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Custom Plastic Totes for Tool Storage


The Boeing Company
Portland, Oregon
Auburn, Washington

Description of Customers Challenge:
Boeing is a leading aerospace company and manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft, as well as a designer and manufacturer of rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. Their vast inventory of cutter tools used to manufacture their products, were stored in wooden trays, many purchased in the late ’s, some of which have had to be disposed of because of breakage or cracks found due to their age. They had two incidents in the past 6 months where the cutter trays had either snapped in two while being handled or had cracks through the tray. Boeing had also recently changed their storage requirements for the match ground sets and needed new trays that met these requirements.

Solutions Explored:
There were many various sizes of these trays so they could only be stacked on the same size tray when being placed in the shipping container to go to Auburn for coating. This made it difficult to utilize the whole container. Handling of these trays was difficult as there were only notches in the side of the trays that allowed for only your finger tips to be used when picking up the trays, making them not very ergonomically friendly. Boeing contacted DACO to research new tote alternatives that met their requirements.

Resolution & Benefits from Solution:
After researching what size and style tote would work best for Boeing, it was decided to go with one size tote and that the NSO stackable plastic bin would be able to accommodate 95% of all the different match ground cutter sets. By going with one size bin, it would allow better utilization of space for cutters being sent to Auburn for coating. They are designed with ergonomic handles allowing for better gripping while lifting the cutters and stack and lock together securely for safe and stable storage or transport, meeting all of Boeings safety and ergonomic concerns. Because these plastic bins are a standard stock item for the manufacturer, the expense of costly dies was avoided. Boeing plans to start replacing all of the old unsafe trays with the NSO plastic bin.


The Boeing Company
Portland, Oregon
Auburn, Washington

Boeing is a leading aerospace company and manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft, as well as a designer and manufacturer of rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information and communication systems. Their matched ground cutter sets used to manufacture their products were stored in wooden boxes designed to hold the sets. The weight of the cutter sets was 66 lbs., nearly twice the allowable weight limit of 35 lbs. that Boeing requires for safe lifting. In addition, the wooden box did not have handles for aiding in the safe lifting of the box. This was exposing the Tool Grind, Crib Attendants, Operators and Auburn Tool Services to the hazard of having to lift these heavy sets.

It was decided by Boeing to no longer require the matched ground cutter sets be stored together in one box. Since their current wooden boxes did not support one piece flow, it was necessary to source and purchase totes to place the single cutters in that supported one piece flow. Boeing worked with DACO to find a plastic bin that could be inlayed with foam to help stabilize the cutters and had ergonomic handles for easier and safer handling.

It was decided that a footprint of 24” x 11” x 9” was the ideal size, but because an existing tote with those dimensions was not available, without incurring the cost of a new mold to manufacturer them, it was decided to take an existing plastic tote measuring 24” x 15” x 9” and cut and weld it to meet the necessary dimensions. The result was a 24” x 11” x 9” plastic bin with ergonomic handles and a foam insert that reduced the lifting weight from 66 lbs. to 34 lbs., bringing the single cutters into the safe lifting guidelines of Boeing.


Plastic corrugated products, such as bins, partitions, and receptacles are useful for transporting tools and products within a company, organizing parts or papers, and storing and shipping products. They are a perfect packaging solution for reusable applications because they have a long lifespan and offer a high ROI.

Custom plastic corrugated products can be tailored to your application in size, thickness, color, and more.

Benefits of Custom Plastic Corrugated Containers

There are many reasons you might choose a custom plastic corrugated product. Plastic corrugated products are:

  • Versatile &#; they can be used in many different ways and in many different conditions. Plastic corrugated containers can also be designed with partitions inside, so they can hold multiple products.
  • Durable &#; they are strong, and you can customize their thickness so they protect your products during shipping, storage, and production.
  • Reusable &#; you can get many uses from them instead of the two to three uses you can get out of their cardboard counterpart.
  • Waterproof &#; they can be used in harsh conditions without being damaged and&#;more importantly&#;without damaging their contents.
  • Lightweight &#; the plastic is thin and flexible, so it isn’t as heavy as rigid plastic containers.
  • Eco-friendly &#; plastic corrugated products are paperless, reusable, and % recyclable.
  • Storable &#; when not in use, plastic corrugated products can be folded and stored neatly without taking up much precious storage space. Then when you’re ready to use them again, you can quickly assemble them.

Factors of Custom Plastic Corrugated Boxes, Bins, and Totes

Consider these factors when choosing a plastic corrugated product and customizing it for your needs:

Plastic Corrugated Product Application: what will the product be used to do?

Some common uses for custom plastic corrugated products include:

  • Returnable and/or re-usable programs
  • Multi-use applications such as tool or product handling within your company
  • Plastic totes and organization solutions
  • Cleanroom applications
  • Paperless applications
  • Partitions

Product: what will the plastic corrugated product be storing, transporting, or organizing?

You must consider what you will be storing or organizing with the plastic corrugated product. This will determine the size, thickness, and features your product needs.

Plastic Corrugated Features: what will the product look like?

Need partitions to make compartments within the container? Need a lid? Need extra support or protection? Need a mold to keep your product from moving during transportation? There are many options for customizing your plastic corrugated product to exactly what you need.

Plastic Corrugated Value: what will the product cost?

Plastic corrugated boxes often cost more than their cardboard corrugated counterpart, but they have a longer lifespan and are more durable as well, making them more valuable for reusable applications.

Who Uses Custom Plastic Corrugated Packaging

Custom corrugated plastic receptacles are used in many material-handling and manufacturing industries. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing industries
  • Consumer goods industries
  • Warehousing industries
  • Office-related industries

The OrCon Value

We have a top-notch staff of masterful engineers and logistics specialists who will work with you to create the most cost-effective custom packaging solution for your application needs, timeline, and budget.

What’s more, we approach packaging and transporting goods comprehensively, and we will be able to help you if your needs call for more than one custom plastic corrugated design. We offer an array of reusable packaging solutions that can be used for inter-company handling, building-to-building transit and/or long-distance transit.

Need help with your custom plastic corrugated product order?

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Custom Container Solutions

custom plastic container

Containers in plastic and metal come in a variety of sizes, each with their own unique purpose. Containers for the automotive industry, for example, were originally designed to maximize space on a semi-trailer, when open and collapsed. Apart from the plastic 30 x 32 container, all other standard plastic containers have a 48” side which fits perfectly side-by-side in a semi. Then, there are automotive metal containers which are the same and designed to cube out a semi-trailer.

Alternative designs for custom container solutions

Unfortunately, standard container size doesn’t always work. Some businesses require a custom size. This is why Green Processing Company offers custom-designed plastic and metal containers. When a customer has unique specifications of a product that doesn’t necessarily suit our existing inventory, we simply construct a new mold for a custom container and set them up for mass production.

When does a custom container solution make sense?

There are some automotive parts and consumer goods that exceed the length or height of a standard container. A standard plastic container measures 78” long and 50” high usually, with the longest standard metal container being 96”. When there’s no alternative available and as a business, you don’t know how to break down a part or product to make it fit, with custom containers, you no longer need to do that. From top to bottom, let us build out an inventory accommodating your unique business needs.

How we build custom metal containers?

Custom Metal ContainerCustom metal container design and fabrication means there’s no limit on your container size. How we build metal containers is a process driven by the customer.

Assign up the container specification, including size, weight capacity, paint color, stenciling, and even collapsibility should you need this function. We can work with you to help determine these numbers. Metal containers can be built either wire mesh or plate. The design – including corner posts, stacking, and fork pocket openings – are all made to match OEM specifications. If you agree it to be necessary, we also offer painting in a state-of-the-art paint booth. Choose from any color, including color matching. Stenciling is custom, with no limits. Add company name and program details, as you deem it necessary.

How we build custom plastic containers?

Custom Plastic ContainerIt’s a misconception that plastic containers cannot be customizable because of the fact they use injection molding technology. When we are customizing a plastic container for a commercial client, we overcome this obstacle by allowing for extended length and extended height custom containers in a cut-and-weld solution.

Dubbed by Green Processing Company as ‘limousining containers’, we take two or three plastic containers and begin cutting them precisely according to specification. From there, we weld them together. Only durable plastic containers are chosen, ensuring the cuts are precise and in places that won’t compromise the integrity

A glimpse into our most recent custom container projects

A few examples of our custom containers include these 48 x 89 x 32 and 48 x 78 x 50 plastic containers. To assemble these, we used 48 x 62 x 34 and 45 x 48 x 50 containers respectively, working carefully with precision to deliver a final product perfectly tailored to the customer’s specification.

One of our latest metal custom container projects was this collapsible metal container, with an gage steel floor and gage steel walls. Fully collapsible, the containers achieved a return ratio. The containers when stacked and slightly nested were durable and safe to transport. These metal containers were painted orange and stenciled in white for visibility, in accordance with customer instruction.

Custom containers like these provided solutions to commercial clients’ everyday packaging needs. If you are interested in custom container solutions in plastic or metal, or wish to have access to a vast inventory of new and refurbished packaging, please reach out to a sales representative.

Looking to lease containers but you need custom containers made specifically for your company? Green Processing Company offers container leasing with a custom design. Call today.


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