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Nike’s Air Max shoes are visibly embedded in the street culture of cities everywhere.

To launch the new Air Max lines in São Paulo a unique experience is introduced, connecting fans with wider urban culture.


Partnering with the Brazilian street-art collective InstaGraffiti, placing shoes on the feet of those that most represent São Paulo’s street scene - the city’s graffiti characters.

Graffiti artists update existing characters with the most coveted Air Max models, with a new shoe line launching each week in another city district. Fans obtain the shoes by visiting the walls and unlocking purchase at using geolocation. As an extra reward, an exclusive film brings the character wearing the shoes, to life.

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The city’s walls are transformed into stores, and Nike’s online retail is elevated into a world-first cultural experience that unites the citizens.

Graffiti Stores became a profitable platform for new releases. The murals increased visits to by 22% and with an 80-million social media reach, the legend lives on as part of the city’s urban heritage.

Grand Prix

Social Behaviour and Cultural Insight

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Montana UV-Effect 400ml

Montana Metallic Effect 400ml


  • Montana METALLIC Effect 400ml
    Montana METALLIC Effect 400ml
  • Montana MARBLE Effect 400ml
    Montana MARBLE Effect 400ml
  • Montana CRACKLE Effect 400ml
  • Montana NIGHTGLOW Effect 400ml
    Montana NIGHTGLOW Effect 400ml
  • Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER Effect 400ml
  • Montana GRANIT Effect 400ml
    Montana GRANIT 400ml
  • Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER Effect 400ml
    Montana HOLOGRAM GLITTER Effect 400ml
  • Montana UV-EFFECT Transparent 400ml
  • Montana GLASS Paint 250ml
    Montana GLASS Paint 250ml
  • Montana VINTAGE Effect 400ml
    Montana VINTAGE Effect 400ml

Diventa creativo con gli spray ‘Effect’ Montana Cans

Montana BLACK 400ml
Montana ACRYLIC Marker


  • Sale!
    Reptil DALAS T-Shirtc
  • Sale!
    Reptil 93 T-Shirt
    Reptil 93 T-Shirt
  • Sale!
    Hotice LAMBO Felpa girocollo
    Hotice LAMBO Felpa girocollo
  • Sale!
    Hektik by HEIS T-Shirt
    Hektik by HEIS T-Shirt
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    ALPHA MARKER 12er Set

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Andrea Nelli Graffiti a New York book

Andrea Nelli was about twenty years old when he went to New York for the first time and saw on the walls BIG-O 116, EVIL ERF 14, RAT FINK 131, SUPER KOOL 223. They seemed indecipherable codes, written all over with black spray, but then he understood that it was Nomi. It was the early 1970s and even the trains were running covered in writing. He began to take photographs intrigued by these compositions and managed to get in touch with several cliques of writers who opened the doors of New York to him.
Big names, such as COCO 144, led him. Graffiti in New York is the reissue of what is considered one of the first ever books on graffiti published by Andrea Nelli in 1978.
This book takes up the original text, a precious document of an unthinkable research for that period, contributes to the recovery of amazing images, focused as much in the styles of the time as on the subjects and on the first tags in Manhattan Heights.
Over 100 photographs of Names and historical pieces taken by Andrea Nelli himself accompany an authentic text in form and content that freezes the phenomenon in its first years of birth.

Cover: Hardcover

Release year: 2012

Pages: 190

Format: 25 X 17

Language: Italian

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Graffiti Coloring Book 1Graffiti Coloring Book 1 2

In Graffiti Coloring Book 1 you will find sixty of the best graffiti writers in Scandinavia that have made the outlines and you choose the colors! The sketch can be used as a model for a piece, but is still a work of art in its own right. The book features drawings from legends such as Skil, Nug, Egs and Bates. Graffiti Coloring Book 1 is fun for both...

Alex Fakso Heavy Metal bookAlex Fakso Heavy Metal book 2

Heavy Metal is a photographic work documenting the life and work of Europe’s most celebrated street artists. In keeping with the tradition of the great urban artists Martha Cooper, Henry Chalfant and Bruce Davidson, who documented New York’s subway graffi ti in the 1970s and 1980s, Alex Fakso has put Europe and its graffiti artists on the map. Fakso’s...

Rome Subway Art BookRome Subway Art Book 2

30 years of graffiti on the Rome subway system, enclosed in 432 pages, with texts and interviews of 90 of the most prolific writers of the Roman scene. An introspective journey through hundreds of secret archives enriched by some shots of internationally known photographers who have followed and documented this cultural phenomenon since the early days...

Amazing Days bookAmazing Days book 2

Limited edition of 500 numbered pieces, published by Whole Train Press in collaboration with the Amazing Art. In the book you will find some historical photos and info on events organized in Puglia between 1984, until 2006, passing from the golden age of the 90s. Select about 550 photos out of 6,000 photos received from 30 photographers, the best works...

Andrea Nelli Graffiti a New York book

She finished not loudly, and without cinematic convulsions, but, obviously, with pleasure. And when she came to, she told me to get up. She put her hand into my swimming trunks, inserted a finger.

Shop graffiti

They reached the end of the stairs. There was a whole pool of blood here. Frank looked grim, bit his lip.


Sometimes on the ass, sometimes into it. We did the latter only strictly after menstruation and only for our - lets say frankly, no longer regular customers, already friends. At first I finished honestly.

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