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GE is one of the most recognizable brands to consumers in America, young or old. They have produced a wide range of products for over years, and dabble in everything from aviation and healthcare to lighting. When it comes to dehumidifiers, they aren’t quite as popular as other brands, but have a solid, if somewhat confusing lineup of dehumidifiers.  

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GE’s Dehumidifier Collection 

Based on the company’s official website, you may assume they GE has out of the dehumidifier business. Currently, the company only has one system listed, and while it’s a sleek looking machine with a built-in pump, there are only a handful of reviews.

When we began to dig a little deeper, we found a variety of models spread across different sites. There are around a half-dozen models available to purchase, but some are store exclusives while others are no longer in stock due to their age. The new testing standards set by the DOE have complicated things as well, which we’ll touch on below.

pint GE Dehumidifiers 

The pint range is where you’ll find most of GE’s dehumidifiers. Their top of the line model is the GE APER50LZ, which is a 50 PPD unit with a built-in pump that’s similar in design to the GE APEL70LW. At this time of this GE dehumidifier review, it’s also the only model listed on the company’s website, although available through Amazon as well and Home Depot under the model number GE APEL50LZ.

If you don’t need a pump, the GE ADEL50LZ is also an option, and slightly cheaper. While the company doesn’t provide many tech specs, this unit and its variants are rated for rooms up to 1, square feet and have gallon water buckets.

Another pint model currently for sale is the GE ADHB50LZ, otherwise known as the GE ADEL50LY. It’s rated for areas up to square feet and has a slightly larger bucket that’s gallons. It has the same set of features found on the previous models but comes in White with a slightly different design. On that note, the GE ADEW50LP definitely sets itself apart in that regard.

The ADEW50LP is an older model, but one that provides a lot of bang for your buck. It has an airflow rating of CFM and a large gallon water bucket. It has 3-speeds and is Energy Star certified like the rest of the pint dehumidifiers from GE.

pint GE Dehumidifiers 

When you drop down to the next tier from GE, you’ll find two systems that are incredibly similar to their pint dehumidifiers. The GE APEL45LY and GE ADEL45LY are rated at 45 pints per day, but can still cover an area up to 1, square feet and are Energy Star certified.

Both have three speeds, and the same style, although the APEL45LY has a pump along with a slightly higher price point. The GE ADEW45LY is also in this class, although details are vague, aside from the fact it’s rated at 70 PPE by the old DOE testing requirements and 45 PPE by the new regulations. All older pint systems are rated at around 40 to 45 PPD under the new standards.

pint GE Dehumidifiers

With pint dehumidifiers from GE, you have two tiers to choose from with systems rated at 35 PPD and ones listed at 30 PPD. Under the new standards, the old pint systems are now rated at 30 pints per day.

The GE ADEL35LZ has a gallon tank and can handle rooms up to square feet. It’s White and has three speeds, just like the ADHB35LZ. It has the same basic set of features and a slightly different design. Both of these dehumidifiers are Energy Star compliant.

The GE ADEL30LY and GE ADEW30LY are the same systems with slightly different model numbers for different stores. While rated at 30 PPD, the specs are in-line with the 35 PPD systems. The GE ADEW30LQ is different, however, as it’s cheaper, and has a gallon bucket. The design of this system and the GE ADEW30LW is a little retro compared to their other models.

While GE also has a few models listed at 20 pints per day, the ADEW20LY is the same system as the GE ADEW30LW. It’s just downgraded by the new standards by 5 PPD but has a different model number. The ADEL20LY from Home Depot is also listed at 20 pints but appears to be the exact same machine.

GE Dehumidifier Features

If you’re looking for a dehumidifier with cutting-edge features, you’ll want to check out another brand like LG or Honeywell. GE dehumidifiers are fairly standard in the feature department, although that isn’t a bad thing when “standard” includes systems with three speeds.

  • Drainage – All of the models we checked had buckets that were at least a gallon in size and ports in the back for continuous drainage. Their selection of dehumidifiers with pumps is small, however, with only a few select models represented.
  • Automatic Defrost – While all of GE’s dehumidifiers have a wide operating range, they also have a built-in automatic defrost system to keep things running smoothly when the temperature drops in the wintertime. 
  • Air Filters – Dust and dirt can clog up even the best dehumidifier quickly, so keeping the filter clean is critical. Thankfully, that’s easy with dehumidifiers from GE, as all come with washable filters.
  • Control Panel – Some dehumidifier models from GE may have a different control panel, but all provide access to the same basic functions. That includes humidistat control, the timer, and speeds. You’ll also find alerts for the bucket and filter on the control panel.

GE Dehumidifier Reviews 

Reviews for GE dehumidifiers are hit or miss depending on where you shop online and how many units are actually available. With their older models, we found largely positive reviews. Consumers had no complaints when it came to pricing, and people found GE dehumidifiers extremely easy to use. We didn’t notice any significant complaints when it came to heat during extended usage. Homeowners were also pleased with the noise levels at all three speeds.

As for the negatives, we noticed some reports of machines dying after only a few months, which you can chalk up to quality control. Others claimed they stopped functioning after a season of use, which could be due to improper storage. Overall, we didn’t notice an abundance of problems in verified reviews of GE dehumidifiers, but quality control can be an issue with these types of systems.

Replacement Parts and Warranties for GE Dehumidifiers 

GE’s dehumidifiers aren’t in the commercial class, as their systems are designed for living spaces, not crawl spaces or commercial settings. That means replacement parts can be hard to come by, and we found that it’s a mixed experience with GE.

From the company’s official parts site, you can use the model number for your system to pull up product specifications and owner’s manuals. It also directs you to replacement parts, but we were unable to find a single part listed through GE on the models we checked. That could change in the future, but at the moment, they are not a good place to purchase dehumidifier parts.

With third-party options, your choices are much better. While we still couldn’t find parts for a few machines, we were able to find water bucker replacements, floats, filter assemblies, and other random parts. GE currently offers a 1-year warranty on all the dehumidifiers they manufacturer, which is average, but disappointing given the price of some of their models.

Pros and Cons of GE Dehumidifiers

If you are considering purchasing a GE dehumidifier, there’s a good chance you’ll want to compare the company to other brands. Well, we’ve done that for you by breaking down the pros and cons of GE dehumidifiers below.

GE Dehumidifier Pros

As mentioned, consumers found GE’s dehumidifiers easy to use. That’s an advantage compared to some brands, considering not all dehumidifiers are designed with ease of use in mind. We also like the fact they are easy to find locally or online through two major retailers, even if their own storefront is a bit sparse.

While the company’s features don’t exactly set them apart, they are one of the only companies to provide dehumidifiers with three speeds. The price point is a perk as well. Newer models are priced competitively against other brands, but we found GE’s models are often on sale, and there are a wealth of older, cheaper models available.

GE Dehumidifier Cons

We can’t knock GE for lack of features as most companies have a similar setup and the same standard bells & whistles. We do feel they could provide a better warranty, however, especially when systems from companies like hOmeLabs and MIDEA provide 2-year guarantees, and you can find 5-year warranties on several of Honeywell’s dehumidifiers.

GE Dehumidifier Pricing and Availability 

The cost of a GE dehumidifier is comparable to other large brands like Honeywell, so you can find products in the budget-class. With their higher capacity sytems, the pricing is more comparable to the competition. Overall, we feel they have a price point and size available for everyone.

GE is a major brand, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding their products locally at a big box retailer. In fact, Wal-Mart carries several of the brands we’ve covered in this review, although Home Depot has more models than other retailers. Online, you can purchase their products through the aforementioned stores or Amazon, which carries a few select models.


Q: What size GE dehumidifier should I buy for my home?

A: That depends on the size of the area you need to dehumidify. Check out our sizing guide if you’re not sure what capacity dehumidifier you need.

Q: Does GE make any portable dehumidifiers larger than 50 pints?

A: Yes, but with a catch as older models were technically rated at 70 and 90 PPD. Because of the new standards, no residential models produced today are rated over 55 PPD in the portable class.

Q: Can I connect my GE dehumidifier to any smart home devices?

A: While there are workarounds, there are currently no GE dehumidifiers in production with Wi-Fi connectivity built-in.

Q: How loud are dehumidifiers from GE?

A: We couldn’t find many systems with a decibel rating, but the ones we were able to track down were rated around 52dB. That’s standard for this type of dehumidifier, so their systems aren’t any louder than other brands.

Q: How often will I need to dump my dehumidifier tank?

A: That depends on the size of the water bucker, how much moisture the machine is rated to remove in a day, and how often it runs. Overflows will not be an issue thanks to features like auto shut-off and bucket notification lights.



The GE ADEL20LY (Home Depot) is part of the Dehumidifiers test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Dehumidifiers models like the ADEL20LY (Home Depot) are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Water removal Water removal measures pints per day removed under 65º F and 60 percent relative humidity (the new DOE standard). Models closest to claimed removal scored higher.

Energy efficiency Energy efficiency measures kWh needed to remove a pint of water from the air; the fewer the kilowatts, the higher the score.

Noise Noise denotes loudness at the highest setting, measured in decibels. We also measured ability to run on low voltage and restart after a simulated blackout; models that didn&#;t automatically restart are footnoted.

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GE Dehumidifier
Reviews and Ratings

The GE Dehumidifier is one of the best brands you could consider if you are looking at portable models available in the USA today. It is highly rated by consumers in many reviews, which is among the reasons why it is one of the five brands I recommend to visitors on this site.

All the units in the GE Dehumidifier range are effective, reliable appliances with good, all round performance and stand comparison with any of the other leading brands. As a bonus they are of attractive appearance and competitively priced.

We are happy to recommend the GE range for use in areas ranging from basements to bathrooms and are confident that the GE Dehumidifier is among the best models you could choose for your home.

The GE Dehumidifier is one of the leading brands for use in the home and is distributed by a corporate giant with diverse business interests. In Forbes, the respected business analysts, rated The General Electric Company (GE) the World's second largest company.

GE was formed in by the merger between Thomas Edison's "Edison General Electric" and The "Thomas-Houston" company. Since that time GE has developed businesses in the fields of power generation, computers (until ), aero engines and many more.

Perhaps less widely known, the company founded the "Radio Corporation of America (RCA) although the two companies separated in RCA rejoined GE in and with it came the NBC television network in which GE retains a 49% share.

One of GE's many subsidiaries is GE Consumer and Industrial which, as "GE Appliances" is a major supplier of kitchen and household goods including cookers, washers, refrigerators, air conditioners and purifiers, among many more including, of course, the GE dehumidifier.

The GE range includes the following models:


The ADER65LN is the champion so far as water collection is concerned extracting up to 65 pints per day. It is the heaviest of the four models in the range and will use the most energy. If you need a powerful machine this could be the one for you.

The ADER65LN is suitable for use in a medium to large sized basement, provided that the ambient temperature is typically above 65°F. In a cooler basement portables are less effective and much less energy efficient. For cool basements a purpose built basement model will be much the better choice.

Read my review of the ADER65LN


The ADER65LP is the successor to the highly regarded ADER65LN, one of the best in the market. From a user's point of view the two models are virtually identical and this unit will undoubtedly uphold its predecessor's excellent reputation. Like the ADER65LN this unit is Energy Star® qualified.

Read my review of the ADER65LP


If your moisture control needs can be comfortably met by a 50 pint dehumidifier the ADER50LN may suit you best. Weighing 2lbs less than the 65 pint model it also uses less energy to operate. The ADER50LN shares the appearance and exterior dimensions of its "big brother" and will operate just as effectively over a slightly smaller area. This appliance is equally suitable for use in a basement but, once again, it will not be the best choice for a cooler basement, below 65°F.

Read my review of the ADER50LN


The ADER50LP replaces the popular and highly rated ADER50LN. For those seeking an effective and reliable medium capacity unit the ADER50LN has proved to be one of the best available in the market.

The ADER50LP is virtually identical to its predecessor and there is every reason to believe it will be as popular with consumers. While there are few reviews available at present to confirm this we are confident in recommending the Energy Star® qualified ADER50LP to our visitors.

Read my review of the ADER50LP


For a more compact area the ADER40LN may be the best choice. Still powerful enough for a medium sized area this appliance uses even less energy and comes in a smaller, lighter package. It is a full 7lbs lighter than the ADER50LN and with dimensions 4" shorter and 2" narrower may fit the space available a little better. This unit is every bit as suitable for use in a basement as the larger models in the range but will only be the best to buy if your basement is very small.

Although this GE Dehumidifier uses less energy per hour when in operation its energy efficiency is poorer than that of the larger models and it will not make good economic sense to use this unit in an area for which it is only just powerful enough and in which it runs all or most of the time.

Read my review of the ADER40LN


The ADER40LP is an Energy Star® qualified, medium capacity unit which replaces the highly regarded ADER40LN. The ADER40LN was one of the best available for smaller areas and the virtually identical ADER40LP will doubtless be as popular and successful.

Read my review of the ADER40LP


The "baby" of the family is the ADER30LN although at 30 pints per day this "baby" can do just as good a job as any of the others if you have a smaller area to keep dry. The energy consumption of this GE Dehumidifier is the lowest of the four and although it is the same size as the 40 pint model it weighs in at 1lb less.

Read my review of the ADER30LN


The ADER30LP replaces the popular GE ADER30LN. This new GE Dehumidifier is pretty much identical to the ADER30LN which is highly regarded as effective and we have no reason to believe that the new ADER30LP will be any less effective, reliable and popular than its predecessor.

Read my review of the ADER30LP

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GE 20 Pint Dehumidifier for Damp Rooms, Bedroom and Closet, White

GE ADEL30LR Review


  • Most quiet 30 pint dehumidifier we tested
  • Extra fan speed (medium fan speed in addition to industry standard high and low fan speed)
  • Easy to find in local retail stores


  • High rate of negative consumer reviews
  • Hygrometer only reads humidity in 5% increments (industry standard is 1%)

Included With Your Purchase

  • Dehumidifier
  • Instruction manual
Category RatingsScore is out of 5 possible points.

The GE ADEL30LR is much lighter, smaller, and more easily transportable than most 70 and 50 pint units on the market. It also comes equipped with much of the same functionality and many of the same features as most of the 70 and 50 pint dehumidifiers we tested. On the negative side, this unit takes much, much longer to dehumidify any particular sizable space than larger capacity units. It&#;s also not very quiet and has received an unusually high percentage of negative consumer reviews. Below we discuss this unit&#;s features only briefly. For more detailed coverage of its features and functionality please see our ADEL70LR review. We do thoroughly discuss this unit&#;s performance in all four of our real world performance tests.

Note: This particular review was written several years ago, thus all comparisons within this review are made comparing this dehumidifier to the other relevant low capacity dehumidifiers at the time of its release, most of which are now discontinued. Also note that this dehumidifier, while a 30 pint unit at the time of its release, would be a 22 pint unit by today’s pints/day standards.

Energy Efficiency

At 50% relative humidity on high fan speed this unit drew watts of power. Compare its power draw to that of the 50 and 70 pint units we tested which drew on average about watts and watts of power, respectively. Note that even though this unit draws much less power than its 70 pint counterpart, it will need to operate for a longer period of time to remove the same amount of moisture.

Noise Output

The GE was the quietest 30 pint dehumidifier we tested. Note, however, that all of the 30 pint units we tested were more noisy than all of the 50 pint units and most of the 70 pint units we tested. The GE, for example, was measured at dB on high fan speed at 10 ft. The quietest 50 pint (the Danby Premiere) was measured at db at the same distance also on high fan speed.

If you&#;re looking for a quiet dehumidifier we suggest that you at the very least consider a 50 pint unit which will be much quieter and only cost a little bit more.

Moisture Removal

We saw much more variance in time taken among the 30 pint units we tested than among larger capacity units in both our moisture removal tests. The GE was the second fastest unit (among three 30 pint units we tested) in both our % test and our % test. It was faster than the Haier by a very large margin, but also slower than the Hisense by a very large margin.

Hygrometer Accuracy

This unit&#;s hygrometer only measures humidity in 5% increments, negatively impacting its ability to read humidity levels accurately. This was demonstrated in our hygrometer accuracy test as the GE&#;s hygrometer read the ambient air&#;s humidity level only to within % of the actual humidity level.

Durability (Consumer Feedback)

Online consumer reviews for the ADEL30LR are a little bit more difficult to come by. This is not a very popular dehumidifier as far as online availability is concerned. On one online retailer&#;s site this model had received 79 total reviews, 19 of which were either 1 or 2 star ratings. As we outline in our review parameters overview, we consider 1 or 2 star reviews to be &#;negative&#; reviews, indicating some type of problem with the unit that in most cases relates to its durability or reliability. We note here that this particular model&#;s negative review rate is close to 25%. Compare this rate to 10% and under for all of our best rated 50 and 70 pint models.

Feature Summary

The ADEL30LR features the same adjustability and versatility as the 70 pint ADEL70LR. Its humidistat can be adjusted in 5% increments up to 80% and down to 35% relative humidity. Like the 70 pint GE, this 30 pint unit has very limited timer functionality. Most all other units we tested featured a delayed start and a delayed stop and a timer that could be set in at least 1 hour increments up to 24 hours. This GE unit can only be set to a delayed stop (no delayed start functionality) and you can only set the timer to 2 hours or 4 hours.

The unit does feature a continuous mode, a defrost mode (no defrost indicator light, however), a check filter indicator light, and a digital display &#; impressive for a small capacity unit. The unit also features a gravity drain port on the side of the unit should you require this functionality. This particular model does not come equipped with a built-in pump for pump drainage.

Portability (Weight and Size)

While this unit features the exact same control panel, features, and functionality of the ADEL70LR it is much smaller, lighter, and thus is much more portable. The downside to its smaller size is the fact that this unit&#;s condensate collection bucket can only hold pints of condensate, compared to a pint capacity for the 70 pint model. That&#;s a substantial difference.

Among the few 30 pint units we tested, this GE model was the heaviest. Compare its weight of 34 lb to 37 lb for the lightest 50 pint units we tested and 40 lb for the lightest 70 pint units we tested. This unit is still much lighter than its 70 pint counterpart which weighed in at 45 lb.

We also note here that this unit comes equipped with a top extendable handle, which we prefer to the standard side pocket handles which we saw on most units we tested. This top handle makes the unit much more portable and easier to move around.


The ADEL30LR can be bought online or at your local retail store for about $ Compare this price to (approx.) $ for the top rated 50 pint Frigidaire and (approx.) $ for the ADEL70LR.


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GE 20 Pint Dehumidifier for Damp Rooms, Bedroom and Closet, White

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