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30 Country Flags Reimagined As Anime Characters For Tokyo Olympics

By now, you&#;ve probably already heard that Tokyo will be hosting the Summer Olympics. To celebrate this upcoming event, a handful of Japanese artists decided to team up and reimagine some of the participating countries as badass warriors.

The artists took inspiration from each countries&#; flags and history while giving all of them a unique twist. From Japan itself to South Africa, check out the countries reimagined as anime warriors in the gallery below!

More info: world-flags.org | Twitter

#1 Philippines

Image source: world flags

#2 Mexico

Image source: world flags

#3 UK

Image source: world flags

#4 Vietnam

Image source: world flags

#5 South Korea

Image source: world flags

#6 Japan

Image source: world flags

#7 China

Image source: world flags

#8 South Africa

Image source: world flags

#9 Sweden

Image source: world flags

#10 Malaysia

Image source: world flags

#11 Italy

Image source: world flags

#12 Finland

Image source: world flags

#13 Canada

Image source: world flags

#14 Belgium

Image source: world flags

#15 Spain

Image source: world flags

#16 France

Image source: world flags

#17 Switzerland

Image source: world flags

#18 Germany

Image source: world flags

#19 Argentina

Image source: world flags

#20 Norway

Image source: world flags

#21 Singapore

Image source: world flags

#22 Thailand

Image source: world flags

#23 Brazil

Image source: world flags

#24 India

Image source: world flags

#25 Indonesia

Image source: world flags

#26 Netherlands

Image source: world flags

#27 Venesuela

Image source: world flags

#28 Denmark

Image source: world flags

#29 Russia

Image source: world flags

#30 USA

Image source: world flags

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character designers are able to draw anything they put their mind to.

And they&#;ve done so in the past and present for a lot of different events and happenings in Japan. And even around the world.


The Tokyo Olympics is no different

YouTube video

The upcoming Olympics in Tokyo has been represented by designers. Covering 30 countries in total.

Let&#;s get into all 30 designs from each individual country, in preparation of the Olympics.


Top 30 Country Flags Drawn As Characters:


1. UK (United Kingdom)

united kingdom anime flag


2. Japan 

japan anime country flag


3. Philippines

phillippines anime flag


4. Mexico

mexico country anime flag


5. China

china anime flag


6. South Korea

south korea anime flag


7. Singapore 

singapore anime flag


8. Belgium

Belgium anime flag


9. Spain

Spain anime flag



switzerland anime flag



Germany anime country flag



denmark anime flag



Finland anime flag



Vietnam anime flag country



Malaysia anime flag



Thailand anime flag



Italy anime flag



Argentina anime flag


South Africa

south africa anime flag



sweden anime flag



venezuela anime flag


USA (United States Of America)

USA anime flag country character



Russia anime flag


India anime flag



Brazil anime flag



Netherlands anime flag character



Indonesia anime flag



Norway anime flag character



France anime character flag



Canada anime flag character


Which country do you represent?

There are 30 countries on this list drawn as characters for the Tokyo Olympics.

If your country made it on the list, leave your comments below. And if your country didn&#;t make it? Do the same. 😉

fans are everywhere, so you may as well represent!



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While Tokyo is busy preparing for the Olympic Games, people are already psyched for it. A few Japanese artists have come together to create an unofficial promotion campaign for the Tokyo Olympics, drawing inspiration from a subject they're incredibly passionate about. Anime. They have been reimagining the participating countries as badass anime characters who are ready to go into combat, and the designs are very Japanese. In the best way. Each os the Olympic sports competitor is created with the culture, history, and national identity of the corresponding country in mind, offering a pretty visual harmonious diversity. Which is what the Olympics is all about.

Now, character drawings and concepts are always 'love it or hate it,' but we think that the artists behind these awesome anime drawings did an amazing job. All you have to do is scroll down below and check their drawing ideas out for yourself!

More info: world-flags.org | Twitter

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"There are six people working on the project, but more creators will join soon," World Flags told Bored Panda. "We've been doing it for about a year now." And even though the crew haven't done every participating country yet, they said the won't stop until everyone who is participating in the Tokyo Olympics gets their own character.

"We feel so much respect for all of the countries around the world. They and their symbols (flags) are very important to us," the artists said. "We know we can't treat any of them in a way that would disrespect them and that's what we're constantly trying to do."

"We started this project after recognizing the diversity between all of the people in the world. Also, we believe that illustration is the perfect tool to highlight this. Our motto is 'The whole world is cool!'"

"Japan and Tokyo have already started promoting the Olympics and they're doing a good job. We want to remind that World Flags is not a part of the Olympics. We just wanted to contribute. We believe that art -- and anime in particular -- can truly do wonders when it comes to both celebrating the bond between the Japanese culture and the rest of the world and acknowledging their differences."

Sours: https://www.boredpanda.com/countries-reimagined-anime-samurai-tokyo-olympics/
If Countries Were People By Artist Anastasia Bulgakova

How Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other ASEAN countries would look like if they were anime characters

Japan is promoting the Olympics in the way it knows best –– through intricate, well-drawn anime art styles.

In conjunction with the Games taking place in Tokyo next year, World Flags is creating awareness for the major sporting event by reimagining country flags as samurai-wielding, armor-wearing badasses.

Each alter ego is drawn based on the country's culture, history, and identity. Yet, the graphics are unmistakably Japanese.

Have a look at the powerhouses of the world, in striking anime personas.





ASEAN countries are well represented too!








So cool.

Now every time we look at flags, we'll be reminded of the heroic characters standing guard to defend their countries' ideals, principles, cultures, and people. Thanks to Japan for bringing them to life!

Cover image sourced from World Flags.

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Sours: https://sea.mashable.com/article//how-singapore-malaysia-indonesia-and-other-asean-countries-would-look-like-if-they-were-anime-charac

Countries characters if were anime

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