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Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix Ultimate Synthesis Guide

It is tiiiimeeee ~ ! Here we go. The Complete, the Ultimate, the most awesome Synthesis Guide with pictures and descriptions and all sorts of other goodies!! Isn’t this exciting?! Is it pathetic that I’m excited?!? YES! :D

*** SPECIAL NOTE: I STRONGLY suggest collecting all possible materials BEFORE ENTERING HOLLOW BASTION. All of them. Don’t step foot in Hollow Bastion. This pretty much only includes the Shards and Gems, but trust me, it could save you a few hours! ***

So, first thing’s first. We need a list of every single item that you’re going to need for synthesis. Thankfully, I have already compiled one, so here we go! 

Materials Needed:

  • Lucid Shard - 35*
  • Lucid Gem - 13
  • Lucid Crystal - 9
  • Power Shard - 13
  • Power Gem - 11
  • Power Crystal - 7
  • Bright Shard - 13
  • Bright Gem - 8
  • Bright Crystal - 4
  • Spirit Shard - 13
  • Spirit Gem - 7
  • Shiny Crystal - 3
  • Blaze Shard - 12
  • Blaze Gem - 10
  • Frost Shard - 10
  • Frost Gem - 10
  • Thunder Shard - 12
  • Thunder Gem - 15
  • Mythril Shard - 12
  • Mythril - 13
  • Mystery Goo - 14*
  • Gale - 6*
  • Orichalcum - 19**

New Materials to Final Mix:

  • Stormy Stone - 4
  • Fury Stone - 5
  • Power Stone - 5
  • Lightning Stone - 5
  • Energy Stone - 6
  • Dazzling Stone - 6
  • Blazing Stone - 7
  • Frost Stone - 7
  • Mythril Stone - 8
  • Serenity Power - 7
  • Dark Matter - 14        

*The Lucid Shard, Mystery Goo, and Gale all had to be changed to account for the extra Dark Matter that you have to make. There are 11 Dark Matter found in the game via treasure chests, awards, and trinities, but the entire synthesis list counts for 14. In order to make 2 more Dark Matters (assuming you already made the one to complete the list), you would need 18 more Lucid Shards, 4 more Mystery Goos, and 2 more Gales.

**Orichalcum can be found throughout the game, but in case you can’t find them, you’re able to buy them for 5000 munny at the Weapons Shop (run by the triplets) in Traverse Town after you rescue Kairi from Hollow Bastion.

Want a printable checklist for the items? Here ya go!!

Now, here’s where to find these items.

Lucid Shards - Shadows; the most adorable little enemies ever. Small black bodies, glowing yellow eyes, cuddly little monsters. They can be found almost everywhere in the game, but if you really need to grind for a lot of them, the best place to go is Wonderland’s Bizarre Room. Thankfully, it’s just the normal room, the one that you pass through to follow the rabbit in the beginning of the world. Here, there’s a chance of coming across the Gigas/Giant Shadow (whichever name you prefer. These shadows look exactly the same as the little guys, just .. Giant ;D) and before they arrive, they spawn quite a few of these little guys to fight you first. Not to mention, it’s possible that the Giant Shadows themselves can drop the shards. For a loop of this area, I suggest walking in and if you don’t immediately see the small circle of Shadows on the floor around the table, leave the area and keep coming back in until they’re there. After you fight the Giant Shadows, if you’d like to do it again, leave the room and walk into the forest (thus moving across two areas) and then repeat the enter/re-enter pattern until they pop up again. Even with Encounter Plus on, you must move two areas away in order for the special shadows to reset. *** Honestly, these guys are everywhere, so if you have any other materials to get, leave these for last because you can probably pick them up on the way!

Lucid Gems White Knights and Gargoyles can drop these gems. They’re both in the beautifully creepy world of Halloweentown. The White Knight is the bandaged, mummy-like heartless that loves to leap high in the air and slash down at you with its slenderman-like arms and claws. The Gargoyle is the flying little demon who throws little energy balls at you and your teammates.

Lucid Crystal - Probably the easiest crystal to get. Darkballs drop these bad boys and although the drop rate for crystals is very low, Darkballs come up everywhere. These heartless are dark little balls with a wide, creepy grin and have a tendency to come at you with their teeth chattering, bounce around dangerously, or disappearing into a puff of purple smoke and reappear rather explosively. 

Power Shards - Powerwilds and Bouncywilds in Deep Jungle are full to the brim of Power Shards. These little monkeys are yellow and pink respectively. They’re relatively easy to fight, if not a little annoying, and can be found at all times in Deep Jungle. There’s not much of a special grinding spot for them, just run around kicking monkey butt. Just keep in mind that the horrible Bouncywilds can throw banana peels on the ground that, once slipped on, makes you lose a lot of money. Blah.

Power Gems - There’s a Neverland trip in store for the Power Gems. We have Pirates, Air Pirates, and Battleships that can drop these. The Pirates can be easily identified by the giant sword that they can barely carry. Air Pirates look a bit like the Gargoyles from Halloweentown but less .. torn up, I suppose. And Battleships are big ol’ ships being driven by a cute little guy. Mostly just watch out for the sword attacks by the Pirates and the bombs that can be dropped by the Battleships. One attack that can take out a good chunk of damage is the Battleships charge attack. Be careful with that!

Power Crystal - Wyverns are probably my favorite heartless, but I’m a huge dragon fan so that’s probably a huge bias. They’re blue in Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix and they’re rather large for a heartless. They fly around and slash at you with their claws or fly waaaay up high and come crashing down at you.

Bright Shards - The tiny little stubs of Green Requiem heartless drop these. They’re itty bitty flying green (go figure) turds that heal themselves and other heartless with minor Cure spells as they go along. In my first playthrough of Kingdom Hearts, I waited until after Hollow Bastion to get synthesis materials and these were some of the hardest. The Green Requiems get a little few and far between after the big bad heartless come in. Before Hollow Bastion, you can probably find most of what you need from Traverse Town and Wonderland. Similarly after Hollow Bastion, that’s where I went, but where there were 10 of them, now there’s maybe 2.

Bright Gems - Ughhhhhhh. Search Ghosts. They’re little ghosty ghoul-like heartless that float around, slash you, then disappear in their weird dimensional portal thing. They show up a lot in Monstro and Atlantica and are, obviously, a pain in the booty.

Bright Crystal - The Defender heartless is one that you might want to keep beating even after you get the crystals you need. They’re big burly guys that wield a large, verymuchalive shield that can shoot ice, fire, and bite you. Or they can simply smash you in the face with them. There’s a very small chance (and I mean like less than 1%) of them dropping the Defender Shield for Goofy. While it’s not the most powerful shield, it’s necessary for the Collect All Shields trophy. If you equip Lucky Strike onto all of your characters, the drop rate could go up to a whopping 3%ish!

Spirit Shards - Large Bodies and Soldiers drop Spirit Shards. The Large Bodies are just what you’d expect; heartless with big, round bodies. They’re found mostly in the beginning worlds and Monstro. Soldiers are little guys, bigger than shadows but perhaps not by much when fully standing, and they wear helmets. Both enemies are relatively easy, but the Large Bodies can only be hit from behind (which apparently includes the head, but not if you hit the belly first) and the Soldiers can shoot across the stage fairly quickly.

Spirit Gems - Air Soldier! I really dislike these guys. They think they’re so cute with their little goggles. They’re not. (They are). But they show up just about everywhere, especially in Traverse Town and Monstro.

Shiny Crystal - Similarly, the Wizard heartless has a weapon you can collect. These guys float around shooting the occasional spell, especially loving their Thunder spell which also leaves them invincible while using it, and they can also disappear similar to the Search Ghost heartless. Sometimes their teleportation fails and they stay where they were, leaving themselves open to your onslaught. But they do disappear often, so it can make the fight really annoying. The Wizards Relic Staff also isn’t the strongest Staff for Donald, but that trophy doe. 

Blaze Shards - Red Nocturnes! You’ve heard it all before. Little red guys flying around shooting fire at you, weak to Blizzard spells, but you can just whack them a few times with your giant key too. Look for them in the early worlds but even after Hollow Bastion they pop up a little bit of everywhere.

Blaze Gems - Bandits and Fat Bandits are found in Agrabah. The Fat Bandits resemble Large Bodies, and similarly can only be attacked from behind, but they wear an Arabian-esque outfit and spit fireballs/streams at you. They’re not as scary as they sound; you’ve had plenty of practice with the big guys before. Bandits are little turban-wearing heartless that like to spin and throw their swords all over the place.

Frost Shards - Surprise! More little annoying guys. The Blue Rhapsody is the heartless that drops the Frost Shards. As if you could handle more surprise, they shoot Blizzard spells at you. They’re little blue guys and, similarly to the Green Requiem and Red Nocturne, zoom around the stage. They don’t heal, of course, that’s only with the Greens. They’re weak to Fire spells but honestly, they’re weak in general. Most of the time you can beat them in one to four hits, depending on your weapon. They’re most popular in the early worlds as well.

Frost Gems - You’re going to Atlantica for these. The Sea Neons and Sheltering Zones drop these. Both are little jellyfish-like heartless, but Zones are bigger. If you don’t finish off the Zone with a magic spell, it’ll split into three Sea Neons. Sheltering Zones have a higher drop rate of Gems so definitely try to hit them with magic!

Thunder Shards - This is the last of the annoying little flying guys.. I promise /lie. The Yellow Operas drop Thunder Shards and they shoot Thunder spells at you. Would you look at that ;] For the most part, you can find quite a few of the little flying magicians everywhere, but I do strongly suggest collecting the shards related to them before Hollow Bastion. Fortunately, and unfortunately, they’re much more common before than after.

Thunder Gems - More Atlantica! Screwdivers and Aqua Tanks drop the Thunder Gems. Screwdivers are green heartless with what looks like a tiny submarine for a head and sometimes they carry the Aqua Tank into the battlefield with them, which is a big angler fish but puffed up like a balloon. Both enemies can charge at you but they’re not too big of a threat.

Mythril Shards - These can get a liiiiittle bit tricky. Most of these are found in treasure chests throughout the game. There are 31 of them available to you through finding them, which is thankfully way more than enough for simply completing the Synthesis List. Otherwise, you’re going to need to beat Barrel Spiders. A lot of Barrel Spiders.

The locations for Mythril Shards are as follows:

  • Rescue 42 Puppies (talk to Pongo and Perdita in Traverse Town)
  • Deliver the second Post Card (Traverse Town)
  • Chest at the Accessory Shop (Traverse Town)
  • Chest at the Item Workshop (Traverse Town)
  • Chest at the Second District (Traverse Town)
  • Examine the Book in the Bizarre Room (Wonderland)
  • Examine the Plant in the Bizarre Room (Wonderland)
  • Green Trinity Mark in the Bizarre Room (Wonderland)
  • Give an Elixir to a flower in Lotus Forest (Wonderland)
  • Complete the Phil Cup alone (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Blue Trinity at Coliseum Gates (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Chest in the Tent (Deep Jungle)
  • Green Trinity Mark at Treetop (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest in the Waterfall Cavern (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest at Cliff (Deep Jungle)
  • Red Trinity Mark in the Treasure Room (Agrabah)
  • Chest in Cave: Hall (Agrabah)
  • Blue Trinity Mark in the Throat (Monstro)
  • Green Trinity Mark in the Mouth (Monstro)
  • Cast Fire on a red clam in the Undersea Valley (Atlantica)
  • Cast Blizzard on a blue clam in the Undersea Gorge (Atlantica)
  • Cast Thunder on a yellow clam in Tritton’s Palace (Atlantica)
  • Chest in the Sunken Ship (Atlantica)
  • Chest in Below Deck (Atlantica)
  • Red Trinity Mark in Oogie’s Manor (Halloweentown)
  • Chest at the Clock Tower at 3:00 (Neverland)
  • Chest at the Clock Tower at 11:00 (Neverland)
  • Complete Rabbit’s House (100 Acre Wood)
  • Deliver the third Rare Nut to Owl (100 Acre Wood)
  • Chest in the Wood: Meadow (100 Acre Wood)
  • Chest in the Bouncing Spot (100 Acre Wood)

Mythril - These can be found either through treasure chests or synthesizing. They are NO LONGER A DROP ITEM BY BEHEMOTHS! There are 23 of them in the various worlds and the locations are as follows…

  • Deliver the fifth Post Card (Traverse Town)
  • Rescue 51 Puppies (talk to Pongo and Perdita in Traverse Town)
  • Chest at the Green Room (Traverse Town)
  • Chest at the Tea Party Garden (Wonderland)
  • Green Trinity Mark at the Coliseum Gates (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Complete the Pegasus Cup alone (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Chest at the Tree House (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest at the Jungle: Vines (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest at the Waterfall Cavern (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest in Main Street (Agrabah)
  • Chest in the Relic Chamber (Agrabah)
  • Chest in Chamber 5 (Monstro)
  • Chest in Chamber 6 (Monstro)
  • Attack a clam in the Undersea Valley (Atlantica)
  • Attack a clam in Below Deck (Atlantica)
  • Chest at Ursula’s Lair (Atlantica)
  • Chest at the Clock Tower at 6:00 (Neverland)
  • Chest in the Base Level (Hollow Bastion)
  • Chest in the Library (Hollow Bastion)
  • Examine a Red Crystal at the Lift Stop (Hollow Bastion)
  • Complete the Bouncing Spot Torn Page (100 Acre Wood)
  • Cast Fire at the campfire in front of Poohs House (100 Acre Wood)
  • Break open a log in the Bouncing Spot (100 Acre Wood)

Mystery Goo - White Mushrooms, baby. They’re cute little heartless in white robes and a little red mushroom top. If you hit them with three of the same spell, there’s a chance of picking these up.These guys pop up somewhat randomly. There’s no guarantee they’ll be in the room when you want them to be, but they’re always in the same area. Those areas are as follows…

  • Traverse Town: Red Room (Hotel)
  • Wonderland: Lotus Forest
  • Deep Jungle: Tree House and Camp
  • Agrabah: Treasure Room
  • Halloweentown: Graveyard
  • Atlantica: Undersea Cave and Sunken Ship
  • End of the World: Linked Worlds

For the White Mushroom guide on what spells to use, Click Here!

Gale - Angel Stars and Invisibles will drop some Gale. Angel Stars look like winged Christmas ornaments and Invisibles are .. not invisible lmao. They look like tall, impressively built shadows and they carry a large, elegant sword. Both enemies are rather formidable, especially since they usually appear in groups. Angel Stars can shoot slow moving tornados at you and occasionally guard themselves with their wings, leaving them invincible for a short amount of time. Invisibles can hit you with their swords or seemingly sacrifice themselves to the devil (temporarily) and stick their swords in the ground, putting an odd spell on you or your team mates. A circle of will-o-wisp looking things will attach itself to you for a few seconds before quickly closing in. You can avoid this by jumping in the air at the right time. A good grinding spot for both of these heartless (and Dark Balls) is the Final Rest area. You can run into the final room before the save point, attack attack attack, then heal at the save point and repeat. This is made much easier with Encounter Plus on!

Orichalcum - (Yes, I know that picture is of Orichalcum+ from KH2. Shhhh.) More treasure chests! You can find Orichalcum in various chests in the worlds, but after a certain scene in Hollow Bastion, you’ll go back to Traverse Town and you can then buy more Orichalcum for 5000 munny at the Item/Weapon Shop. Locations of all 19…

  • Rescue 72 Puppies (talk to Pongo and Perdita in Traverse Town)
  • Deliver the eighth Post Card (Traverse Town)
  • White Trinity Mark in the Secret Waterway (Traverse Town)
  • Chest in the Lotus Forest (Wonderland)
  • Complete the Hercules Cup alone (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Examine a pot at the Gates after winning the Hades Cup (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Win the first two Jungle Slider courses (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest in the Waterfall Cavern (Deep Jungle)
  • White Trinity mark in the Cavern of Hearts (Deep Jungle)
  • White Trinity mark in Triton’s Palace (Atlantica)
  • Chest in the Undersea Gorge (Atlantica)
  • Yellow Trinity mark in the Ship’s Hold (Neverland)
  • Chest at the Clock Tower at 1:00 (Neverland)
  • Chest at the Clock Tower at 9:00 (Neverland)
  • Chest at the Lift Stop (Hollow Bastion)
  • Chest at the Castle Gates (Hollow Bastion)
  • Chest at the Great Crest (Hollow Bastion)
  • Complete the Muddy Path Torn Page (100 Acre Wood)
  • Deliver the fifth Rare Nut to Owl (100 Acre Wood)

Dark Matter - Guhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There aren’t enough h’s that I can put without pissing people off to express how annoying finding Dark Matter can be. This new material to Final Mix can be found by doing various things and opening various chests and yadda yadda but there’s only 11 of them out there. You must synthesize three more and lemme tell ya, that adds up to quite a bit more lucid shards and that also means grinding for more Mystery Goo and Gales. Hate this material.. but I guess it’s worth it. Find them at…

  • Chest in the Tea Party Garden (Wonderland)
  • Win the Pegasus Cup time trial: only works the first time (Olympus Coliseum)
  • Complete the third Jungle Slider course (Deep Jungle)
  • Chest in Main Street (Agrabah)
  • White Trinity Mark in Chamber 6 (Monstro)
  • Chest in the Graveyard (Halloweentown)
  • Yellow Trinity Mark in Hold (Neverland)
  • Chest in the Waterway (Hollow Bastion)
  • Chest in the Great Hall (Hollow Bastion)
  • Chest in the Giant Crevasse (End of the World)
  • Chest in the Bouncing Spot (100 Acre Wood)

Stormy Stone - The Neo Shadow. It’s recognizable to anyone who played Kingdom Hearts 2 as a tall, lanky shadow. These are found in the End of the World at the Final Rest. 
Strategy: These fights don’t really take much strategy. Locking on and bashing to hell usually works pretty well. They won’t drop your Stone until you defeat the final one, which summons fakes and they all jump out of the ground to hurt you. Pretty straight forward though.

Fury Stone - The Giant/Gigas Shadows (whichever name you wanna use) drop these. They’re literally Giant Shadows! Go figure. You can find them in the Bizarre Room, the normal one right next to the save point at the Queens Castle. You’ll notice that once you walk into the room, a circle of regular Shadows will appear around the table. Defeat three waves of these and the Giant Shadows will appear. 
Strategy: Once the Giant Shadows touch you, whether by running into them or by them attacking you, they’ll disappear. The more you kill, the more of a chance you have of getting a Stone. A good strategy is to run around and around, letting them fall into a big bunch behind you, and lock on to one and cast your Stop spell. Then go nuts! If you’re very patient, you can just keep running and allow Donald and Goofy to take care of them, but since they’re not super duper smart, it could take awhile.. Feel free to repeat the running + Stop technique as many times as you want to. As far as I can tell, the Giant Shadows don’t disappear over time. If they do, it’s after a long time.

Power Stone - Sniper Wilds. Oh lawdie. They’re little pink/lilac monkeys, much like Powerwilds and Bouncywilds, except they carry around a slingshot. They appear in Traverse Towns Second District on the ground level in front of the fountain. They appear in groups of 1, 2, then 3 once everything in the previous group is defeated. Once they see you, there is no hope (literally none) of getting the Power Stone drop, no matter how many you defeat. They’ll shoot at you continuously and infinitely spawn. You can see how horrible this could be. 
Strategy: Now I used to hate these stupid little princess monkeys. I could never beat the two-group without being spotted. Then I discovered this strategy by YouTube User awesomeuno1. Linked there is a 6 second video about what I’m going to explain now. Once you enter Traverse Towns Second District (best done from the Dalmations House), you just need to sneak on top of the Gizmo Shop (where the bell is that you rung in the beginning) and walk across the roof until you’re in front of the Hotel, except very high up. By standing on the ledge, once a Sniper Wild gets close to you, you can Lock On and spam your Thunder spell. Of course Thundaga is best for this and if you have MP Gift for Goofy, you’ll be able to keep going for a bit. You have a break between waves where they’re not close enough to lock on, so since you’re not technically in a battle, you can also use Cottages to restore your MP. Be warned that they CAN still spot you from up there, but only if you let them jump too close to you. It only happened to me once, so just be careful. You can also collect the items they drop by staying in your position. I’m honestly not sure if it was because I took too long to pick them up or if they just drop onto you once you defeat the heartless. *** Note! You WILL eventually get spotted. It’s difficult to say when, but the Sniper Wilds are programmed to notice you one way or another. It’s unclear whether it’s because you took too long to attack or if you’ve just been in the area for too long without being spotted, but you should still be able to defeat a few cycles of them before it happens!

Lightning Stone - The Black Ballade is actually pretty fun, in my opinion. It appears in the Deep Jungle in the Bamboo Thicket and is the last of the little wizard dudes. He’s mostly black but he looks just like the Nocturnes, Rhapsodies, etc. This heartless will greet you and then poof into five separate bodies, all looking exactly the same. One will jump up and then they’ll all fly around in a frenzy. You need to pick which one is the same that jumped up earlier. If you guess correctly five times, you win! When you guess correctly, the Black Ballade falls back and releases munny and hp balls. If you guess incorrectly, you’ll get a nasty shock and an angry looking little heartless. Guessing incorrectly too many times will also result in the heartless disappearing altogether. 
Strategy: Really the only thing I did was back up, adjust the camera angle, and concentrate. It can be pretty easy once you’re used to the movements. Try to stand in a way that Donald and Goofy aren’t too much in your way.

Energy Stone - The Stealth Soldier is found in Hollow Bastions Entrance Hall. Unlike the Invisibles, this heartless is ACTUALLY invisible. That is, until you cast Stop on it. It then becomes visible for a short amount of time. Hint: Lock-on to a quick moving nothingness! 
Strategy: The Stealth Soldier is pretty hard to see since it’s all invisible. The tactic I used was that I walked into the Entrance Hall and if I saw two Large Bodies, I’d leave and come back in until I only saw one. From there, I suggest locking on and shuffling through the enemies until you lock onto what seems to be fast moving air. This is your Stealth Soldier. Up to 3 can spawn in this area, one on each level; the floor, the small area up the staircase, and up on the circular area above you (where you found the pieces to the door). In order to reveal the heartless, cast Stop, but don’t rely on it because it only lasts a second or two.

Dazzling Stone - The Jet Balloon. Oy. It looks like a big ol’ Aqua Tank, though this one is green. You’ll find them in Neverlands Ship Deck. This heartless will fly around, rather quickly, and mostly over water. Be careful, because when it stops moving, it’ll start shooting what looks like blue Screwdivers at you. These aren’t real heartless and they’ll disappear immediately, but they will stop you in your tracks. Be warned, if you destroy a Jet Balloon over water, you better hope you’re close enough to catch all the Dazzling Stones it drops. Otherwise they’ll be lost to Davy Jones Locker ~ 
Strategy: I tried fighting this guy by just run-and-gunning it and he disappeared before I could defeat him. Apparently you’re supposed to approach him from below to avoid the onslaught of Screwdivers, but once you get Aeroga they just bounce off of you and then this guy is cake. Aeroga, bash his puffy face in, and hopefully collect some Stones.

Blazing Stone - Once you beat Halloweentown, Oogie’s Manor will become a desolate plot of land with some rocks on it. If you jump off the short bridge and down into this area, a couple of White Knights might appear. Defeat them and then the Chimaera will hopefully join the fight. This heartless has it’s head.. or brain.. thing in a jar on top of its mechanical body and shoots little red, yellow, and green orbs at you. It can also summon Gargoyles, but defeating them won’t enable any Stone drops. 
Strategy: When you attack the Chimaera enough for him to release the red, yellow, and green balls, stay locked onto him and carefully hit the bouncing little orbs so that they hit into him. I heard that doing this more and more will increase the likelihood of a Stone drop, so I just did that constantly. I would only attack him directly so that he would summon more orbs.

Frost Stone - The Grand Ghost can be found in Monstro’s Stomach, where you fought the cage boss the last time. They look much like Search Ghosts except they’re larger and have white-ish “skin”. They cannot be defeated by normal means. 
Strategy: Even more ease and straightforwardness! This heartless is weak to Potions, Hi Potions, and Elixirs. It only takes two-three Elixirs to defeat him, but since Elixirs are so beautiful, I wouldn’t suggest wasting them. It takes 6 Potions to do it and since Potions are much easier to come by, I would highly suggest using those.

Mythril Stone - Here we have Agrabahs special heartless. The Pot Scorpion is found in the Palace Gates area and starts off concealed amongst normal looking pots. Once you discover which one is the Scorpion, it’ll start skittering around the area spewing poisonous blobs all over the place and eventually charge at you. It cannot be attacked unless it’s been flipped over by a well-timed Guard attack. 
Strategy: When you enter the Palace Gates area and see the three rows of pots, start pushing them around. The one that doesn’t move is the Pot Scorpion! Break all of the other pots before attacking the heartless and you get a better chance of finding a Stone. Once the Scorpion reveals itself, avoid the poison the best you can and wait around for the heartless to click its claws at you. Try to keep your distance as well. If you use Guard right before it comes after you, you’ll be able to knock it back and upside down so that you can start wailing on it. Do this about four times and you’re done!

Serenity Power - Ewwwwww. I’ve already explained my hate for Serenity Powers. They’re dropped by large mushrooms called Pink Agaricus. They have green bodies and pink mushroom on top of its head. While it appears in Deep Jungles Treehouse and Atlanticas Undersea Cave, you have to first defeat three White Mushrooms with the Stop spell. 
Strategy: Okay, so.. here’s the strategy that I used while doing this.. First off, I went to the Deep Jungle: Treehouse area. Here, the White Mushrooms will ask you to use a Stop spell on three of them. They can appear right on front of you when you enter the area, in the little boat that you need Glide to get to, on the second floor inside the treehouse, second floor outside the treehouse, on one of the beams inside the treehouse, beam outside the treehouse (you can’t see it unless you’re underneath it and look up. you can lock onto this one by walking inside, up the ladder, and as close to that wall as possible), and on top of the beam holding the rope that holds up the boat. For the last one, you just need to navigate to the far side of the treehouse and shimmy to the ladder there. After you defeat the three of them, go to the main floor of the treehouse but remain outside. There’s a side of the treehouse’s outer walkway that has an open window on that side. Walk past there, but not too close to the corner, and make sure Donald and Goofy are next to you. Now summon Bambi, collect as much MP balls as you need to be full, cast Aeroga on yourself (get a bit more MP, why not Bambi should still be there, free magic!), and run inside. Do not dismiss Bambi until you are facing the wall where you left Donald and Goofy. By looking that way, when they return, they won’t teleport to your side during the fight. Why does that matter? Glad you asked! It’s because you need to rack up 40-100 hits on this heartless in order to receive any items from it. And every time Donald or Goofy hit the heartless, your counter will go down. Now, use Stop and with the help of Aeroga and spamming Ragnarok + Impact (you can charge this final move by holding triangle btw) as often as you can, you should be able to reach 40 hits easily. At level 60ish, by using as many MP boosting accessories that I had aaaaand the Lady Luck keyblade, I was able to bring up the counter to about 75 on my best run. With Aeroga + Simple Combo + Ragnarok + Simple Combo + Ragnarok etc you should be able to break 40 fairly easily. Keep in mind that you cannot use Ragnarok again until all the little Impact lazor things are gone, hence the simple combo’s inbetween.

And finally, we got the recipes for each Synthesis item! There are six sets and each are unlocked after you synthesize a certain amount of items. Let’s dive in!

Unlock: Auto
Mega Potion: Spirit Shard x1, Power Shard x1, Mythril Shard x4
Cottage: Lucid Shard x1, Bright Shard x1
Energy Bangle: Spirit Shard x2, Bright Shard x1
Power Chain: Power Shard x2, Lucid Shard x1
Magic Armlet: Blaze Shard x3, Frost Shard x3, Thunder Shard x3
EXP Earring: Fury Stone x1, Power Stone x1, Mythril Stone x1, Serenity Power x1, Dark Matter x3

Unlock: Synthesize 4 items
Mega-Ether: Blaze Shard 1, Frost Shard x1, Thunder Shard x1, Mythril x2
Guard Earring: Bright Shard x3, Frost Shard x1, Mythril Shard x3
Angle Bangle: Thunder Shard x3, Bright Gem x1
Golem Chain: Blaze Shard x3, Spirit Gem x1
Rune Armlet: Blaze Gem x3, Frost Gem x3, Thunder Gem x3
Moogle Badge: Blazing Stone x1, Frost Stone x1, Lightning Stone x1, Mythril x5, Orichalcum x3

Unlock: Synthesize 10 items
AP Up: Blaze Gem x2, Frost Gem x2, Thunder Gem x2, Mythril x4
Dark Ring: Lucid Gem x2, Bright Gem x2
Master Earring: Spirit Shard x5, Spirit Gem x3, Fury Stone x1
Gaia Bangle: Lucid Shard x5, Lucid Gem x3, Lightning Stone x1
Titan Gain: Power Shard x5, Power Gem x3, Power Stone x1
Mythril: Mythril Shard x5, Mythril Stone x1, Mystery Goo x1

Unlock: Synthesize 15 Items
Elixir: Power Crystal x1, Shiny Crystal x1, Bright Crystal x2, Orichalcum x3
Defense Up: Lucid Shard x3, Bright Shard x3, Bright Gem x2, Power Crystal x1, Orichalcum x5
Heartguard: Lucid Gem x3, Lucid Crystal x1, Bright Crystal x1
Three Stars: Power Gem x5, Mystery Goo x3, Shiny Crystal x1
Atlas Armlet: Blaze Shard x5, Frost Shard x5, Thunder Shard x5, Mystery Goo x1, Dark Matter x3
Crystal Crown: Lucid Crystal x5, Power Crystal x1, Shiny Crystal x1, Blazing Stone x3, Frost Stone x3

Unlock: Synthesize 21 items
Dark Matter: Lucid Shard x9, Gale x1, Mythril x2
Megalixir: Lucid Gem x5, Lucid Crystal x3, Gale x2, Dark Matter x1
Power Up: Spirit Shard x5, Spirit Gem x3, Power Shard x5, Power Gem x3, Dark Matter x1
Cosmic Arts: Bright Shard x5, Bright Gem x3, Bright Crystal x1, Mythril Stone x3
EXP Bracelet: Energy Stone x1, Dazzling Stone x1, Stormy Stone x1, Orichalcum x6, Dark Matter x3
Ribbon: Blaze Gem x5, Frost Gem x5, Thunder Gem x5, Gale x1, Serenity Power x3

Unlock: Synthesize ALL previous items
Fantasia: Fury Stone x3, Power Stone x3, Mythril Stone x3, Energy Stone x5
Seven Elements: Blazing Stone x3, Frost Stone x3, Lightning Stone x3, Dazzling Stone x5
Ultima Weapon: Thunder Gem x5, Mystery Goo x5, Serenity Power x3, Stormy Stone x3, Dark Matter x3


Group I Recipes

Synthesized ItemRequired ComponentsObtainedEnergy Bangle[1]  Spirit Shard
[2]  Bright ShardSoldier (6%), Large Body (12%)
Green Requiem (10%)Power Chain[2]  Power Shard
[1]  Lucid ShardPowerwild (8%), Bouncywild (12%)
Shadow (6%), Gigas Shadow (10-100%)Magic Armlet[3]  Blaze Shard
[3]  Frost Shard
[3]  Thunder ShardRed Nocturne (6%)
Blue Rhapsody (12%)
Yellow Opera (8%)EXP Earring[1]  Fury Stone
[1]  Power Stone
[1]  Mythril Stone
[1]  Serenity Power
[3]  Dark MatterGigas Shadow (10-100%)
Sniperwild (35-100%)
Pot Scorpion (10-35%)
Pink Agaricus (10-100%)
Synthesis Shop, x9Guard Earring[3]  Bright Shard
[1]  Frost Shard
[3]  Mythril ShardGreen Requiem (10%)
Blue Rhapsody (12%)
Pot Spider (1%), Barrel Spider (1%)Angel Bangle[3]  Thunder Shard
[1]  Bright GemYellow Opera (8%)
Search Ghost (4%)Golem Chain[3]  Blaze Shard
[1]  Spirit GemRed Nocturne (6%)
Air Soldier (4%)Rune Armlet[3]  Blaze Gem
[3]  Frost Gem
[3]  Thunder GemBandit (4%), Fat Bandit (8%)
Sea Neon (4%), Sheltering Zone (8%)
Screwdiver (4%), Aquatank (8%)Moogle Badge[1]  Blazing Stone
[1]  Frost Stone
[5]  Lightning Stone
[1]  Mythril
[3]  OrichalcumChimera (10-100%)
Grand Ghost (35-100%)
Black Ballade (10-100%)
Synthesis Shop, x17
Behemoth (20%), Invisible (1%), x13Dark Ring[2]  Lucid Gem
[2]  Bright GemWight Knight (4%), Gargoyle (4%)
Search Ghost (4%)Master Earring[5]  Spirit Shard
[3]  Spirit Gem
[1]  Fury StoneSoldier (6%), Large Body (12%)
Air Soldier (4%)
Gigas Shadow (10-100%)Gaia Bangle[5]  Power Shard
[3]  Lucid Gem
[1]  Lightning StonePowerwild (8%), Bouncywild (12%)
Wight Knight (4%), Gargoyle (4%)
Black Ballade (10-100%)Titan Chain[5]  Power Shard
[3]  Power Gem
[1]  Power StonePowerwild (8%), Bouncywild (12%)
Pirate (4%), Air Pirate (4%), Battleship (8%)
Sniperwild (35-100%)Heartguard[3]  Lucid Gem
[1]  Lucid Crystal
[1]  Bright CrystalWight Knight (4%), Gargoyle (4%)
Darkball (1%)
Defender (2%)Three Stars[1]  Power Gem
[3]  Mystery Goo
[1]  Shiny CrystalPirate (4%), Air Pirate (4%), Battleship (8%)
White Mushroom (10-20%), Rare Truffle (20-100%), Black Fungus (100%)
Wizard (2%)Atlas Armlet[5]  Blaze Shard
[5]  Frost Shard
[5]  Thunder Shard
[1]  Mystery Goo
[3]  Dark MatterRed Nocturne (6%)
Blue Rhapsody (12%)
Yellow Opera (8%)
White Mushroom (10-20%), Rare Truffle (20-100%), Black Fungus (100%)
Synthesis Shop, x9Crystal Crown[5]  Lucid Crystal
[1]  Power Crystal
[1]  Shiny Crystal
[3]  Blazing Stone
[3]  Frost StoneDarkball (1%)
Wyvern (2%)
Wizard (2%)
Chimera (100%)
Grand Ghost (100%)Cosmic Arts[5]  Bright Shard
[3]  Bright Gem
[1]  Bright Crystal
[3]  Mythril StoneGreen Requiem (10%)
Search Ghost (4%)
Defender (2%)
Pot Scorpion (10-35%)EXP Bracelet[1]  Energy Stone
[1]  Dazzling Stone
[1]  Stormy Stone
[8]  Orichalcum
[3]  Dark MatterStealth Soldier (35%)
Jet Balloon (20-100%)
Neoshadow (35%)
Behemoth (20%), Invisible (1%), x13
Synthesis Shop, x9Ribbon[5]  Blaze Gem
[5]  Frost Gem
[5]  Thunder Gem
[1]  Gale
[3]  Serenity PowerBandit (4%), Fat Bandit (8%)
Sea Neon (4%), Sheltering Zone (8%)
Screwdiver (4%), Aquatank (8%)
Invisible (6%), Angel Star (6%)
Pink Agaricus (10-100%)
  1. Apple thunderbolt display used
  2. Jocelyn fur coat
  3. Samsung dryer display not working

Kingdom Hearts/Item Synthesis

Item Necessary Materials Cottage
  • 2 Bright Shard
  • 3 Blaze Shard
  • 2 Blaze Shard
  • 2 Frost Shard
  • 2 Thunder Shard
  • 4 Mythril Shard
Energy Bangle
  • 2 Power Shard
  • 1 Frost Shard
Power Chain
  • 2 Spirit Shard
  • 2 Power Shard
Guard Earring
  • 2 Spirit Shard
  • 1 Thunder Shard
Dark Ring
  • 2 Lucid Shard
  • 1 Bright Shard
  • 2 Mythril Shard
  • 1 Blaze Gem
  • 1 Frost Gem
  • 1 Thunder Shard
  • 2 Mythril Shard
  • 3 Spirit Shard
  • 2 Spirit Gem
  • 3 Mythril
Angel Bangle
  • 3 Spirit Shard
  • 3 Power Shard
  • 3 Bright Gem
Magic Armlet
  • 3 Blaze Shard
  • 3 Frost Shard
  • 3 Thunder Shard
  • 2 Mythril
Golem Chain
  • 3 Power Shard
  • 1 Power Gem
  • 1 Lucid Gem
Master Earring
  • 3 Lucid Shard
  • 2 Lucid Gem
  • 2 Spirit Gem
  • 3 Blaze Gem
  • 3 Frost Gem
  • 3 Thunder Gem
  • 5 Bright Shard
  • 1 Bright Crystal
Defense Up
  • 5 Lucid Shard
  • 3 Lucid Gem
  • 1 Lucid Crystal
  • 1 Mystery Goo
Gaia Bangle

Base game

  • 5 Power Shard
  • 3 Power Gem
  • 1 Bright Crystal

Final Mix

  • 5 Lucid Shard
  • 3 Lucid Gem
  • 1 Lightning Stone
Rune Armlet
  • 2 Blaze Gem
  • 2 Frost Gem
  • 2 Thunder Gem
  • 3 Mythril
  • 3 Spirit Shard
  • 3 Power Shard
  • 1 Power Crystal
Three Stars
  • 3 Blaze Shard
  • 3 Frost Shard
  • 3 Thunder Shard
  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 1 Shiny Crystal
  • 5 Bright Shard
  • 3 Bright Gem
  • 1 Bright Crystal
  • 1 Shiny Crystal
  • 2 Gale
Power Up
  • 5 Power Shards
  • 3 Power Gems
  • 1 Power Crystal
  • 1 Mystery Goo
  • 2 Orichalcum
Titan Chain
  • 5 Spirit Shard
  • 3 Spirit Gem
  • 1 Lucid Crystal
Atlas Armlet
  • 2 Shiny Crystal
  • 1 Mystery Goo
  • 3 Orichalcum
  • 1 Gale
Crystal Crown
  • 3 Lucid Crystal
  • 3 Power Crystal
  • 3 Shiny Crystal
  • 3 Bright Crystal
  • 5 Blaze Gem
  • 5 Frost Gem
  • 5 Thunder Gem
  • 5 Bright Gem
  • 3 Gale
Ultima Weapon
  • 5 Lucid Gem
  • 5 Power Gem
  • 5 Thunder Gem
  • 3 Mystery Goo
  • 3 Gale
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD - Where To Find Every Synth Item (Complete Synthesis Guide)

But what !!. End of the 1st part. To be continued.

Guide kingdom hearts synthesis

Yes, have a seat, Nikolai replied. She stepped forward and sat down in a chair. Hello, my name is Galina, Galina Shlipodstilkova. I'm looking for documents.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 - Synthesis Guide (Part 1)

But my eyes were again hypnotized by Olya's legs. I was staring. - Lesha, Lesha.

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