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Graduation cap decoration 2020 DEFAULT

Graduation Cap Decorating Contest

Entries will be accepted online starting on May 13, 3 p.m. (ET) until May 26, 10 a.m. (ET). The design with the most community votes will be chosen and notified via email.

This contest is only open to Seton Hall students. Each entry will be approved by Seton Hall University's Social Media team to ensure the content is relevant.

Each entry must meet the following requirements:

  • Participant is graduating in and is a Seton Hall student student.
  • Your entry is an original work.
  • Must be a picture of a graduation cap design. Design must be clearly visible.
  • No profanities/discriminatory words in the caption or in the design.

The graduation cap design with the most votes will win the contest. Entries are sorted randomly on the voting platform. Each person is only allowed to vote once per hour cycle. Winners will be notified via email within two days following selection.  The winner with the most likes will win a $50 gift certificate. 

The entry must fulfill all contest requirements, as specified, to be eligible to win the prize. Entries that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications may be disqualified. You may enter only once. You must provide the information requested. You may not enter more times than indicated by using multiple email addresses, identities, or devices. If you do so, your submission may be removed from eligibility. Seton Hall University reserves the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process and the right to remove entries that violate University standards.

By participating, you agree to be fully unconditionally bound by these rules.


Graduation is the one day you get to honor your years of hard work, so make it count and make your grad cap stand out! Decorating your cap is a fun way to express yourself and capture your experiences from your time in school. To help you out, we’ve rounded up 60 graduation cap ideas. There are funny caps, inspirational caps, artsy caps and everything in between to fit every grad’s taste.

1. Dream Big Worry Small

This Rascal Flatts quote is perfect for a graduate stepping out into the world. It’s even more perfect for the student who happens to be a country music fan. Try using your favorite music quote to make your cap personal to you.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

2. Great Things Come in Small Packages

This is a great quote for the petite graduate. We also love how the hometown and college town were incorporated and honored on this cap. The foliage border is super cute too!

Photo by: @babykait

3. Beauty and the Grad

Belle is an intelligent bookworm who strives for an adventurous life. Who better than to represent you as you celebrate your academic achievements? After all, she embodies the characteristics of a newly minted graduate.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

4. Gold for the Win

Elegant and bold, gold foil and a simple quote are a very effective combination on the black background of this hat. It is always best to look towards the future, especially on your graduation day!

Photo by: @sunkissed_lifestyle

5. For the Art Majors and Art Lovers

We love the idea of honoring the artists who inspired you throughout your studies. Whether it’s Matisse, Monet, Pollock or Hokusai, channeling their style is sure to make your cap stand out from the crowd.

Photo by: @shaysimonsart

6. The Muggle Struggle

Future teachers should take note of this marvelous Harry Potter cap. It is funny and impressively decorated. It’s a bummer that Hogwarts wasn’t hiring this year, but maybe they’ll have some openings soon? Stay hopeful.

Photo by:

7. Adventure in a World of Possibilities

Showcase your adventurous side with a cap like this. The delicate outline of the world is simple and doesn’t overshadow the quote. It will get you pumped up for your post-graduation trip abroad!

Photo by: @echoes.of.grace

8. The Little Mer-grad

This Ariel silhouette is gorgeous against the sunset and ocean. It is a sweet nod to your childhood, if she inspired you when you were younger. The quote inspires others to follow their dreams too!

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

9. The Motivation Behind the Hustle

This is an amazing way to include your furry best friend in your celebration. And it will make for some hilarious photos that your friends and family will love. You just got your degree so that they wouldn’t have a “ruff” life—how selfless of you.

Photo by: @covrtcreates

Pink and Flowery

This is a great short and simple sentiment that encourages everyone to be their best. The flower border is a very nice touch and adds variety to the pink color scheme. Super cute.

Photo by:@cambam0_o

The Happiest Grad on Earth

An homage to Disney is a popular theme amongst grad cap decorations. The quote is the classic inspirational message that Disney aims to share. Include your favorite characters or keep it simple with Tink and fireworks in front of the castle.

Photo by:@allisonsdisneydays

Blinged Out BSN

Bling works on anything really, but it looks especially good on this simple background. Showcase your degree that you worked so hard to earn. The heartbeat rhythm strip is a nice touch.

Photo by:@nurseroshani

The Avid “Mean Girls” Quoter

“She doesn’t even go here!” Your favorite movie is definitely a great option for your grad cap. Use a movie quote that fits with graduation and have fun with it! Just remember that on graduation day, we wear pink.

Photo by:@midwestmermaidart

Iridescent Art Design

The mosaic look is a super cool option if you don’t want to include writing on your grad cap. The tiles on this cap are different colors depending on the angle that you look at it, making it a definite stand out in a sea of grad caps.

Photo by:@nicseidl

Resilience is Key

Represent your perseverance with this grad cap quote. Sunflowers portray adoration and longevity, perfect for graduation day and your future career. You could also include the flower of your birth month for an added personal touch.

Photo by: @letteringmanna

Hungry for Success

Steve Jobs and Apple are perfect for someone going into the tech industry, or even better someone who landed a position at Apple. But honestly, his words and success are great motivation for anyone. Just ignore the irony in that he was a college dropout.

Photo by: @yesenisgarcia

Are You Young, Scrappy and Hungry?

Alexander Hamilton, the Musical, has inspired millions since its debut. If you are one of those people, A. Ham. is the perfect theme for your grad cap. The quote is straight from the show, but it seems like it’s made for graduation!

Photo by: @voila.design_

Hard Work Makes the Dream Work

Caps that combine design and inspirational quotes are always a big hit. This motivational quote and blue color scheme look clean and really pop. Everyone always talks about dreams, but they don’t always talk about the work that goes into them.

Photo by: @newhuepaintings

Best Revenge is Your Paper

We are obsessed with this “Lemonade” Beyonce reference. Equal parts clever, applicable and well executed, this is a home run. “Okay ladies, now let’s get in (graduation) formation.&#;

Photo by:

For the “Lion King” Lover

We can definitely feel the love tonight for this grad cap. This Lion King design goes perfectly with the quote about destinies. We also like the creative border and bright color scheme.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Hija de Inmigrantes

Show pride for your heritage and for your parents. “Daughter of Immigrants” is a powerful message in any language. Including flowers from your family’s home country is also a nice touch.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Ravenclaw Pride

Take pride in your Harry Potter fan status as well as your house. “Mischief Managed” is a perfect way to sum up your time in school, and the cap can be easily themed for Gryffindor, Hufflepuff or Slytherin as well.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Up, Up and Away

Referencing “Up” is perfect for those who love adventure. Unless you are an artist, you may have to go to a professional to get such accurate characters painted on. The quote is a good on its own as well.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Game of (Student) Loans

We love the Game of Thrones and caffeinated college life references. This particular cap has decoration elements for a graduating nurse, but it is easily modified for other majors. Graduation is coming.

Photo by: @caffeinatednewyorker


Here comes the grad. Wow, you have managed to wrap two major life events into one period of time in your life. This is a super cute way to represent both of them and to let everyone know that you finished school while planning a wedding, you overachiever.

Photo by: @decoryourday

Push the Boundaries

This cap is gorgeous and empowering. The silhouette and black writing are a nice contrast to the glitter and sparkle. Plus, we all need to be reminded sometimes that we should push boundaries.

Photo by:


For those with a touch of wanderlust, this cap is for you. We love the how the cap is filled out well, but doesn’t feel crowded. The mix of calligraphy and hand-painted dots are a great combo, and it’s always fun to add a pop of color.

Photo by: @jonescrafts

“He, She Wumbo&#; it’s First Grade Spongebob”

For anyone whoever dreamed of majoring in Wumbology, it’s your time to shine. True Spongebob fans will love the reference and it is sure to make people laugh. Also, how often do you get to wear the word “wumbo?” This might be your only chance.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

I May Have ‘Wined’ a Lot, but I Did it

Thanking your parents or other supporters in your life is very important. But don’t neglect the thing that helped you unwind after hard week of school, your favorite wine! If you aren’t much of a wine fiend, beer (IPA, Stouts, etc.) works just as well.

Photo by: @camilla_creations

A Simple and Charming Nursing Graduation Cap

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans? Even if you aren’t a Meredith, this is such a cute cap for future nurses or doctors too. The stethoscope heart is a nice touch.

Photo by: @simplesoutherncrafts

Adios, Ciao and Au Revoir!

The simplicity of one word with the array of flowers is a perfect grad cap idea. This cap was created for a Spanish major, but it is perfect for any type of language major, or anyone really. You could use this as a nod to your heritage as well.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

For the Hamilton Fan

Hamilton scores again with another quote that had to be made for graduation. Even those who don’t know the show would love this cap. You’re graduating and you are ready to take on the world.

Photo by: @gdeimz

Sweet and Lighthearted Grad Cap

Grad caps can match your personality too. This fun quote is short and sweet. If you want something lighthearted, try this pineapple cap out!

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Family, Pride and Humility

This cap translates to “Flying high without forgetting where I come from. Thank you Mom and Dad.” This is a perfect sentiment for a graduate. Recognize your roots and allow them to help you grow to new heights. And of course thank those who nurtured you along the way.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

“End of Act One”

The curtains may have closed on Act One, but Act Two is here now that you are graduating and starting a new chapter in your life. This cap is perfect for a theatre major, or someone who enjoys performing.

Photo by: @the_creativecreations

“I Busted Mine to Save Yours”

If you are going into the field of caring for others, you are going to have to deal with a lot of ungrateful people and thankless work. This works for anyone going into the medical field or for those who are going to be first responders. Remind everyone how important these professions are with this clever cap.

Photo by: @decoryourday

You’ll Bring Honor to Us All

Mulan is a classic, and everyone will love the Mushu reference. Funny and fitting for graduation, we also love the cherry blossoms.

Photo by: @chilaaan

Landlocked Mermaid

We all know someone who is a landlocked mermaid at heart. This sparkly cap is cute and whimsical. It ties your personality into your major and degree. Congrats! Now that you’ve graduated, you’re free to return to the ocean.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Hello Graduation

This cap is purrfect for a Hello Kitty lover. The stripes add dimension and a light contrast against the iconic cat. Remember kindergarten you with the Hello Kitty backpack? She would be so proud right now.

Photo by: @covrtcreates

Starry Night

We thought that Starry Night was untouchable, but we love it with the addition of rhinestones. Great for an art major or an art lover. Now you can rock your favorite masterpiece at graduation.

Photo by: @chellegreycosplay

First Generation Grad

First generation graduate ready to take on the world? This design is for you. Represent your love of travel and what this accomplishment means to you and your family.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Represent your Faith

This cap represents what faith has meant to you along this journey to graduation. The leaves and calligraphy are sophisticated and well balanced. If you don’t want to include a whole quote on your cap, many people just add the name and number of their favorite scripture onto their caps.

Photo by: @emsgemscreations

Kanye for Class President

Kanye’s “Graduation Day” album is a great reference for your grad cap for obvious reasons. We love the quote as well. A fun way to personalize your cap would be to include the skyline of your hometown or college town on the cap.

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Worry Less, Laugh More

This subtle grad cap would look great on a white cap and gown set. It would also look great in a different color combination for a black cap and gown. This quote is a great reminder to not worry too much about the next steps. You’ve already put in so much work and earned a degree that will set you up for a bright future!

Photo by: @gildedgracedesigns

Alice in Wonderland

This classic story is a perfect symbol for your new adventure. You could use newspaper print or copies of pages from your favorite book for a personalized background. Even the Cheshire Cat couldn’t smile wider than you while you&#;re wearing this cap.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Turn Pain into Power

Heritage means everything, especially when it inspires you. Celebrate your heritage with this inspirational addition to your ceremony. Let others see the queen that you are.

Photo by: @mickeyyant

Simple and Grateful

Show your gratitude with this simple and sparkly cap. The flowers and different styles of text are pretty touches. On your graduation day, you’ll have a lot to be grateful for!

Photo by: @decoryourday

Grad Meets World

All the 90’s kids won’t be able to hide their jealousy at this clever cap. Throw it back to your favorite show and reminisce as you make the walk. Trust us, Boy/Girl Meets World is timeless.

Photo by: @coolrianche

3-D Design Elements

We love the use of flowers to create a 3-D effect on this super cute dream catcher design. The pop-up look makes for an eye-catching cap.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Dobby is a Free Elf

This is an amazing cap for a graduate earning their Masters degree. Harry Potter graduation caps are always a hit and Dobby is no different. After all of those years as a student, you are finally free!

Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Bright Pearly White Future

Show off your DDS and your bright future in dentistry! Show off your degree with this sparkly cap accented with pearly whites. It’ll be hard not to smile on your graduation day, especially with this design.

Photo by: @decoryourday

White and Gold

“The best is yet to come.” This cap would go great with a white gown, since it almost has a bridal quality to it. The best graduation pictures are yet to come with this cute design.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

&#;I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot&#;

Another great example of a Hamilton-inspired grad cap. This design features a sparkly gold border and gorgeous calligraphy. This show is full of graduation appropriate quotes, so use your favorite!

Photo by: @yesenisgarcia

Caps that Don’t Grind Your Gears

This is a cute way to show off your degree and all of your hard work. The gear is perfect for a mechanical engineer. Hopefully this inspires you and gets your wheels turning!

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Feminine and Future-Focused

This design includes so many different elements that make it pretty. The cap has a sparkly background, flowers balanced by script and is capped off with a bow. We also love the subtle inclusion of “thanks Mom and Dad” on the bow.

Photo by: @sweet_reverie_

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

You are the best gift your parents ever received, right? Remind them of that and show them your gratitude for their support. It really is a gift for parents to see their children walk at graduation. So this hat makes a lot of sense if they offered you a lot of support—whether that be emotionally and/or financially.

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

For the “La La Land” Lover

“La La Land” the movie/ musical was a smash hit, and with good reason. The painted scene is beautiful. Really, you could choose almost any setting from this movie for your cap.

Photo by @kimscustomcaps

When You Slayed College

We could look at these Beyonce-inspired caps all day. We love that the text is modeled after her album, “Beyonce.” The hand presenting the diploma is great too. You put in the time and this cap proves how your hard work has payed off.

Photo by:

Artsy Ariel

Show off your art skills with a hand-painted design of your favorite inspirational character. Ariel followed her dreams and made it happen. Be like Ariel.

Photo by: @joe_are

Go Forth with Confidence

The real world can be a daunting thought for a graduate. Just remember how many obstacles you faced during school; you can do it. This cap is beautiful and inspirational, what more could you want?

Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

We hope that you found the grad cap inspiration you were looking for! Now that you have an idea of what you want to do, you just need to know how to make it happen. Below you will find some tips on how to decorate your cap!

Graduation Cap Decoration Ideas

Decorating your cap can be quite stressful because all of your friends and family will see it on your big day. It is also your chance to stand out amongst the sea of matching gowns. Whether you are aiming towards funny graduation cap ideas, or a sentimental message, we have created a few tips on how to decorate a graduation cap. When decorating your cap:

  • Make sure your cap is right side up
    • Before you put anything on your cap, make a little pencil mark to show which way is up
  • Have a plan
    • Know the dimensions of your cap. Typical caps are 10” by 10”
    • Sketch everything out before hand
    • Let a friend check it out to make sure that it makes sense and is spelled correctly
  • Space out your letters well
    • Don’t be the person whose writing is all spaced out on the left side and squished on the right side
  • Try out your supplies on the material ahead of time if possible
    • This will help you to avoid ruining the material or your cap
  • Leave enough time for any paint or glue to dry before you have to wear it
  • Space out your 3D additions ahead of time; this includes flowers, bows and rhinestones
  • Consider using a thick paper cut out on top of your cap
    • This will give you the opportunity to start over if needed
    • Or you could try out different designs and decide which is your favorite
  • Make sure that your cap is true to you and have fun with it

Many graduates or graduates’ parents want something in addition to the personalized cap to remember the big day. So check out our other unique items and gifts to commemorate your accomplishment in a customized way. We wish you a happy graduation and a successful future!

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45+ Graduation Cap Ideas For Grads

Before you embark on the next phase of your life, take the time to soak it all in and appreciate how far you’ve come. Your graduation cap and gown not only represent all of your hard work and unique accomplishments but also, the person you’ve become over the past four years.

Aside from pondering what side the tassel goes on and wondering how to wear a graduation cap, many students are opting to go out in style. Graduation cap decoration is becoming a fun formality for high school and college grads alike. What a fun way to celebrate your journey and make this moment yours! 

If you’re looking for graduation cap decoration ideas, we have you covered with everything from funny cap ideas, to cute cap ideas and cap decoration ideas that will make you wonder why you hadn’t thought of that in the first place.

Bible Verse Inspiration

graduation caps bible

Image Source: A Flexible Life / Ariel Stuckey

Your favorite Bible verse can be a great source of inspiration for you and the rest of your graduating class. Use paint to write the message and decorate with bright flowers or colorful shapes.

Trendy Patterns

grad caps trendy pattern

Image Source: Miss Welden

Trendy patterns make fun and easy backdrops for any graduation cap design. Use this zigzag pattern in your school colors to make your quote stand out. For an added detail, line your cap with a shiny trim.

Rhinestones Are A Graduate’s Best Friend

grad caps bedazzled

Image Source: The Vintage Modern Wife

If standing out in a sea of graduation caps is your goal, rhinestones are the way to go. Line your graduation cap with a sparkling rhinestone trim and decorate the center with your initials. If your ceremony will take place outdoors, the crowd is sure to be dazzled.

In Your Idol’s Words

grad cap quote

Image Source: Midwest Mermaid Olivia

If you don’t have a way with words, you can always count on a quote by someone you admire. Select a quote from a leader in your field to convey an inspirational message on your graduation cap. Use your school colors and some glitter cardstock to create an eye-catching background.

Pink Panther

grad cap pink

Image Source: Taylor Brione

If you like all things sparkly and pink, glitter is your best friend. To make things easy, use pink glitter cardstock and line the edges with bold rhinestones. Don’t be afraid to show your pride by adding your name and graduation year front and center.

Under The Sea

grad cap sea

Image Source: Belle Of The Ball

If you’re the artistic type and love being near the water, go for this under the sea pattern to decorate your graduation cap. Use vibrant colors to create the illusion of water and outline the shapes of some of your favorite sea creatures. Add a monogram to personalize your design and outline with a subtle trim.

Keeping It Simple

grad cap bow

Image Source: Plaid Pistachio

Adding a large bow with your graduation year and school’s initials is sometimes all you need. Pick some bright colors for your bow and thread or go for your school colors to make it stand out.

The Sisterhood

grad cap sorority

Image Source: Summer Wind

Whether you were in a sorority, club or sport, the friendships you built at school can last a lifetime. Commemorate those relationships by using them as inspiration for your graduation cap. Add the organization’s insignia along with some eye-catching patterns and you’ve got a design that’s sure to impress.

Polaroid Picture

creative graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @jasoncamera

Shake it like a polaroid picture, grads! Show off the memories you made along the way by attaching your favorite moments to your graduation cap. Celebrate your unique journey in style and design a graduation cap that will make a statement. They say a picture is worth 1, words, right? The photographs on your cap will help you tell your story and celebrate these moments. You can also print out extra polaroids to use for decoration at your graduation party (your guests will enjoy the extra photos).

Calling All Graphic Design Majors

pantone graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @lancora

This creative graduation cap dresses up academic regalia with a sleek touch. Handpick your favorite Pantone color swatch and add your own details. This design is simple to recreate and perfect for those of you who studied graphic design.

Pretty in Floral Pink

cute graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

This floral styled graduation cap idea is not only beautiful but, it also allows you to share a meaningful graduation quote on your special day. Add a few of your favorite words and a special design to make your graduation cap one-of-a-kind.

Say it All

simple graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @allikdesign

Create a unique graduation cap decoration that says it all. This simple design really makes a statement, especially for an almost alumni. Find the perfect words that speak to you and then take to your cap with a white marker or paint. The light color looks great on the black mortarboard plus, it gives you the chance show off your witty side— you deserve it! 

The Star Wars Lover

starwars graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @melissalovesdisney

Do you have a love for Star Wars? This movie line is perfect for the Star Wars loving graduate-to-be. Whatever the odds may be, go after your goals and go confidently in the future you have envisioned for yourself. This grad cap design will remind you of just that.


grad cap decoration

Image Source: @knsiemering

Use the dark background of the mortarboard to create an amazing cut out silhouette. What a perfect idea to craft the skyline of your next destination.

The &#;Friends&#; Lover

graduation cap decoration ideas

Image Source: @abbistec

Use your grad cap to reference your all-time favorite TV show. This Friends TV show cap is decorated with wit and style. The show’s iconic episode titles will forever live on your graduation cap and help you celebrate your big day. Design a funny graduation cap that will have all of your fellow colleagues smiling as you walk across the stage.

Sparkle and Shine

glitter graduation cap decoration ideas

Image Source: @krystalcal

Design a cap to shine just as bright as your academic career. You’ll be ready to walk across that stage and grab your diploma after creating a cap that stuns like this one.


travel graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @carrazycutecanvas

For those students with serious wanderlust and an excitement to explore the world, this cap decoration was created with you in mind! If you love to travel, make sure to create a cap that celebrates your adoration. 

Give Your Support Team a Shoutout

cute grad cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

You surely couldn’t have made it these past four years without your support team. Whoever or whatever may have helped you earn that diploma deserves some appreciation. Use your graduation cap as a canvas to thank them for being a shoulder to lean on when the nights were late and the coffee wasn’t strong enough.

Couldn’t Have Made it Without&#;

Image Source: @blairebender

In addition to thanking your family and friends, don’t forget about the other tools that helped you earn that diploma. How can anyone make it through school without Google? Use your grad cap decoration to give Google a shout out.

Thanks for Giving Me The World

high school graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @emily_on_emory

Give proper recognition and show off your artistic skills by thanking your support team for giving you the world. Adding the bright blue and green globe will give your graduation cap a splash of color no one will be able to miss!

What a Record Four Years

music graduation cap ideas

Image Source: k_bomb_

If your love for music plays a pivotal role in your life, why not celebrate that on your special day? With custom paper and your favorite record, your cap will be designed in no time.

Heritage Flair

college graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @thesassypoppy

The best graduation cap designs are the ones that celebrate you. This is one of those cute graduation cap ideas you won’t want to miss out on. Design a cap that stays true to who you are and celebrates your heritage. Plus, a few bright florals will help you stand out among the crowd.

Three Dimensional

grad cap ideas

Image Source: @lauren_m_davis

No one said there were limits to your graduation cap designs. Send yourself off with a cheers to new adventures and a three dimensional cap that will stick out in the best way possible. Graduation day can be a little bittersweet for many. Don’t forget to enjoy the moment, reminisce about where you started and most importantly, celebrate where you are headed.

I Must Go

cap ideas

Image Source: @steph_laco

Celebrate your post-grad plans with your graduation cap design. Are you headed for a new job, more schooling, to the mountains or off to travel the world? What is calling your name?

Funny Graduation Cap Ideas

funny graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @sequinhearts15

Show off your wonderful sense of humor with your grad cap design. The big day is serious but your grad cap doesn’t have to be. You can use your graduation cap to remind you and your friends to have some fun.

College Graduation Cap Ideas

college grad cap ideas

Image Source: @rachelbaker28

What has shaped your college experience? Design your college graduation cap to represent everything you were involved in. Think clubs, greek life, sports and all that good stuff. Add an inspirational quote or graduation song lyrics to remind yourself of your goals and to never stop chasing them.


grad cap ideas

Image Source: @katievlopez

A graduation cap that celebrates your degree and makes people smile with a play on words might be just the inspiration you were looking for. Calling all psychology majors.

Nursing Graduation Cap Ideas

nursing graduation cap ideas

Image Source: @neiya_patel

If you just made your way through nursing school, why not create a cap that reflects that? This DIY nursing graduation cap idea is simple to recreate. Use your favorite colors, school colors or even add sparkle and then top with a bow and nursing stickers.

The Grey&#;s Anatomy Reference

nursing grad cap ideas

Image Source: @allisonslettering

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? Celebrate your Bachelors of Science in Nursing with an iconic quote from the medical drama TV show. It’s a beautiful day to graduate, too!

Celebrate Your Faith

religious grad cap

Image Source: @cheracreative

If your faith has played an important role in your life and the past four years of school then you might think about decorating your cap to celebrate that. There are a handful of graduation bible verses that are very fitting for this occasion. We love the gold detail that really makes this verse shine.


apple grad cap ideas

Image Source: @kaileenjoy

You couldn’t have possibly made it through the past four years without a laptop by your side. All the late nights you’ve spent together and everything you’ve been through, why not take it with you on your graduation day? We are loving this Apple designed cap that makes a great fit for a computer engineer grad-to-be. 

Forever a Mascot

college grad cap ideas

Image Source: @maddym0

Get into the school spirit and be proud to be an alumni. This graduation cap decoration idea will help you do just that plus, it will also look great in your graduation pictures. 

Superhero Style

superhero grad cap

Image Source: @sabrinaaamina

Show off your superhero style on graduation day and decorate a cap featuring your favorite character. This graduate has a love for Wonderwoman.

Simply Artistic

graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @meganlynn2

You don’t need to go over the top with paint, stickers and bows. This graduation cap decoration idea shows just what you can accomplish with a gold pen!

Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Degree!

disney graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @victoria_salerno

Show off your love for Disney and give an ode to your favorite flick with your graduation cap. This grad has a sweet spot for Cinderella. If only the past four years were as easy as the twirl of a wand, right?

Use a Quote

grad caps

Image Source: @jesslove_designs

Design a cap that will inspire you and your fellow graduates. Add an inspirational graduation message to your cap; you can’t go wrong with a motivational cap. Don’t forget to add your personal details like the degree you earned and your school colors.

Adobe, Anyone?

grad cap ideas

Image Source: @mchaileydesigner

Recreate your school’s initials to look like an Adobe software icon. This grad cap idea is perfect for designers and a great way to represent your university.

Dazzle With Bedazzle

graduation cap decoration

Image Source: @cchesphotography

 Friends and family will be able to easily spot you during the ceremony with this beautiful and glitzy graduation cap. Recreate with a hot glue gun and a handful of jewels. Represent your university proudly and dazzle your school logo!

The Clever Nurse

grad cap nurse

Image Source: Midwest Mermaid Olivia

A clever joke about your field of study or major is sure to make your graduation cap a topic of conversation. Whether it’s nursing, political science or art, let your wit do the talking with a funny quote. Add some artificial flowers and glitter for eye-catching details.

Mischief Managed

grad cap harry potter

Image Source: Juliann Guerra

Whether you’ve used the Marauder’s Map or Wikipedia to guide you through school, a Harry Potter reference is always a hit on graduation cap designs. Decorate with your house colors and leave your mark at Hogwarts by stamping a footprint trail and your name across your cap.

The Coffee Lover
grad cap coffee quote

Image Source: Dunkin&#;

Like many of us, coffee probably got you through a lot of early exams and late night study sessions. Why not give it some credit during your graduation? Add a funny quote about your love of coffee and use a paper cup from your favorite spot as decoration.

Spring Mosaic

grad cap mosaic

Image Source: The Daily Amy

Since most graduations take place during the springtime, why not use the season as inspiration? Create a grid with a strand of pearls and paint some spring florals using your favorite pastels. Don’t forget to add your major and a thank you note to your parents with paint or glitter.

You’re A Winner

grad cap turtle winner

Image Source: Vika Photography

In many ways, a graduation ceremony is a victory lap. Walking up to the stage and receiving your diploma doesn’t happen often, so celebrate your victories with this adorable design. Use some cardstock and paint to add color and a note about your major.

3D Stickers

grad cap 3d stickers

Image Source: Bri Sul

Decorating your graduation cap doesn’t have to be a long, difficult project. A simple trick is to stock up on your favorite 3D stickers and jewels. Stickers come in many different themes so whatever your major or interests, you’re sure to find something that fits your personality and academic journey.

Color Coordinated

grad cap color coordinated

Image Source: Well That&#;s Pinteresting

Show your pride by sporting the colors you’re proud of. Whether it’s your sorority, your honor sashes or your school colors, don’t forget to incorporate them into your graduation cap design. To do this, all you need are some patterns, jewels and glitter.

You Leave A Trail Of Stars

grad cap stars

Image Source: Elizabeth Shae

DIY Graduation Cap Ideas & How to Make

If you are thinking about DIYing graduation cap for your big day, we have listed out 5 easy DIY graduation cap ideas with instructions below. Review the materials before hand, so you have everything available for your project

Meaningful Person

School can bring on several long days. During this time you can ponder about the people that got you through. Whether it was your mom, dad, teacher, mentor or a special friend, adding their photo to your graduation cap will show your utmost appreciation. It will be especially meaningful if you keep it a secret and reveal it on graduation day.

Keep in mind, you’ll be printing on 11&#;14 paper, but will cut the image to be 9&#;9. You can position the flowers wherever you’d like depending on how your photo is cropped.

How to Make a
Meaningful Person Cap


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • 9&#;9 photo
  • Glitter sheet

Step 1: Take your picture and place it on top of the cap. Make sure you measure the size of the button in the center of the cap and cut it out from the picture so that you can still hang your tassel.

Step 2: Glue your photo to the cap.

Step 3: Take your felt and cut out four circles varying in size.

Step 4: Cut a slit in the middle of each circle and fold over so the circles create a cupped shape. Use a glue gun to hold it together.

Step 5: Glue each cupped petal on top of each other.

Step 6: Take your glitter sheet and cut out four leaves.

Step 7: Glue your completed flowers to the bottom of the cap and add your leaves.

2. Pearls

If you’re thinking about senior photos, you’ll know pearls are the perfect accessory to any outfit (or graduation gown!). Dazzling your graduation cap is much easier than you think. For this graduation cap, we used flat sticker crafting pearls. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. We found it’s best to reinforce the pearls with a glue gun because the adhesive tends to wear off easily.

How to Make a Pearl Cap


  • Crafting pearls
  • 1 large bow
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Start by placing your larger pearls all around your cap.

Step 2: Continue with the smaller ones for variety.

Step 3: Attach your bow on the bottom of your cap with a glue gun.

3. Doggie Cap

Don’t forget about your furry best friend! They’ve spent countless nights sitting by your side while you cram for finals. Add them to your cap, be clever with your phrase and make people smile! Make sure you choose a photo that is high quality and large enough for better results. We used a photo that was printed on a 10&#;10 sheet.

If you have multiple pets you want to include, you’ll need to print smaller. For a more colorful look, add colored glitter or fun sequins.

How to Make a Doggie Cap


  • Photo of pet
  • White foam sticker letters
  • Scissors
  • Black glitter
  • Glue
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Cut out the picture of your furry friend and glue it to your cap. Make sure you account for the middle button.

Step 2: Add glue to your cap in desired area and sprinkle black glitter.

Step 3: Place the letters on your cap to form your desired phrase.

4. Pizza Time

Pizza got us through late night studying so it’s only natural that you want to pay homage to your favorite food. All you need is colorful felt and a fun food pun. Sticker letters are great for this project but feel free to mix and match with other items such as sequins or glitter. For extra reinforcement, don’t forget to glue the letters on before the big day.

How to Make a Pizza Cap


  • Felt fabric in three different colors
  • Sticker letters
  • Cardboard paper
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil

Step 1: Place your brown felt paper on top of the yellow, draw a triangular shape and cut. You can make it as thick or thin as you’d like.

Step 2: Cut the top off the yellow triangle.

Step 3: Take your red felt and cut into circles.

Step 4: Take your cardboard sheet and attach it on top of your cap.

Step 5: Glue all the pizza pieces to the cardboard sheet.

Step 6: Add a fun phrase next to your pizza.

Step 7: Finish off with the perfect final details such as sequins, glitter or more pepperoni pieces.

5. Photo Collage

If you want to add fun memories on your graduation cap, include photos you have collected throughout the years leading up to your special day. If you have a hashtag that you’ll be using amongst your friends for social media, a good tip is for all of you to make fun variations of this cap.

This DIY photo graduation cap is not only super easy to make but you only needs six items.

How to Make a Photo Collage Cap


  • Photos
  • Glue gun
  • Gold sticker letters
  • Ruler
  • Crafting knife
  • Pencil

Step 1: With your ruler, measure approximately 2 inches in height for each picture.

Step 2: Cut out your picture and use that as a guide for the remaining photos.

Step 3: Decide where you want to place your images.

Step 4: Glue the photos to your cap.

Step 5: Add your favorite hashtag across the top of your cap. It’s ok if some parts of your images are covered.

Make sure you vary the width of each photo to give it more of a collage feel.  Ordering your prints via the Shutterfly app is easy and you can have them ready in as little as an hour.

As you can see, decorating your cap allows you to show your fun personality and connect with your loved ones. Don’t forget to share your graduation announcements with your family and friends so they can join you as you embark on your next journey. No matter what graduation cap idea you choose, it will be something you remember for the rest of your life, so make it special!

No matter what design you choose to incorporate on your graduation cap, the most important thing is to create a design that represents you and your unique accomplishments. Whether your cap decorations tip a hat to your college major, thank your mom and dad or show off your witty personality, putting your own spin on your graduation cap design is another chance for you to show everyone just how talented you are.

Decorating my graduation cap! - DIY GRAD CAP

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college graduation cap ideas for

Every year, graduation season comes around and sneak up on us! Nothing can prepare us for the time of our lives that we are about to embark on, but you can prepare to slay the day while walking across that field or stage to get your diploma!

What better way to stand out from the crowd and have your loved ones easily find you than to balance on your head, a cap filled with some awesome graduation cap decorations?!

Listed below we have researched 50 of the most awesome graduation cap ideas for seniors!

Which graduation cap design are you going to choose to let everyone know you did it?

Graduation Cap Ideas

1. The Honest Cap

 graduation cap ideas

Just because you have the diploma in my hands, doesn’t mean you remember what you *should* have learned.

2. The Grinch Cap

graduation cap design

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We’re all just about wallowing in self-pity, but don’t forget your 6 o’clock appointment to graduate!”

3. The Debt Cap

funny graduation cap design

Wait, my loans are how much?! And that’s not even WITH interest?! Oh boy…

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4. The Drake Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas

If you’re reading this, it means that I graduated and would love a job please and thank you.

5. The Mocking Cap

spongebob graduation cap design

If one more person asks, “What are you doing after graduation?” you might just lose it. Let them know you still don’t know by using this awesome SpongeBob meme.

6. The Career Change Cap

Graduation Cap Ideas

We have all been there – maybe it would just be easier to be a stripper. You’d probably make a lot more money, but you wouldn’t have this diploma if you changed career paths!

7. The Cardi B Cap

cardi b graduation cap design

Why’d you even go to college in the first place? In the words of Cardi B, for that “MONEY!”

8. The Mine Cap

mine graduation cap idea

MINE MINE MINE. You worked hard for 4 long years – no one can take your diploma (or cap!) away from you now.

9. The Kelly Cap

kelly graduation cap design

Your friends have, like, no idea how smart you’ve become. Kelly Kapoor understands you, though.

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The Level Up Cap

level up graduation cap ideas

Time to level up, babe! You got the degree, now time to get the job of your dreams!

The Patrick Cap

patrick grad cap

But really, is mayonnaise a major? These graduation cap ideas are really as great as wearing a striped sweater.

The Peter Pan Cap

awesome grad cap designs

Here we goooooo! Just like Peter Pan, you’re onto your next adventure and hopefully it’s somewhere just as fun as Neverland!

The Fresh Prince Cap

fresh prince graduation cap ideas

Look at your kingdom, you’re finally there! To sit on your throne… as the person who just got their degree!

The 7 Rings Cap

ariana grande graduation cap ideas

You see it, you like it, you want it, you got it! Now time to make your receipts look like phone numbers!

The Goodbye Cap

funny graduation cap ideas

Short, sweet, and to the point. Let everyone know you’re more than done by saying, well, bye!

The B.S. Cap

DIY graduation cap ideas

This B.S. better have been worth all that B.S. you had to go through in getting it. But luckily, it probably will be!

The Oprah Cap

best graduation cap ideas for college

YOU get a diploma! YOU get a diploma! And hey – YOU also get a diploma! But if only it was as easy to get as Oprah throwing them out as party favors.

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The Overachiever Cap

great graduation cap designs

Aim for the stars? Nah, you’re better than that. You just got your diploma and now you’re onto bigger fish to fry!

The Sponsor Cap

creative graduation cap ideas

I would like to thank all the things that have brought me to where I am today. Wikipedia, white wine, Postmates, Mom & Dad’s bank account – you all are the unsung heroes of today.

The 7 Year Cap

funny grad cap design

Listen, there is nothing wrong with being a little extra. Even if that does mean taking a few additional years to graduate!

The Fat Amy Cap

cool graduation cap ideas

Crushed it. No, college may not have turned out just like Pitch Perfect, but at least it’s done!

The Tina Belcher Cap

cartoon graduation cap ideas

You are a strong, smart, college-educated woman whose dancing skills are that of Tina Belcher.

The Ohana Cap

funny grad cap designs

Ohana means family, and family means you can house me until I pay back my loans, right?

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The Office Cap

funny graduation cap ideas

Michael Scott has some pretty stellar lines that could apply to your college experience. “I should’ve burned this place down when I had the chance,” would be my go-to, personally.

The Disney Channel Cap

disney channel graduation cap ideas

Hi! I’m a recent, unemployed college grad and YOU’RE watching The Disney Channel!

The Late (But Done) Cap

funny college graduation cap ideas

You may have showed up late countless times, but hey, at least you got it done!

The Hotter Cap

creative college graduation cap ideas

Walk across that stage knowing that you are officially hotter by 1 (or 2!) degree(s). Strut like you mean it!

The Eagle’s Last Flight Cap

diy grad cap ideas

A queen is never late, everyone else is just early! But, now Queen, it is your last flight – now you can soar!

The Beginning of Anything Cap

graduation cap ideas for high school

Now that you are equipped for what you want, anything can happen. The fun graduation cap idea can swap out sunflowers to the flower of your choice – so it can be “anything you want!”

The Game of Loans Cap

graduation cap ideas for college

The game of loans feels like our heads might as well get chopped off, right? Any GOT fans will love the ironic torture that the cap brings.

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The Coffee Cap

funny college graduation cap ideas

This student ran on Dunkin and sometimes ONLY Dunkin. Add a dangling coffee cup for a fun graduation cap decoration!

The Friends Cap

Friends graduation cap ideas

You and your whole friend group can resonate with the Friends gang? This is perfect for you and your 5 closest pals.

The Humble & Kind Cap

cute grad cap designs

This cute reminder of staying humble and kind is something we all could use. Even if we do have a whole degree under our belts – remember who brought you there!

The Princess Cap

clever graduation cap ideas

You’re all done with the hassle, now where’s your castle?! And don’t pay attention to the loans, they’re just rascals! (But do pay attention, though.)

The 3 Year Cap

grad cap design

“Why do 4 year when 3 year do trick?” or whatever Kevin Malone said. Celebrate your early win with this hilarious cap.

The Game of Life Cap

creative diy graduation cap design

Not much is better than a graduation cap idea that you can also play. It’s also a lot cheaper than real life.

The Best Friends Cap

best friends graduation cap ideas

To infinity and beyond! The Woody to your Buzz can share in this day together.

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The Thankful Cap

best graduation cap ideas seniors

Pay homage to everyone who has helped you get to where you are now. Pictures with loved ones are the best way for them to feel appreciated!

The HSM Cap

best graduation cap ideas

Even if you’re graduating from college, this High School Musical cap can resonate with any of us! ~THE START OF SOMETHIN’ NEWWWW~

The Last-Minute Cap

best graduation cap ideas

Just like everything else you’ve accomplished in your educational career; this too was last minute.

The Glitter Cap

glitter graduation cap ideas

This beautifully elegant, yet simple cap can be rocked by any diva. Switch out the colors for a rainbow effect or keep the purple since you’re royal.

The Grace Cap

cute graduation cap designs

Being humbled by the words you have been taught can mean a lot in a big moment like this. Favorite scriptures or verses can be used just like this.

The ‘This Was for My Dog’ Cap

dog graduation cap

To be completely honest, we all know that we go to school just so we can give our dogs the lives they deserve.

The Mastered Cap

how to decorate a graduation cap

Ohhh so you got a Masters, huh? Hell yeah you did – show that off by telling everyone that you just MASTERED it!

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The Frozen Cap

elsa graduation cap ideas

No need to let it go, because now it’s time to see what you can do with your degree! If you need help as to how to decorate a graduation cap in the theme of Frozen – frozen fractals, all around!

The ‘I’m My Own Hero’ Cap

wonder woman graduation cap idea

To everyone who needed a hero but turned out to be their own at the end of the day – this one’s for you! Celebrate your achievement with this awesome graduation cap idea!

The Director’s Cut Cap

that's a wrap graduation cap

And that’s a wrap! Yell “CUT” on your big day with your own director’s cut on your cap!

The Adventure Cap

optimistic graduation cap

Are you ready to take on what the rest of the world has to offer? There is an entire planet here to explore – where will you go next?

The Leslie Knope Cap

leslie knope graduation cap idea

Need the power of Leslie Knope to help keep you on the right path? Her advice is always bound to get you to make the right decisions and to be a badass in the process.

The Graduation Cap!

class of grad cap ideas

And when all is said and done – a perfect is what is needed for you. Out of all the graduation cap ideas for you, nothing can be better said than that you have vision.

Whether you were looking for college or high school graduation cap ideas we hope you’ve been inspired by one of these grad cap ideas!

These amazing grad cap ideas are perfect for graduates who want to show off their cunning sense of humor or just want to graduate in style!

We hope these grad cap ideas inspired you to create a design that not only stands out but shows off your personality a little bit!

This post showed you 50 DIY graduation cap ideas for Like it? Share it!

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Decorating My High School Graduation Cap! - Class of 2020

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