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Simple SATA/PWM question - everybody is telling me something different, what is correct?!

Ok, first of all, what you posted a picture of, has a Molex connector, not a SATA power connector. That part is to provide extra power to the fans.
The other end is for the PWM function and obviously connects to a fan header.
The question that springs to mind is this, are you connecting more than nine fans to your system (I only see eight PWM fan headers though)? Since as long as you're not connecting more than that many fans, why do you need a splitter? I used to run three fans off of a splitter, no extra power, so it works just fine.
However, there are slight variances between fans and having them all on a splitter, means you can't adjust them individually if there's one that creates a bit of fan whine.
If anything, I'd just connect a splitter without the extra power to the high amperage connector, as that would give you plenty power for the fans. I guess Asus is a bit silly with their pump connectors and don't allow them to be controlled.

JackCarver said:

It‘s an either or....either you use the SATA plug or the pwm. For example if you have no free pwm at the MB then use SATA

But not together

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Did you not see the picture the OP posted? There are cables where you get power from Molex or SATA, but there's still a header that connectors to the board fan header for PWM of all the connected fans.



Giryriz PWM Fan Splitter Adapter Cable 1 to 4 with SATA Power Adapter, Sleeved Nylon Braided Cord Y Splitter Computer PC 4 Pin Fan Extension Power Cable 1 to 4 Converter, 16.9 Inches (Gen 2)

Giryriz PWM Fan Splitter Adapter Cable 1 to 4 with SATA Power Adapter, Sleeved Nylon Braided Cord Y Splitter Computer PC 4 Pin Fan Extension Power Cable 1 to 4 Converter, 16.9 Inches (Gen 2)


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Product Details

  • Giryriz PWM fan splitter cable is compatible with all 4-Pin and 3-Pin case fans. The 2nd generation uses SATA interface to provide sufficient power for the fans and ensure the PWM speed regulation function. It can reduce the load of PC motherboard and improve its service life.
  • Converts one 4-Pin to 4 of 3-Pin/4-Pin. This PWM fan splitter cable with a 4-Pin male connector at one end and splits to 4 female connectors at the other end. Cable length (Approx): 43CM/16.9IN.
  • This fan splitter cable adopt 24AWG wire, high quality tinned copper material (No recycled materials), good conductivity, reliable and durable, rated temperature: 80℃.
  • This PC fan power extension cable allow you to add additional case fans to increase airflow in your desktop computer case, improve your computer’s performance.
  • [Important Attentions] - The fan plug (Male) must be plugged into “4-Pin CPU fan socket” and set fan mode as smart mode in BIOS. If it is plugged into the 3-Pin or other 4-Pin fan socket (Not CPU fan socket), it will be unable to use the speed regulation function, and the fan can only operate at the rated speed.
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎16.93 x 1.18 x 0.71 inches (43 x 3 x 1.8 cm); 1.41 Ounces (39.97 grams)
Item model number ‏ : ‎PWMFSCB-1T4-SA
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎Giryriz
Country of Origin ‏ : ‎China
Color1 to 4 with SATA Power Adapter
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Connector GenderMale-to-Female
Connector Type2510 4-pin
Item Weight1.41 ounces (39.97 grams)
Model NumberPWMFSCB-1T4-SA
Part NumberPWMFSCB-1T4-SA
Brand NameGiryriz
UNSPSC Code26121600
Connector Type2510 4-pin
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer
Color1 to 4 with SATA Power Adapter
Connector GenderMale-to-Female
What is in the boxGiryriz PWM Fan Splitter... For more details, please check description/product details


Color:1 to 4 with SATA Power Adapter

Parameters of Giryriz PWM Fan Splitter Cable (Hub):
Cable Length: 43CM/16.9IN
Fan Plug: 2510-2Pin (For PWM speed regulation)
Power Supply Plug: SATA/Molex
Rated Voltage: 12V
Rated Temperature (Max): 80℃
Insulation Material: PVC + Woven net
About Cable: 24AWG wire, high quality tinned copper material.
Product Function: Converts 4-Pin to one 4-Pin and four 3-Pin.

Important Attention:
1) There are two plugs on the male end of this fan power extension cable, one is the power supply interface (SATA/Molex), which is plugged into the power supply, and the other is the 2-Pin speed measurement and temperature control (PWM) function, it must be plugged into 4-PIN CPU FAN socket of the computer motherboard, so that all the fans can realize the synchronous temperature control function with the motherboard at the same time.
2) The motherboard can only provide the accurate speed measurement value of one fan, so only one of the fans (4-Pin Socket) has speed measurement function, but all the fans have PWM temperature control function.

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Adding an extra case fan to a system with only one SYS_FAN header on the mobo is easy. You just need to buy a simple device called a SPLITTER so you can connect both fans to the only header you have. There are some "rules" for this to be sure it will all work.

1. Virtually all mobo fan headers can supply up to 1.0 amps max current to whatever total load is connected. Most common case fans draw 0.1 to 0.25 amps each. Ones with LED's added use more - typically 0.25 to 0.4 amps each. So normally you could connect at least two fans to a single header using a Splitter, sometimes more depending on the fans. If you can, look up the specs of the fan you have and the one you want to add, and verify their max current needs.

2. There are two basic designs of case fans nowadays - 3-pin and 4-pin - and they require different methods of control by the mobo header. To ensure that your new one works, check the existing one. How may wires does it have from the fan motor to the connector (and similarly, how many holes in the connector on the end)? Match that when choosing the new one. So, if your old one has 3 wires, get a 3-pin fan; if old is 4-pin, get a new one as 4-pin.

3. A SPLITTER is a simple device of groups of wires with connectors. It has ONE input arm that has a female (with holes) connector on it that you plug into the mobo header. Then it has two (sometimes three) output arms, each with a male (with pins) connector into which you plug your fans. It has NO other arms or connectors. A HUB is a similar-looking device but very different. It has those arms, PLUS a third type that must plug into a power output connector (either 4-pin Molex or SATA) from the PSU. A Hub can only work with a true 4-pin fan system, and is used mainly when you need lots of power for many fans. You do not, so get the SPLITTER.

4. 3-pin Splitters are getting hard to find, but lots of 4-pin Splitters are available. A 4-pin Splitter will do what you want, and it does not matter whether your fans and headers are 3-pin or 4-pin. The connectors will fit, and the electrical connections will work properly.


Do NOT mixed connecting SATA Power cable to Fan Pin

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Fan sata power

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Adding Lots Of Case Fans ?! Fan Header Y Splitter vs Hub

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