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Hypnosis Mic -Before the Battle- The Dirty Dawg Manga Ends

The August issue of Kodansha's Shonen Magazine Edge published the final chapter of Yūichirō Momose and Rui Karasuzuki Hypnosis Mic: Before the Battle - The Dirty Dawgmanga on Friday. Karasuzuki will launch a new manga for the franchise in Shonen Magazine Edge next year.

The manga reached the climax of its "main story" last month.

The manga debuted in Shonen Magazine Edge in December The issue that debuted the manga also featured it on the cover, and the issue sold out when it hit store shelves. Kodansha published the manga's third compiled book volume on April

The Hypnosis Mic rap-themed project features voice actors who rap in the personas of original characters, and it launched in September The group earned the top spot as the most popular voice actor Twitter account in Japan for The project includes multiple manga tie-ins, a mobile game, stage plays, and live events.

The franchise is also inspiring the television animeHypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima. The anime was originally slated to premiere in July, but was delayed to October due to the effects of the new coronavirus disease (COVID).

Source: Shonen Magazine Edge August issue

Sours: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news//hypnosis-mic-before-the-battle-the-dirty-dawg-manga-ends/

Hypnosis Mic -Before the Battle- The Dirty Dawg Vol. 4

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Before the Battle: The Dirty Dawg

Serialized in: Magazine Edge (少年マガジンエッジ)
Illustrated by: Rui Karasutzuki
Written by: Yuichiro Momose

Chapter Summaries

Volume 1

  • track-1
  • track-2
  • track-3
  • track-4
  • Bonus Chapter (coming soon&#;)
  • Limited Edition Bonus Track: Nausa de Zuiqu (coming soon&#;)
  • Limited Edition Bonus Track: Drama Track (coming soon&#;)

Volume 2



The chapter opens with the words: &#;This is the story of how we got started, and the story of how it all ended.&#;

We see Ichiro on the ground, desperately clinging to Samatoki&#;s leg, begging him to stop what he&#;s doing, but Samatoki isn&#;t listening.

We flash back to two years prior.

Over a third of the world&#;s population was wiped out during World War 3. Fearing for the future of humanity, politicians turn to debate in the vain hope of ending the conflict, but the foolish men who run the world were unable to end armed conflict, so women decide to take matters into their own hands to bring an end to the current world.

We cut to an orphanage where they&#;re throwing a small party to honor Jiro (15) and Saburo&#;s (12) recent success in soccer and the math olympics respectively. They both refer to the director of the orphanage, Gencho Hosen, as &#;father&#;. Ichiro is not present for the festivities and Gencho yells at him when he catches him storming out of the building. Ichiro threatens to kill him and Gencho&#;s pleas for him to stay for his little brothers&#; sakes land on deaf ears. Once Ichiro&#;s gone, Jiro and Saburo tell Gencho that Ichiro is trash and an embarrassment to them, but Gencho scolds them for speaking ill of their brother and reminds them that he&#;s still their family and when the chips are down it&#;s your family who&#;s there for you.

In a park outside we see Ichiro chuging a coke and complaining to himself that he needs money… enough money to support them himself.

Next we cut to Samatoki&#;s (23) home. He and his sister, Nemu (16) are sitting down to eat. She chides him for his poor manners. He asks why she&#;s dressed up, worrying that she&#;s going out to meet a man, but she tells him she&#;s just hanging out with school friends. Samatoki insists that she tell him if she ever gets a boyfriend so he can make the bastard regret the day he was born. Nemu, unsurprisingly, replies that if she ever did get a boyfriend, she could never introduce him given Samatoki&#;s behavior. Once she heads out, Samatoki gets a call from his subordinate, Sasara Nurude, about some &#;job&#; and he heads out to deal with it.

Next we cut to a medical facility in an unspecified other country where Jakurai (33) is working. A younger man named Yotsutsuji Kannabi (age unspecified) brings him some tea while the other doctors comment on Jakurai&#;s genius for being able to save so many lives. Yotsutsuji comments that the mortality rate has dropped drastically since Jakurai came to this &#;battle ground&#;, although with the progress of the war, there are still a lot of people dying at other facilities. Jakurai muses to himself that he&#;s powerless after all.

Next we move to Ramuda (22) asking some women on the street to model his work for him. They comment on how cute he is and ask if he&#;s in elementary school and he tells them that actually he&#;s 22! They exchange numbers and part ways. Then Ramuda gets a phone call. The caller comments on how his voice is still annoying as it ever was and Ramuda retorts that Ichijiku is similarly rude as ever. She asks him for a report, and Ramuda replies that he has nothing to report because no one&#;s realized what they&#;ve been doing. She tells him &#;tonight&#;. To which Ramuda replies that he&#;ll finally be able to give it his all. Ichijiku then asks Ramuda about the &#;targets&#; and he tells her that he&#;s already located them all. She ends the call by telling him the next time they talk, they&#;ll be in a new world. Ramuda takes a drag on a cigarette and muses to himself that he&#;s curious to finally see what this new world will be like, and decides to head off to observe &#;them&#; in action.

Next we move to a loan shark office in Ikebukuro where Ichiro is getting paid. The person he&#;s working for compliments his work ethic and suggests that he drop out of school to work for him full time. Ichiro turns him down, saying he wants to at least finish high school.

We then cut to Ichiro participating in a shakedown at a man&#;s home. He spots the man&#;s wife and child, and notices the kid clutching something. He gets him to hand it over––it&#;s a pouch with money in it. Ichiro reports the find to his colleagues and takes the money. As he leaves, the mother begs him not to take the money as the child complains of hunger and the father shouts at Ichiro, saying he&#;s not human and that he should die.

Later, Ichiro stops by a pizza parlor and drops off a couple pizzas at the apartment of the man he just shook down as he mutters to himself about how parents shouldn&#;t spew filth like that in front of their children.

Once Ichiro heads back out into the city, a siren goes off and an emergency broadcast begins on one of the large monitors outside. A woman named Otome Tohoten appears on screen, introducing herself as the leader of the Party of Words (Kotonoha To), saying she has a very important announcement. We&#;re also shown Jakurai and Samatoki in their respective locations watching the broadcast.

Tohoten continues announcing that the Party of Words has seized control of the government.

We briefly cut to a shot of Ramuda smiling.

She brings out the prime minister––or rather former prime minister––and insists he explain the situation, but he doesn&#;t speak. So Tohoten takes it upon herself to demonstrate how they pulled off the coup and holds up a Hypnosis Mic and explains what it is. She then says she will demonstrate its power to illustrate and turns it on. Ichiro comments on how the atmosphere has suddenly changed and wonders why the prime minister is so terrified.

Tohoten raps into the mic: &#;It is time for the prime minister to whom reason could not be administered to rest in peace
Behold, for this fury is only the beginning of what will unfold&#;
To everyone&#;s disbelief, the prime minister passes out.

Samatoki&#;s underling, Sasara, notes that it doesn&#;t look like a prank. Tohoten continues, telling everyone to rest assured, unlike the foolish men they&#;ve replaced they don&#;t take joy in senseless murder so he&#;s still very much alive. Samatoki&#;s underling, Sasara, notes that it doesn&#;t look like a prank. Tohoten continues, telling everyone to rest assured, unlike the foolish men they&#;ve replaced they don&#;t take joy in senseless murder so he&#;s still very much alive. Jakurai and Yotsutsuji comment on how Japan will become a completely different country as a result.

Tohoten declares herself the leader of the country and the enactment of the H Doctrine––banning the production of all weapons and destruction of existing ones. The world will be renewed not by foolish men who cannot stop fighting, but by women, she declares.
You can hear the men in the crowd shouting about how uppity women shouldn&#;t be getting ahead of themselves. Ichiro mutters to himself that it doesn&#;t matter who&#;s in charge, your situation won&#;t change if you don&#;t have power yourself. Samatoki just laughs, saying they&#;ve picked a fight with all the men, so how could he not take them up on it. Jakurai comments that if it&#;s true, the conflict areas like the one they&#;re in will disappear and that peace doesn&#;t seem out of reach anymore. He trails off, saying that no matter what world they live in, all they can do is save those in front of them.

We cut back to Ramuda who is amused that this is all it took to upset the balance of people&#;s hearts. He comes across a gang of men circling some civilian women, shouting at them to dare to try pulling something like that &#;cocky old hag&#; just did and that &#;women are just tools to be used by men&#;, &#;fuck women&#;s rights&#; and so on. Ramuda comments to himself that he agrees that she is a cocky old hag, but pulls out his mic and activates it. He raps: &#;Gonna ball up all the noise and punish you with bitter poison!&#; knocking the attacking men out in the process.

The chapter ends on Ramuda musing about whether &#;they&#; will move as he expects them to in this new world of chaos and that he&#;s looking forward to it.


It&#;s been one year since the start of the H. Era and the coup that brought women into power. Weapons have been abolished and places like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Asakusa, Akihabara and so on have lost their identities and the country is now split into simply the Central Ward and &#;other&#;. The women distributed Hypnosis Mics to men upon request with the simple instruction––&#;if you want more territory, take it yourself.&#; Weaponized conflict might be gone, the territory expansion rules have increased conflict of another variety.

Ikebukuro may not have changed much visibly, but the specific groups have taken control of parts of it. Within Ikebukuro there are two main groups in power: &#;Mad Comic Dialogue&#; run by Samatoki and Sasara, rumored to be a crew of common thugs; and &#;Stairway to Heaven&#;, which Ichiro is part of, run by the CEO of the money laundering organization Ichiro worked for prior to the institution of the H Doctrine. Ichiro isn&#;t part of S2H&#;s main crew, but is part of one under the organization with a friend of his. Their little group is called the &#;Naughty Busters&#;. Strong groups like MCD have many smaller crews under them as well.

Fights broke out daily after the H doctrine passed and upon seeing that, Ichiro understood why the women saw the men as pathetic. The chaos began to die down by the end of the first year as the authorities established rules, but rules can&#;t force people to be friends. They were basic terms like requiring formal rap battles to take territory and mutual agreement of parties to battle. Beyond that it was a state of lawlessness.

The actual story picks up with Ichiro meeting up with his teammate, Kuko Harai (17). Kuko apologizes for his tardiness, but Ichiro fires back that he doesn&#;t seem very sorry which prompts Kuko to lecture him about how &#;time is limited and should be used efficiently&#;. They bicker a bit, and Kuko jokes that Ichiro has insulted the wisdom he&#;s trying to bestow upon him. Ichiro requests to do some mock battles with their HypMics like they usually do, but Kuko turns him down, saying the top dog of their crew wants to see Ichiro.

Ichiro scolds him for being too disrespectful of their boss, but Kuko asserts that that guy isn&#;t the boss of him. He only joined up in the first place because of Ichiro. He then supposes that Ichiro has something to say to the boss himself. Ichiro is impressed that Kuko picked up on that. Kuko says he&#;s trying to become a monk, so he finds it easy to see through people. Ichiro snaps back that if he&#;s so good at seeing through people, he must know what the boss wants with him. To which Kuko retorts that he&#;s not Ichiro&#;s mother, so Ichiro should just ask him himself since he&#;s going to see the man. Things lighten up as Kuko jokes about Ichiro having no mother to begin with. Ichiro finds the joke tactless but isn&#;t particularly hurt by it.

Ichiro then leaves to see the boss. On his way up, he&#;s accosted by two men, who ask if he&#;s back to suck up to the boss or kiss his ass. Ichiro doesn&#;t take the bait and calmly asks to go in to see him. The men continue to taunt Ichiro, saying he&#;s too scared to fight back. Ichiro is not at all ruffled by their comments, and calmly replies that there&#;s no reason for him to be scared of bullshit they just pulled out of their asses. This sets the men off and they try to punch him, but just as Ichiro is about to activate his mic their boss, Mozuku Shito, appears and knocks the two men unconscious with his mic. Ichiro greets him and they both enter the room dotted with bodyguards. Mozuku instructs him to have a seat on the couch and offers Ichiro alcohol, but Ichiro declines, saying he can&#;t drink [because he&#;s underage].

Mozuku gives him a bottle of water instead. He then asks Ichiro why he chose that spot on the sofa to sit [he&#;s sitting off to one side], and Ichiro responds that he wants to be ready if enemies were to attack. He feels uncomfortable if the door isn&#;t within his line of sight. Mozuku seems impressed, apparently it was a test and Ichiro picked the optimal spot. He praises Ichiro saying it may seem like common sense, but not many manage to pick correctly. Ichiro takes a sip of the bottled water he was offered which prompts Mozuku to note that it cost 40, yen. Ichiro nearly chokes. Mozuku asks Ichiro why he thinks he spends so much money on water. Ichiro thinks it&#;s just because he&#;s rich.

Mozuku begins to wax poetic about how he always wants to strive for more, for the best of the best and beyond and that those who rise to the top must continue aiming for higher. He claims the water is a motivational tool to embody that idea––it means something precisely because he could just drink water for free, but he opts to pay exorbitant amounts of money for it. Ichiro asks if this has anything to do with the reason he was summoned. Mozuku replies that of course it does, he doesn&#;t have time to waste on pointless tangents after all. He puts a high value on Ichiro, not only for his rap skills, but for his strong mind and ability to lead others. Ichiro doesn&#;t think so highly of himself. Mozuku says he&#;s not talking about the Ichiro of now but the Ichiro of the future. He reiterates his desire to keep rising higher, but that he cannot do it on his own. People age and grow weak; but with an organization, that doesn&#;t have to happen. He promises an executive seat in the organization to Ichiro, dependent on his continued performance. He wants Ichiro to continue to support and train others so he can continue to rise forever.

But in order to do that he first asks Ichiro to do something: he wants him and Kuko to take territory from MCD. Ichiro is shocked. He says he can start by targeting territories controlled by crews under Samatoki, so he doesn&#;t have to go up against him directly. Ichiro asks if this request is from Mozuku as the boss of S2H, and Mozuku says of course it is. Ichiro&#;s expression clouds as this would essentially be a declaration of war and upset the balance of power between the two factions.

Meanwhile at the Aohitsugi residence, Nemu comes home to find Samatoki in an apron in the kitchen cooking. She&#;s surprised to find a table full of Samatoki&#;s cooking and asks what the occasion is, and Samatoki says it&#;s for her birthday. He blushes and says it&#;s the least he can do, since she&#;s always taking care of him and he couldn&#;t possibly face their mother in the afterlife if he couldn&#;t manage this much for her. Nemu is pleased and he scolds her to go wash up before dinner. They have a little toast to her birthday. She&#;s 17 today. Samatoki remarks how he&#;s getting older too, but Nemu teases him that he&#;s still only Samatoki starts talking about how so much has happened in the past 10 years, and in just 3 short years Nemu will be an adult. [Note: the age of majority in Japan is currently 20]

Nemu thinks he&#;s thinking too far ahead, all that is a long way off. Samatoki teases back that she&#;ll be an old hag before she knows it with that kind of thinking. Nemu yells at him for being mean and Samatoki apologizes. He adds that it feels like the years started passing a lot faster once he hit 20 and tells her she should start thinking about her future now, despite what difficult times they live in. Nemu agrees with him.

Samatoki&#;s phone starts to ring, it&#;s Sasara, but he silences it since they&#;re still in the middle of dinner, but it keeps going off and Nemu tells him to go answer it since it might be urgent. Samatoki excuses himself. Samatoki rips into him for daring to interrupt his birthday dinner with Nemu and that it better be important or he&#;ll kill him. Sasara solemnly reports that their territory has been stolen by one of the crews under Stairway to Heaven…

The balance of power in Ikebukuro has finally been broken and the battle between Ichiro and Samatoki is now inevitable!


We begin with Jakurai and his assistant Yotsutsuji at the hospital discussing the state of affairs of the world and how there are significantly fewer casualties now compared to last year. Jakurai expresses admiration for how women are changing the world for the better. He speculates that by next year all armed conflict might be eliminated, something the male-dominated administration likely could have never accomplished. Yotsutsuji remarks that women are making life harder for the men, but Jakurai counters that it&#;s a net plus for humanity.

Another hospital staff member crashes into the room, shouting about the arrival of the rebel army before being shot in the back. A group of men wearing body armor enter, weapons drawn, declaring the hospital under their control and that no one moves without their permission. Jakurai asks for permission to treat the wounded staff member, who apparently is still alive. The leader of the group responds by shooting him again and confirming his death. He then turns to greet a Lt. Gordini. He&#;s a former special forces officer with psychopathic tendencies.

Lt. Gordini announces that he has no qualms about killing, so if the hostages want to live they better not get any stupid ideas. Despite this, Jakurai boldly requests permission to speak, then introduces himself as the head doctor and requests permission to treat his patients. Gordini denies the request, but Jakurai continues to press the issue. He warns that Jakurai should be more concerned about his own life than his patients. Jakurai asserts that if it&#;s heaven&#;s will that he dies, so be it. Gordini says he doesn’t care, but his employers specifically instructed him to treat the patients with care. Jakurai thanks him and asks to be allowed to treat them immediately. Yotsutsuji attempts to join, but Gordini shoves a gun in his face; he only gave Jakurai permission.

Two guards remind Jakurai he better not get any funny ideas. He asks for scissors to remove sutures. The man is suspicious but relents. The moment he has them, Jakurai puts his hand on the man’s chest; the man screams. Jakurai taps the other on the back, taking him down too. He explains that humans are composed mostly of water, and it’s possible to render someone unconscious by generating ripples in it through a special &#;wave&#; technique. He notes that he would really prefer not to resort to any more violence.

Gordini confirms with someone that they&#;ve fully occupied the hospital and they can proceed with negotiations for independence. A soldier bursts into the room, reporting the two men assigned to Jakurai weren’t responding and when he went to check, they were both knocked out. The soldier confirms their guns weren&#;t taken, so Gordini concludes that Jakurai is unarmed. He commands his men to find Jakurai and kill him on sight. The soldier asks what Jakurai is; Gordini doesn&#;t know but is intrigued at the prospect of hunting prey that can put up a fight.

Cut to Jakurai surrounded by a pile of unconscious soldiers. He remarks he must be getting old, as it took some effort to down this many men. The intercom beeps &#; Gordini asks Jakurai to end this hide-and-seek and be at the lobby in 3 min or he’ll kill a hostage every 10 seconds. Gordini counts down and when he gets to one, he tells the staff to line up. Just as he gives the order to shoot, Jakurai appears, taking out the armed men with incredible speed. Gordini whips out a Hypnosis Mic, declaring even a monster like Jakurai is powerless against it.

Jakurai asks to cut a deal, Gordini wonders what he could possibly offer. Jakurai proposes his death in exchange for the release of the hostages. Gordini flatly rejects it, at which point Jakurai pulls out the scissors. Gordini laughs, asking if he really intends to use those to fight back. Jakurai calmly splits the scissor blades at the hinge and responds that he intends to fight back, but not by harming Gordini directly. Jakurai brings a blade to his ear, speculating that he will not be affected by the hypnosis mic if he can no longer hear. Gordini is shocked.

Suddenly, Ramuda appears! He knows Jakurai’s full name and reputation. His patients have an unusually high rate of recovery, but his thorough knowledge of the human body also makes him a genius assassin with a % kill rate. He’s known by the name “Ill-doc”. Gordini is shocked to hear the name &#;Ill-doc&#;. Ramuda cheerfully continues, saying that Jakurai disappeared 10 years ago and apparently has been playing doctor ever since. Ramuda very glibly notes that it’d be a massive pain if Jakurai died and asks Gordini to let him off.

Gordini is incensed and has his men turn their weapons on Ramuda, who is decidedly unconcerned. Ramuda pulls out his mic and begins to rap, taking out all the armed men with ease. Gordini identifies Ramuda as one of the women’s dogs. Ramuda responds by playfully barking at him. Gordini declares Ramuda an enemy. Ramuda’s excited to be challenged to a rap battle, but quickly becomes serious and announces that Gordini has no skills at all, so his efforts will be in vain. After his rap, Gordini is defeated but not completely unconscious yet. Ramuda compliments Gordini, saying that while he might not have any skills, he at least can show some willpower! Gordini begs Ramuda to stop; Ramuda says nope.

Yotsutsuji and Jakurai are reunited later and Ramuda introduces himself. Jakurai asks how he knows his name. Ramuda dodges the question, and then Jakurai asks if he would teach him to rap. Ramuda says of course, confident that Jakurai will be a powerful Hypnosis Mic wielder.

Just what are Ramuda’s intentions in meeting Jakurai…?


The chapter opens with a brief flashback to Ichiro getting his orders to take some of Mad Comic Dialogue’s territory. It then jumps to Samatoki rushing to interrogate Sasara about the phone call he got at the end of track-2 about some of their territory being taken by one of the crews under Stairway to Heaven. Samatoki&#;s unhappy about this development and wants to take out Mozuku, S2H’s boss. Sasara is sympathetic to Samatoki’s desire for revenge, but things aren&#;t so simple. Samatoki is enraged and Sasara insults him and then drops an extremely terrible pun, which pisses Samatoki off enough to pull out his mic. One of the other crew members calms them down just as they’re about to really go at it.

Samatoki cools down enough to ask Sasara what the issue is. He explains that S2H hadn’t attacked directly, but through the Naughty Busters, one of their affiliate groups. Samatoki is unconvinced, saying the higher ups should take responsibility for their underlings. Sasara lights his cigarette on Samatoki&#;s. He ultimately agrees that that’s how it should be, but when he called Mozuku to confirm the situation, Mozuku simply replied that S2H is no longer affiliated with the Naughty Busters. Samatoki’s happy to hear this since it means they can just go after the Naughty Buters directly. Sasara informs him that he already has people working to ferret them out.

Meanwhile in Ikebukuro, Ichiro and Kuko are celebrating their victory over bottles of coke. Ichiro comments on how he was impressed by how weak the team protecting their territory was and says he wants to throw down against someone with some real backbone. Ichiro feels Mozuku&#;s being underhanded with their “dismissal” from S2H and as a man he wants to fight honorably. Kuko remarks that Mozuku’s always been a coward and the type to lay traps. He&#;ll only challenge people to fights where he knows he has an absolute advantage.

Ichrio chastises him for speaking ill of their boss like that, but to Kuko, technically he&#;s not their boss now! Ichiro then gets a message from Mozuku. It’s a map with markers denoting where various crews assemble and the two of them head out to capture more territory.

Later, Samatoki and Sasara are at a diner. Sasara reports that in the past week they have lost 14 of their 79 pieces of territory to the Naughty Busters. Samatoki is more impressed that their underlings are so weak that a team of kids has taken out so many of them. They&#;ll get word of the attacks immediately, but the crews are always defeated already by the time they arrive. Sasara wonders why Samatoki looks so happy, and he replies how he&#;s thrilled at someone so competent attacking them head-on like this. Sasara thinks it’s interesting the tables have turned, with them being the hunted now. Samatoki doesn’t have anything against challengers. In fact, he wants to duke it out with them ASAP. Sasara shows a photo of Ichiro & Kuko, introducing them as the Naughty Busters. Samatoki thinks they both look extremely cocky and takes a particular interest in Ichiro. Sasara comments that Ichiro&#;s got the same look on his face Samatoki used to have. Samatoki objects to this, but Sasara clarifies that he just meant that he must&#;ve been drawn to him because of their similarity.

We cut to Zan’en Tobari and Zansei Tobari, Samatoki’s underlings, shaking down a shop for protection money. The owner protests; Samatoki agreed to 10% of his sales, but these two are demanding They threaten that right now they&#;re the shop owner&#;s boss, not Samatoki. Zan’en instructs Zansei to go grab the shop owner’s daughter. They threaten to take her as collateral. The man begs them to leave her out of it, but the brothers declare that as long as they control this territory, the shopkeep and his daughter are their property.

Ichiro appears and asks if that means the brothers will be his property after he’s finished with them. He then promptly throws Zansei through the window. Zan’en asks who he is, and Ichiro tells him he must be stupid to ask that question &#; he’s their enemy, that’s who.

Sasara gets a call and informs Samatoki that they’ve found the Naughty Busters, and they&#;re battling at this very moment. Samatoki rushes to the scene as Ichiro squares off against Zan’en. Zansei attempts a sneak attack on Ichiro but Kuko leaps in to intervene. Ichiro tells Kuko they’re the next target, the crew “Back Wild”. Ichiro challenges them to a territory rap battle, and the Tobari brothers accept. They go first and begin to laugh when they see Ichiro and Kuko just standing there after their initial volley of lyrics.

Unfortunately for them, Ichiro and Kuko aren’t frozen in fear, they&#;re just unimpressed. Ichiro and Kuko rap back and immediately the Tobari brothers are begging for mercy. While happy with their victory, they&#;re are dissatisfied with how weak their enemies have been.

Samatoki then appears in front of Ichiro and Kuko, declaring that they should fight him next then.


We pick up where we left off in track-4 with Ichiro and Kuko having just taken out the Tobari brothers and Samatoki and Sasara finally catching up to them. Samatoki is pleased to finally meet Ichiro face to face.

Samatoki and Sasara notice the KO&#;d Tobari brothers and the fact that neither Ichiro nor Kuko have a scratch on them––the two of them must be quite strong. Kuko becomes impatient and taunts them. Samatoki threatens back. Kuko and Ichiro ready their mics, and Ichiro declares that the hunters will always have the edge over the hunted. Sasara bursts out laughing, remembering when Samatoki said the same thing. Samatoki is a little embarrassed to hear it thrown back in his face and facepalms. Samatoki counters, telling Ichiro that he&#;ll demonstrate how the &#;hunted&#; have made it through many battles to get to where they are now.

We change scenes. Some underlings are reporting to Mozuku that Ichiro and Samatoki are battling. Mozuku hadn&#;t expected it to happen so quickly. They&#;re to begin preparations immediately. One of his underlings asks if they should call &#;that person&#; but Mozuku brushes off the suggestion, saying that even though there&#;s less than a 1% chance of failure, they still need insurance.

The Naughty Busters square off against Mad Comic Dialogue. They exchange opening taunts and NB bring out their hypnosis speakers and rap their initial volley. Samatoki winces and laughs, he hasn&#;t felt this in a while, no wonder their underlings were no match for them. Samatoki and Sasara bring out their speakers and shoot back their own verse. Ichiro and Kuko are overcome and fall down. Samatoki is surprised they&#;re still conscious and Sasara taunts them, saying they probably can&#;t stand. MCD will be taking back their territory.

As Samatoki and Sasara begin to leave, Samatoki turns back and notices that NB are back on their feet, insisting that it&#;s not over yet. They fire back a verse that brings MCD to their knees. Sasara observes that it was much more powerful than their previous attack and Samatoki just laughs. They&#;re all prepared to fight to the death. Ultimately, both crews are brought to the ground and they relent acknowledging the each other&#;s power.

The crowd applauds the spectacle and wonders if they KO&#;d each other. But just then, men in suits appear, clearing the way through the crowd and Mozuku enters the scene, clapping and praising the battle. He then declares that Ichiro is back under Stairway to Heaven. Ichiro remains silent and, when praised as well, Kuko retorts that he didn&#;t do it for Mozuku. Sasara reminds Mozuku that using his underlings to battle is against their agreement. Mozuku plays dumb––how could he have violated the agreement, when Ichiro and Kuko weren&#;t part of S2H until mere moments ago? He takes offense at the accusation.

Samatoki yells at Ichiro, asking him if he was a knowing pawn in all this. Ichiro remains silent and Samatoki spits back that he thought Ichiro had a spine but apparently he was wrong. Mozuku then says he wants to get down to the real business at hand: why don&#;t they battle him right here and now with all their territory on the line? Mozuku won&#;t take no for an answer. His crew is a large number of men in black suits lined up behind him. Ichiro grabs Mozuku by the shoulder and demands that he hold off. MCD is exhausted from their previous fight, surely he should be ashamed to battle them in this state. Mozuku is unmoved. Shame means nothing to him. Battles are about results. And winners write history. Mozuku asks Ichiro if he has a problem with his methods, reminding him that he had something he wanted as well. He then offers Ichiro a large sum of money to shut up and obey.

Sasara comments on how cowardly Mozuku&#;s behavior is and Samatoki demands a cigarette. He takes a puff and turns to Ichiro. Samatoki has something to say to him: If you sell your soul to get what you want, you&#;ll never get it back. You can&#;t put a price on your soul, so do what you want to do and fuck what happens next.

Samatoki&#;s words strike a chord with Ichiro.

Mozuku reminds Samatoki of the situation he&#;s in and that he&#;s in no position to be worrying about anyone else. He then generously offers to allow MCD to go first––if they can even still rap. Mozuku&#;s suited underlings laugh. Samatoki asks Sasara how many more verses he can manage. Sasara says one, he won&#;t last beyond that. Samatoki jokes back––what a coincidence, he thinks he has one more verse in him too. They bump fists.

Ichiro asks Kuko whether he&#;ll join him in what he&#;s about to do even if it means he might lose everything. Kuko says he&#;s said it before but he&#;ll say it again: he&#;d do anything for him. They fist bump too.

All four of them stand in opposition to Mozuku. Mozuku asks what&#;s going on. Ichiro declares that he&#;s going to do what he wants to do. He can&#;t stand to ally himself with someone who uses such cowardly tactics and he intends to defeat him.

Mozuku asks if Kuko would like to join him, but Kuko spits on Mozuku&#;s hand, refusing his invitation––he never liked him very much to begin with. Mozuku isn&#;t terribly surprised, idiots tend to attract other idiots after all. He declares that he&#;ll make them regret their decision so much they&#;ll wish they were dead.

With a common enemy to unite them, Ichiro and Samatoki team up. Ichiro warns Samatoki that he better not screw up, to which Samatoki simply laughs and replies that that&#;s what he was about to say. They face off against Mozuku and his men. Kuko and Sasara launch the initial volley with Ichiro and Samatoki following. Mozuku simply can&#;t believe the power they have. He and his men are overwhelmed and collapse. The crowd cheers, impressed by the feat.

The four are overjoyed but exhausted, though Sasara still has enough energy in him to crack an awful pun. Kuko puts an arm around Ichiro, exclaiming how much fun he had before getting up to mug for the crowd. Samatoki takes a pack of cigarettes from Sasara and turns to Ichiro to offer him one, but Ichiro refuses since he&#;s underage. Samatoki understands and walks off.

Samatoki grabs Mozuku by the lapels and slaps him awake. He&#;s incensed, shouting at him for daring to underestimate them. Mozuku chuckles and asserts that it was completely beyond his imagination that they could possibly be this skilled. Samatoki is even more furious now, angrily asking why Mozuku thinks he&#;s in any position to taunt him now and reminding him that all his territory belongs to them. Mozuku brushes it off, casually remarking that he does think this particular lesson was a bit overpriced, but that it won&#;t be happening again. He boldly claims that he&#;s merely &#;lending&#; his territory to Samatoki for the time being.

Samatoki and Sasara commiserate about what an unpleasant person Mozuku is when Samatoki&#;s attention turns back to Ichiro and Kuko. He asks them what they plan to do now. Ichiro tells him that they haven&#;t really settled on anything yet, so Samatoki invites him to join him––he could really use a couple of guys with some real backbone on his crew. Ichiro thanks him for the sentiment, but he wants some time to think it over. Samatoki tells him that it&#;s fine, his doors are open whenever Ichiro makes up his mind. As Samatoki and Sasara leave Sasara asks if Samatoki wants to join him for dinner, but Samatoki turns him down––Nemu has dinner waiting for him back at home. Sasara teases him for being so attached to his little sister.

Meanwhile, Kuko asks Ichiro if he&#;s considering joining Samatoki. Ichiro admits that he&#;s really not sure yet, but thinks back on a few moments where Samatoki impressed him (when his comment about selling your soul hit Ichiro right in the heart and when the two of them teamed up in battle for the first time). Kuko just tells him to let him know when he makes up his mind, he doesn&#;t have strong feelings either way.

We change scenes to Mozuku walking down the street, talking on the phone with someone. He admits that he was too soft in his approach, so now it&#;s time for Plan B––he commands the person on the other end to kidnap Samatoki&#;s younger sister Nemu and Ichiro&#;s two little brothers, Jiro and Saburo.


Ramuda, Jakurai and Yotsuji (Jakurai’s assistant) arrive at Haneda Airport. Ramuda praises Jakurai’s tremendous improvement in rap. Yotsutsuji starts tearing up about how he didn&#;t get any better though. Ramuda teases him, but Jakurai reassures him––everyone has things they&#;re more and less suited for, so Yotsutsuji should strive to focus on the things he is good at. Ramuda is then interrupted by a call from Ichijiku informing him that there is a terrorist plot unfolding at the Sunset Building in Ikebukuro.

We cut to Samatoki coming home to find the kitchen in disarray and Nemu missing. A note left on the table reads “Come to the top floor of the Sunset Building if you ever want to see your sister again”. He&#;s reminded of Mozuku’s threats from their last encounter and crushes the note in a rage.

We shift again, this time to the orphanage. Ichiro returns and is immediately suspicious because of how quiet the kids are. He finds the children cowering in a room and demands an explanation from one of them. The kid tells him that Jiro and Saburo were taken away by their “dad” and hands Ichiro a note, similar to the one Samatoki received, telling him to come to the Sunset Building to get his brothers back. Ichiro is furious and tears the note to pieces.

Back with Ramuda and Ichijiku’s phone call. Ramuda presses her for more information and Ichijiku tells him that Stairway to Heaven is behind the plot, explaining their recent exploits with Mad Comic Dialogue and the Naughty Busters. Ramuda laughs when he hears Samatoki&#;s name, saying that he wasn&#;t expecting this to happen so quickly, or for him to team up with Ichiro. Ichijiku concedes that everything has happened as Ramuda predicted, but the terrorist plot was not something they had anticipated. She also concludes that the kidnapping of Samatoki and Ichiro&#;s siblings suggest that the objective is to take back territory from MCD. Ramuda responds, saying that it&#;s a cowardly move, but surely Ichiro and Samatoki will deal with it. Ichijiku clarifies that they don&#;t really care what the foolish men do with their territory, but––Ramuda cuts her off, telling her she doesn&#;t need to say another word, that&#;s what he&#;s there to prevent. Ichijiku tells him to handle it.

Ramuda is annoyed that he has to deal with the situation, but he&#;s looking forward to getting in direct contact with Ichiro and Samatoki. He tells Jakurai that he&#;s going to get a chance to test his rap&#;s abilities for real sooner than he&#;d expected.

Over at the Sunset Building, Nemu, Jiro and Saburo are shown tied up with tape covering their mouths. Mozuku walks into the fancy restaurant on the top level of the building, asking to talk to the manager. When the manager comes out, he demands that he gather all of the people in the restaurant in one place. The manager is confused, but to make his point abundantly clear, Mozuku pulls a gun and shoots a waiter in the head. He briefly marvels at the efficacy of the weapon.

Gencho Hosen, head of the orphanage, interrupts him but rather than asking him not to kill people, Gencho kneecaps another waiter, taunting the man as he announces to Mozuku that one shouldn&#;t aim to kill with one shot, but to cause as much pain and fear as possible. Mozuku giggles, impressed with his partner&#;s cruelty. Gencho explains that this will keep the hostages compliant. But of course the most important thing, he says as he opens a pill case with a number of tablets with cute designs on them, is that he enjoys it.

Mozuku is informed that everyone has been gathered and he then takes the opportunity to introduce himself to his unwilling audience, apologizing for taking them hostage during their meal. Gencho fires at one of the windows, making a human size hole in the glass. He grabs the waiter he shot, dragging him over to the window by the hair. The man begs for his life but Gencho slips a bomb into his jacket and tosses him out. The man falls and explodes. Mozuku removes the tape from Nemu, Jiro and Saburo&#;s mouths and encourages them to cry to make for better bait. Saburo sobs, wondering why their &#;father&#; is acting like this while Jiro tries to comfort him. Nemu praises him for doing so and Jiro tells her that he&#;s not doing anything special, he&#;s just Saburo&#;s big brother. They then get into a conversation about their respective older siblings.

Nemu speaks highly of her brother, that he may do some bad things but he has his reasons and he&#;s doing it all for her. Jiro on the other hand thinks very poorly of Ichiro, vowing to never be like him when he grows up. Nemu tries to convince him that maybe his brother has his reasons too, and that Jiro should talk to him when they get out. Jiro, however, isn&#;t so sure that they will be getting out. Nemu beams that she knows their brothers will save them.

Outside the Sunset Building, Ichiro crosses the police line, but an officer stops him. Ichiro complains that he&#;s been summoned by one of the assholes inside. The officer, now revealed to be Juto (27), sounds intrigued and asks him to explain further. Ichiro isn&#;t in the mood and grabs him by the lapels and demands he be let in. Elsewhere on the scene Samatoki is struggling with a group of officers, shouting that he&#;ll kill them. Juto notices the commotion and recognizes him as the leader of MCD.

Samatoki gets into it with Juto too, demanding to be let in and saying he&#;ll kill Mozuku. Juto smirks––this incident might be a golden opportunity for him if he&#;s involved. Juto tells the other officers that he&#;ll be taking charge of Samatoki and that they should handle Ichiro. He proposes to Samatoki that they make a deal…and then promptly handcuffs himself to him, announcing that he won&#;t uncuff him unless Samatoki agrees to his deal.

Juto&#;s deal is simple: he wants Samatoki to give him credit for assisting in the rescue if Samatoki successfully saves the hostages. Samatoki readily agrees, but asks that Juto allow Ichiro to go with him too. Juto agrees to distract the other officers and let Samatoki handle it. Juto announces that there&#;s a bomb threat and the other officers scatter as he lets Ichiro through the police line. He meets up with Samatoki and they get in the elevator up to the top floor, both furious about their siblings being dragged into this.

And the chapter ends as they step out of the elevator!


We open in the middle of the hostage situation where things left off in track Mozuku is watching over the hostages as Gencho approaches with a knife, which he licks––he proposes cutting off one of Nemu&#;s fingers to see Samatoki snap. Mozuku heartily approves, it&#;ll be a good way to show Samatoki just how powerless he is.

Gencho approaches Nemu and cuts the bonds around her wrists. Jiro demands that he stop, drawing Gencho&#;s attention to him. Gencho tells Jiro the only reason he runs an orphanage is that the sight of unfortunate brats like him makes his own blessings taste that much sweeter. Mozuku chimes in that the real goal of the orphanage is to sell off the orphans once they&#;re old enough. Gencho grabs a fistful of Jiro&#;s hair and threatens to slit his throat so he can never talk back again.

Nemu throws her shoe at him, taunting him to start with her, wasn&#;t he going to cut her finger off? Gencho takes the bait and grabs Nemu&#;s hand again and stabs the knife into the floor between her fingers and begins to berate her––when he&#;s interrupted with a shout from behind him. The next panel we see a hand balled into a tight fist wearing a familiar bracelet.

Before Samatoki can land his punch, Gencho kicks him in the stomach. Gencho chastises him for shouting and announcing his presence. Samatoki is enraged and says he&#;ll kill him a million times over. Ichiro charges in next, saying he&#;ll save Jiro and Saburo. They&#;re both surprised to see him and ask why he&#;s there. Ichiro replies by asking why an older brother needs a reason to save his little brothers. Both Jiro and Saburo tear up.

Ichiro turns to Gencho and tells him how much he hates him. Mozuku claps, declaring that it&#;s time for the show to begin now that all the actors are present. Samatoki shouts at him, but Mozuku has Nemu in a headlock with a knife to her throat starting to draw blood. Samatoki is about to charge at him, but Ichiro grabs him and tells him to calm down because he&#;ll just get Mozuku more worked up. Mozuku laughs and says Ichiro is right––if Samatoki comes any closer, he&#;ll jab the knife right through Nemu&#;s neck.

When asked what he&#;s after, Mozuku explains that his ultimate goal is to take his territory and declare independence from the women of the Central Ward and become king. Ichiro throws the question at Gencho as well, but he just responds that he just wants to satisfy his own desires. Samatoki interrupts, putting an end to the conversation and both he and Ichiro take out their mics.

Mozuku declares that they&#;ll release the hostages if they [Ichiro and Samatoki] win, but if they lose, Mozuku will take all their territory. Samatoki agrees to the terms, telling Mozuku to do whatever he wants. Marveling at how calm Samatoki is, Mozuku suggests that his side have the first attack and if Samatoki and Ichiro can endure it, they win––of course, he intends to continue his attack until they break without allowing them an opportunity to counter.

He goes on to explain how just killing them would be no fun, so they want to torture them in front of their precious family members.
Nemu interrupts and tells Samatoki not to accept such ridiculous terms, but Gencho kicks her and tells her to shut up. Samatoki shouts at them to stop––they&#;ll abide by their terms as long as they don&#;t hurt Nemu.

Mozuku and Gencho take out their own mics and manifest their Hypnosis Speakers saying they&#;ll show them the real stairway to heaven. Samatoki calls Ichiro by his full name and tells him to show him what he&#;s got. Ichiro tosses the comment right back at him.

S2H begin to rap and hit Ichiro and Samatoki hard, but much to Mozuku&#;s surprise, they&#;re still standing. Ichiro and Samatoki call their rap pathetic and taunt them to continue. Gencho retorts that it&#;s just a matter of time.

Ichiro thinks to himself that he&#;s almost done for and spots a pile of broken tableware. He grabs a pair of chopsticks and Samatoki does the same. Samatoki comments that they must&#;ve had the same idea. Mozuku announces that he&#;s about to deliver the finishing blow when Samatoki and Ichiro simultaneously jab the chopsticks into their ears!

We shift to Ramuda and Jakurai on the other side of the room. Ramuda comments on how they pulled the same maneuver Jakurai tried before, all the while cringing about how painful it looks. Jakurai comments that rupturing your eardrums really does to decrease the effect of the rap. He&#;s intrigued.

Mozuku notices them and asks who they are to which Ramuda replies &#;What? Don&#;t you have eyes? I&#;m obviously a total cutie!&#; Mozuku is unfazed and tells them not to interfere or he&#;ll kill the hostages. Ramuda thinks to himself that he doesn&#;t really care if he does, but he was told not to let them die.

Ramuda scolds Mozuku childishly and then tugs on Jakurai&#;s sleeve declaring––&#;Jinguji Jakurai will punish you in the name of god!&#;
Jakurai stares them down and hits both Mozuku and Gencho hard in the chest, sending them flying. Ramuda instructs the hostages to escape.

Nemu is reunited with Samatoki. She thanks him, and he replies that he can&#;t really hear her but he&#;s glad she&#;s safe. Jiro and Saburo run to Ichiro but hesitate before embracing him. Ichiro ruffles their hair, saying he&#;s glad they&#;re safe and they both start crying.

Ramuda cheerfully tells Mozuku and Gencho to prepare themselves and Jakurai tells them it&#;s over. Mozuku grins, musing about how important insurance is as he places a call. A bunch of men in suits rush in with mics and both Gencho and Mozuku are back on their feet. Ramuda asks Jakurai what they should do since there are a lot of them, but Jakurai just replies that they&#;ll just have to try and see what happens.

Samatoki and Ichiro step forward with their mics out too, saying they won&#;t be satisfied until they hit back. We&#;re treated to a two page spread of the four of them with their mics and speakers out as Ramuda says &#;Let&#;s all rap together!&#; They blow away all the guys in suits and Ichiro and Samatoki each get a final verse in to finish off Mozuku and Gencho. Mozuku and Gencho are left drooling on the floor. Samatoki pulls a leg back to kick them. Nemu looks horrified, but Ichiro grabs him to stop him. Samatoki clicks his tongue, petulantly jerks out of Ichiro&#;s grasp and walks away.

Ramuda thinks to himself about how Ichiro and Samatoki both far exceeded his expectations, even Jakurai did. He seems confident in his choice of the three. Ramuda forcibly links arms with Jakurai and cheerfully proposes that the four of them team up.


We pick up in Ueno where Samatoki and Sasara are in the middle of a territory battle. Sasara seems to be having a hard time, but surprise! Kuko and Ichiro show up just in the knick of time as they&#;re now part of Mad Comic Dialogue. Kuko taunts their opponents and Sasara drops another of his signature painful puns. Kuko gets into it with him, demanding he stop with the terrible jokes in combat. Sasara takes offense to the suggestion that his jokes are bad, but with a little encouragement from Samatoki the two of them get back to business and spin a verse together followed by Ichiro and Samatoki.

The spectating crowd of girls erupts into cheers for their victory. Sasara and Kuko thank them for their support and ham it up for the crowd. Samatoki, on the other hand, is not so pleased. Ichiro notices that he seems upset and Samatoki complains that he finds it annoying that they&#;ve started attracting more women spectators lately. Their matches have gotten more interesting but the crowds just ruin it for him. Ichiro echos Samatoki&#;s sentiments––he appreciates the support, but it makes it feel like less of a battle to him. He confesses that he&#;d really rather battle more today. Samatoki just laughs and gives Ichiro a gentle kick in the ass––Ichiro may still be a dumb kid but he&#;s got an adult attitude about some things. That&#;s one of the things Samatoki likes about him after all. He turns to Ichiro and offers to go at it with him if he still isn&#;t satisfied. Ichiro happily agrees to the proposal, but jokingly asks if he&#;s not concerned that his sister will mad about him [Samatoki] staying out late to fool around with him [Ichiro].

Suddenly, Ramuda runs up from behind and hugs them both from behind. They both recognize him as a member of Void Posse (Kujaku Posse). Samatoki is immediately hostile, but Ramuda is as calm and cheerful as ever announcing that he&#;s here because he has something to discuss with them––but first, he offers them both some candy. This displeases Samatoki––he takes it as an insinuation that they&#;re soft and sweet. Ichiro keeps him in check, reminding him that Ramuda isn&#;t there for a fight. Ramuada can&#;t resist an opportunity to tease though, retorting that the only sweet thing here is the candy&#; but––he says with his tongue out––he wouldn&#;t mind giving Samatoki a taste to be sure. This, too, displeases Samatoki. Ichiro has to physically restrain him this time and he scolds Ramuda for trying to provoke him. Ramuda, naturally, insists that he was doing no such thing. Ichiro convinces Samatoki to hear Ramuda out since they can always fight him afterward if need be.

Ramuda cuts to the chase: he wants them to team up with him. Ichiro and Samatoki aren&#;t interested, they&#;re loyal to their teammates Kuko and Sasara. Ramuda begs and insists that teaming up with him would be WAY more fun. This sets Ichiro off, he grabs Ramuda by the collar, asking if he&#;s trying to make light of their camaraderie, but Ramuda, thoroughly unflapped by Ichiro&#;s aggressive gesture, insists that he REALLY just thinks it&#;d be fun if they teamed up with him and Jakurai.

Samatoki puts a hand on Ichiro&#;s shoulder, telling him to let Ramuda go. Samatoki announces that he&#;ll take Ramuda up on his offer&#; but––he pulls out his mic and summons his Hypnosis Speaker––only after he&#;s tested his power himself.

Ramuda turns tail and runs, screaming (sarcastically) about how scary Samatoki is before turning around to tell them that he&#;s not going to give up on them so easily in his usual chipper tone. Samatoki and Ichiro remain unimpressed.

The scene follows Ramuda as he walks away humming. He concludes that Kuko and Sasara are in his way. He bites off the rest of his lollipop and tosses the stick behind him as he concludes that, in that case, he&#;ll just have to make them go away.

We cut to Jakurai&#;s home in Shinjuku. Yotsutsuji presents Jakurai with a stack of papers: information on the most prominent crews in the west Tokyo area. He compiled it all by himself because Jakurai had mentioned that he&#;d be battling crews in that area. Jakurai looks at the first page featuring a crew from Hachioji Division, the Straight Edges who are led by a man named Uemon Ginhebi. Jakurai is impressed with the level of detail and praises Yotsutsuji for his work. He tries to turn down the compliment, but Jakurai insists that the information he&#;s gathered will be very valuable and thanks him. Yotsutsuji relents and accepts the compliment, but his face suddenly darkens.

He hesitantly brings up the topic of Ramuda. He did some research on him too. Jakurai interrupts, gently scolding him for prying into a friend&#;s life. Yotsutsuji apologizes, but says he just felt more comfortable knowing his background. Ultimately, he didn&#;t find anything of note, Ramuda&#;s totally clean. Jakurai doesn&#;t understand why he brought it up then, but Yotsutsuji continues that it was because his past was TOO clean if anything. Almost like it was fabricated. Yotsutsuji then asks Jakurai why he teamed up with Ramuda, to which Jakurai responds that the main reason is that he finds everything about him utterly fascinating&#; and that he&#;s intrigued by some of the expressions that briefly cross his face from time to time. He can&#;t help but wonder if his usual mannerisms are concealing his true self and that perhaps he he has a reason for behaving that way that he can&#;t talk about, so Jakurai wants to get closer to him in the hopes that he&#;ll feel comfortable doing that eventually. Yotsutsuji is impressed but Jakurai notes that Ramuda would probably think he cares too much.

We shift to Ikebukuro, the Yamada residence/office. Ichiro comes home and is greeted by Jiro and Saburo who are both excited to tell him about their acomplishments that day––Jiro scored a hat trick in a soccer match and Saburo got a % on a test. Ichiro pats them both on the head and tells them they&#;re amazing. Of course the two of them start bickering the moment Ichiro steps away. The fight escalates to Jiro hitting Saburo over the head and making him cry which earns him a similar knock on the head from Ichiro, who scolds him for being unkind to Saburo––he&#;s a big brother too and big brothers are supposed to protect their little brothers, not make them cry. Jiro apologizes. Ichiro then goes to comfort Saburo and scolds him, saying he should have more respect for his older brother.

Ichiro looks at the two of them fondly, thinking to himself that he&#;s glad that they both like and respect him now, but it&#;s created tension between them as a result and he wishes they got along better. Ichiro announces that it&#;s time for dinner and then we cut to the Aoshitsugi residence.

Samatoki and Nemu are having dinner. Nemu scolds Samatoki for coming home so late without letting her know, since their dinner is cold now. Samatoki apologizes, saying he got caught up talking to Ichiro. Nemu sighs, Ichiro, again? Samatoki mentions that it&#;s because they both live in the same area (Ikebukuro), and Nemu tells him that he should have invited him over then. Samatoki doesn&#;t understand why and Nemu responds that he must be causing him a lot of trouble, so the least he could do is treat him to dinner. Samatoki is irritated by the implication––he&#;s the one who&#;s helping Ichiro of course! He goes on to explain that Ichiro has two little brothers he&#;s supporting on his own since the orphanage closed, so he doesn&#;t have time to hang out.

Nemu asks him pointedly about what happened to the other kids at the orphanage and Samatoki answers that Ichiro made sure they were all taken in by foster families. Nemu is impressed by this and Samatoki comments that he&#;s pretty incredible for his age. Samatoki goes on to comment about the state of the world and how assholes like Gencho and Mozuku need someone to keep them in check. Nemu thinks back to Samatoki&#;s violent behavior during the hostage situation and reminds Samatoki that unjustified violence is wrong. Samatoki is confused and asks her what she meant by that. Nemu gives him a very serious look and leaves the table with a &#;never mind&#;&#;. Samatoki goes out onto the balcony for a smoke afterward. He can&#;t get her face when she said it out of his mind.

Meanwhile, in the Central Ward, Rei Amayado is in Tohoten&#;s office. An exchange of a billion yen is going down between them and Tohoten is not having any of Rei&#;s jokes. What could the two of them be up to?


We pick up where we left off in track-8 with Rei in Tohoten&#;s office. Tohoten scolds Rei as he lights a cigarette––there is no smoking in here. Rei protests, asking who made that rule in the first place? He continues saying that if it was something humans came up with, it can be broken and if anyone knows that it&#;s Tohoten herself, considering she lead a coup against her own government. Tohoten cedes this point, but then snatches the cigarette from Rei&#;s mouth and announces that she&#;s had quite enough of rules being broken already, so she&#;ll use force to stop him. Rei laughs and Tohoten disposes of the offending item in Rei&#;s tea.

On the topic of force, Rei turns the conversation to the &#;true&#; Hypnosis Mic––a truly unparalleled mic that can literally hypnotize people and brainwash them––as he places one on the table. Tohoten reaches for it, impressed that it&#;s finally been perfected, but Rei snatches it before she can pick it up. He warns her that it&#;s not all the way there yet and the device&#;s output is still far too high and as a result it causes serious damage to the user&#;s psyche. In fact, it&#;s so dangerous that using it is almost certainly fatal. Tohoten is unimpressed. This won&#;t be a problem, of course, it&#;s precisely for these circumstances that they have Ramuda Amemura after all.

Rei stands up and adjusts his hat. Tohoten is, of course, free to do what she wants with her purchase. Rei only asks that she summon him if something interesting happens. He starts to leave and pulls out another cigarette as he does. Tohoten glares at him and he just laughs, challenging her to take it from him by force again as he flashes his (regular) Hypnosis Mic. Tohoten cooly sips her tea and says that she will refrain this time. She&#;s not concerned she&#;d lose to him, but she wouldn&#;t get enough out of fighting him to make him quit smoking, so it&#;s not worth it.

Rei drops a backhanded compliment on her––she&#;s a strong woman, he says, so that kid of hers who ran away must have some pretty massive balls too. Tohoten looks a little sullen for a moment, but sets her cup back down and says she wouldn&#;t know, she has nothing to do with him anymore after all––not that he&#;s one to talk, considering his relationship with his own son(s).

Rei walks out, saying he&#;ll send an underling to collect the money later and muses to himself as he exits that he&#;s excited to see how things go from there.

Meanwhile, at Ramuda&#;s office, he&#;s having tea with Jakurai while Yotsutsuji works on a laptop. They&#;ve just about finished battling all the main crews in the west Tokyo area. Ramuda seems bored. Yotsutsuji notes that they&#;ll have a lot of cleanup to do afterward since there are more affiliate groups jumping into the fray rather hastily now. Yotsutsuji stands up when he gets an email and tells Jakurai he&#;s heading to Tachikawa. Apparently one of the leaders of a crew they defeated is causing trouble. Jakurai offers to join him, but Yotsutsuji insists on handling it himself––he knows the guy and he has backup. Jakurai is satisfied by his answer and lets him go.

Ramuda compliments Yotsutsuji&#;s competence. Jakurai agrees but seems a little down. When Ramuda presses him on the matter, he answers that Yotsutsuji IS very good at what he does, but he also thinks that he focuses too much on his job that he loses sight the forest for the trees and worries that this will ultimately bring him to harm. Ramuda laughs and says Jakurai&#;s just worried about him because he&#;s Yotsutsuji&#;s guardian. Jakurai laughs bashfully at the suggestion, he&#;s not sure how good a job he&#;s been doing at fulfilling that role.

And then the topic shifts to Jakurai&#;s curiosity about the Hypnosis Mic and Ramuda&#;s unique abilities. Ramuda laughs it off and says that he thinks Jakurai will develop a unique skill of his own eventually. Ramuda hops out of his chair and joins Jakurai on the couch, hugging his arm, as he says that there&#;s so much they still don&#;t know about how the mic works. Something about this gives Jakurai pause. He gently pulls Ramuda&#;s arms off him and tells him that after observing him lately, he&#;s convinced of something. Convinced of what? Ramuda asks. That Ramuda is hiding something, of course. Ramuda tries to play dumb, but Jakurai keeps pushing––he doesn&#;t think Ramuda is wrong to keep secrets, and says that at the very least he knows his cheerful demeanor is an act. Jakurai assures him that he&#;s not trying to be hurtful by mentioning this, just that it pains him to see Ramuda trying so hard to keep up this phony act.

At this point Ramuda interrupts him. Shouting at him to shut up––what does he know about him?! But Ramuda pauses and gets a hold of himself quickly. He laughs it off and apologizes, hitting himself in the head and calling himself stupid. Jakurai smirks and then apologizes himself, he overstepped by bringing that up. But he adds that he&#;s happy that Ramuda let him see what he assumes is his real self, even if it was just for a moment. Ramuda keeps up the peppy act and cheerfully insists that Jakurai forget what he just saw before changing the topic to finding more people to join them.

Jakurai is a bit perplexed at the sudden suggestion, but then mentions that there are plenty of options among the west Tokyo crews. But Ramuda isn&#;t talking about picking up affiliate crews, he wants people to join them in Void Posse. Jakurai&#;s main concern with that is that everyone they&#;ve fought so far doesn&#;t seem to be on the same level. At this point, Ramuda whips out his phone to show Jakurai a photo of Samatoki and Ichiro. Jakurai recognizes them, but he also knows that they already have their own crew. But Ramuda isn&#;t one to let little details like that get in the way––what are rap battles for anyway? He asks Jakurai. To take the things you want, of course.

Later at the Jinguji residence, Yotsutsuji is heading out. Jakurai asks him where to and Yotsutsuji says he&#;s going to Gotanda today. Jakurai asks if there&#;s been trouble again, but Yotsutsuji replies that a crew from Gotanda is going to battle Mad Comic Dialogue today, and he&#;s going to do some recon. Jakurai sees him off, telling him to take care.

Meanwhile, in Gotanda the members of MCD (now Samatoki, Sasara, Ichiro and Kuko) are walking around with Nemu in tow. And speaking of Nemu, Sasara whispers into Samatoki&#;s ear asking what she&#;s doing with them. Samatoki tells him that she won&#;t listen to him and insists on &#;keeping an eye on him&#;. Sasara is impressed by her concern for her big brother, but Samatoki says she&#;s not concerned for him, but concerned that he&#;ll take things too far. Sasara can see why she&#;s concerned and Samatoki tells him to shut up.

Elsewhere in the party, Nemu introduces herself to Ichiro and thanks him for helping her during the hostage incident. Ichiro turns down the compliment, saying he was just saving his little brothers. But Nemu continues that he did help her by stopping Samatoki. This jogs Ichiro&#;s memory and he recalls that she doesn&#;t like pointless violence. Nemu asks if his brothers are doing well. Ichiro says they&#;re doing really well, but they&#;re fighting a lot now, and he&#;s not sure what to do about it. Nemu laughs that she fights with her brother a lot too. Ichiro is impressed that she can hold her own against Samatoki and even his little brothers said she had real guts. Nemu&#;s expression clouds and she says she&#;s weak and is always the one being protected. Ichiro isn&#;t really sure what to make of that.

Sasara points out how well Ichiro and Nemu seem to be getting along to Samatoki. Samatoki figures they&#;re the same age so it only makes sense that they&#;d have a lot in common. But Sasara&#;s insinuating something else––doesn&#;t Nemu look like she&#;s having a lot of fun talking to him and Ichiro seems into it too~ Samatoki, however, is not having it. Sasara jokes that Samatoki better get his overprotectiveness under control or Nemu&#;s going to hate him. Samatoki is irritated with him and tells him to stop telling him stupid shit right before they&#;re about to go into a battle. Sasara relents and mentions that it&#;s been a while since he&#;s been in Gotanda.

Kuko comments on all the signage for adult businesses which prompts Sasara to drop an egregious pun––it&#;s bursting with boobs! Kuko (unsurprisingly) doesn&#;t find the joke funny and this frustrates Sasara. How could he not understand that extremely good joke?! Kuko quotes a Buddhist saying and says that maybe Sasara&#;s the crazy one if he&#;s the only person who thinks it&#;s funny. Sasara drops another pun, this time on Kuko&#;s name, in response and Kuko just destroys him by calling it terrible and unfunny again. Samatoki&#;s had enough of Sasara&#;s nonsense and tells him to shut up while literally kicking him in the ass. Samatoki yells at him to stop fooling around, they&#;re about to go up against the crew that basically runs Gotanda. They can&#;t get cocky just because they&#;ve had a string of wins lately.

Sasara complains that he shouldn&#;t kick him just because he&#;s mad about the Nemu situation right now. Samatoki is further enraged, telling him to shut up because that has nothing to do with it! Samatoki&#;s just trying to tell him he should be a little more serious about the situation. Sasara takes on a more earnest tone and leads into an apology… which just turns into yet another horrific pun. Samatoki starts chasing him, saying he&#;s going to kill him and Sasara skips away from him telling him he has to catch him first.

Ichiro, Kuko, and Nemu look on, a little bemused and slightly frustrated. Ichiro gets serious though and says that Samatoki&#;s right, the crew they&#;re up against is serious business and they can&#;t drop their guard. Both Nemu and Kuko are a little surprised and ask Ichiro if they&#;re really that strong. Ichiro says he happened to go up against the group&#;s leader once before. Kuko asks who won and Ichiro says it was a tie. Kuko starts laughing and gets excited––this is going to be interesting! They&#;ll have to settle the score once and for all. Ichiro is amped up and announces that he&#;s going to beat them.

A sudden shout interrupts the group though. We see a group of men lying on the ground at Ramuda&#;s feet and the members of MCD are taken aback when they see that their would-be opponents have been wiped out already. Ramuda snaps into his usual cheery mode and greets them. Samatoki asks if he did this all by himself. Ramuda says he did and that he came because he heard they were going to fight them. Sasara asks him why and Ramuda says they attacked him so he had to, but he was like super surprised that they went down in one verse. This comment shocks the group. Ramuda cheerfully announces that he cleaned up the trash that would&#;ve interfered with their battle and then comments on how their opponents appear to be super late. But then Kuko tells him that the people Ramuda took out WERE their opponents. Ramuda acts shocked and apologizes before switching to taunt them––clearly those people weren&#;t even in the same league, or were they really that concerned that they might not have been able to beat them?

Samatoki takes the bait and immediately pulls out his mic. Ramuda tries to tell him to calm down, and that he&#;s only there to tell them something––his crew, Void Posse, wants to challenge Mad Comic Dialogue to a battle! They know what a battle is, right? His crew has most of west Tokyo under their control and they have most of the eastern half of the city, so the winner would effectively control everything. Sasara interrupts to comment on how Void Posse is only a two person crew––surely they don&#;t intend to make it a 2-on-4 battle. Ramuda, however, doesn&#;t see the issue. It&#;s up to them if they want to take the challenge since his crew is up for anything. Samatoki is enraged––who does Ramuda think they are?! Of course they&#;ll fight them. Ramuda takes that as an acceptance of the invitation and sets the date two days from now. Samatoki isn&#;t having it though and wants to throw down with Ramuda right this second. But Nemu runs to him and insists he stop––she hates unjustified violence! Why can&#;t he just learn a little something from Ichiro?!

This stops Samatoki cold. Ramuda seems intrigued by Samatoki&#;s sister and walks off. Yotsutsuji was hiding in an alley to take notes, but Ramuda defeated the opposing team so he didn&#;t get a chance to see MCD in action. He&#;s also concerned––why did Ramuda do that? He decides to go after him. Ramuda coldly looks back when Yotsutsuji calls out to him and asks who the hell he is. Yotsutsuji is confused and reminds him, but Ramuda just wanders off. Yotsutsuji tells himself Ramuda must just be in a bad mood or something. Yotsutsuji turns around and sees what appears to be another Ramuda and starts to question what he&#;s seeing. Ramuda definitely walked off in the opposite direction. Could it just be another person who looks like him? But he looks identical. What on earth is going on…?


We open on Samatoki walking with Nemu to meet the rest of Mad Comic Dialogue. She snatches a cigarette out of his hand, scolding him for smoking and walking. Samatoki protests, saying that there&#;s no one around anyway, so he&#;s not bothering anyone, but Nemu retorts that it&#;s bothering her. Samatoki reluctantly gives in.

Kuko and Sasara see the exchange and immediately start teasing Samatoki about how close they are. Samatoki responds with his usual death threats. Ichiro and Nemu watch the other three bicker from the sidelines. Nemu apologizes to Ichiro on her brother&#;s behalf for always being so much trouble, but Ichiro insists that she doesn&#;t need to apologize––he actually likes this side of Samatoki. The way he tries to act like he does whatever he wants even though he&#;s still being considerate of those around him. How much he cares for his little sister. How manly he is. And most of all, how he never betrays his friends.

Nemu is impressed by how much Ichiro respects her brother. She struggles internally with the notion that Ichiro is out here fighting alongside her brother while taking care of two little brothers of his own, but she&#;s just letting her brother protect her. She tells Ichiro how much she admires him for his strength, despite being the same age as she is. Ichiro tells her that he&#;s not sure if he&#;s really all that strong, but he lives every day trying to be strong. Nemu seems taken with the idea.

Samatoki interrupts them, telling Nemu that they&#;re going home because he&#;s hungry. Before they leave, Nemu stops to invite Ichiro and his brothers to join them for dinner sometime, as a thank you for what he did during the hostage situation. Ichiro is hesitant, surely cooking that much food would be a lot of trouble, but Nemu insists––meals are more fun with more people. She asks him if his brothers have any favorite foods, Jiro has apparently been into paella lately and Saburo is fond of pescatora. Lastly she presses Ichiro for his favorite, it wouldn&#;t be fair if hie brothers get their favorites, but not him, right? Ichiro bashfully tells her that for some reason, he&#;s always been fond of miso-stewed mackerel. On that note, Nemu and Samatoki head off.

Kuko and Sasara are left to their own devices and start discussing their upcoming battle with Void Posse. Kuko is more excited for it than anything since he thinks fighting a big, powerful enemy is more fun. Sasara on the other hand is concerned about Ramuda––he can&#;t shake the feeling that there&#;s something off about him. Kuko is decidedly unconcerned and tells Sasara that none of that matters if they blow him away. Sasara agrees that he&#;s probably over thinking things, but suddenly they&#;re interrupted…

…by none other than the topic of their conversation: Ramuda, with spooky black, dead eyes. He announces that it&#;s too bad for them, but they&#;re going to have to sit this one out, since they&#;re not going to be able to blow him away. Kuko and Sasara are game to fight him now. Ramuda declares that they&#;re in his way so he&#;s going to get rid of them. Kuko tells him that he&#;s underestimated them, but Ramuda responds that it&#;s quite the opposite, that&#;s why he&#;s taken extreme precautions against them and pulls out the &#;true&#; Hypnosis Mic. Sasara notices something&#;s different about it, but decides not to think on it too deeply. Before Kuko and Sasara can do anything, Ramuda activates the mic and tells them goodbye.

We cut to Samatoki&#;s office the following day. Samatoki and Ichiro are sitting around, waiting for Kuko and Sasara––they&#;re late and neither has contacted them. Samatoki finishes the cigarette he was working on and heads out to buy another pack. Ichiro tells him he&#;ll handle Kuko, so Samatoki should find out what happened with Sasara, but before Samatoki gets out the door, both their phones ring––it&#;s Sasara and Kuko respectively. Ichiro and Samatoki lay into them about being late, but both of them insist on an in-person meeting. Samatoki seems angry and Ichiro is concerned, he thinks Kuko&#;s acting strangely. The two of them leave to meet their respective party.

In east gate park, Samatoki confronts Sasara. He scolds him for being late and for dragging him out to meet him and says that he was planning to punch him, but he lost interest once he saw his face. Samatoki continues, asking Sasara if something&#;s wrong. Sasara responds cooly that it&#;s over between them. He&#;s quitting MCD. Samatoki is confused and asks Sasara if this is a joke as Sasara pulls out his mic. We finally see Sasara&#;s eyes and they&#;re blank and empty.

On the other side of Ikebukuro, in west gate park, Ichiro meets Kuko. Kuko tells him he&#;s late and this sets Ichiro off. He grabs Kuko by his jacket and demands to know where he gets off acting like this. Kuko slaps his hand away and shouts back that Ichiro&#;s face makes him want to puke. Ichiro is a little stunned by this.

We cut back to Samatoki and Sasara. Sasara responds, saying that he likes making people laugh, but he&#;d never joke about something like this. Samatoki says they can agree on something then, because that &#;joke&#; makes his skin crawl. He asks Sasara if he&#;s seriously quitting, and presses him for his reasons. Sasara begins to lay into him, explaining that he&#;s always hated him, enumerating the ways: the way he talks, the way he acts, his stupid face, his personality––everything! Samatoki seems genuinely hurt by this. He tells him that he thought Sasara and him were real friends. Sasara clutches his head, seemingly in pain. The image of him fist-bumping Samatoki flashes through his mind before Ramuda&#;s face interrupts and he declares that he has nothing else to say to Samatoki, and he&#;s going to use his mic to relieve all the resentment he&#;s been building up for him. Samatoki reluctantly grabs his mic.

Meanwhile, back with Ichiro and Kuko, they&#;re both grabbing each other by the jacket, yelling at each other. Ichiro asks Kuko if he&#;s lost his mind and Kuko lays into him much like Sasara did to Samatoki, telling Ichiro how much he&#;s always hated him. Ichiro tries to get him to snap out of it, but Kuko punches him in the face. This provokes Ichiro enough to finally hit back.

Back to Samatoki and Sasara. Sasara takes the first verse, hitting Samatoki hard. Samatoki hesitates to hit back, and Sasara hurls another verse at him, knocking him to the ground. Samatoki laughs, saying that of course his rap hits hard, considering it was good enough for Samatoki to recognize his skills. Sasara asks him if he&#;s belittling him, and Samatoki says he isn&#;t, but they have no reason to fight. Sasara clutches at his head again, seemingly trying to fight whatever effect is controlling him, but fails, and hits Samatoki one more time before leaving Samatoki incapacitated on the ground.

Back with Ichiro and Kuko. Ichiro&#;s knocked Kuko over and got him cornered, so he demands that Kuko explain himself, but Kuko insists they have nothing to talk about. Ichiro flies into a rage and says he&#;ll punch him until he feels like talking then. Kuko punches him in the stomach before Ichiro&#;s fist can connect, and Ichiro wraps his arms around Kuko, asking him, again, what happened, aren&#;t they best friends? He demands once again that if Kuko has a problem with him he should say it. Kuko shouts back that if he wants to know that badly, he&#;ll tell him, but then he clutches his head and struggles to complete the thought––what was his problem with Ichiro? What made him angry enough to want to beat the shit out of him? But the effect of whatever is controlling him takes over again. Ichiro is concerned, but Kuko shakes him off and shouts that it doesn&#;t matter what his problem is, he just doesn&#;t want to have to look at Ichiro&#;s stupid face anymore. Ichiro hesitates, he could counter attack and land a hit on him, but––he flashes back to Kuko happily wrapping an arm around his neck––he can&#;t do it, and Kuko&#;s fist lands on his cheek. Kuko insults him for being too soft and leaves, saying he never wants to see him again.

Back in Samatoki&#;s office, Samatoki is smoking again, tears in his eyes as he thinks back to how Sasara used to act. He kicks his coffee table and reminds himself that he hasn&#;t cried since his mom stabbed his shitbag father, and this is no reason for a man to cry. At which point Ichiro arrives, startling him. Ichiro delivers the news that Kuko has quit MCD, much to Samatoki&#;s shock––him too? He explains that something similar happened with Sasara. Ichiro takes a seat, looking really depressed. That was the first time he and Kuko had ever fought about anything even though they&#;d been through so many rap battles together and made it through all sorts of hard times together. Ichiro starts crying, he thought they were real friends. Best friends.

Samatoki sits down next to Ichiro and wraps an arm around him. He tells him that getting a in a fight with a friend isn&#;t a good enough reason for a man to cry. Ichiro protests, but Samatoki insists that there are no &#;buts&#; here, the only time a man should cry is when a family member dies––and they [Sasara and Kuko] aren&#;t dead, right? Which means there&#;s still a chance that they could talk it out. Ichiro wipes away his tears and thanks Samatoki. Samatoki says he doesn&#;t need Ichiro&#;s thanks, and that he&#;s more concerned with their battle tomorrow––he doesn&#;t want to hear that they lost because Kuko and Sasara are gone. He offers Ichiro his fist, and declares that they&#;re going to win. Ichiro agrees and fist bumps him.

The chapter ends on the two of them wondering why Sasara and Kuko quit at the same time…

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T D D Legend Lyrics

Hypnosismic -Before The Battle- The Dirty Dawg 1 [w/ CD, Limited Edition] (Kodansha Characters A)

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ヒプノシスマイク -Before The Battle- The Dirty Dawg[代行] 1 【限定版】 CD付き (講談社キャラクターズA) / 鴉月ルイ/画 EVILLINE

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Dawg hypnosis mic dirty

Hypnosis Mic Division Rap Battle The Dirty Dawg Samatoki Aohitsugi MC.Hc Hardcore Cosplay Costume

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D.R.B Rhyme Anima -EX- The Dirty Dawg VS Secret Aliens Lyrics

(Ichiro Yamada)
Yo… C'mon!

The Dirty Dawg is in da house, yo!

(Ichiro Yamada)
Give it up 4 MC Brothers!

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
The greatest champion of all time

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
Are you ready? Don’t freak out!

(Ichiro Yamada)
Let’s begin tonight with a funky lesson one
Words relentlessly shooting outta this MIC
Roar out loud! Instantly! Hey, show me!
Whatever you got, set it free!
Boy, you’re not backing down just like that
If you’re gonna take the stage show me where your resolve is at
Hey, the Dirty Dawg’s not gonna let you say “who are they?”
Let’s go! Hardcore, you ready?

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Absolutely! Listen carefully!
Who do you think you’re talking to disrespectfully?
My fists are done warming up, baby
Feels great to go against someone who ain’t chickenshit
If you stand in my way it’ll be just you vs me
Think I’m talking shit? No, I ain’t jokin’!
Better fork over what you got
’cause soon you’ll be choking on some caulking
The Dirty Dawg’s come back from the underground
We’re gonna take the top
Everybody jump around!

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
T.D.D aka Legends!

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Put your hands up! Shout it out louder!

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
The best and greatest champions

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
Are you ready? Don’t freak out!

Yeah Yeah…

(Ramuda Amemura)
C’mon, get wild, people!

(Ichiro Yamada)
The best and greatest champion, let’s go

(Jakurai Jinguji)
For every victor, there is a loser
Yet why do we still have those
That would try and be our challengers?
A merciful physician, on a mission
Filled with zealous volition
Yes, I’m a rare addition to The Dirty Dawg
Won’t let you say you’re not feeling the hype
Everyone has their own type
Howling without a purpose is a major gripe
No matter what happens I just go my way

(Ramuda Amemura)
C’mon, isn’t the excitement seriously lacking?
Hand me the mic if you’re gonna be slacking?
Think about serious stuff another time
So let’s have fun
Let it go, party people, time to shine
easy R! easy R! Call my name, honey
That pink statement piece
I love it! Love it! Totes adorbs! (tee-hee)
Hope my lyrics of love are getting absorbed

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
T.D.D aka Legends!

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
Put your hands up! Shout it out louder!

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
The best and greatest champions

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Are you ready? Don’t freak out!

(Ramuda Amemura
Yeah, yeah! C'mon!

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
C’mon, get wild, people!

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
The best and greatest champions

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Are you ready? Don’t freak out!

(Ichiro Yamada)
Uh-huh, that's right… That’s right…
Word up, yo!
Who’s turn is it?

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Is it your turn?

(Ramuda Amemura)
No, that’s not right

(Jakurai Jinguji)
It’s all our turns

(Ichiro Yamada)
It’s all y’all’s turns
C’mon 1,2,3… Here we go

Everybody say T.D.D! (T.D.D!)

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Yo! Put your hands up in the air (in the air)

Everybody say T.D.D! (T.D.D!)

(Ichiro Yamada)
Yo! Feel this hip hop with us (Once again)

Everybody say T.D.D! (T.D.D!)

(Ramuda Amemura)
Keep up with us (with us)

Everybody say T.D.D! (T.D.D!)

(Jakurai Jinguji)
In our hearts is the love of everybody

(Ladies and gentlemen
Here comes our superheroes of this new era)

(Ramuda Amemura)
It’s about time we get serious, will you be okay?

(Jakurai Jinguji)
Please excuse the commotion

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
You better show us your best, or you’ll regret it

(Ichiro Yamada)
The Dirty Dawg is gonna show you how it’s done

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
T.D.D aka Legends!

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
Put your hands up! Shout it out louder!

The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of
The Dirty Dawg ain’t nothing afraid of

(Ramuda Amemura & Jakurai Jinguji)
The best and greatest champions

(Ichiro Yamada & Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Are you ready? Don’t freak out!

Survival of the fittest, the new era’s here!
No looking back, that much is clear!

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
So Hypnosis Mic

(Ramuda Amemura)
An ultimate vibe

(Ichiro Yamada)
Let it sound off into the red zone!

Veteran 4MC!
Get in our way, we show no mercy

(Jakurai Jinguji)
Yes, are you ready? Can you keep up?

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Hardcore in our minds, we’ll take the top

Survival of the fittest, the new era’s here!
No looking back, that much is clear!

(Ichiro Yamada)
So Hypnosis Mic

(Samatoki Aohitsugi)
Your own vibe

(Ramuda Amemura)
Try and get on our level

Veteran 4MC! Get in our way, we show no mercy

(Jakurai Jinguji)
Yes, are you ready? Can you keep up?

(Ichiro Yamada)
Let’s go, everybody, shout it out!

(It's the meaning of this new society)

(Ichiro Yamada)
Oh, yeah!

Sours: https://hypnosis-mic.fandom.com/wiki/T.D.D_LEGEND

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