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Izuku Midoriya

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Fictional character in the manga series My Hero Academia/Boku No Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku

Deku as pictured from the Cover of My Hero Academia, Volume 17

First appearanceMy Hero Academia #1, "Izuku Midoriya: Origin", July 7, 2014
Created byKōhei Horikoshi
Voiced by
OccupationStudent at UA High
FamilyInko Midoriya (Mother)
Hisashi Midoriya (Father)
QuirkOne for All
BirthdayJuly 15

Izuku Midoriya (Japanese: 緑谷 出久, Hepburn: Midoriya Izuku), also known by his hero name Deku (Japanese: デク), is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the manga series My Hero Academia, created by Kōhei Horikoshi. He is a nerdy and ambitious high schooler misfit and the 9th (and current) holder of "One For All" (ワン・フォー・オール, Wan Fō Ōru), a superpower which combines six different individual superpowers, or "quirks", together and creates powerful bursts of energy, and also has the unique ability to be passed off to other people.[1]

Initially born without a "quirk" to call his own, Izuku nevertheless grew up with aspirations to become a superhero in his own right. Nicknamed "Deku" by childhood classmate, rival, and middle school bully - Katsuki Bakugo, Izuku would later save him from a villain, in turn winning over the interest of All Might, Izuku's childhood idol and #1 hero, who in turn passes down his sacred One For All quirk to him. After being accepted into U.A. High School, Izuku's classmate Ochako Uraraka inspires him to embrace his nickname and use it as his hero name.

In the anime adaptation of the manga, Izuku is voiced by Daiki Yamashita in Japanese and by Justin Briner in English. Izuku has received praise by critics for his character development and personality and has also made consistent appearances in popularity polls related to the series.

Conception and creation[edit]


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Izuku was initially created as Jack Midoriya, an ill salaryman working for a superhero supply company. This prototype appears only in a 2008 one-shot comic written by Horikoshi called My Hero.[2] He was later changed to a high-school student for My Hero Academia, however, his character remains largely unchanged.[3]


In My Hero Academia[edit]

A woman cosplayingas Izuku in his superhero outfit

Izuku is first seen in My Hero Academia as a 4-year-old boy about to be beaten up by three other classmates, one of them being Katsugi "Kacchan" Bakugo, who has the ability to create explosions. Izuku was born without any unique superpower, or "Quirk", to call his own unlike his parents and 80% of the world's population. Despite this setback, he grew up with aspirations to be a hero in his own right and began to idolize the superhero All Might. Izuku was raised primarily by his mother Inko, who has the ability to make small objects float towards herself. His father, Hisashi, whose quirk allows him to breathe fire, is not seen due to him working abroad. Throughout his childhood and into his teen years, Izuku would often be bullied by Bakugo, who would give him the name "Deku", which roughly comes from the Japanese term meaning "Good for Nothing", to mock his overall worthlessness.

Ten years later, Izuku has a chance encounter with All Might (whose real name is Toshinori Yagi) and asks him if he too could be a hero, even though he possesses no Quirk. All Might, after he ends up revealing his true appearance, tells him in response to dream more realistically and to consider becoming a police officer. Later, when an unnamed villain with mud-like liquid abilities attacks Bakugo, Izuku without proper thought, runs up to try and save him, which in turn gives the worn-out All Might (who can only do hero work for a limited time a day due to a fight with All for One that destroyed half of his respiratory system) the proper motivation to finish off the villain.[4]

Later, an impressed All Might meets up with Izuku and tells him that he wants him to inherit his quirk "One for All". Izuku accepts the offer and after ten months of training by All Might in order to prove his worth (in that time, Izuku turns 15), he is given a special strand of hair by All Might to eat in order to obtain One for All, just hours prior to the UA entrance exam. Izuku first uses One for All during the practical part of the exam to save fellow competitor Ochako Uraraka from being squashed by falling rubble. In turn, she demands Izuku get some of her points for the practical, not knowing that by saving her, Izuku had passed the exam. In honor of his acceptance, his mother Inko fabricates him his very own super-suit, a teal-colored suit based on a sketch Izuku once drew. Izuku is placed in a class with Katsuki and Ochako, the latter of whom inspires him to embrace "Deku" as his hero name due to sounding similar to "dekiru", which roughly translates to "you can do it."

Izuku becomes an encouraging influence to his classmates, such as allowing class prodigy Shoto Todoroki to let go of traumas that prevented him from using his powers to the fullest potential.[5] After nearly a year of school activities and internships, some of which are intercepted by villain attacks, Izuku learns that All for One's apprentice Tomura Shigaraki has become powerful enough to steal One for All.[6] Due to this, Izuku decides to leave U.A. so he can combat Shigaraki and his army of villains without endangering his classmates, who he had informed about his leave. Prior to leaving, he informs his classmates and several of the top heroes about One for All, the latter of whom assist him in hunting down the villains.[7][8]

In other media[edit]

Izuku plays central roles in "My Hero Academia: Two Heroes" and in "My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising". He also appears in the spinoff light novel series "My Hero Academia: School Briefs", as well as the comic parody "My Hero Academia: Smash!!", which depicts "My Hero Academia"'s events in a more comedic manner.[9]

Izuku appears as a playable character in the My Hero Academia video games "My Hero Academia: Battle for All", "My Hero One's Justice", and "My Hero One's Justice 2".[10] He also appears as a playable character in the video game Jump Force[11][12] along with All Might and Katsuki Bakugo.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Izuku's quirk "One For All" has the ability to stockpile one's power and release it in a burst of strong energy. Since this quirk can be passed down from user to user, the different quirks of previous One For All holders also become imbedded into One For All as well, one such power being "Blackwhip",[13] formerly held by the fifth user of One For All, "Daigoro Banjo", which enables the user to use streams of black energy in order to grab objects and capture enemies. Another quirk inherited by Izuku is "Float",[14] a quirk once used by "Nana Shimura", All Might's former mentor and the seventh user of One For All. Other quirks inherited by Izuku from the previous One For All users include "Fa Jin",[15] "Danger Sense"[16] and "Smokescreen",[17] previously used by the third, fourth and sixth user of One For All respectively.



In a 2018 My Hero Academia character popularity poll by Crunchyroll, Izuku tallied up in first place with 11,429 votes.[18] In the yearly Japanese My Hero Academia popularity polls, Izuku commonly ranks second place behind Katsuki Bakugou, although he has placed first in the first ever poll with 2,314 votes, and third in the fourth poll with 8,301 tallied votes.[19][20]

Critical response[edit]

Izuku's character has received positive reviews from critics. Nick Creamer of Anime News Network called Izuku a "very likeable character" and noting that "he's joined by a rich cast of teachers and classmates who all add their own personality(...)."[21] While discussing his frequent appearances on My Hero Academia popularity polls, Nerissa Rupnarine of CBR wrote that Midoriya stands out on his own despite following some common shōnen tropes, adding that Izuku's character development "(...) is truly admirable and captivating to watch."[22] In his review for the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie, Teo Bugbee of The New York Times mentioned how Izuku's tenderness "[added] to the film's surprisingly emotional potency."[23]


  1. ^Izuku's younger self, as seen in flashbacks, is voiced by Akeno Watanabe in the anime and by Yuna Taniguchi in the Vomic adaptation
  2. ^Izuku's younger self, as seen in flashbacks, is voiced in the anime's dub by Lara Woodhull


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The blond took in a deep breath and let it out in a heavy sigh before he pulled what looked like a folded paper out of his pocket, taking a few steps towards Izuku until he was barely a foot away from him and shoving it against his chest. "Happy birthday, I guess," he mumbled, still resolutely not looking at Izuku.

"Um. Th-Thanks?" Izuku frowned, barely managing to catch the paper when Katsuki let go and pulled his hand away without warning.

Slowly, Izuku unfolded it to find a picture and it took several long seconds for Izuku's mind to connect the dots and work out exactly what he was looking at. The grainy image was clearly an ultrasound. An ultrasound that had the unmistakable outline of a baby right in the middle.

That much was easy to figure out, but...

Why was Katsuki giving him something like this?


All the air in Izuku's lungs left in one punched out breath as it clicked and he looked up wide-eyed at his boyfriend, mouth hanging stupidly open as he tried to figure out what to even say. Nothing was coming to mind, though, brain completely void of any thought that wasn't somewhere along the lines of 'Kacchan is pregnant' and 'I'm going to be a Dad.'

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Happy%20Birthday%20Midoriya%20Izuku/works
  1. Life country songs
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My Hero Academia is a Japanese superhero manga that captured not only Japanese fans but International anime lovers as well. The popularity of the anime can be seen by the various merchandise that can be bought online and all those cosplays done by fans.

As of the moment, there are four seasons of the series. My Hero Academia Season 5 is set to release on March 27, 2021. Season one has 13 episodes while Season 2 to 4 has 25 episodes. Season 5 is estimated to run for 25 episodes as well, and fans are excited for the fifth season to be released.

For those who are not aware of this anime, My Hero Academia is set in a world where heroes and normal human beings reside. It is divided into those who have quirks or powers and those who don’t. The series follows Izuku Midoriya, a teenage boy who was born quirkless. Now the question is, how old is the protagonist of the series?

How Old is Deku?

How Old is Deku 1

Izuku Midoriya or Deku is currently 16 years old. He was born on July 15, and his Zodiac sign is Cancer. Season 1 started with Midoriya being 14 years old and after he met his idol and Japan’s greatest hero, All Might, he was training for 10 months.

By the time he enters UA, he is already 15 years old. During the Forest Training Arc, fans assumed that it happened during the summer so since the anime and manga continued after that, it means that by now, Midoriya is 16. Another reason to speculate his age is that in his hero license, it was written that Midoriya is already 16 years old.

Even if a lot of things happened after he got his license, in the manga, Midoriya just started his second year, which means he still has 3 months before July 15.

Despite his young age, Deku is goal-oriented. Even before he got All Might’s quirk, he was determined to become a superhero by analyzing others’ quirks. He also saved one of his classmates during an incident even if he was quirkless at that time. With that, All Might didn’t have second thoughts about having Midoriya as his successor.

To follow Midoriya’s journey, My Hero Academia episodes are available on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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Sours: https://epicstream.com/features/How-Old-is-Deku-Izuku-Midoriyas-Age-in-My-Hero-Academia
Tododeku kiss on the cheek - Todoroki Shouto Birthday Special - fanmade video

Izuku "Deku" Midoriya is the main protagonist of the manga and anime My Hero Academia and is in Class 1-A at U.A. High School.

I'm the Deku (which means useless in japanese.) who always does his best!
~ Izuku Midoriya


In a world where most humans on the planet develop superpowers soon after they're born, a boy named Izuku Midoriya was one of the few who never developed any powers. As a child, Izuku dreamed to become a superhero like his idol, All Might, after he developed his power, or "Quirk". As such, he was devastated once he learned that he'd never get a quirk. His lack of a Quirk made him a prime target for bullying, but Izuku still wanted to be a hero, and planned to go to the prestigious U.A. hero academy. Ten months before the entrance exams for U.A. started, Izuku came face to face with All Might after he was saved from a villain by him. Izuku asked All Might if it was possible for someone without a quirk to be a hero, but he responded by telling him that he needed realistic dreams. Soon after, the same villain from before ended up breaking free and attacking one of Izuku classmates. Despite not having a quirk, Izuku still tried to save his classmate. While he didn't stop the villain, he did give All Might enough time to defeat them himself. After this, All Might decided that Izuku had the potential to become a hero, with his help. He decided that he would grant Izuku his own Quirk to help him achieve his dreams. After ten months of training, All Might passed his Quirk, One For All, down to Izuku. Izuku then managed to pass the entrance exam, and officially enrolled in U.A, taking on the Hero name "Deku".

Powers & Abilities

  • One For All: Izuku's Quirk, which was passed down to him by All Might. A combination of a Quirk that can be passed down to others and a Quirk that stockpiles power, One For All grants Deku the ability to access the stockpiled energy, momentarily increasing his strength and speed to superhuman levels. By focusing One For All in one of his limbs, Deku can unleash explosive attacks powerful enough to release giant gusts of wind pressure and break apart massive structures, or jump several stories into the air with ease. Unfortunately, using One For All like this will usually break whatever body part it's used in, and overuse of it has led to Izuku's hand being permanently disfigured. However, Deku is capable of focusing One For All's power to a lesser degree and avoid injuring himself, though he can only access about 20% of his full power by doing this.
    • Detroit Smash: A punch enhanced by One For All. The air pressure from this attack was strong enough to shatter multiple windows and break through several floors of the building above him.
    • Delaware Smash: By enhancing his fingers with One For All and flicking, Izuku can fire powerful blasts of wind pressure from his hands. These blasts are powerful enough to cause vortexes in water and shatter giant structures of ice. He's even shown the capability to use this with already-broken fingers, at the cost of disfiguring his right hand.
  • Blackwhip: Deku's second Quirk, which was originally wielded by Daigoro Banjo, Hero Name: Lariat, which also was a previous user of One For All, until Deku inherited it. It allows him to manifest tendrils of dark energy from his arms, which are useful for grabbing nearby objects or swinging around the environment. The dark energy came out from his body in the shape of ropes.
  • Float: Deku's third Quirk, which was originally wielded by All Might's master, Shimura Nana until Deku inherited it. It allows him to levitate and suspend himself in mid-air.
  • Danger Sense: Deku's fourth quirk, which was originally wielded by Hikage Shinomori until Deku inherited it. It allows him to sense danger of any sorts via a painful stabbing sensation in his head. Comparable to Spider-Man's senses.
  • Smokescreen: Deku's fifth quirk, which was originally wielded by En until Deku inherited it. It alows him to generate large amounts of smoke in an area to obscure the vision of his opponents and catch them by surprise.
  • Fa Jin: Deku's sixth quirk, which was originally wielded by the Third User of One For All until Deku inherited it. It allows the user to build up kinetic energy through repeated movements for later use. Once the user chooses to release that energy it will grant the user an explosive burst of speed and power. The user can choose to only use some of the stored up energy at a time, allowing them to achieve multiple bursts of speed and power.


  • Costume Gamma: After deciding to make his fighting style more kick-based to lower the damage to his arms, Izuku had some modifications made to his Hero Costume. The new additions consist of arm braces to shield his arms, upgraded gloves that focus the wind pressure from Deku's attacks into long-ranged blasts, and iron boot soles to increase the power of his kicks.

Alternate Forms

  • One For All: Full Cowl: In order to prevent breaking his bones when he uses One For All, Izuku created this technique. By channeling a fraction of One For All's power and transferring it through his entire body, Izuku can empower his whole body. This grants him a boost in strength, speed, agility, and mobility, letting him scale buildings and make long leaps with ease. It also prevents Deku from injuring himself by evenly channeling power throughout his body. As of now, he can use at least 5% of One For All's power safely, though he's gone up to 20% before. However, due to only utilizing a portion of One For All's power, his attacks in Full Cowl don't possess the incredible destructive force of his normal attacks.
    • 5% Detroit Smash: A punch enhanced by One For All: Full Cowl.
    • Delaware Smash Air Force: Using the upgraded gloves of his Costume Gamma, Izuku fires a more compressed and focused version of his Delaware Smash that doesn't break his finger when used. The attack had enough concussive force to stun the villain Gentle with one hit. By using all five fingers on his hand, Deku can fire up to four shots at the same time.
    • One For All: Full Cowl - Shoot Style: A variation of Full Cowl that only affects Izuku's torso and legs. By concentrating the flow of power into only two areas, Izuku's legs gain a much larger boost than when he uses Full Cowl on his whole body. Izuku developed this technique to compensate for the damage his arms were taking when he fought, letting him utilize a kick-based fighting style that allowed for more range and power.
      • Shoot Style: St. Louis Smash: Deku leaps into the air before landing a roundhouse kick to the opponent's face.
      • St. Louis Smash Air Force: Using 45% of One For All's power Deku arches his leg back and performs a strong vertical roundhouse kick, firing a large blast of compressed air.
    • One For All: Full Cowl - 20%: In moments of extreme desperation, Deku can access 20% of One For All's power and channel it freely through his body, granting him a boost to his strength, speed, and agility even larger than Full Cowl without injuring himself. Using One For All 20% puts a lot of strain on Deku's body, to the point where he feels like his bones are about to break, and he can only use it safely in brief moments.
      • Manchester Smash: Using 20% of One For All's power, Deku leaps at his target and hits them with a downward axe kick capable of instantly pulverizing the ground.
    • One For All: Full Cowl - 100%: Deku lets the full extent of One For All's power flow freely through his body, granting him a tremendous boost to strength and speed that let him easily overwhelm the villain Overhaul. He can only use it without destroying his body in the process when in contact with Eri, who's rewinding Quirk cancels out the damage he does to himself.
  • One For All 100%: A rare state that allows Izuku to access to one hundred percent of One For All's power, granting him strength on the level of All Might. However, using this will basically destroy whatever limb he channels the power into.
    • 100% Detroit Smash: A punch enhanced by One For All 100%, which can send someone flying into a cliff hard enough to partially shatter it.
    • 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash: Activating One For All 100% during an adrenaline rush to go even further beyond one hundred percent of its power, Deku does a point-blank Delaware Smash, followed up with a full-force Detroit Smash. This attack was enough to overpower Muscular's Quirk and incapacitate him.
    • Wyoming Smash: Drawing out 100% of his powers into his arms, Deku proceeds to spike his opponent's head, creating a powerful shockwave.
    • Texas Smash: Deku uses this move against Shigaraki duing the Paranormal Liberation War. It is likely the same technique as All Might's.
  • One For All Faux 100%: Deku draws out 45% of One For All's power, and combines it with the stored kinetic energy generated by Fa Jin. By doing this he is able to draw out the blinding speed of using One For All at 100%, without the recoil that comes with it.
    • Faux 100% Manchester Smash: Deku delivers a Manchester Smash using Fa Jin. He lands an axe kick on to his opponent at blinding speed.



  • Destroyed a robot the size of a large building with a single punch.
  • The sheer pressure caused by his punches was able to destroy several floors of a building.
  • Created a water vortex with a flick.
  • Can destroy Todoroki's ice structures with a single flick.
  • Without using his quirk, is able to judo throw other students.
  • With Full Cowl, can leap dozens of meters into the air.
  • Tore apart a metal rail that All Might had used to pin him to the ground.
  • Stunned All Might with a Full Cowl punch.
  • Punched through a rock monster.
  • Shattered a section of a cliff using the strength of All Might.
  • 1,000,000% Detroit Delaware Smash was able to knock out Muscular, who tanked 100% Deku's punches.
  • Drop Kicked through an amalgamation of metallic weapons.
  • Destroyed a rocky structure with a single kick.
  • Easily overwhelmed Overhaul with Full Cowl - 100%.


  • Out-sped the Hero Killer Stain.
  • Faster than Tetsutetsu, who can move in tandem with bullets.
  • Was able to react to Gran Torino's movements.
  • With Full Cowling, he can move at least 10 meters in one second.
  • Dodged point-blank machine gun bullets in a narrow staircase without a scratch on him.
  • Casually zipped all across Sir Nighteye's office in less than a second without touching a single piece of All Might merchandise, which the room was filled with.
  • Reacted to attacks from Camie, who moves faster than eyesight.
  • Dodged attacks from several foes at the same time.
  • Dodged Todoroki's ice, which can be made in the time it takes for someone to blink.
  • Dodged explosions from Bakugou.
  • Is almost as fast as All Might when they pulled off Double Detroit Smash.


  • Took hits from a heavily restrained All Might.
  • Often takes hits from Bakugou.
  • Often keeps on fighting despite having broken bones.
  • Took blows from Muscular, who casually shatters cliffs with his punches.
  • Took a fire blast from Dabi.
  • Tanked an explosion that broke through a metal door.
  • Often takes direct hits from Bakugo's explosions.
  • Survived a long fall that left a large crater on solid metal.


  • Has taken notes about almost every single hero in recent history.
  • Was deemed a worthy successor to All Might, the Symbol of Peace.
  • Passed the U.A. High Entrance Exam.
  • Helped fend off the League of Villains during their assault on U.A.
  • Helped defeat the Hero Killer Stain.
  • He's one of the highest scoring pupils in his class.
  • Won the 4km race in the Sports Festival thanks to his wits alone.
  • Received training from Gran Torino and All Might.
  • Survived in a forest full of monsters.
  • Defeated Muscular with minor assistance from Kota.
  • Was one of the few students who passed the national hero test and acquired a temporary Hero License.
  • Was deemed worthy of becoming Sir Nighteye's intern.
  • Defeated the villain Overhaul with Eri's help.
  • Has more than 2 quirks.


  • Using more power of One For All than he can handle will break the bones of whatever limb he uses it in.
  • Overusing One For All can cause irreversible damage to his body.
  • One For All 100% causes extreme damage to his body, and he can't use Full Cowling - 100% without Eri's help.
  • Due to his frequent injuries, his arms are incredibly close to being permanently paralyzed from muscle failure. He only has 2-3 more bone-breaking attacks in him before his arms go completely numb.
  • Black Whip is hard to control, and he can only use it for a short time before it starts causing him pain.
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Izuku birthday midoriya

I don't remember exactly, but I guess I finished on her face. I always do this when I'm angry with her. Then she, satisfied, finished. I ran to wash, and I made the bed. When she came back and lay down, I asked her.

Bakguos’s Birthday •Deku angst• Original idea?

And, of course, she did not keep herself waiting long, not to mention the fact that she would resist this, her. Desire for which she so quickly decided after my departure. She bent down with one light movement and took the elastic in her hands, she took off her panties, after that climbing on top of him.

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