owners and their family, in their own home, to be an integral part of the training experience. This means we will train you, to train your dog at your own home in New Berlin, WI!

Top Dog Trainer in New Berlin, WI
In-Home Training

Dog obedience classes are held near New Berlin, WI on a consistent basis and are included in most packages. Our dog obedience training classes are designed to place yourself and your dog in public places (surrounded by other dogs, people, smells, and sounds)!

New Berlin, WI - Group Dog Training
Socialized Group Training

Dog Training Elite Milwaukee has developed a highly successful in-home dog training program in New Berlin, WI that empowers dog owners and their canines to work together - creating strong bonds and sustained obedience. Our in-home dog training method is highly personalized and designed to instruct owners, coaching them to train their dog alongside a professional dog trainer in their home environment as well as in small group settings. We strongly believe that the key to sustained obedience and training is to empower owners to be an integral part of the training experience. Contact us today to get only the best dog training in New Berlin, WI!

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Award Winning Dog Training Services in the Milwaukee Metro Area

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Welcome to Dog Training Elite Milwaukee! We are a professional, family owned Milwaukee-based dog training company with over 40 years of experience that specializes in strengthening the bond between your dog and your family, with a strong emphasis on teaching your dog the highest level of obedience, despite even the toughest level of distractions. Our Milwaukee dog training programs are certain to meet all of your training needs. Unlike a lot of other dog training companies, we understand that each client has different needs, so we tailor our dog training programs to accommodate your unique situation. Dog Training Elite Milwaukee also trains service animals and dogs ready to volunteer in the community as therapy dogs and companions to those with special needs. We also offer a fun and challenging personal protection program as well!

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Dog Training Elite Milwaukee has award winning in-home dog trainers and top rated dog training programs.

Why Dog Training Elite Milwaukee?

Lifetime Investment

We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.

Value Priced

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our professional services at prices that are budget friendly.

Local Trainers

All of our local dog trainers are trustworthy, willing to be there for our clients and love what they do.

Simplified & Customized

We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.

Dog Training Services Provided in New Berlin, WIand The Following Surrounding Areas

Dog Training Elite Milwaukee is the top company near you that uses professional positive dog training methods.

Our Balanced Theory

We base our training around the "Classical Conditioning" model (a.k.a. "Pavlovian" or "respondent conditioning"). This includes developing conditioned or automatic reflexes to commands. In its simplest form (after proper conditioning), when the owner says "sit," the dog automatically sits without thinking about it. Our unique techniques ensure our program is a success no matter what behavior we encounter.

  • Empowering Owners
    We empower Owners to train so their dog knows who to obey at all times.
  • Personalized
    We deal with problem behaviors on a personal basis.
  • Environment Specific
    We train wherever issues tend to arise (i.e. jogging, park, home).
  • Supportive
    We support Owners in the off-hours (when training is "not in session").
  • Involved
    We work with all members of the household.
  • Simplified & Customized
    We plan training around the owner's schedule and require only 15 min/day follow-up practice.
  • Continued Training
    Additional programs / group sessions offered after in-home training.
  • Lifetime Investment
    We follow up & are invested in the owner's success long-term.
  • Satisfaction Ratings
    Our high client satisfaction rating sets us apart from competitors.

Our Dog Training Process in New Berlin, WI

One of our local dog trainers will come to your New Berlin home to meet with you and your dog, assess any issues and strengths and help you select a personalized program that will best suit you both. We will then demonstrate one of our trained dogs to help you better understand our dog training techniques and the results they produce.

A Dog Training Elite Milwaukee graduate will behave both at home and in distracting environments due to our multi-environmental approach and the results will be lasting if the owner remains a key player in the training process. A dog signed up for one of our programs is a part of the Dog Training Elite Milwaukee family for life. Our New Berlin, WI dog trainers are known for their ongoing and exceptional support given to owners. We believe in what we do and want to instill confidence in both owners and their dogs. Request your New Berlin, WI dog training demo today!

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We help your dog become a valued companion and beloved member of the family. Read what our customers have to say and then give us a call!

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Dog Training Elite Milwaukee - The Malinois Foundation

Proud Sponsor of The Malinois Foundation

At Dog Training Elite Milwaukee, we believe that Service Dogs save lives. It is our mission to make these life-saving companions available to our Veterans, First Responders, Women Survivors, and Children with Medical Needs. Whether it be for PTSD, Mobility Support, or Special Needs, Dog Training Elite Milwaukee work's with the Malinois Foundation to heal and empower these individuals with a specialized service animal, a partner in life, and a new best friend.

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Communication Based Training

Servicing Waukesha, Milwaukee and surrounding areas

Enlightened K9 Training is southeast Wisconsin's premier dog training service. We specialize in the training and rehabilitation of dogs that have been turned away from various daycares, dog parks and even other trainers. Our comprehensive foundation building programs are great for any family dog. Thank you for coming to our site and we can't wait to meet you!


Board and Train

To ensure results last a lifetime, we include unlimited private lessons for the duration of your dogs life.

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Private Lessons

Private training lessons are a great way to work one on one with Jake in your home and receive guidance that a training class simply cannot offer

Learn More

New Berlin 4-1-17

About Think Pawsitive Dog Training LLC

2485 S. Commerce Drive, New Berlin, WI 262-641-9540

Think Pawsitive offers activities for dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and abilities. From basic Puppy and Adult Obedience classes to a wide variety of canine sports and activities including: Agility, Rally, Nose Work, Canine Fitness, and much more, our facility encompasses over 30,000 square feet of training space, and numerous classrooms. We host a fabulous K9 Splash Swim Center, state-of-the-art Canine Water Treadmill, Self-Service Bath Wash, and large retail area. We hold over 55 classes every week and host numerous workshops, seminars, and special events throughout the year! We are very proud of our strong and
well-known reputation for promoting safe, healthy, and rewarding relationships between dogs and
their owners. Our vision is:  “Globally enriching human and canine relationships through endless possibilities”  ***Tours available by appointment - we love visitors!


Training new berlin dog

Let’s Get Social

Dogs need friends just like people do.  So many pet owners think a cute puppy kindergarten class in New Berlin is the answer.  Puppy fun classes are enjoyable to see but they do not develop permanent socialization lessons.  They can create future problems.  When puppies are tumbling around you do not have control of them to correct improper behavior so they may even develop problems they didn’t have to start off with.


Socialization with other canines does not start with other dogs living in the house, dogs living next door, or other canines that visit your New Berlin home on a regular basis.  It should begin with canines they don’t know.  The most critical time in the dog’s life to work on socialization is between 10 months and 24 months of age…and then continue for the rest of their lives.


Allow your dogs to play with other canines but be careful of dog parks in New Berlin (or anywhere).  You are aware of how much socialization your dog has but you never know about another dog.  We now live in a litigious time and if 2 canines get into a argument and your dog wins even if he didn’t start it, you will be sued.


Take your dog to as many public places in New Berlin as you can and be sure they are in your control.  The only way a dog can learn is with life experiences where you can correct any bad behavior.  Try places of business where they allow pets, go to drive throughs at the bank, try a reputable day care, go to group classes where socialization is stressed.


At Rock’s Positive K-9 Training we work with pets with socialization problems all the often and it is stressed throughout all training aspects.  Check our class schedule and try one of our group training sessions.


Brodie the Activities Therapy Dog at LindenGrove New Berlin

He hugged me tightly, whispering something unintelligible in my ear. He began to gently stroke my body. Anton kissed my neck and shoulders. Gently touched my chest.

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