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20 Braided Mohawk Hairstyles for Women

Well as you can see that the proper hairstyle can work wonders. It is the most significant features of style that can transform the complete look. Most women think that style is all about the apparel or following trend or may be doing something very different. However, fashion is being comfortable beyond the comfort zone and exploring it. In this context, the hairstyle can alter the fashion sense and thus it plays an equally significant role in making your style taste and providing you with a completely different look. It is a subject of matter that a regular normal look can cut you out of the monotony and something different or if you are considering on a fresh start it is best to commence off with the hair. You can seek out a number of interesting hairstyle choices from ponies to buns to braids.

If you want to braid your hair, the initial deed you must do is to be sure that your hair has completely detangled. You can either select to tie a good ponytail or a high rise French plait. You can then plait each part independently and pile them on top of your head &#; protect with a hair accessory for a truly fabulous look. Depending on your choice you can braid your hair either tight or leave it loose. Braids are so versatile. In fact, the specialty of braids is how different can it be styled. You can wear them in numerous manners &#; herringbone, cornrows, or fishtail braids, the loose untidy side braid, the schoolgirl braid, the cascade braid, the braided head knot, the side swept braid, and the Mohawk braids, etc.

Whether you are trying for that comfortable yet corrected updo on your marriage day or attempting to cover your frizz portion beneath its strong loops, the braid always has your back. Although it may look complicated to form, it’s really quite simple and makes an impression. In no time you will be able to create a Mohawk braid, and have everyone else thinking concerned about how incredible your hairstyle seems.

The Mohawk braid hairstyle is a go-to hairstyle that can be enhanced and given far more attractive look when compiled with a braid. Also, this braid looks excellent on all ladies be it of the early twenties or late forties. From the numerous modification given below, you can pick the way you want your Mohawk braid to style. A Mohawk braid is an excellent style that can be dressed up or down and worn everywhere. They look great on all hair kinds and forms.

These hairstyle has a very ancient realm grace to it and on any event, particularly the ones which call for some party fits perfectly fine. Glorify your look with a good hair day in style and remember such hairstyles are forever in the trends of fashion.

Spiral Crochet Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

In this hairstyle take three strands in narrow section and braid the section. Repeat this method taking several sections throughout the hair so that it looks as if the hair is all open with thick intricate strands. Now gather up all the micro braids up to tie the Mohawk at the crown. You can also choose to braid in a spiral way so that the. It is great as flaunts both the volume and length of your hair. The hairstyle can be done by micro-braiding.

Spring Narrow Mohawk Braids

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is intricate and very intense. The hair is tied in springs and from behind it looks just stunning. Also this look is great as the hair looks patterned and extremely voluminous. Also the hairstyle requires a hair curler. Make sure the curler is hot and yet not overly hot. This will help the hair in giving a very micro curled effect. These curls make the hair look dense and you will also be requiring a hairspray. The hairspray holds the curls and gives a bouncy effect on the entire style.

Thick and Thin Alternate Pattern Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is not an everyday hairstyle and it requires a lot of time and effort to create this magnificent piece of art! Indeed this hairstyle is immensely creative. So much that it looks absolutely grand. Like a weaved design the braids form a pattern like element on the head and then rest of the braids are stacked in a broadened way on the crown adding a very subtle volume. The braids are done in a thick and thin alternate manner. This contrast helps in adding a beautiful gap creating cornrow effect. You can pair this gorgeous look with long earnings and an off-shoulder dress.

Brown Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is a pretty bold one. Especially the sides which is razor shaved and gives a tom boy vibe which is very decently balanced on the rest of the hair that is tied in the Mohawk style on the top. Pair this beautiful hairstyle with a vibrant ad colorful dress. This hairstyle is ideal for women who have long hair. The color of the hair which is golden brown adds a hint of royalty to the entire appearance.

One Side Flow Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is very stylish. One side of the hair is braided while the other side is left open. This creates a very free flowing and balanced appeal. The hair that is left open is sprayed to add the bounce. On the other hand the portion which is tied is made tight thus having a draped look. This look can be finished with long earrings to finish the look to be glamorous and sensuous.

Multiple Cornrow Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Children are always in a jolly mood. Where no one can ever stop them from having fun and they are just loaded with a bunch of activities. If the hair is not tied then it will get all messy and tangled. In such scenario a braid is that hairstyle that stays in the right place and looks very tidy as well as clean. Braid is one such hairstyle that is a surely a versatile hairstyle. Braids are efficient in serving the dual purpose of making them look adorable as well as keeping their hair improper place for kids. This braid has one single Mohawk created with multiple braids and the entire look exuberates a very trendy fashionista vibe.

Rolled Up Mohawk Braid Style

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This is a very ultra-elegant look. The rolled up Mohawk Braids gives somewhat a fusion look of modern mixed with the retro look. The Hairstyle has a feel of the tropical styles. The braids are wavy and light. The Hairstyle adds the right kind of volume to the look. Also, it adds a lot of bounce in the hair that increases the charm of a look even more. This kind of crochet braid looks very good with any kind of dresses. This hairstyle is for women who have long hair as more length thicker the rolls become.

Inverted Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is a bit odd and that is the main attracting point of the style. In this style, the hair is tied in braid from the lower end and then put upside and the loose end that is clipped on the crown are is fluffed up to form a bush like an effect. As this hairstyle leaves the back area and you can pull off a great backless dress to flaunt your feminine charm. You can pair this hairstyle with a gown and give a glamorous world. So try out this hairstyle.

Fluffy Bun Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

In this hairstyle back brush the hair to create volume inside and then tie the hair in knots. Now invert the hair and style up in the Mohawk way. Hairstyles can make a lot of difference in the entire appeal of the look. It can transfer the whole outlook and present a new personality and display the mood of the person and this hairstyle is one that will instantly uplift your mind. On a beautiful bright day this hairstyle will look elegant. One can pair this look with a heavy neck piece or an ethnic cover all.

Side Knot Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle is indeed offbeat and definitely a blood take. Ladies who want to experiment with styles that are out of the box can definitely try this on. The hairstyle is perfect for chopped length and the side as the name suggests has the twisted knots. The crown area is highlighted with the Mohawk. An ethnic jacket with a mix of wrap around can give the look a very fusion style. The hairstyle like a mane highlights your face and gives it a very definite shape.

Open Top with Side Braid Mohawk

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

You can start off with the style by making an extreme side part. Then start micro braiding from the root of the hair and leave the middle portion for the open end. This kind of hairstyle is sporty and has a very fun vibe to it. This hairstyle gives a very raw and natural feel to it and yet the hairstyle has a beautiful look that comes out. It can be done on women with short hair length. Pair this hairstyle with short dresses so that the style is the lime light and takes all the attention.

Patterned Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

The hairstyle gives a very narrow rope like an appearance and imparts a very intricate and beautiful look. For any kind of party and event this kind of hairstyle will be a great one. This hairstyle imparts a very heavy look. In case you are in a mood for some fun and experiment then here is your go-to experimental style pick up. It is trendy and fun to sport. Also, this hairstyle requires hairspray to keep it place. On a beautiful bright day sporting a long beach dress with this outlook will surely catch a lot of eyes. This hairstyle has a wavy look as the name suggest and is indeed an elegant style.

Royal Mohawk Braids

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle has a very royal look to it. It imparts a lot of volume to the hair. This look is bold classy and is something that brings a lot of edge to the entire outlook. However, you have to be a little patient to try this lookout. The braids are done taking these individual sections and making it into thick strands. After sporting this hairstyle you might use a hairspray for that added shine. This hairstyle is surely going to get a lot of eyeballs turned towards you. You can wear a jumpsuit, put on your shades and this hairstyle together will give you the ultimate glam look.

Multifaceted Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Comb your hair and make a middle back brush and braid the middle section from the back and tie up in a way mentioned in the previous braided hairstyle. Now the side section are braided and inserted. Creating this look is very easy. You just need to middle part your hair and style the two sides. This hairstyle provides side volumes. The best dress that will go with this hairstyle is the body-con look. A vibrant body-con dress will highlight your face in culmination with this hairstyle.

Natural Mohawk Braids

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle with Mohawk Braids gives a very pretty feel to the entire look and yet the hairstyle has a natural look that comes out. You can start off with the style by making braiding the center. Then start micro braiding from the sides of the hair and leave the middle portion for the crochet braid. This kind of hairstyle is sporty and has a very fun vibe to it. Also one can wear this hairdo at a date night or a fashion show to portray the style quotient.

Pink and Blue Mohawk Braids Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Have you ever experimented with colors especially with the shades of pink and blue when it comes to hair color? If not then this is your chance to experiment. The results are just amazing. The shades of pink like mauve, purple the blues, darker indigo colors all form a dream like web weaved on your head. A very surreal style that exuberates nothing but a charm so exquisite that you will definitely be a show stealer. People will just gaze at your look. You may also do a middle partition taking uneven strands to tie two braids that will depict the two individual styles in a way that it seems two braids from one Mohawk origin.

Mid Mohawk Side Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This is definitely a very sleek choice where in the middle section is parted to create the Mohawk style and the sides are braided and cris crossed in narrow cornrows to give a smarter look. This hairstyle is all about depicting a very classy side of yours that is both formal holding the hands of fashion as well as playing tunes of a subtle informal vibe. You can pair this hairstyle up with peplum coats, women tuxedos and also monochromatic dresses to increase the bold undertone of the look.

Bottoms up Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

Well as you can see that this hairstyle is very neat and incorporates a braid that is tied from the bottom and then inverted from the neckline to the crown area to form a Mohawk style. It is indeed a very tightly packed style that is great when you want your hair to stay right in the place and do not want the breeze to mess up yet you do not want to miss on the fun part of styling as well. Believe us this hairstyle is great for summers as well.

Mohawk Hairstyle with Shaved Sides

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

With a very tom boyish vibe this hairstyle will be ideal for women who love to experiment with the hairstyle you can also adorn this hairstyle. This hairstyle requires a complete side shave off and the middle portion is in the Mohawk style. So overall this hairstyle is different and smart but definitely, it is out of the box and indeed can be the talk of the event.

Full Length Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyles

This hairstyle incorporates a full length Mohawk braid in its quintessential style that imparts the look with grace and confidence and also it adds some height to the look. Mohawk braids are chic and elegant with just the appropriate quantity of edge. This hairstyle can be flaunted with a one shoulder side dress or a gown and the hair that is left open can cares the collar bones.

Try these amazing Mohawk braided hairstyles and get a new ravishing look.

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35 Best Mohawk Braids Hairstyle To Try In

There’s nothing more elegant than these Mohawk braids hairstyles. They are quite easy to style with a variety of options. Options include making cornrows on both sides while leaving the middle as a pinnacle or a single, chunky braid down the center. You should definitely try any of these styles.

Table of Content

Amazing Braided Mohawk Hairstyle Ideas

Braids are really cool when made into a Mohawk. These beautiful braided hairstyles below are exciting variations you can try!

1. Mohawk Box Braids

Box braids are classy styles. And this is one of the basic models of Mohawk hairstyles. With the middle braids raised and the sides made into cornrows, this is a look to rock this season.

You can easily create a Mohawk by having low-cut sides. This naturally raises the remaining braids above the side hair, creating a faux-hawk appearance. Try out trendy partings on either side for a chic finish.

Shaven sides and colored braids are great for box braid hairstyles. This look is a simple way to pull off a Mohawk. Twist the braids into a giant one and finesse the sides with carvings.

2. Mohawk Cornrows Braids

Look at those stunning cornrows! This style is made in a deep jet-black hue and well decorated with gold ornaments and beads that make it unbelievably cute. It frames the face, highlighting your facial features.

Don’t be shy to make big braid hairstyles. These mohawk cornrow braids are made to create visual illusions in different directions. The entire style stylishly shapes into a trendy mohawk, smoothly demarcated from each other.

If you need to switch up your daily look, this is definitely for you! It features thick cornrows complemented with thin braids, and tied into a ponytail with extra braids. You can’t help loving this.

You can add dynamism to your mohawk braids hairstyle by shaving the sides. This style boasts black and brown braids that are tied into a donut with a sleek parting adorning the length of the sides.

This goth-themed mohawk style is classy for any occasion. The interwoven middle braids run from front to back, ending in a low bun tied with braids. Throw in low cut sides for a chic finish.

What a massive donut braided bun! Here, the braids are woven at the top with clean-shaven sides that give it a dramatic edge. This accentuates your facial features and is perfect for oval faces.

4. Braided Mohawk Hairstyles With Weave

If you want to make your braided hairstyles appear fuller, go for weaves. The hair is made into cornrows at the sides, left after the ornaments as curly weaves from the front to the back.

Weaves are a simple way to make Mohawk. This style has cornrows on the sides with its weaves tousled and centered, to create this Mohawk. The colors and beads on the face give this sass.

Get more for less by deftly infusing weaves into your braided bang hairstyles. Displaying multiple weave colors, the style features short braids that smoothly transition into the weaves that make up this majestic and classy Mohawk.

5. Braided Mohawk With Curls

There’s no denying how irresistible these curls are! The cornrows end on both sides of the curly Mohawk, which is bulkier at the back. These springy curls frame above the eyes, drawing attention to them.

This stylish “faux hawk” type is a unique interpretation of Mohawk braids. Its cornrows are made in the direction of the pinnacle’s center while the ends of the braids are unraveled for beautifully outlined curls.

Colors would spice up any hairstyles.This is an attractive Mohawk with curls both in front and at the back, tinted to a sweet blonde hue. The cornrows on both sides complete the look.

This Mohawk is undoubtedly about the braids. There are many different braids going on in this hairstyle that makes one dizzy. Each side has a unique design with the thicker braids, forming a Mohawk.

Make your braided hairstyle more exciting by beautifying it with a splash of color. The braids are made to run from one side, then around the head before they fall free on the other end.

This hairstyle is one for the ages. The braids run from the back of the head, upwards to create a pretty chic Mohawk with short curls. This alluring hairdo would be striking in any color.

7. Braided Mohawk Styles For Black Females

This lovely style smoothly combines sew braids along the perimeters with a chunky braid down the middle. Each medium-sized sew braid is separated by thin cornrows and this is a perfect look for casual occasions.

This hairstyle features curved and thin cornrows on the perimeters, that become the sleek Mohawk in the center. The purple hue in the Mohawk and its fiscal pink tips give this look an electric appeal.

Black females love to try out daring hairdos like this wonderful Mohawk style. The thick, black braids are nicely twisted into a giant Mohawk, which is adorned by the shiny pearls on the forehead.

8. Crochet Mohawk Braids

Crochet braids take your hairstyles a notch higher. There are short cornrows on the sides, which transition into the full crochet braids that form the Mohawk in the center. This is suited for round-shaped faces.

With thick cornrows on the perimeters, this style boasts dual-colored crochet braids that run from front to back and curl down the middle of the pinnacle. This shapes the face, making your features prominent.

You simply can’t hate mohawk braids! Here, the golden-brown hair curls to the back while the hair along the perimeters of the pinnacle is braided into nice designs. Rock this to casual events in style.

This is an interesting variation of crochet braids hairstyle. The braids are woven from the back of the head to form an updo at the front. The thick cornrows on either side complement this style.

9. Mohawk Dreads Braided

Dreads are very much in vogue and this style is a great example on using them to create stunning Mohawks. The braids on the side are a beautiful black, sweetly contrasting the adjacent brown braids.

Talk of dreads with gorgeous purple elegance. This style would keep you wanting more! The purple dreads are swept to a side, creating an illusion of fullness around the center, hence the magnificent Mohawk.

Now, this is a stroke of genius in styling dread hairstyles. It has black eccentric braids on the sides, then an audacious dirty blonde Mohawk made from creatively styled dreads running from front to back.

Mohawk Braids With Twist

Don’t get it twisted, twists are back! Despite being an old trend, this style is sure to keep you looking vibrant. Twist your center braids into a gigantic Mohawk, then spice it with curvy cornrows.

Here’s one illusion you can’t resist! This simple braided hairstyle is packed in front to make it full, then thrown backwards to form a Mohawk. The side hair is cornrowed halfway, then left to fall.

You can style braids in different ways to create a Mohawk. Whether side swept, made from the side or centered, twisted braids appear full and create moving lines from front to back to form Mohawks.

Braided Mohawk Updo

It’s amazing how easily updos can shape out like Mohawks. This enigmatic style has a braided updo that runs from back to front. It has cornrows on the sides that perfectly blend into the Mohawk.

Updos are lit for every season and this is a special one. Side cornrows run along the head, then are switched to braids that are packed from back to front, building bulk around the center.

This Mohawk is a given if you’re looking out for something new. The sides compose of one thick braid each that run backward. The central hair is thickly woven into an elegant Mohawk design.

You should try out at least one of these amazing Mohawk braids hairstyles to rejuvenate your daily look. They are easy to make, affordable and low maintenance styles that you won’t regret rocking. Don’t let anything stop you from stealing the spotlight at your next events. You’re a star, girl!

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1How To Do Mohawk Braids

mohawk braids hairstyle

There are several different ways you can create and style Mohawk braids. One of the most common ways is to cornrow the hair (on both sides of the head) towards the center of the head, letting the ends of the braids hang towards the back. The braids can also feed into a single, chunky braid down the middle. Another popular way to style Mohawk braids is to take the ends of the braids (or twists) and arrange them into mini buns for a fun &#;faux hawk&#; style.

2Mohawk Braids

Mohawk Braids

Here&#;s a classic version of the Mohawk braids style. There are a variety of ways to style the cornrows to truly make this look your own.

3Golden Brown Mohawk Braids

Golden Brown Mohawk Braids

This Mohawk braid style features beautifully intricate details, such as a rounded section in the front of the head that is separated by neat stitch parts. Multi-sized cornrows curve around the sides of the head and a single, chunky braid down the center of the head is created with the help of golden-brown braiding hair that&#;s added in.

4Two Toned Mohawk Braids

Two Toned Mohawk Braids

These stunning Mohawk braids feature a neat cornrowed pattern along the sides and two-toned color in the form of golden brown braids down the center of the head.

5Mohawk Braids With a Hint of Color

Mohawk Braids With a Hint of Color

This gorgeous Mohawk braid style is created with medium-sized stitch braids along the sides of the head and a single chunky braid going down the center of the head. A hint of blonde and red color really make this style pop.

6Mohawk Braids With a Twist

Mohawk Braids With a Twist

These immaculate Mohawk braids are comprised of box braids and cornrows. The box braids are styled into a simple twist, which helps keep them secure.

7Chunky Mohawk Braid With Stitch Braids

Chunky Mohawk Braid With Stitch Braids

This beautiful Mohawk braids style features a single chunky braid going down the center of the head and neat stitch braids along the sides. Smaller cornrows are braided in between the larger ones for a chic, modern look.

8Mohawk Braids and Twists

Mohawk Braids and Twists

This style combines cornrows on the sides and long twists down the middle of the head, giving it a more unique look. Wear the twists down or feel free to style them into a cute high bun.

9Sleek Chunky Mohawk Braid

Sleek Chunky Mohawk Braid

This chic style features a single, long, chunky braid going down the middle of the head. The hair along the sides is slicked up towards the center of the head, sectioned by micro cornrows.

10Mohawk Crochet Braids

Mohawk Crochet Braids

Crochet braids take Mohawk braid styles to another level. Two-toned purple and black crochet hair creates pretty curls down the center of the head while the hair along the sides of the head is braided into an intricate design.

11Chunky Mohawk Braid with Cornrows

Chunky Mohawk Braid with Cornrows

This beautiful style combines stitch braids along the sides with a chunky braid down the middle. Skinny cornrows separate each of the medium-sized stitch braids.

12Black and Burgundy Mohawk Braids

Black and Burgundy Mohawk Braids

This stunning style features neat, tiny cornrows along the sides and two long, shiny burgundy braids down the center of the head. This style is sure to garner you lots of compliments.

13Mohawk Braids and Twists With a Hint of Red

Mohawk Braids and Twists With a Hint of Red

This pretty style features immaculate rows of cornrows on the sides and red and black Senegalese twists down the center of the head, putting a literal &#;twist&#; on the classic Mohawk braids style.

14Chunky Sleek Mohawk

Chunky Sleek Mohawk

This style features a single chunky braid down the center of the head. Instead of being styled into cornrows, the hair along the sides is slicked down for a sleek look.

15Mohawk Braids With Curls

Mohawk Braids With Curls

This chic &#;faux hawk&#; style is a different interpretation of the classic Mohawk braids. To recreate this style, cornrow the hair towards the middle of the head and unravel the ends of the braids for beautifully defined curls.

16Beaded Mohawk Braid

Beaded Mohawk Braid

This pretty style features a single chunky braid down the middle of the head and slightly curved cornrows on the sides. Wooden beads give this style a finishing touch.

17Mohawk Braid Updo

Mohawk Braid Updo

This gorgeous style is created with small cornrows and chunky flat twists which are arranged and pinned up into an intricate design. This style is perfect for any occasion.

18Classic Mohawk Braids

Classic Mohawk Braids

Here&#;s a classic example of Mohawk braids. The hair is neatly braided towards the center of the head and fall right in the middle. This is a great look that works any time of year.

19Chunky Mohawk Braid With Multi-Sized Cornrows

Chunky Mohawk Braid With Multi-Sized Cornrows

This pretty style is created with a chunky braid down the middle and multi-sized cornrows on the side: medium-sized stitch braids and skinny cornrows.

20Chunky Mohawk Cornrows

Chunky Mohawk Cornrows

For this style, the hair is braided into cornrows along the sides while the hair in the middle of the head is braided into chunky cornrows going straight down, creating a beautiful contrast.

21Purple Mohawk Braids

Blue Mohawk Braids

This style is created by braiding the hair into an intricate cornrowed design, feeding into two chunky, purple braids that are placed slightly off-center: giving this Mohawk braid style a unique twist.

22Mohawk Braids With Two-Toned Color

Mohawk Braids With Two Toned Color

These simple Mohawk braids features two-toned color, giving this style a look that stands out.

23Mohawk Braid Out

Mohawk Braid Out

If you want to rock a Mohawk braid style using just your natural hair, this is a great choice. Style the hair along the sides into cornrows or flat twists and unravel the ends for voluminous curls.

24Mohawk Braids With Gold Beads

Mohawk Braids With Gold Beads

This pretty Mohawk braid style is accessorized with gold beads for a chic final look. Stitch braids along the sides are separated by thin cornrows for a modern finish.

25Intricate Mohawk Braids

Intricate Mohawk Braids

If you&#;re looking for a truly unique Mohawk braid style, this is a great choice. Featuring an intricate cornrowed design and a single braid down the center of the head that splits into two braids, this style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

26Crochet Mohawk Braids

Crochet Mohawk Braids

These pretty crochet braids are arranged down the center of the head for a classic Mohawk style. The sides are styled into flat twists to complete this look.

27Chunky Mohawk Braids With Cornrows

Chunky Mohawk Braids With Cornrows

This beautiful style combines chunky braids and small cornrows on the sides for a really elegant final look.

28Long Mohawk Braids

Long Mohawk Braids

These gorgeous, long Mohawk braids are incredibly neat and stylish. Use Kanekalon hair if you want your braids to have a natural sheen.

29Mohawk Cornrows With Twists

Mohawk Cornrows With Twists

This style is created with thick cornrows on the sides and long twists down the middle. A hint of reddish brown color really makes these braids and twists pop.

30Braided Faux Hawk

Braided Faux Hawk

This intricate styles combines multi-sized cornrows and twists. The twists are pinned into mini buns down the center of the head for a really cute faux hawk look.

31Multi-Sized Mohawk Braids

Multi-SIzed Mohawk Braids

This gorgeous style is created with slightly curved stitch braids along the sides and a pull-through braid down the center of the head. This style is sure to make you stand out.

32Micro Mohawk Braids

Micro Mohawk Braids

For this beautiful style, the hair is braided into neat micro cornrows which feed into pencil-sized, tailbone length box braids.

33Mohawk Braids With Design

Mohawk Braids With Design

This stunning Mohawk braids style features a simple braided design in the back, giving it a more unique look.

34Stitch Braids Mohawk Braids

Stitch Braids Mohawk Braids

For this Mohawk braids style, stitch braids on the sides feed into a long braid down the middle of the head, which begins as a two-strand twist before being split into three for a classic braid.

35Mohawk Braids Faux Hawk

Mohawk Braids Faux Hawk

This pretty, curly faux hawk is created by flat twisting the hair towards the center of head and unraveling the ends. For even coilier curls, wrap the ends of the twists into Bantu knots when setting the style.

36Neat Mohawk Braids With Twists

Neat Mohawk Braids With Twists

This beautiful Mohawk braids style is created by braiding the hair along the sides and twisting the hair down the middle. These long twists make it easy to modify this style in a variety of ways.

37Fancy Mohawk Braids With Beads

Fancy Mohawk Braids With Beads

This gorgeous Mohawk braid style features angled, multi-sized cornrows (medium-sized stitch braids and classic, skinny cornrows) and a thick, single braid down the middle of the head. The center braid is adorned with gold beads for an elegant finishing touch. This is a great style for formal occasions.


10 of The Best Cornrow Braided Mohawks for Women

Cornrows have long been a staple in the African American world, and Mohawk cornrows are creating a style statement. The world of hair and fashion has kept this look current with brand new ideas that leave our jaws dropping in the best way possible. These cornrow mohawk hairstyle ideas are simply exquisite- from subtle to striking and everything in between, you’re bound to find a ‘do that’s right for you.


How to Do Cornrow Mohawk

mohawk cornrows for women

If you’re thinking about doing this traditional African Mohawk cornrow hairstyle that is both fun and functional, you can complete using the following steps:

  • Dry and moisturize your hair. You can use butter or oils such as argan, coconut, or shea.
  • Begin by parting the hair front to back in whatever style is desired and clip down.
  • Unclip one section of hair and divide into three sections.
  • Start with the first braid stitch, adding in sections of hair as you move down the mane.
  • Make sure you keep the braid as close to the head and as tight as possible.
  • Continue to the end of the length of the hair and secure tightly.
  • Braid the rest of your hair in the same design.


Watch the Following Video on How to Cornrow Braided Mohawk on Natural Hair


How to Style Mohawk with Cornrows

mohawk with cornrows

Styling a mohawk with cornrow braids will be different depending on the style that is chosen. As with all cornrow braids, you need to plait the hair close the scalp. You can opt for different designs and styles when it comes to the cornrows.

The cornrow can continue throughout the hair to the ends, but some hairstyles will stop the cornrow braids prematurely to let the natural curls of the hair be the main attraction.


Amazing Mohawk Cornrow Hairstyles

Following are the most trendy Mohawk cornrows for women.

1. Natural Curls Showcased

mohawk cornrows for women

When it comes to a curly hair Mohawk with cornrow braids this is one of the more classic hairstyles. The plaits are built using a cascading design that trickles down the side of the head beautifully, while an extra bit of length is kept up top to showcase her charming all natural curls.


2. Double Dutch Braids

thick mohawk cornrows for women

If you have longer hair and want to make your Mohawk a bit bolder, then you will want to consider this astounding ‘do. When it comes to this cornrow Mohawk, you want to start off with cornrows plaited securely to the scalp. Draw them back into two thick braids that are close together and taper at the ends.


3. Twist Braid Mohawk

long and sleek cornrow mohawk

By simply tossing on some extra height down the middle, you can create a fierce look just like this. The look features a blend of cornrows around the sides of the scalp, with heightened box braids that make a definitive Mohawk. It’s a stylish ‘do reserved for the fiercest women.


4. Triple Bun Mohawk

triple knot mohawk with cornrows

A Mohawk cornrow hairstyle doesn’t always have to have the same structure. Step out of the box and do something a bit more unique like this lovely gal has done! Her braids are separated into three striking knots, making this an effortless hairstyle.


5. Mohawk with Tight Curls

tightly curled mohawk cornrows for women

Ladies with thicker manes will certainly appreciate this hairstyle! With absolutely glowing and larger-than-life hair such as this, it’s only right to tuck them up into some beautifully wrapped braids and align them to the mohawk shape. Add some bedazzling to your look with some shiny barrettes like this!


6. Knot Mohawk with Two Strand Twist

There are two things to love about this hairstyle: it’s traditional roots and look, and the hue that compliments her skin exquisitely. With this cornrow Mohawk style, you have plenty of lengths to play with. That means you don’t have to settle for the same style day in and day out.

Adorn a beautiful crown on your head such as this woman, or keep it low key with hair let down. The cornrows themselves are quite a sight, but with the addition of purple highlights, she creates a killer style that’s fashion-forward and flirty.


7.  Braids with Weave

When it comes to cornrows, there are so many different designs to choose from. We love this one because it has a variety of shapes and sizes, cornrows combined with a striking Mohawk hairstyle that is bound to turn heads. She starts off with an exciting blend of cornrows, finished with perfectly curled strands that add height and dimension to the look.


8. Swiveled Design

This particular cornrow braided Mohawk hairstyle has a certain ‘swiveling’ appearance to it, creating a waterfall style that is downright stunning. It has a softening effect that you would not typically find on a mohawk, which makes it ideal for the more delicate queens out there.


9. Beautiful Beads

mohawk cornrow hairstyles with beads

Mohawk cornrows can be a little bit too harsh for some gals; so how can you make the look more delicate? Well, one easy way is to add classic beads to the box braids, as this wonderful lady did! This is a great idea for gals and women alike, as charming beads such as these add character to the hair, as well as keeping braids stay in place. We’re loving this hairstyle!


Deluxe ‘Do

mohawk cornrows for women

Go big or go home, right? This extravagant number is featuring all the stops here. From the jaw-dropping zig-zag design of the cornrows to the magnificent whirling and twirling of braids from top to end, this hairstyle takes the cake when it comes to perfection.

Aside from the intriguing mix of designs and patterns, we can’t help but notice the bold royal blue hue intermingling in her strands. It’s an overall killer mohawk on cornrows braids style that has fashionista written all over it.


When it comes to a cornrow braided mohawk, you have plenty of room for styling. You can keep it subtle and sweet with a waterfall style, or go more bold with a mix of popular designs and zigzagging paired with intense colors like majestic purples and look-at-me royal blues. Your Mohawk cornrow style can easily be unique to you and you look, so feel free to play around with this hairstyle and let your creative beauty shine through.


Braids mohawk styles cornrow

The Mohawk braid hairstyle was popular hairstyle years ago; as other trends repeating, this hairstyle also has become a trend again. The specialty of this hairstyle is to wear a Mohawk and look unique in the crowd. But you don’t have to sacrifice your natural hair or looks to wear this trend-setting Mohawk. The trend is repeating with a slight difference in the hairstyle: Mohawk with braids.

Mohawk braid hairstyles look best for any occasion or even a simple evening party. This fashionable look is so natural that it does not involve any scraping of hair. Many of you might think that this hairstyle is masculine and funky.

This article will show you that it is not. You can choose one of the beautiful Mohawk braid outlooks that would suit your clothes and special occasion if you scroll down. Below is the list of Mohawk braid hairstyles that we love, and we hope you would like to try them too.

Mohawk Braid Hairstyles for Women

40 Best Mohawk Braid Hairstyles for Women

The Mohawk braid hairstyles are trending among young women these days as it is a simple hairstyle and does not involve any damage to the natural hair. This trendy outlook is a temporary setting, and so it can be tried by everyone.

  1. Twisted Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Twisted Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


This hairstyle has a loose Mohawk braid on the top of the head, extending to a twisted braid falling on one side of your shoulder. You can wear this beautiful hairdo with convenience and fashion. This is one of the trendiest Mohawk braids you can wear. If you don’t believe us, you can try it yourself and enjoy those amazing glances at you at the party.

  1. Ponytail Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Ponytail Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


This hairstyle gives you a young and beautiful outlook. If you are not sure about wearing the Mohawk braid till the end of your hair, you can try this hairstyle instead. This hairstyle has a dense Mohawk braid on the top of the head and gets thinner twists towards the end. The ponytail gives you the comfort of highlighting your neckline.

  1. Aligned Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Aligned Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


This hairstyle will perfectly suit you if you wish to have perfectly aligned Mohawk braids on the top of your head. The cornrow fashioned braids on the side of the head perfectly align with the Mohawk braid to give you the perfect outlook for the evening.

  1. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


If you would like to extend your Mohawk into a French braid or a normal one, this hairstyle is for you. The fun of experimenting with different yet beautiful hairstyles for you is challenging. But the result will give you the confidence to shine among the crowd. This braided hairstyle is another fun experimentation that would give you an elegant look at the party.

  1. Big Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Big Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


This big braided Mohawk hairstyle is for you if you would like to highlight the Mohawk braid with a big braid. If you are someone who wishes to sport a cool outlook, then this hairstyle is for you. This hairstyle will allow the Mohawk hairstyle to remain intact on the top of the head so that you can party hard without having to worry about the Mohawk braid.

  1. Kinky Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Kinky Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


This kinky braided Mohawk hairstyle is the best of every funky hairstyle that you can ever try. If you are the one with curly hair, then this hairstyle gives you a stylish outlook. This gorgeous hairstyle highlights the curly locks by braiding the top of the head in Mohawk style.

  1. Cool Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Cool Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


If you are looking for a cooler representation of the Mohawk braid hairstyle, then you will absolutely love this one. This hairstyle has thicker Mohawk braids on the top of the head and gets thinner towards the end. This hairstyle has minute braids so that it gives a cool outlook when you wear it. This hairstyle is preferred a lot these days for its vintage look.

  1. Braided Mohawk Updo Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Updo Hairstyle


This is one of the cutest hairstyles on our list. This hairstyle is our favorite, as the Mohawk updo gives an elegant and convenient hairstyle for you. By braiding the Mohawk in an updo, you can highlight the facial features and neckline beautifully. If your attire has a beautiful collar, then this hairstyle fits perfectly to highlight the collar.

  1. Bantu Knots Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Bantu Knots Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


This is another cutest version of wearing a Mohawk braid hairstyle. The Bantu Knots version of the Mohawk braid gives you a vibrant look. The Bantu Knots can be placed on the top, middle, and end of the head to give you a stylish look. Again, various fun experiments of styling the Bantu knots will give you the trendy outlook that you wish for.

  1. Natural Mohawk Braid Hairstyle with Cuffs

Natural Mohawk Braid Hairstyle with Cuffs


If you are someone with curly hair and natural hair locks, then this is the perfect hairstyle to sport with your natural outlook. The natural locks in the hair give you that fluffy feeling. To make it more stylish, you can add golden or silver cuffs in the Mohawk braid.

  1. Long Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Long Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


Why miss this gorgeous hairstyle just because you have long hair? This hairstyle goes well with long hair and gives you an awesome style. The cornrow braids extend to the tip of your hair, giving you that glamorous outlook for the evening.

  1. Intensely Looped Mohawk

Intensely Looped Mohawk


This sophisticated Mohawk braid is easy to create, and you don’t need to look at professionals. It takes effort and patience to do this style, but the outcome is to die for. The chic and glamorous outlook that this hairstyle gives will get you second glances at the party.

  1. Patterned Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Patterned Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


Who wouldn’t love to have a personalized touch on their outlooks? This hairstyle is perfect for you if you love to experiment with patterned cornrow fashioned braids on the side of your face. It gives the best outcome as you can naturally highlight the facial features.

  1. Coloured Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Coloured Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


This hairstyle is more beautiful as you can highlight the Mohawk braids with the color that you love. You don’t have to worry about hair damage or loss. This is where hair extension comes into play. Just select a perfect hair extension suitable for your hair, and rock this hairstyle for any occasion.

  1. Tied Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Tied Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


Aren’t you bored with the same ponytail and French braids that you wear to the office every day? If you wish to sport a beautiful outlook to the office tomorrow, why don’t you give a try to this hairstyle? This is obviously one of our favorites, as you can show your cool and edgy appearance while flaunting elegance at the same time.

  1. Single Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Single Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


The Single Braided Mohawk Hairstyle is one of the beautiful ways to flaunt your elegance at a party. This outlook will definitely yield your admiration and praise. It would help if you definitely tried this simple yet effective outlook.

  1. Double Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Double Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


Too much experimentation in the hairstyle will always give better results. Do not think too much, but try this hairstyle to sport that gorgeous look. The major advantage of this hairstyle is it gives you a denser hair outlook.

  1. Folded Mohawk Braid Hairstyle

Folded Mohawk Braid Hairstyle


If you would like to have a sophisticated hairstyle, then this could be your perfect choice. As you can see from the picture, this Mohawk hairstyle is better done by professionals. Do not forget to let us know about the appreciation you get to face after trying this hairstyle.

  1. Bantu Knots and Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Bantu Knots and Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


Isn’t it better to experiment with two beautiful hairstyles together? This one has a unique style because it has a combination of two beautiful hairstyles together. The tiny Bantu knots and a braided cornrow fashioned hairstyle will let you rock the occasion.

  1. Partly Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Partly Braided Mohawk Hairstyle


You can try this hairstyle if you would like to flaunt both braided and freestyle looks simultaneously. The Mohawk braid ends at the middle and extends to the free hairstyle towards the bottom. This cool hairstyle gives you a vibrant outlook.

  1. Half Ponytail and Half Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Half Ponytail and Half Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


This is another cool experimentation of two different hairstyles. You can braid the hair at the top of your head in a Mohawk fashion and tie it in a ponytail towards the end. This gives you convenience and sophistication at the same time.

  1. Braided Bun Mohawk Hairstyle

Braided Bun Mohawk Hairstyle


Did you get bored of the same bun and updo that you usually sport for weddings and other parties? Then do not miss trying this hairstyle as it gives you a unique experience. The braided Mohawk is made into a bun to make you look beautiful and elegant.

  1. Side-swept Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Side-swept Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


If you are here for a side-swept hairstyle, we are not going to disappoint you. You can enjoy your side-swept bangs along with this hairstyle. The Mohawk braid is inclined to partition your hair sideways. Give it a try, and let us know how you feel about this hairstyle.

  1. Wedding style Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Wedding style Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


You should definitely try this chic outlook at weddings. The loosely braided Mohawk is then folded at the neck to give a glamorous touch. You can partition bangs before starting to braid the hair.

  1. Front Updo Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Front Updo Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


Having said that, the experimentation in styling updo gives you better results every time, and this beautiful touch is also one of our favorites. With the Mohawk braided hair from the bottom to the top, the updo in the front should be tried at least once definitely.

  1. Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with French Braids

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle with French Braids


How could one forget French braids when it comes to braided hairstyles? This hairstyle has a combination of the two best outlooks. So how could this not be on our best lists?

  1. Side-Swept Mohawk Braids with Free Hairstyle

Side-Swept Mohawk Braids with Free Hairstyle


This hairstyle lets you highlight the best side of your face. All you have to do is braid the hair in Mohawk fashion from left to right or right to left, and leave the other side of the hair in freestyle.

  1. Braided Mohawk Jumbo Updo Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Jumbo Updo Hairstyle


What if we tell you that you could fashion a jumbo updo with Mohawk Braids? It sounds cool. This jumbo updo gives a glamorous touch by letting you highlight the neckline.

  1. Mohawk Braids with Headband Hairstyle

Mohawk Braids with Headband Hairstyle


Isn’t it fun to let that cute little girl inside you out sometimes? This hairstyle gives you the confidence to sport the little girl in you. Why don’t you try to feel it by yourself?

  1. Simple Mohawk Braided Hairstyle

Simple Mohawk Braided Hairstyle


The hairstyle doesn’t have to be sophisticated to look cool. For the same reason, we love this hairstyle. This hairstyle is more suitable to wear every day or for formal occasions.

Classy Mohawk Braid

Classy Mohawk Braid 

 Mohawk Braided Updo

Mohawk Braided Updo

Mohawk Braid For Fishtail

Mohawk Braided Fishtail 

Mohawk Braid For Prom

Mohawk for the Prom

Mohawk Braid For Curly Hair

Mohawk Braided For Curly Hair

Short Mohawk Braid

Short Mohawk Braided

Mohawk Braid with Design

Mohawk Braided with Design

Bantu Knot Mohawk Braid

Bantu Knot Mohawk

Box braid mohawk

Box braid mohawk

Cornrow mohawk braid

Cornrow mohawk braid

We have listed our 40 best Mohawk Braided Hairstyles. What are you waiting for? Try one or many of these, and flaunt your glamorous or elegant outlook in front of your friends and family. Do not forget to share your experience in the comments below.



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