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Today we will focus on making car keys for a 2017 Ford F series truck which uses a high-security flip key. I was contacted by the customer who stated they need help with multiple car keys and the Ford dealer said they could not add more than 8 keys to the truck. Since this is a fleet vehicle with multiple drivers and who often lose keys this posed a problem. I was able to find a way to cut and program as many keys and remotes as this company required for this truck. Do you have a fleet and need additional keys? Maxed out at 8 transponders and need more? Dealer says sorry 8 is the limit. We can help. At CLT Locksmith we use the latest high-security Laser Key technology that allows us to keep your keys cut precisely to original factory specifications allowing for a greater life span from your door locks and Ignition. If a key is brought in for duplication we will always do our best to get the newly cut car key back in OEM specs. We offer a variety of different key types, on this Ford F150 we programmed multiple remote head flip keys (RHK) and standard plastic head high-security car keys. We can cut and program keys without the remote portion if you need to keep your fleets bottom line in balance. Transponder keys must be programmed to your car’s computer and communicate with your vehicle in order to allow the vehicle to crank. Most all cars will come from the factory with 2 keys programmed to the car. If you decided to opt out of additional keys at the time of vehicles purchase I would recommend having at least 3 car keys for all vehicles you own. One for each driver and one to put in a safe place such as a safe for further access. CLT Locksmith cuts and programs the vast majority of car keys and remotes on the road. We stock most manufacturers OEM remotes and can overnight any speciality items your fleet would require.

Ford F150 flip keys

Are you in need of a Ford transponder key?

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How to Replace the Battery in a 2017 Ford F-150 Key Fob

How to Replace the Battery in a 2017 Ford F-150 Key Fob

If your car keyless entry remote isn't open doors properly, the cell battery probably needs to be replaced. It's not complicated to change the battery in your keyless entry remote with our ultimate instruction. Everything you need is explained in this article.

What kind of battery remote key fob use

Before you start to open key fob check all that you need: CR2025 batteries and flat head screwdriver.
  • flat head screwdriver
  • 2xCR2025 batteries

Simple steps to replace the battery in your F-150's keyless entry remote

Inside of your keyless entry remote installed small button battery. Move the key out of the way if it is in the key fob.

Delicately try to pry apart your keyless entry remote with flat head screwdriver. Change two CR2025 batteries with flat head screwdriver.

Get new batteries and install it in fob’s body. Battery must be installed with the same position as was a previous. Your key fob will not work if you by mistake place battery wrong way.

After the new batteries installed, verify key fob functionality by pressing buttons. If all functions works, assemble your fob’s shell in reverse order.

The last thing to do is put your cover back on fob. Delicately try to put the two halves in place by hands from top to bottom. If your fob shell tightly closed, we done. If not, repeat the last step.

How to replace the battery video guide

how to replace 2017 Ford F-150 key remote battery

Still not working? Buy new one

Frequently Asked Questions

Keyless entry remote of Ford F-150 use 2xCR2025 batteries. Most CR2025 batteries are under $5 build upon the size packaging, brand and type you buy. You can take old battery to the store, with you to find a proper replacement.

Key fob in most of cases reprogramming not required after battery change. If your key fob not working, recheck new battery voltage. Otherwise, read user's manual or contact local dealer.

Changing your keyless entry remote battery is simple to do in 2017 Ford F-150. Most of car manufacturers think of the customers and make a special hole for remote key fob disassembly.

The cost to change the battery inside keyless entry remote is $50-600 depending on the brand and the service pricing.

You should change batteries inside remote key fob of Ford F-150 at least once in three or four years. lifespan of battery differ on frequency of use, quality and operating conditions.

If your F-150 need multiple clicks to unlock or lock doors, key fob buttons not working, has low key battery indicator on dashboard or signal strength reduced, in most cases battery change in keyless entry remote needed. Current battery is dead or weak with a high probability, but if it's not fix, fob replace or repair required.

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Replacement for combined key/fob 2017

DefaultReplacement for combined key/fob 2017

After using the search function here, I'm sure I'm not the only hamfisted guy here that just knows he is going to break the combined key/fob given to us by Ford for the XLT and lower trims. I look at that thing and where it fits in the steering column, and I can just envision the chaos that will occur when my knee inevitably rams into it.

I started experimenting and separated the key from the fob, keeping them in close proximity so that hopefully the truck would still read the transponder......no dice.

Searches here led me to keys that were just that, keys.... smaller, no buttons, lower signature and relatively me proof.

I ordered two from whoever had the lowest combined cost/shipping. Two came to around $38 bucks shipped

The Ford part number is 184-R8128
the general number is Strattec 5923293

They arrived today, and off I went to ACE hardware.

Now I went to ACE before ordering online, as I am not opposed to handing a few extra bucks to a local business, but they dont stock the key and "cant program it"

When I arrived today they said "We dont normally cut other peoples keys" I explained that I tried to buy from them originally, but that while they had the correct cutter for "sidewinder" keys, they did not stock the key I needed. They agreed and cut my two plain keys to match my fob/key. The cut took about 10 minutes for the two keys because they were being so careful.

Charged me $1.00 a key for the cut.

I took them back to my truck and followed the programming instructions.

Fob/key one in the ignition , turn to "on" for 5 seconds and remove

fob/key two in the ignition , turn to "on" for about 5 seconds (you should get a key code identifier on the screen about this time) and remove.

key to be programmed in the ignition, turn to on and wait, about 4 seconds later the locks cycle (I also got the key code identifier on the screen)

Check the start and success!

Repeat with my second plain key and success again.

So for about 40 bucks I have two programmed "dumb" keys that I am unlikely to break or otherwise screw up.

I know folks have posted similar for 2015-2016, just letting yall know that it also works for 2017

2017 Screw 4x4 XLT 5.0

Sours: https://www.f150forum.com/

2017 Ford F-150 Key Fobs

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2017 Ford F-150

Do you need a 2017 Ford F-150 remote? We sell factory OEM key fob replacements for up to 80% off retail prices. While you're at it, order a replacement transponder key for your 2017 Ford F-150. All keys and remotes come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and free programming instructions.
What key fob do I need?
If your search returns multiple key fobs, match your current remote button configuration with the search results. Guess what, even if you pick the wrong remote in the search results, any of those key fobs will most likely be compatible with your vehicle. You can always call our awesome key fob experts at 402-671-5100, they are ready to help you. And if for some crazy reason it is not compatible, we have a money back guarantee.

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F150 key 2017

How to Program the Ford Key Fob

Woman sitting in her new car

Are you looking to set up your new Ford key fob? Maybe you just got a replacement car key and need to know how to set it up. Luckily, Beach Ford has you covered! Many new Ford vehicles come with a remote key fob for easier vehicle access, and Ford key fob programming is straightforward if your model has keyless entry. Conway and Murrells Inlet drivers can learn how to do it themselves by following our Ford key programming guide!

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Step-by-Step Ford Key Fob Programming Instructions

  1. Close the car doors, then open the driver-side door. Press the UNLOCK button on the driver-side door.
  2. Next, turn the ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times. Do this within 10 seconds, making sure the 8th time ends on RUN. When you’ve entered programming mode, the door locks will lock and unlock. (Note: If the doors don’t cycle, turn the key faster. Your car may not have keyless entry if you still can’t get the doors locks to cycle.)
  3. Press any button on the Ford remote to be programmed. Do this within 8 seconds. The door locks will cycle again to confirm the keyless entry remote is programmed and ready to use.
  4. Have a second remote key fob? Again, press any button on the remote within 8 seconds to cycle the door locks. Repeat this step for any additional key fobs.
  5. Finally, turn the ignition to OFF. The locks will again cycle to confirm programming is complete.

How to Turn Off Ford MyKey

Whether you’re selling your vehicle or exchanging your Ford key with a new teen driver, there are many reasons you might want to disable your programmed Ford key. In order to do so, the vehicle needs to be started up with your main admin key or admin key fob. After doing so, you’ll just need to follow the step-by-step instructions below to clear your programmed keys’ settings and return each key to their original “admin key” status:

  1. Start your vehicle and allow your computer and screen to turn on.
  2. Using your steering wheel-mounted controls, press the left arrow button to access the main menu.
  3. From the main menu, press “Settings” after selecting “OK.”
  4. Once you’re at the “Settings” screen, scroll until you find the “MyKey” option, then press “OK.”
  5. Under “MyKey,” find the option that says “Clear MyKey.”
  6. After selecting “Clear MyKey,” press and hold “OK” until you get the “All MyKeys Cleared” message on the screen.

Learn More About Ford Remotes at Beach Ford in Myrtle Beach!

Contact us at Beach Ford for more information on programming your key fob, disabling Ford MyKey or for help with any other questions you may have. Our service department is here to help you with any service-related issues you may experience with your Ford F-150 or other new Ford model.


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