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Raspberry Pi is a very popular series of single-board computers used by makers and professionals all over the world. The first model of Raspberry Pi called Raspberry Pi B was released at The latest release from this company is a Raspberry Pi 4B, introduced in June At first glance, this board looks quite similar to Raspberry Pi 3B+ released in November However if you take a closer look, you will notice some differences. Instead of standard single HDMI connector, designers put two micro HDMI connectors which provide 4K quality with 60FPS refreshing. The next upgrades are faster USB connections and most important - new quad-core CPU with faster clock, 3 versions of RAM memory, and new Raspbian OS. Those are great features for advanced tasks. The new Raspberry Pi 4B can be used as a desktop computer just like your PC or as a high-performance control unit for a wide range of embedded applications, such as industrial automation, robotics, measurement instruments, and many more. All this comes with a very affordable price!


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The Raspberry Pi 4 4GB Basic Kit contains everything you need to get up and running with a Raspberry Pi 4 and is perfect for someone looking to start their Pi adventure. The kit includes our most popular accessories to help you on your coding journey.


Kit Contents:

Raspberry Pi 4 &#; 4GB

2 metre HDMI cable

16GB SD card with Noobs software installed

Official EU power supply

OKdo Black case


All the contents come neatly fitted inside an OKdo branded box




Raspberry Pi 4 Basic Kit (EU)




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Technical Reference

Pi 4 Datasheet


Pi 4 Power Supply Datasheet


Sours: https://www.okdo.com/p/raspberry-pigb-essential-starter-kit-eu-version/
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Top 11 Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

In this post we’re going to show you some of the best Raspberry Pi accessories. The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-size microcomputer board that you can get for approximately $ The most recent version of the Raspberry Pi is the Raspberry Pi 4.

When you get a Raspberry Pi board, you just get a bare piece of hardware that can’t do much on its own. But there are a wide variety of projects and useful tasks the Pi can do when combined with the right accessories. There are a wide variety of accessories for the Raspberry Pi. We’ll show you 11 of the best accessories for your Raspberry Pi.

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Top 11 Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with Orientation, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Sensors

Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with Orientation, Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Sensors

4 new from $
as of June 14, pm

The SenseHAT is a great piece of hardware that allows you to do countless projects. It sits right on top of the Pi’s GPIOs and features an 8×8 RGB LED matrix, a five-button joystick, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a temperature sensor, a barometric sensor, and a humidity sensor in one package. The SenseHAT is compatible with Raspberry Pi models with 40 GPIOs.

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 - 8 Megapixel,p

Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 - 8 Megapixel,p

7 new from $
1 used from $
as of June 14, pm

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 features an 8 MP Sony IMX image sensor with a fixed-focus lens. It’s capable of × pixel static images and supports video with resolutions of p at 30 frames, p at 60 frames, and × at 90 frames. This means this is a great camera for its size and price. There are also other cameras for the Pi with other specifications – you can read our post that tests and compares different Raspberry Pi cameras.

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Raspberry Pi 7

Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display

10 new from $
5 used from $
as of June 14, pm

The Raspberry Pi Touchscreen display is a great accessory for the Pi. It allows you to easily build a Raspberry Pi Touchscreen PC. If you want to use your Pi as a desktop computer, or as a tablet without the need to plug a monitor or TV, the Rasperry Pi Touchscreen display is a great solution. It is easy to set up and you can use one of the available cases (as the one shown below). There are also many people that design and 3D print their own cases.

Development Kit for Raspberry Pi: Sensor Modules and Electronics Components (includes carrying case)

Development Kit for Raspberry Pi: Sensor Modules and Electronics Components (includes carrying case)

as of June 14, pm

If you want to start learning digital electronics with the Raspberry Pi, a great way to get started is getting a development kit for your Pi. The kit we feature here comes with a nice set of components to get started doing electronics projects with the Pi. It comes with breadboard, jumper wires, a set of LEDs and resistors, potentiometers, pushbuttons, and a wide variety of sensors. Everything comes well packed inside a carrying case to keep everything organized.

Mini Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse Combo With Colorful Backlit

Mini Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad Mouse Combo With Colorful Backlit

as of June 14, pm

If you use your Raspberry Pi as a media center, desktop computer, or as a retro gaming station, getting a mini wireless keyboard such as this can be really handy. It combines a keyboard with a touch pad mouse and it is wireless. Additionally it comes with an RGB back light color that you can adjust as desired.

8 Piece Black Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Kit for Raspberry Pi

8 Piece Black Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Kit for Raspberry Pi

as of June 14, pm

A set of heat sinks can be a great accessory for your Pi to prevent overheating. There are also other ways to cool down the Pi’s processor. For example, you can use a case with built-in fan or use both the fan and the heat sinks.

NES case for Raspberry Pi: 3,2 and B+

NES case for Raspberry Pi: 3,2 and B+

as of June 14, pm

The Raspberry Pi is great to emulate old consoles and run the games we used to play in our childhood. This case is a great accessory for your Pi if you want to give it a retro look to resemble old consoles.

A set of SNES gamepads is also a great accessory for the Pi to build your gaming station. If you want to turn your Pi into a gaming center, you may want to take a look at the Best Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Kits.

Raspberry Pi Power Over Ethernet (PoE) HAT

Raspberry Pi Power Over Ethernet (PoE) HAT

3 new from $
2 used from $
as of June 14, pm

The Power over Ethernet (PoE) HAT allows you to power your Raspberry Pi using power over ethernet-enabled networks. To use this accessory, the network needs to have power-sourcing equipment installed. This HAT is only compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3 model B+ and the newest Raspberry Pi 4.

Wrapping Up

The Raspberry Pi is a very versatile piece of hardware that you can use to build countless projects. There are a wide variety of accessories for the Pi that make it useful for many different applications. For example, building a touchscreen PC, a home surveillance CCTV system, electronics projects, and much more. In this post we’ve shown you a list of some of the best accessories for your Pi. What Raspberry Pi accessories do you use that you love? Let us know by posting a comment down below.

If you’re just getting started with the Raspberry Pi, take a look at our Book: “20 Easy Raspberry Pi Projects: Toys, Tools, Gadgets, and More!“. A collection of beginner friendly projects with the Pi to get started with electronics projects and programming.

You might also want to take a look at our review about the Best Raspberry Pi books for beginners.

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Raspberry Pi 4 - How to Setup \u0026 Get Started (Best projects for beginner)

Best Raspberry Pi Accessories of

You can purchase a Raspberry Pi for as little as $5 (for the Raspberry Pi Zero) or more likely $35 (for the Raspberry Pi 4), but you'll need a few extra products to make it run. And, beyond that, there's a whole world of accessories that help you make the most of your Pi. 

As with any computer, on the Raspberry Pi, you’ll need a way to enter data and a way to see the interface, which usually means getting a keyboard, a mouse and a monitor. However, you can opt for a headless Raspberry Pi install, which allows you to remote control the Pi from your PC. In that case, the minimum requirements are:

  • microSD card of at least 8GB, but the best Raspberry Pi microSD cards have 32GB or more. When you first set up a Raspberry Pi, you need to “burn” the OS onto it by using a PC, another Raspberry Pi or even a phone with microSD card reader.
  • Power supply: For the Raspberry Pi 4, you need a USB-C power source that provides at least 3 amps / 5 volts, but for other Raspberry Pis, you need a micro USB connection that offers at least amps and the same 5 volts. Your power supply provides power to both the Pi and any attached HATs and USB devices, so always look for supplies that can provide a higher amperage at 5 volts.

In addition, there are a number of accessory and add-on types that protect your Pi, add new features and make everything a lot more useful and fun. These include:

  • Cases: The best Raspberry Pi cases give you style, functionality and durability.
  • HATs (aka add-on boards): The best Raspberry Pi HATs let you do everything from adding motors to creating LED light shows.
  • Breakout Boards: To breakout the GPIO for easier access or to use via a breadboard. Essential for the new Raspberry Pi
  • Camera Modules: The Raspberry Pi has its own special camera port and there's a whole ecosystem of compatible camera modules for it.
  • Cooling: Raspberry Pi 4 models in particular can get hot so fans and heatsinks help.
  • Electronic parts: You can make great projects and have a lot of fun with motors, sensors, transistors and other bits and bobs. Just don't forget your breadboard!
  • USB Drives: The Raspberry Pi 4 can boot from a USB hard drive / SSD giving us a speed boost, and a cheap means to add additional storage.

Overall, these are the best Raspberry Pi accessories. No matter what your needs or project, you’ll definitely need some of these. 

The Best Raspberry Pi Accessories You Can Buy Today

1. Argon Neo Case

Best Raspberry Pi Case

Reasons to buy

+Attractive aluminum design+Easy access to GPIO pins+Passive cooling+Sliding magnetic cover

Reasons to avoid

-Must remove cover to get to pins

The top overall choice on our round-up of the best Raspberry Pi Cases, the Argon Neo combines great looks with plenty of flexibility and competent passive cooling. This mostly-aluminum (bottom is plastic) case for the Raspberry Pi 4 features a magnetic cover that slides off to provide access to the GPIO pins with enough clearance to attach a HAT, along with the ability to connect cables to the camera and display ports. The microSD card slot, USB and micro HDMI out ports are easy to access at all times. 

With the cover on or off, the Argon Neo provides solid passive cooling capability as an included thermal pad connects the Raspberry Pi 4's CPU to an aluminum plate to dissipate heat. You can also attach an optional fan HAT for active cooling. At just $15, this case is extremely affordable but cuts no corners.

2. Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

Best Raspberry Pi Camera

Reasons to buy

+Great image quality+Interchangeable Lenses+Tripod mountable

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive-Doesn't come with lens

It doesn't come cheap, but the official Raspberry Pi High Quality camera offers the best image quality of any Pi camera by far, along with the ability to mount it on a tripod. The MP camera doesn't come with a lens, but supports any C or CS lens, which means you can choose from an entire ecosystem of lenses, with prices ranging from $16 up to $50 or more and a variety of focal lengths and F-stop settings.

The Raspberry Pi High Quality camera plugs into the same CSI port on the Raspberry Pi as any other Pi camera module, but unlike the others, this one has a ¼ inch screw hole that allows you to attach it to any standard tripod or camera mount. If you care about image quality, the Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera is a must-have.

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3. Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2

Best Affordable Raspberry Pi Camera

Reasons to buy

+Good image quality+Affordable price

Reasons to avoid

-No tripod mounting

If you need a Raspberry Pi camera, but don't want to spend more than $50 on the high quality module and then have to bring your own lens, the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 is the one to get. This 8-MP camera uses a Sony IMX sensor that gives it really solid image quality, records video at up p, 30 fps  and is a big improvement over the 5-MP OmniVision OV that was in the V1 camera.

There are a number of third-party Raspberry Pi camera modules on the market, with some costing around $10 or less. However, most of these use the older, OV sensor which provides far worse image quality.

4. Lenovo ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II

Best Keyboard for Raspberry Pi

Reasons to buy

+Best-in-class typing experience+Trackpoint for navigation+Both GHz and Bluetooth wireless+Long battery life

Reasons to avoid


Whether you want to control your Raspberry Pi from the couch or you have it on a table and don't want to waste space, getting one of the best wireless keyboards is a good idea. It's particularly helpful to have a wireless keyboard with a pointing device so you don't need to also drag around a mouse.

Lenovo's ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II is the best keyboard for Raspberry Pi thanks to its excellent key feel, multiple connectivity options and built-in TrackPoint pointing stick. The keyboard looks and types just like those on Lenovo's ThinkPad line of business laptops, offering plenty of tactile feedback and a deep (for a non-mechanical), mm of key travel. The TrackPoint pointing stick sits between the G and H keys, allowing you to navigate around the Raspberry Pi's desktop, without even lifting your hands off of the home row. 

The Thinkpad TrackPoint II has both GHz (via a dongle) and Bluetooth connectivity which  you can toggle between using a hardware switch. So, if you have two Raspberry Pis or one Pi and one PC, you can switch back and forth with ease. Charging via USB-C, the keyboard promises up to two months of battery life on a charge.

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Raspberry Pi 4 Official Power Supply

Best Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Reasons to buy

+Provides just the right amount of power+Built for Pi

Reasons to avoid

-No on/off switch-Not the cheapest option

If you're going to use a Raspberry Pi 4, you need a USB-C power supply that offers at least 3 amps of juice with a roughly 5-volt output. We've found that the best USB-C laptop chargers are capable of delivering this kind of power (albeit often with - volts, which still works), but if you don't have a powerful charger handy or need one just for your Pi, the official Raspberry Pi power supply is your best choice.

Rated for volts and 3 amps, the official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply has good build quality and a nice design. Available in black or white, it's a small rectangle, emblazoned with the Raspberry Pi logo and a strong, built-in Type-C cable that's 59 inches (m) long. Unlike some third-party competitors, it doesn't come with an on / off switch, but it is compatible with cheap on / off adapters you can attach to the end. You may find competitors for a few dollars less, but the official Raspberry Pi 4 power supply is a sure thing.

If you are shopping for any other Raspberry Pi, including the Raspberry Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi 3 or below, you'll need a power supply that outputs to a micro-USB port and only requires amps and 5 volts. There's also an official Raspberry Pi charger for these older models.

6. Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro

Best Raspberry Pi HAT

Reasons to buy

+Analog to digital conversion+Motor controller+LED lights+Built-in breadboard

Reasons to avoid

-No pass-thru for other HATs

The Raspberry Pi's 40 GPIO pins are arguably its most important feature. Using these pins (see our GPIO pinout), you can attach an entire universe of electronics, including motors, sensors and lights. There's a huge ecosystem of add-on boards, appropriately called HATs (hardware attached on top) that plug directly into the GPIO pins and matching the same layout as the Pi. These add on boards give you all kinds of added functionality, from LED light matrixes to touch screens and motor controllers for robotics projects. 

Sitting at the very top of our list of Best Raspberry Pi HATs, each of which has a different purpose, the Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro provides a smorgasbord of features that you can use in a wide variety of projects. While the Raspberry Pi doesn't come with an analog to digital converter like Arduino does (see Raspberry Pi vs Arduino), the Explorer HAT Pro provides four ADCs you can use with joysticks or potentiometers. It also packs two motor controllers, four colorful LED lights, four touch pads and four crocodile clips for attaching other electronics. Oh and it comes with a small breadboard you can stick on top and use for mounting and wiring electronics. Every serious Raspberry Pi fan should have one of these on hand.

7. Pimoroni Fan Shim

Best Cooling for Raspberry Pi

Reasons to buy

+Great cooling+HATs go on top of it

Reasons to avoid

-Expensive in the US

If you're using a Raspberry Pi 4, you definitely need some kind of cooling, whether it's a heat sink, an aluminum with passive cooling built in or, best of all, a fan. The Pimoroni Fan Shim is powerful, easy-to-install and unobtrusive. You just push it down onto the left most side of your GPIO pin header and it does a fantastic job of cooling your Pi. You can even use a Pimoroni Fan Shim on a Raspberry Pi 4 that's been overclocked all the way to GHz, without seeing any throttling.

You can just let the Fan Shim run all the time or you can download Pimoroni's software, which allows you to set temperature thresholds for it.

Read:Pimoroni Heatsink and Fan Shim Tested

8. Silicon Power 32GB 3D NAND microSD Card

Best Raspberry Pi microSD Card

Reasons to buy

+Inexpensive+Leading performance+White surface you can write on

Reasons to avoid

-Slow boot times

Unless you've specifically configured yours to boot from an SSD (see our article on How to Boot Raspberry Pi from USB), every Raspberry Pi uses a microSD card as its primary storage drive. We maintain a list of the Best microSD cards for Raspberry Pi and have chosen the 32GB Silicon Power 3D NAND card as the top choice.

Unless you're hosting a media server or have a ridiculous amount of ROMS on a game emulator, a 32GB microSD card provides more than enough storage for Raspberry Pi OS and a ton of applications. The operating system and preloaded applications take up far less than 8GB by themselves.

In our tests, the Silicon Power 3D NAND microSD card had the fastest application open times and the best combination of random reads and writes. Considering that it's also less expensive than most 32GB cards and that its white surface provides a little room for you to write on it (with marker), this is currently the best card around. 

9. GPIO Reference Board

Helpful Accessory

Reasons to buy

+Helpful reference+Cheap

Reasons to avoid

-You can look this up online

Each of the Raspberry Pi's 40 GPIO pins has a different function so it's hard to keep track of which does what. For example, some of the pins provide I2C communication while others offer power and others are just for grounding. You can look at a GPIO pinout guide such as ours, but sometimes it's just easier to put the list of functions right on top of the pins.

GPIO reference boards are tiny, non-electronic headers that you place on top of the pins to show you which one has which name. There are many different brands and models for sale and all do pretty much the same thing so there's no need to be picky about which one you buy. Most have small holes on top that you can use to hang them on a keychain and take them wherever you go.

micro HDMI to HDMI Adapters

Must-Have for Pi 4

Reasons to buy

+Very helpful and work well 

Reasons to avoid

- You still need an HDMI cable 

While most of the earlier Raspberry Pi models have a single, full-size HDMI port, the Raspberry Pi 4 has dual micro HDMI ports that can each output to a monitor at up to 4K resolution. While there's a good chance you already have one or more HDMI cables lying around the house, most of us don't have micro HDMI cables, because it's a rarely used connector.

To connect the Raspberry Pi 4 to a screen, you'll either need a micro HDMI to HDMI cable or a micro HDMI to HDMI adapter you can connect an existing cable to. Cable Matters, a well-known and reputable brand, sells a pair of such adapters for just $ That's much cheaper than a single micro HDMI to HDMI cable, which goes for $8 to 10 for just one. I've been using these Cable Matters adapters for more than a year now and they've worked really well.

Electronics Kit with Breadboard, Wires

Reasons to buy

+Great for learning+Helpful for prototyping+No soldering necessary

Reasons to avoid

-Empty List

You can use your Raspberry Pi as a game emulator, a server or a desktop PC, but the real fun begins when you start connecting electronics to its GPIO pins. Of course, to even get started playing with GPIO connectors, you need some interesting things to connect to them such as lights, sensors and resistors.

The market is filled with electronics kits that come with a slew of LED lights, resistors, jumper cables, buttons and other bits and bobs you need to get started. Most importantly, all of these kits come with at least one breadboard, a white plastic surface filled with holes you can use to route and test circuits, no soldering required. 

There are plenty of good kits from no-name brands on Amazon, but the Freenove LCD Starter kit caught our eye, because it comes with an ADC chip for analog-to-digital conversion, an LCD text screen and a GPIO extension board you can use to route all your pins over to the breadboard at once.

USB 3 microSD Card Reader

Reasons to buy

+Need it to read and write

Reasons to avoid

-PC with USB port quired 

In order to write Raspberry Pi OS (or a different OS) to a microSD card, you'll need some kind of microSD card reader that you can attach to your PC. Just about any make or model will do as long as it reads SDHC and SDXC cards and, preferably, connects via USB I've been using the Jahovans X USB card reader, which currently goes for $, for almost a year now and it has worked really well.

You can also attach a microSD card reader to your Pi and use it to create a disk image backup of your Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Zero Official Case

Best Case for Raspberry Pi Zero

Reasons to buy

+GPIO Access+Camera Access+Official Pi design

Reasons to avoid

-Can't have both GPIO and Camera at once

We're not huge fans of the Official Raspberry Pi 4 case, because it covers the GPIO pins and camera slots. However, the Official Raspberry Pi Zero case is a completely different as it comes with three different covers: one which has a camera hole (so you can make a Raspberry Pi body camera), another which exposes the GPIO pins and a third which covers the whole thing.  The official Raspberry Pi Zero case also has the official burgundy and white colors of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Pimoroni Flat HAT Hacker

Easily add HATs to your Raspberry Pi

Reasons to buy

+Simple to use+Clearly labelled GPIO pin+Can be used with two pHATs at once

Reasons to avoid

-Standoffs required for stability 

The Raspberry Pi ’s big feature is that it is a Raspberry Pi 4 inside of a keyboard. This new layout introduced a challenge, the GPIO is now on the rear of the case, breaking compatibility with Raspberry Pi HATs but with the Flat HAT Hacker we can restore the functionality and delve into a rich world of first and third party add ons for robotics, science projects and good old blinking LEDs! The board is easy to install, and requires no additional software. If you have a Raspberry Pi , this is a no brainer purchase.

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Finding Discounts on the Best Raspberry Pi Accessories

Whether you're shopping for one of the best Raspberry Pi accessories or one that didn't quite make our list, you may find savings by checking out the latest SparkFun promo codes, Newegg promo codes, Amazon promo codes or Micro Center coupons.

Sours: https://www.tomshardware.com/best-picks/best-raspberry-pi-accessories

Pi kit accessory raspberry 4

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