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    • Hi, Fred! We’d suggest a five or six foot fence for your labrador. We’re here if you need anything. Let us know how you make out!

    • I got a 6 ft fence for my dog and put wire up to and now he can jump the 6 ft fence even with the wire what can I do now

  • In your article, you stated that when choosing a fence, it’s crucial to make sure the design of the fence itself is totally climb-proof. My wife brought home a new dog for my birthday and then we realized that we don’t have a fence. I wonder which fencing material might be more durable and be able to keep a pet in the yard.

    • Hi, Derek! High quality wood and vinyl or composite materials can resist charging and chewing and a solid panel fence has a flat surface without anywhere for your dog to stick his paws. Thanks for reading and reaching out!

  • I am happy to have found this information about finding the right fence for your big dog. It is good to know that one should invest in a fence that is impossible to climb. I did not realize that chain link fences were not the best choice for climbers. I have also heard that it is a good idea to learn about how to maintain the fence before installation.

  • The tip I like most is your last one–make your dog not want to escape. I just bought my niece a puppy great dane. It looks just like scooby doo, but will probably grow up to be huge, so we’ll need a fence.

  • We have a LARGE Belgian Shepherd who just lays on the fence and squishes it enough to step over. We’re thinking about an electric fence but know that the invisible ones will not work. What about the “livestock” electric fences placed at the top of the existing fence which is 4′ high?

    • We used a reduced livestock electric fence on top and inside of our wooden fence. I worked very well. Kept our lab and collie-husky mix in. They only had to be zappd once. Of course we were zapped alot mowing.

  • I have a Bassett who likes to head butt my thin stockade fence in attempt to play with my neighbors 3 dogs. Two of the neighbors dogs are pits and one has acted out aggressively toward my dog as mine tries to break through to him. I’ve Been Told by my neighbor his dog is able to break vinyl fencing. I need a strong fence to keep them from seeing each other and unbreakable. I’m willing to pay more to get positive results. Any suggestions? I Also Have a daschund. Thanks!

    • I have a Bassett as well, I just had (what I thought was a 4 foot panel fence. but its actually 3.5, its being addressed) installed and he climbs the support panels. Bassetts are climbers and have strong hind legs, 4 feet will stop the jumping but not the climb, even on a panel. YES DOGS BREAK VINYL. Most vinyl is only cemented at the bottom of the supports to keep it in place. It looks nice but it is weak. Please consider a 6 foot fence or 5 foot (hard to find, have the 6 foot panel cut at the bottom below the support at home depot) so you can still see your neighbors and talk over it.

  • Very very interesting article. I have learnt many things form your article. Your blog become one of my favorite. I want to gather more knowledge regarding this. Please keep sharing…

    thanks alot!!

  • I left my 35# mixed mutt (largely Terrier) with kennel. She got out and ran onto the highway and my precious Maggie is gone. Owner says she jumped 5′ fence….we don’t buy it. She’s not a jumper – ever- so well behaved, she won’t jump on me. Besides she’s stayed at kennel before. She is far from being hyper – just the opposite – very laid back. We have our theory as to how she got out, but that’s irrelevant. There’s nothing we can do about it now. Any thoughts about her jumping the fence (when she’s never tried it in the many times she’s been boarded)?

    • Not all pitties are bad. I hate to see any dog chained up though. I understand your hesitation and do not have all the facts. Just hoping you aren’t judging the pup purely on his breed. A six foot privacy fence made from quality wood should keep the dog out of your yard. If you are concerned about digging under you can place cement or cinder blocks below the fence. I hope this helps. I hope the pup is in a good home too. I dislike dogs being chained.

    • Sorry about Maggie. My little 10 lb. mild manner, senior (13 yrs. ) schnauzer jumped a 3′ fence because she got scared; she had never jumped it before. If Maggie was being boarded and was not in her usual environment, she may have just been anxious or scared of something and bolted-even though she may have boarded at that location before. Just because a dog has never done something once doesn’t mean they can’t if given the opportunity, or in their mind something propels them to act.

  • Any suggestions on what type and how high a fence for a Pitbull we want to keep OUT of our yard? New neighbors have a Pitbull they only chain outdoors and we have small children to keep safe. Any suggestions would be helpful. We have 400ft of backyard against their yard.

  • My kids recently convinced me to agree to get them a dog soon, and considering our backyard doesn’t have a fence around it, I thought I would do some research on how to go about getting the best fence possible put in. I had no idea that chain link fences can drive dogs crazy because they can see everything going on right outside of it. While we don’t know how the dog will react to things yet, it seems like a good idea to be proactive and maybe give him a little more privacy. I’ll be sure to share this with my husband!

  • Thanks for the great tips in choosing a fence to install to keep my big dog in the yard. He’s escaped way too many times and the neighbors are starting to complain. No matter what fence we choose, I love your advice to make sure that the fence is super tall and impossible to climb. Hopefully, by following your tips, we’ll be able to keep him in the backyard for good.

  • I recently got a new puppy that is bound to grow up in the next year to be three times larger than he is right now and I will need a fence before that time comes. You mentioned to get a fence that is too high for them to climb or jump so that he won’t try to escape. It was also great that you mentioned not putting plants or anything else they can boost on. Thank you for the great information on fences for big dogs.

  • I just adopted a large dog, and so I really like your idea about making the yard dog-friendly. The fence that I have installed around my yard is large, and I don’t think that he’d be able to climb it. However, I definitely agree that making the yard a place where the pup wants to be is a good start when it comes to keeping him in the yard. I think that I’ll put more toys and perhaps a mini obstacle course in the backyard to make it more suitable for him.

  • I didn’t know that some dogs can climb fences. That’s really helpful to know as I look for a fence. I’ll definitely try to find one that I know he can’t climb. Thanks for the helpful tip!

  • We have a large dog daycare and boarding facility. We want to replace our current wrought iron fences that rust with vinyl fencing but I want to know if it is sturdy enough and what will happen when the dogs urinate on it all the time – will it yellow? We have about 80 big dogs and 40 small dogs every day in a 16,000 square foot outdoor area. Big and small dogs are separated. We have artificial turf with fences separating certain areas. How do vinyl fences and gates hold up under these intense circumstances. Our external fence is 8 feet high of stone so no issue there but the internal yard fences need to be replaced and I am looking a vinyl.

  • I like that you mentioned that a vinyl fence would be a good option because your dog can’t see what’s on the other side. That will make him less likely to get agitated by something on the other side. My wife and I want to get a fence installed so our dog can have a safe area to play in. I will definitely keep these things in mind as we look for the right fence, thanks.

  • I like that you mention that chain link fences may not be a good idea for dogs because they can provide footholds for them to climb out. I’ve never really liked the look of our chain link fence, so my husband and I are thinking about replacing it. It really doesn’t provide much of a problem for our dog in terms of him trying to escape, but I want to look into different options. I”m glad that you brought up vinyl because that is an option that we are considering.

  • Hello, we are getting a pitbull puppy. He will grow to be large as we bred him with 2 large dogs. We were thinking of a chain link fence with the privacy weaving. What are your thoughts on the best fence for our dog?

  • I didn’t realize a chain link fence would be ideal for a dog that likes to climb! I like that you mentioned that dogs probably don’t like them because they can see everything that’s going on on the other side of the fence. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind as I try to figure out which fence would be best for my yard and my dog in my new home.

  • What is the strongest gauge fencing or kennel panels can I find for a Malamute/Wolf mix and a super sized Pit Bull? They have chewed out of a wooden fence and a chain link fence. I need super strong.

  • My wife and I are wanting to build a fence for our yard soon, so thanks for sharing this helpful guide. I like that you mention how chain-link fencing can give your dog a foothold to jump over it. We’ll be sure to stick with solid, flat surfaces like you said.

  • My dog, Tobias, is a Labrador, and he’s currently a mostly inside dog. But I think that he would have fun if he were able to run around in my yard without me there to supervise him. You point out that a privacy fence or something like a chain-linked one will work depending on how your dog interacts with the outside world. I’ll have to think about that and find someone who could put in a fence for me and see what they suggest too.

  • Hi I have a 2.5 acre property that is fully fenced with 4 foot chain link, I was thinking if I added a 45 degree barb arm to the fence line with plain wire running through it do you think it would prevent a dog from climbing over. I feel that it I raise the fence a dog who was going to climb would just climb higher? Is the barb arm a good option?

  • Our fence is 4ft but the drop on the other side is 3 metres. Will a dog jump over something not knowing what’s on the other side?

  • We have a fenced area that we use to play with our dogs off leash. It’s a pretty sturdy chain link fence that we thought could contain them. The fence has held up to our rottie mix. Our Dogo Argentino has never tried to jump it or dig under it so we thought we were good, we were wrong. When our neighbors dog got loose our Dogo Argentino barreled right through the chain link fence. So now we need advice. Obviously chain link won’t hold him. He’s 120lbs or determined muscle and we need a safe solution. We were able to command him to sit and stay and the neighbors dog was unharmed, this time. Any suggestions?

  • The six foot fence didn’t even make my pitbull think twice..with one leep he can clear it without a problem!Now this is a problem for me considering I live next to a park and people are usually retarded and think all pitbull want to rip your face off! Not a big concern of mine considering he wouldn’t hurt a fly but the parents actions is what’s getting on my nerves. Is there anything to keep him from jumping over? (The fence is built so that it is all flat no edges for him to brace on) I need help asap!

  • Pic fences are the best..I have 3 dogs one is a Catahoula leopard Cur/ Mastiff..155 lbs..Boxer/ Cur 80 lbs..and a little pit bull 60lbs I’ve not had one problem in 3 years

  • Thank you for the information. We have 9 Siberian Huskies and haven’t had a problem with an escaper until Momma had a litter of puppies. She climbed the fence like a monkey. Sadly, she got hit by a car. Her daughter is just a bad but whole lot faster at scaling the fence we have now. We are going to put in a new fence but need to be sure of what we should put in. Your blog has given me a direction to go in.

  • I have found that it is cheaper to buy 3 dog kennels, 6 ft high for a chain link fence for my Sassy dog, what is the pros and cons of this idea. Each panel is 5 ft wide, what are the chances of this failing

  • What would you suggest for a pitbull black lab breed. Would a 6ft. wooden fence be good enough to keep the dog in the yard? We are moving onto a street that is a major road.

  • I never considered that a 4 ft high fence wouldn’t stop certain dog breeds. I guess some animals have a high vertical. I know my golden retriever is rambunctious, so I’ll get a tall fence.

  • Me and my husband are awaiting a baby golden retriever. I want to make sure I get the right type of fence for him. Having a dog run away just makes my heart hurt. Thank you for sharing that dogs can CLIMB fences! I just thought they could jump them. Now I know what I am really up against. I need to make sure I choose a really good fence to prevent any harm to my dog.

    • Hi Lilia! Definitely consider the climbing aspect, as some dogs are definitely climbers! Best of luck with your new pup!

  • Me an my husband aren’t sure what type of fence to have for our pit bull mix, our new home currently has a fence ( wood & kinda old ) last Sunday she charged at it like a line backer an cracked one of the 4x4s! So we were thinking of doing a aluminum 5ft fence, but I’m not sure if it will be strong enough!

    • Hi Ashley! It sounds like an ActiveYards vinyl fence might do the trick for you. ActiveYards vinyl fences are made with GlideLock technology that will keep the fence sturdy even if your dog charges at the fence. Definitely check out ActiveYards vinyl on our site here: http://fenceau2.nextmp.netvinyl

  • My husband and I just bought a husky puppy and are wanting to install a fence in the backyard to help keep him contained. Thank you for suggesting that we should try getting a fence that is around five or six feet. I’ll have to look into the best fencing companies to come and install a fence for us.

  • Was just planning to put up a waist high fence to prevent our husky from going to the garage as he damaged (scratched) the car fenders 🙁 good thing i found this site so i have better idea with the type of fence to put up. Thanks so much!!

  • I really appreciate your tip to train your dog so they won’t want to escape your yard! My sister has a really large dog, and she has been thinking of getting a perimeter fence so her dog won’t get lost! I will be sure to tell that she should also train her dog to stay at the house no matter what!

  • Thank you for explaining what some good fences are for big dogs. It’s nice to know that higher fences are ideal so you should try to add extensions to it. It also sounds beneficial to pick a fencing material that you can add onto.

  • I found it interesting how you mentioned how you should build a fence that is impossible for a dog to climb or jump over. My wife and I are thinking about getting a new dog when we move to our new home and the current fencing seemed a bit small for the dog we want. I will keep this in mind as we contact a fence supply to get a bigger fence!

  • I have tried to find out a best way to protect my dog and from this article discussed about 5 things that protect my dog and big vinyl fence styles can protect my dog.

  • I like your idea about making the fence impossible to climb. I believe that ornamental iron fencing is great for keeping dogs in. If I were to install a fence, I would make sure to find the best contractor out there.

  • Can a PittBULL mastiff jump a chain link fences to hurt my yorkie dog? Will privacy slates help?

  • We have a 6′ high white vinyl fence. The neighbor’s dog (bull mastiff) when excited (or curious about our dogs) has bumped the fence and poked his head thru slats which pop out out of place from his enormous body weight leaning into it. The slats can be put back into place, but I’d prefer he wasn’t able to get thru at all. He seems friendly enough, but our dogs are smaller than him and I’d rather not deal with any issues between them should he end up in our yard. Any suggestions on how to reinforce the vinyl fencing so the slats cannot be easily popped out when he runs into the fence? Thanks,

    • Hi Jay! Our ActiveYards vinyl fences are made with GlideLock technology, which connects the slats together (similar to a tongue and groove). These slats will not come apart when leaned on! if you’re interested in a stronger fence, that may be the best way. Definitely check it out!

  • As an owner of malamutes, huskies and elkhounds, I can assure you that these breeds are much more likely to go under the fence, then through the fence rather than over the fence. None of them have ever gone over a four foot fence (but they sure do get close…I’d opt for 5 foot if I had it to do over again). But choose the heavier gauge as they can actually pull the chain link apart with their teeth. The bottom needs to be to all the way to the ground (or actually slightly below grade) with a wire or support bar at the bottom. And even then, you might find yourself lining the bottom of the fence with cinder block or other additional barrier to keep them from tunneling under.

  • I had dogs that would dig under the fence and I found if they cant push the fence at all at the bottom.Then they usually won’t dig.But if they do ,you can dig a 6″ trench on the inside and connect chicken wire to the bottom of the fence laying it in a u shape going from the bottom of the fence and back up to yourself.Then fill the trench back in over the chicken wire.When the dog starts to dig down.It will hit the chicken wire and it will eventually give up and quit trying to dig under.Just make sure it is connected to the bottom of the fence good.This method has worked every time to prevent dogs from digging under and it is all hidden.

  • We have a schnoodle. She can jump pretty high but I think 4 foot would contain her. My bigger question is about asthetics of 4 foot vs 5 foot fences. My dad thinks the 4 ft fences look more attractive and less spindly. The problem is that this will be on the back side of our home. The side of which is facing a street. So you can see the entire height of the home – basement, first floor and second floor (which is in the attic so there is a little extra height on top of that). So basically three stories+ from the back side. Also the back yard is quite large. I’m afraid that the scale of a four foot fence on that would look ridiculous and that a 5 foot fence would be needed for balance. We currently have a privacy fence which is grandfathered in by the HOA and has to be replaced with powder coated aluminum. I feel like the height will affect the look of our home, how much we can enjoy it, whose dogs can visit and resale. Are there any Industry guidelines/rules of thumb about height of fence based on size of yard or size of home?

    • Hi Cheryl! Fence height is usually determined by need or preference. If you prefer the look of a 5 foot fence, then go for it! There is really no right or wrong.

    • Hi Rachel! For larger dogs, the taller the fence the better. Generally, 4-5 foot fences will keep most dogs in as long as they are not major jumpers. However, if your dog is a jumper or tends to be an escape artist, you may want to consider the tallest fence your municipality allows (which often times is 6 feet).

  • My parents just got a new husky and they need to update their fence so that it doesn’t get out of their yard. I’ll let them know that even a 4-foot tall fence won’t contain the dog. They will have to talk to their fencing contractor and come up with an option that will fit all their needs.

  • I live surrounded by nature and want to see it but my dogs a climber. Any suggestions for fencing that you can see through but moon the dog can’t climb?

  • It’s great to learn that a solid panel fence is good for bigger dogs. My wife and I are moving into a new home soon and we want to make sure that our dog doesn’t run away at the new property. I’ll make sure that we get a tall solid panel fence so our dog can’t run away.

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portabble dog fences

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Every dog owner dreams of a fenced backyard where Fido and Baxter can roam and rump and have fun – but let’s face it, it’s just not always possible to make that happen. Enter the portable dog fence, an easy and flexible solution that can travel with you on a camping trip or no matter where you are headed with your furry, best friend. These fence kits and playpens are especially handy for holiday travel, as some are both easy to assemble and sturdy enough to give you peace of mind – check out some of these temporary fence solutions.

  1. 1. AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Dog & Pet Exercise Pen

    • Light and easy to transport
    • Ground anchors included
    • Best for small or toy dog breeds
    • Two sets can be combined for bigger play space
    • Too light for large dogs
    • Lower fences don't have doors but a stepover panel
    • May be too flimsy if it's moved around a lot

    If you are looking for a simple and cheap portable dog fence then this is the solution for you – as long as you have a very small dog. This fence comes in four different heights – 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, 42-inch, and 48-inch – but it is not very sturdy. 
    Each pen has eight panels that for the smallest pen measure 24 inches by 24 inches and create a 16-square-foot enclosure. It comes with ground anchors and it sets up in seconds. The panels are made of metal, but his fence will not hold a rambunctious German Shepherd or an overjoyed Standard Poodle – it’s best for very small breeds, or maybe a pet rabbit or two. 

    Find more AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Dog & Pet Exercise Pen information and reviews here.

  2. 3. YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Dog Pen

    • Ground stakes included
    • Easy assembly without tools
    • Can be combined with other kit for larger pen
    • Smallest door can be tricky to close
    • Finish may dull if exposed to weather
    • The tallest fence panels can be difficult to move

    Here’s a flexible and heavy-duty, portable dog fence that’s meant to be used outside, but can do double-duty as a whelping-area inside. The panels come in three heights –  24 inches, 32 inches, and 40 inches – so make sure you pick one that’s tall enough for your favorite doggo. Each kit holds 16 panels and may be assembled in many different shapes: round, square, and octagon, just to mention a few. You can also use the panels in a straight line to for instance close off part of your yard. There are two entrances: a small door that allows you to easily reach in for food bowls, toys, or to lift smaller pets out, and a larger door for you and your dog to use together. It’s a sturdy and functional solution. 

    Find more YAHEETECH Heavy Duty Foldable Metal Dog Pen information and reviews here.

  3. 4. MAGINELS Pet Playpen For Small Dogs & Pets

    • Especially good for smaller docile pets
    • Can be used as a barrier to protect furniture
    • Several kits can be combined for larger play-area
    • Not very solid
    • Do not step over or lean on
    • Adding zip-ties to secure the panels is a good idea
    • Indoor use only

    This portable dog fence is extremely light-weight and it is not meant for containing a growing litter of cute, rambunctious puppies, or even a small but very active dog. However, it is perfect for shielding your Christmas tree from curious dog noses or for directing dog traffic, say to close off the kitchen so you can cook in peace. The plastic and metal panels are 28 inches tall and 20 inches wide, and they can be put together in a variety of creative shapes. They connect with little plastic caps on the top and bottom part of the panel, and it’s easy to put the pen up. 

    Find more MAGINELS Pet Playpen For Small Dogs & Pets information and reviews here.

  4. 5. Giantex 48-Inch Dog Playpen For Tall Dogs

    • Metal panels have rounded edges
    • Two doors for easy access
    • Put up and takedown without using tools
    • Very sturdy design
    • Can be used outdoors and is rust-resistant
    • The doors are narrow
    • Not so stable on uneven ground
    • Best suited to stay in one place for longer time preriods

    Owners of big dogs are all too familiar with the challenges they bring: how to find a bed that’s big enough, how to fit them in the car or find a cute collar, or even a raincoat. As we searched for a solid portable dog fence for taller dogs, we came across the Giantex 48 Inch Dog Playpen and it seems to fit the bill. It is very sturdy, and high quality, and the kits come with either 40-inch tall panels or 48-inch tall panels – it’s a favorite among campers with large dogs. 

    The fence panels are all rust-resistant steel with rounded edges and they are very easy to set up without any tools. It has easy access through two doors or can be set up as a run outside your camper. This fence will hold larger, well-trained dogs who won’t attempt to jump it.

    Find more Giantex 48-Inch Dog Playpen For Tall Dogs information and reviews here.

  5. 7. IRIS 34 Inch Dog & Pet Plastic Playpen

    • Non-skid Rubber Pads Protect Flooring
    • Two models: with our without a door
    • Panels are 34 inches tall and more kits can be easily added
    • Made in the USA
    • Should be secured to the ground when used outside
    • Plastic may be prone to chewing
    • Large dogs may be able to push this around

    This portable dog fence and playpen is made out of durable, heavy-duty molded plastic, so it’s guaranteed to never rust. The contemporary design works in any environment and it comes in two models: with a door and without a door (the latter being the most sturdy) and is available in many different colors. If you use it indoors it’s easy to match your decor. The panels are sturdy but light and they interlock all the way to the ground, leaving no gaps for puppers to escape through. The bottom of the panels are protected with skid-resistant rubber pads and they will not scratch your wood floors. One kit holds eight panels and a second kit can easily be added on. Each panel is 24 inches wide so this is a roomy playpen. 

    Find more IRIS 34 Inch Dog & Pet Plastic Playpen information and reviews here.

  6. 8. Dreambaby Retractable Nylon Mesh Gate For Indoor & Outdoor Use

    • Two sets of hardware included for mounting in two locations
    • Very sturdy mesh fabric
    • Easty to clean
    • Can be used outside for instacne to secure deck opening
    • Must be mounted on wall
    • At 35 inches tall some dogs may jump it
    • Can't be used without hardware installation

    So, perhaps you don’t need a huge playpen but simply a gate to keep Bowser and his begging ways out of the dining room during dinner. A baby gate is a perfect solution in this situation and this sturdy Dreambaby Retractable Gate is a great solution. You can get it in black or gray, and it’s made out of metal and plastic. What’s super cool about this one is that it comes with two sets of installation hardware so you can use the same gate in two different locations. The mesh is lightweight and very sturdy, even if your dog decides to jump up on it. Once installed on a wall or in a doorframe, the gate is easily opened with one hand – this is a very well-designed gate option. 

    Find more Dreambaby Retractable Gate For Indoor & Outdoor Use information and reviews here.

  7. 9. Cumbor 43.3 Inch Metal Dog & Baby Gate

    • Tension fit in most standard doorways
    • Bars are close enough that dog can't wiggle through
    • Solid construction for larger dogs
    • Gate does not fit a space between 35 inches and 37.8 inches
    • Works best in even door frames - measure both top and bottom
    • Lock takes some time to get used to

    Here is another option if you just need a dog gate inside your house. This one swings open like a regular fence gate, and one of its best features is that it closes automatically so you will never forget to close the gate. It’s excellent for door openings, stairways, and deck openings outside. It’s made out of high quality but light metal and it’s easy to install with built-in tension rods. The gate is very easy to remove when needed. The lock is a two-point pressure lock that even the most rambunctious dog can’t unlock by mistake. It’s perfect for keeping your pooch safe from chemicals in the laundry room or the garage. 

    Find more Cumbor 43.3 Inch Metal Dog & Baby Gate information and reviews here.

  8. 10. Freestsanding Four-Panel Wooden Dog Fence

    • Free standing - no holes in your walls
    • Easy open and close gate included
    • Secure support feet that will not scratch flooring
    • Indoor use only
    • Free standing so can be pushed aside
    • Bars may be too far apart for very small pets

    Here’s a cool and stylish solution if you need an indoor portable dog fence, and you want something nice. This free-standing dog fence consists of four panels and it’s made of wood. It is 31.5 inches tall and the wood stain is both environmentally friendly and completely safe just in case Fido starts to chew his way out. The panels are free-standing and come with two supportive feet, making the fence very stable in a Z or a C shape. One panel is a walk-through door with a suspension latch, so you will never forget to close it behind you. This roll-up dog fence comes with a limited one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

    Find more Freestsanding Four-Panel Wooden Dog Fence information and reviews here.

  9. 12. Internets Best Traditional Four Panel Dog Fence

    • Folds up for easy storage
    • 30 inches tall so will work for most small to mid-size dogs
    • Easy to move from one location to another
    • May be too light for larger dogs
    • Not stable when fully extended
    • Does not have a gate
    • Sometimes the basic solution is the best: this is a traditional portable dog fence made out of wood and metal wire. It is 30 inches tall and spans up to 74 inches wide. It arrives at your home fully assembled and ready to go. When not in use it folds up easily and can fit behind a door or in a closet for easy storage. It’s most stable if you put it up in a Z shape but it does come with skid-resistant feet to protect your floors and make it more stable. Its simple but stylish design makes it a nice addition to any living space and it will help you keep your dog safe.

    Find more Internets Best Traditional Four Panel Dog Fence information and reviews here.

Why does my dog try to run away? 

Let's face it: some dogs are born roamers. They have never seen a fence they don't want to scale, a lock they don't want to break open or a yard they can't dig out of. If you find yourself with one of these endearing escape artists in your household, life can be a little difficult for both you and your dog. 

Let's be super clear that scaping is dangerous for your dog - she can get out in traffic, perhaps get into a fight with another dog, jump in a stranger's car to go for a ride - the options and the sad consequences are endless. So no matter where you are you want to make sure your dog is safely contained behind a fence when she's not on a leash. 

The Humane Society of the United States gives a long list of reasons why your dog may roam - or turn into a hairy Houdini as they call it - and some reasons are perfectly preventable:

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise by walking her several times a day. Letting her run out in the backyard is just not enough. 

Dogs bond with their owners through walking together - it's that pack animal thing that you hear so much about - and frequent walks will strengthen the bond between you and your dog. And also keep both of you trim. 

Does spaying and neutering matter? 

It's always a good idea to spay or neuter your dog - a simple and affordable surgery that also automatically cuts down on your dog's desire to roam: they just sort of forget about that whole reproduction thing and become a lot easier to live with.

When is a portable dog fence & kennel needed? 

Portable dog fences or panels are a great solution if you travel a lot and like to bring your dog along. Some set up easily inside, for instance in your dog-friendly hotel room, and they pack slimly so you can carry them in your car. They may also make a camping trip a whole lot easier as you don't have to keep your dog on a leash 24-7.

Do some research before you jump in for a big purchase and make sure you know what your needs are. Don't get an outdoor fence if you never go camping and if you are looking for an indoor solution make sure you measure every opening you are trying to cover. 

The right roll-up fence or portable panels will make all the difference in keeping your dog safe and giving you peace of mind. 

Sours: https://heavy.com/pets/portable-dog-fence/
DIY Temporary Dog Fence with PVC Pipe

Welded Wire Deer Fence for Dogs

Let your dog run free inside a virtually invisible heavy duty dog fence made of welded wire deer fence or a combination of polypropylene and welded wire fencing.

14 gauge welded wire deer fence used as dog fencing.

A variety of our strongest deer fence materials make a perfect dog fence. Welded wire metal fence, polyproplyene fence or a blend of the two fence can keep your dog safe and secure. Depending on the size and athleticism of your dog, fence heights range from 3-feet to 6-feet.

Our dog fences feature:

  • Metal Fence: dogs won’t chew through

  • Poly Fence: dogs can’t climb

  • Metal Cable support system: dogs won’t chew through

  • Reverse Sleeve Installation Method: easy install for DIY homeowners

Interested in a welded wire dog fence for your furry friend?

Dogs can’t chew through our heavy duty metal fence
14 gauge welded wire metal fence is heavy and strong enough that dogs can’t chew through it. This fence is recommended for either the entire fence height, or the bottom 3 ft.—4 ft.

Difficult to climb
Polypropylene fence is recommended for dogs that like to climb. Due to the plastic structure of the fence, it is difficult for dogs to get a grip on the fence and climb it. If a dog is able to get a grip on the fence, it flexes and moves, making it difficult to climb. Metal fence can be added at the bottom to prevent chewing.

Extra chew guard
We use a heavy duty 8 gauge steel core metal cable along the bottom of our dog fence to keep the fence secure to the ground. The heavy gauge metal cable can not be chewed through. Rebar ground stakes are also installed between every post to keep the fence secure.

“Help, My dog likes to dig!”

If you have a digger on your hands, we have a solution. Metal fence can be installed where it bends in, towards the dog and is secured to the ground using rebar ground stakes. Contact us for a custom dog fence solution.

DIY Installation
Our exclusive reverse sleeve installation method makes post installation easy for any do-it-yourself-er. A 5-ft. to 6-ft. reverse ground sleeve is easy to install with a standard post driver in nearly all soil conditions without having to get on your knees or a ladder. Your post is then slid on-top of the reverse sleeve. Learn more about our reverse sleeve method.

Sours: https://bennerdeerfence.com/dog-fence

Dog 4 fence ft

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Lucky Dog 5'x10' Chainlink Boxed Kennel Assembly

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