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No.Original release date Original ISBN English release date English ISBN 1 July 25, 2015[11]978-4-04-103329-6March 26, 2019[12]978-0-31-655256-1
  1. "The Legendary Red Baron" (伝説の撃墜王, Densetsu no Gekitsui-ō, lit. "The Legendary Aerial Ace") / Yen Press: The Fabled Ace
  2. "I Hate You" (だいっきらい, Daikkirai)
  3. "I Can't Help That This Is My Uniform" (制服だから仕方ない, Seifukudakara Shikatanai) / Yen Press: That’s Just How This Uniform Is
2 July 25, 2015[13]978-4-04-103330-2September 3, 2019[14]978-1-97-538350-3
  1. "Ballot Holder" (, Ihō Shojisha (Barotto Horutā, lit. Illegal Holder)
  2. "Don’t Apologize, Apologize" (謝るな、謝れ, Ayamaru na, Ayamare)
  3. "Hunch" (勘, Kan) / Yen Press: Intuition
  4. "Abyss Demon" (アビスの悪魔, Abisu no Akuma) / Yen Press: Demon of the Abyss
3 November 26, 2015[15]978-4-04-103331-9December 24, 2019[16]978-1-97-538352-7
  1. "Can’t See Anything" (何も見えない, Nani mo Mienai) / Yen Press: Can't See a Thing
  2. "Plunderer" (プランダラ, Purandara)
  3. "Gently Brush My Hair" (優しく髪をかきあげて, Yasashiku Kami o Kakiagete) / Yen Press: Gently Brush Back My Hair
  4. "Seriousness" (本気, Honki) Yen Press: Truth
4 April 26, 2016[17]978-4-04-103913-7April 21, 2020[18]978-1-97-538355-8
  1. "Spy" (間者, Kanja)
  2. "Enrollment Ceremony" (入校式, Nyūkō Shiki) / Yen Press: Entrance Ceremony
  3. "Rare Warrior" (希少な人間, Kishōna Ningen, lit. Rare Human)
  4. "Fallen God" (落ちてきた神, Ochite Kita Kami)
5 July 26, 2016[19]978-4-04-103914-4September 22, 2020[20]978-1-97-531412-5
  1. "A Full Stomach" (腹いっぱい, Haraippai) / Yen Press: A Full Tummy
  2. "Joint Responsibility" (連帯責任, Rentai Sekinin) / Yen Press: Shared Responsibility
  3. "We Go Over The Hills" (丘を越えゆこうよ, Oka o Koe Yukou Yo) / Yen Press: Over The Hill
  4. "The Promised War" (約束された戦争, Yakusoku sa Reta Sensō)
6 December 26, 2016[21]978-4-04-104877-1December 15, 2020[22]978-1-97-531415-6
  1. "Love Letter" (ラブレター, Rabu Retā)
  2. "Discovery" (露見, Roken) / Yen Press: Exposed
  3. "A Creaking Sound" (きしむ音, Kishimu Oto) / Yen Press: Creaking Noise
  4. "A War For Abandoning" (廃棄するための戦争, Haiki Suru Tame no Sensō) / Yen Press: A War For Waste
7 May 26, 2017[23]978-4-04-104878-8April 20, 2021[24]978-1-97-531586-3
  1. "Knight" (騎士, Kishi)
  2. "Flash Baron" (閃撃の撃墜王, Sengeki no Gekitsui-ō)
  3. "My Count Is..." (ボクのカウントは, Boku no Kaunto wa)
  4. "The Choosing" (選民, Senmin)
8 August 26, 2017[25]978-4-04-105995-1October 5, 2021[26]978-1-97-533564-9
  1. "An Affair" (浮気, Uwaki)
  2. "Rain (1)" (雨1, Ame 1)
  3. "Rain (2)" (雨2, Ame 2)
  4. "Father" (父親, Chichioya)
9 February 26, 2018[27]978-4-04-106562-4TBA—
  1. "Test" (試験, Shiken)
  2. "Hero (1)" (英雄1, Eiyū 1)
  3. "Hero (2)" (英雄2, Eiyū 2)
  4. "Promise" (約束, Yakusoku)
10 June 26, 2018[28]978-4-04-107048-2TBA—
  1. "By Change" (たまたま, Tamatama)
  2. "Bach" (バッハ, Bahha)
  3. "Foolish Plan" (愚帝, Gu Tei, lit. "Foolish King")
  4. "Reunion" (再会, Saikai)
11 November 26, 2018[29]978-4-04-107612-5TBA—
  1. "Parting" (别離, Betsuri)
  2. "My Count Is" (僕のカウントは, Boku no Kaunto wa)
  3. "Convene" (開会, Kaikai)
  4. "Hopes Protected, Hopes Destroyed" (守られた望み、破られる望み, Mamora Reta Nozomi, Yabura Reru Nozomi)
12 March 26, 2019[30]978-4-04-107613-2TBA—
  1. "Invasion" (侵略, Shinryaku)
  2. "Rejoining" (帰還, Kikan)
  3. "Other Way" (方法, Hōhō)
  4. "Light" (光, Hikari)
13 July 26, 2019[31]978-4-04-108694-0TBA—
  1. "Toy" (玩具, Omocha)
  2. "Betrayal" (裏切り, Uragiri)
  3. "Only One" (唯一人, Tada Hitori)
  4. "Counterattack" (迎撃, Geigeki)
14 December 26, 2019[32]978-4-04-108696-4TBA—
  1. "Angel" (天使, Tenshi)
  2. "Regrets" (後悔, Kōkai)
  3. "Alone" (孤独, Kodoku, lit. "Loneliness")
  4. "Holding Back" (我慢, Gaman, lit. "Patience")
15 April 25, 2020[33]978-4-04-109336-8TBA—
  1. "Weakness" (弱点, Jakuten)
  2. "Brave Young Man" (男の子, Otokonoko)
  3. "Inheritance" (受け継ぐもの, Uketsugu Mono)
  4. "Conviction" (信念, Shin Nen)
16 August 26, 2020[34]978-4-04-109337-5TBA—
  1. "Like the Wind" (風のように, Kaze no Yōni)
  2. "Declaration of War" (宣戦布告, Sensen Fukoku)
  3. "Killing Intent" (殺意, Satsui)
  4. "Evil" (悪, Aku)
17 January 26, 2021[35]978-4-04-111102-4TBA—
  1. "Where I belong" (居場所, Ibasho)
  2. "Parting" (別離, Betsuri)
  3. "Only You Can Understand" (あなたにしかわからない, Anata ni Shika Wakaranai)
  4. "I'm Relieved" (よかった, Yokatta)
18 May 26, 2021[36]978-4-04-111381-3TBA—
  1. Who Should Die? (死ねべきは誰, Shinebeki wa Dare)
  2. If My Beloved One Was Killed (愛する者を殺せば, Aisurumono o Koroseba)
  3. Let Her Go (見逃してくれよ, Minoga Shite Kureyo)
  4. Communication (通信, Tsūshin)
19 October 26, 2021[37]978-4-04-111828-3TBA—
  1. Gentle, Peaceful and Promptly (穏やかに、安らかに、速やかに, Odayaka ni, Yasuraka ni, Sumiyaka ni)
  2. Hesitate (ためらう, Tamerau)
  3. Genji (玄治, Genji)
  4. Don't Give Up, I Don't Want to Give Up (あきらめない、あきらめたくない, Akiramenai, Akirametakunai)

Licht Bach

Other Names

Sakai Rihito (Real name)
Legendary Red Baron
Flash Baron
The Legendary Hero
Pudding (By Lyne and Pele)
Cockroach (By Taketora)
Nii-Nii (By Nana)
Masked Onii-chan (By Pelmo)
Dreamer Boy (Anime, by Alexandrov and Schmelman)
Lord Licht (By Herz)
Colonel Licht (By Special Service)
Colonel General Licht (By Special Service)
Rihiko (cross-dressed)
Code 001


First Count:

-999 (former)
-1,000 (former)
-1,002 (current)
Second Count:
5,700 (former)
57,000 (former, empowered)
300,000 (current)
1,500,000 (current, 5x empowered)
3,000,000 (current, 10x empowered)


300+ (Actual)
Around 20 (Physical)


Trainee Soldier (formerly)
Colonel (formerly)
Colonel General (Ch.45-onward)
Legendary Red Baron

Drama CD Debut

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Appears in

Manga, Anime and Drama CD

Hina, you wanted to know what my purpose was... so listen up... Jail, I'll tell you who I am... I am... Plunderer. To steal away everything in this country, that is my purpose.

—Licht Bach reveals his true identity, Plunderer (Chapter 09)

Licht Bach (リヒトー=バッハ,Rihitō Bahha), or known by his real name Sakai Rihito (坂井離人,Sakai Rihitō), is the main male protagonist of Plunderer. He is one of the 7 Legendary Red Barons, known as the "Flash Baron" (閃撃の撃墜王,Sengeki no Gekitsui-ō, Yen Press: Ace of Flashing Strikes).


Post-300 years Licht does not differ much from himself before the war, other than his long white hair and taller height. His eyes are crimson and his skin is fair, though his looks are not uncommon among others. He had dark blue eyes and black hair before he became a Baron.

He hides his face under masks of all designs. They are typically classic Japanese Theatrical masks, known as Noh. He sometimes even adorns costumes to appear unassuming, such as a pudding cup with his sword re-purposed into the guise of a spoon.

His usual attire consists of a red garb draped over his shoulders with armor underneath and jet-powered boots. Although it is unknown if the boots are still functional.

On the back of his hand is his count. It's an astonishing count of -999 at the start of the series.

During his first appearance, Licht has messy, mid-back length hair that was cut shorter mid-fight and a Noh mask which was also destroyed during his fight with Davi.

At certain moments, a number code "001" can be seen in Licht’s left eye.[3][4] Although it's yet to be confirmed, this is most likely his identification code from the Aerial Ace Project. This code can also be seen in the other Barons as well. Tokikaze is 002 and Taketora is 003. This code represents the order in which they were made into Barons.


He is enigmatic as far as intentions go. He does his best to conceal that he is a Baron, but his overwhelming power and inability to allow others to suffer causes him to reveal himself often.

He's also shamelessly perverted and needy in an almost comical way. He could be considered mischievous upon first meeting. He is used to girls denying him and being hated, facing the truth with a stone face.

When he takes on the true power of his Ballot, his personality shifts to an unwavering bloodlust and desire to kill all enemies.


For his story events, see Licht Bach/Plots.

Appearance in Other Media


In the last episode of Plunderer anime, after Licht was absorbed into the black hole created by Taketora, seven Baron's masks was shown to be floating in the "world of darkness" and surrounding Licht. One of the masks, the Flash Mask (閃撃面,Sengeki-men, Funimation: Mask of Flashing Strikes), is representing Licht's despair and his self-blaming for his own faults.

Along with the other masks, the Flash Mask tries to criticize Licht’s actions and advise him to give up and die. However, after he remembered his promise with Hina and the others, Licht destroys the masks and successfully escape by splitting the "world of darkness".

Special Booklet

Licht appeared in the special booklets that were released together with the anime's Blu-ray.

Schmelman's Alternative Tales

Licht appeared in the Drama CD Schmelman's Alternative Tales.

In Cinderella part, Licht portrayed as eldest sister-in-Law of Cinderella. As Licht portraying his character, he laughed at Jail (As second eldest sister-in-Law) for his clothing, due to him wearing women dress which pissed Jail. As Hina (As Cinderella) trying to calm Jail down, Licht went to see her panties but it's stopped by Jail. Soon, both Licht and Jail arguing each other about their attitude. Hina wonders why neither of them can get along well, Gespenst (As youngest sister-in-Law) stated that Licht and Jail were actually good friends, which both of them disagreed at him.

Abilities and Power

Licht has two separated counts: the ‘first count’ is on his left hand, which reads "-999". This count is the ‘first count’ since it is the “first one seen”. This count is obtained after the Abandonment War ended. Licht and Nana were roaming Althea for 300 years and to “blend in with the crowd”, they decided to get a second count, one like everyone else had. Nana stated that this Count stands for how many girls have gotten close to him. If he turns them down, his count goes down and visa versa. His count becomes -1000 after Hina calls him a liar and says that she hates him. His current count is -1002.

The ‘second count’ is 5700 and this count is his first and original count. This count is located on his long sword near the handle, and stands for how many heads he had cut off. During battle, his count increases tenfold, reaching the amount of 57000 when activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. Later on, it was revealed that Licht was not using his original Ballot Replica, as the sword he was using was taken from a Ballot Holder who attacked him 100 years ago[5]. Thus, 5700 is not his real count. In Chapter 50, it was revealed that Licht's original Ballot Replica was stored away behind Ende, as Schmelman was scared of the Ballot returning to Licht and with it, all of the other Barons. His original count on his original Ballot Replica is 300000, and reached 1,500000 when activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. His original count stands for how many people he has killed in place of his friends and loved ones, as revealed after Hina and the others traveled back to the past[6]. It is noted by Taketora in Chapter 53 that the 1,500000 is only 5 times normal, because if he goes higher than that, Licht would lose control of himself due to the bloodlust genes. Since it is only 5 times and Licht’s full power is 10 times or assumed to be, it is possible that when his count is at full strength, it reaches a total of 3,000000 or greater[7][8].

  • Flashing Strike (閃撃,Sengeki): This is Licht's ability as a Baron: his legs has been enhanced to be able to move at incredibly high speeds, which even faster than the light.
    • Superhuman Speed: According to Nikola, Licht possesses superhuman-speed ability and his speed is even faster than sound. So fast, that his opponents can't see his movement.
    • Supernatural Leap: The ability to leap to supernatural heights and distances. When Licht tries to jump high, a lot of people mistakenly believe that he was flying.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Due to Licht's body being modified, his reaction speeds have been enhanced to be able to dodge and maneuver around complex attacks. It was later revealed that Licht already obtained this ability even before he became a Baron. He is already able to see bullets moves slowly even without the enchantment from the Baron's surgery, but his talent was held back by his slow body movement which is why nobody but Schmelman seems to notice his naturally born superhuman reflexes until after he became Baron later on[9]. Both Alexandrov and Firenda noted that combining both his reaction speed and his enhanced movement speeds, Licht can moves and reacts even faster than Schmelman did, whom was already considered by Gespenst to have a invincible reaction speeds. This ability is the biggest reason why Schmelman considered Licht as a rare warrior back during his discussion with Alexandrov at the enrollment ceremony 300 years ago.
    • Speed Strike: Licht can acquire the relativistic mass by traveling at great speeds, and hit blows of tremendous force. He does this when he give a finishing blow to Davi.
    • Speed Throwing: Licht can throw objects at extremely high speeds, causing great damage to whatever it hits. He does this when he threw a sands at Firenda which could stop her movement.
    • Light Slash: Licht can combine light to attacks with his Ballot. He does this when he tries to slash the Baron masks and destroys the "world of darkness" to leave. This ability is only used on the anime adaptation.
  • Bloodlust: As the Red Baron, Licht possesses a ability to increase his count by activating Schmelman's bloodlust genes. However the more higher the count, the higher chance he would lost his sanity. Also the genes can be brought out by a unknown drug it was given to Licht bah in high doses to increase his count.
    • Flash Slashing: Upon giving into his bloodlust and accessing Schmelman's bloodlust and increasing his count, Licht was able to immediately slash apart a fully grown human beings into bloody mists, effectively destroying their bodies on a atomic level and rendering their corpses non-existent.
    • Shockwave Manipulation: Due to his speed of flash ability, when Licht activated his bloodlust genes, he can create, shape and manipulate shockwaves, a powerful compression wave produced by the movement of a body through a medium at a velocity greater than the local speed of sound. This ability is stated to be one of the biggest reason why Licht is considered as the strongest Baron.
      • Shockwave Blast: Licht can create a shockwave blast while traveling at great speeds.
    • Slashing Aura: When Licht completely lost his sanity, he generates a field that slashes everything inside of it in the speed of flash.
  • Flight: During his time fighting in the Abandonment War 300 years, Licht was given specialized equipment to further assist and complement his fighting abilities in battle like the rest of his fellow Barons, specifically Licht was given specialized jet boots that gave him the ability to fly, float and glide through the air, greatly complementing his "Flash" power. Although nowadays Licht is still wears the jet boots, it's not know if the boots are still functional.


  • Licht's character design (Especially his appearance and personality in 300 years ago) is most likely based on Sakurai Tomoki from Minazuki Suu's previous works, Sora no Otoshimono.
  • Licht means "light" and Bach means "small river" in German.
    • Licht's original name, "Ri" means "leave", while "hito" means people/person, which makes the literal translation of "Rihito" was "leave person".
  • Despite the German name, Licht is actually Japanese.
  • Most of the characters refers him as "Licht". However, the other Barons and his friends from 300 years ago are refers him as "Rihito" instead.
    • Similarity, in the original Japanese scan, when Hina and the others referring him, his name was written in Katakana (リヒトー). While for Tokikaze and the others, his name was written in Kanji (離人) instead.
  • In Chapter 16 and Chapter 24's colored pages, the young Licht's eyes color were red, just like his present self. However, in the Volume 7's cover, his eyes were blue instead and only got his red eyes after he became a Baron.
  • It is to be believed that Licht does not need his first count in order to “live” as he never had a count to begin with, since he is originally from the Abyss (Japan). And people from the Abyss do not have counts[5].
  • According to Alexandrov, Gespenst and Avsette, Licht is the strongest baron, despite what other Baron’s counts are. The only reason why Licht was defeated in some of his battle is mainly because he's holding back and doesn't want to hurt anybody[9].


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  4. Macro worksheet



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Alternative Titles

English: Plunderer

Japanese: プランダラ



Episodes: 24

Status: Finished Airing

Aired: Jan 9, 2020 to Jun 25, 2020

Premiered:Winter 2020

Broadcast: Thursdays at 01:05 (JST)

Producers:Half H.P Studio, Nippon Columbia, 81 Produce, Docomo Anime Store, Kadokawa Media House, Kadokawa



Source: Manga

Genres:ActionAction, FantasyFantasy, EcchiEcchi


Duration: 22 min. per ep.

Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score:6.551(scored by 105693105,693 users)

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Alcia is a world governed by "Count": numbers engraved on a person's body, representing any number related to their life. These Counts determine a person's social status and power in Alcia. If a Count reaches zero, the person is sent to the Abyss, a place rumored to be worse than death.

Hina, a traveler whose Count is based on the distance she traveled, witnessed her mother get dragged down into the Abyss. Determined to fulfill her mother's last wishes, she sets off on a journey in search of the legendary Aces—heroes of the war that happened three hundred years ago, bearing a white star next to their Count.

While wandering around, Hina encounters Licht Bach, a mysterious masked man with negative Count, and Nana, the owner of a tavern. In the midst of having a good time, Hina is tricked into a battle with a military soldier. However, despite his negative count, Licht rescues Hina and reveals that he has another count, one with a white star, one of a legendary Ace.

Plunderer follows the journey of Hina and other inhabitants of Alcia as they discover the truth about their world, the Abyss, and the legendary Aces.

[Written by MAL Rewrite]

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Characters & Voice Actors


“You are the ace I chose.” - Hina

A world ruled by numbers, you gain and lose points for specific things you do. The concept starts out interesting and promising, but the execution of the idea is badly done.

Story - 2/10
When you have a bunch of ideas and want to create something full flavor but what you did is you pour everything in together without proper filtering or organization, Plunderer is a result of that. Compared to food, it looks like a product of someone who doesn’t know how to properly cook.

Plunderer is messy and full of mysteries. Mysteries are getting revealed one by one throughout the story. While some revelations make sense, but some are way too absurd. They are way too convenient to be a coincidence, making me think the world is too small, probably not a way to connect everything together. In addition, some mysteries are not being explained properly, they are more like a rough explanation in order to be able to say that the show is not totally illogical.

The overall story is a serious theme but containing multiple weird and off-themed moments, such as cooking competition or drinking competition between characters who were just fighting each other to death.

Animation - 5/10
The animation quality is at the standard level but contains obvious flaws, which are stiff action scenes and intentional chibi-style art. In some scenes of Plunderer, the art turned characters into chibi-style, which I find not necessary, they resemble a lazy work.

Sound - 7/10
Standard theme songs and soundtracks. I am not a sound expert, so I would say that I find nothing outstanding and nothing bugged me.

Characters - 3/10
Plunder gave me a bad first impression. Licht Bach, a portrayal of a true pervert, who wanted to see Hina’s underwear at the first met, which she was a total stranger to Licht at that time. Normal ecchi is fine, but sexual harassment is not something to impress audiences with.

As mentioned in the story section, mysteries are getting revealed one by one throughout the story but having too much coincidence. Those mysteries involve characters and their relationships, which are mostly not convincing in a level that reading spoilers from Fandom does not ruin your enjoyment, but instead become more interesting.

After all, the characters of Plunderer are only tools to make the story proceed. The writing does not make characters important at all. Characters may have a background and unique personality, but their personality has no effect or has nothing to do with the story, which makes them easily replaceable.

Enjoyment - 3/10
The only thing that was able to keep me watching this show is the concept, which nevertheless did not get a proper explanation. I only wanted to see which direction would this mess go.

I do not recommend this to any people who are familiar with anime. If you are still new to anime, Plunder is something you may be able to enjoy.


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Writer James Beckett of AnimeNewsNetwork once said, speaking on the anime “Fire Force”, that it felt like it was written by “two middle-schoolers stacked on top of each other wearing a thick trench coat.” Sorry if I didn’t get that exactly right, James. Can I say the same applies to “Plunderer”? Well, as someone who was once a middle schooler thumping my feet to Slipknot and Green Day as I scrawled in the margins of my homework, I’d like to think my capacity to conjure a competent narrative was at least marginally better than whatever...the fuck I just saw.

I’m going to keep this review of Plunderer as brief as possible because I’d rather it vacate the mental real-estate it has occupied in my head-space now that it has finished airing. You think of anime like “One Punch Man” and “Attack on Titan” where absolutely every aspect of production had to fall perfectly into place in order for the celluloid to properly translate to screen, in other words, lightning in a bottle. Plunderer is like the inverse of that, imagine, if you would, a 2-liter bottle of shit filled to its absolute brim over the course of 24 weeks get the idea. Plunderer is the type of legendarily bad anime that you only get once in a decade because anything that can go wrong with an anime during its syndication absolutely did go wrong.

Plunderer is juvenile, it seems to be under the impression that a good story is predicated on otherworldly plot-twists, tragic heroes, and romance, but that’s just not the case. At the core of Plunderer’s story is a horribly unlikeable protagonist, Licht Bach. Licht checks just about every box for how not to write a compelling protagonist. He sexually assaults any woman in sight, has a happy-go-lucky attitude about it, and hides behind a shield of tragedy to force some degree of emotion out of the audience.

I’m an unrepentantly perverse and salacious bastard, the furthest thing from a prude, but even I have to draw the line somewhere. For a character like Licht Bach to have as many love interests as your run of the mill harem protagonist is nothing short of insulting. The number of women queued up to swing their legs open for this dude is staggering, it gets to a point where they are actively embracing being sexually assaulted just to have this man’s dick. I don’t normally allow my convictions to bleed into anime, because applying real-world logic to a cartoon can have varying results. But in Plunderer’s case, I just can’t ignore how these female characters are presented, because it’s nothing short of reductive and dangerously exaggerated.

Is the story at least good enough to distract from the chaos of its forced character relations?, not really. Trying to explain the story of Plunderer would be like asking Charlie Day to expound on the modalities of working in a mail-room. It’s mired in minutiae and messy plotting, so for the sake of it, I’ll highlight some of the essential bullet-points. Licht Bach is some kind of super-soldier from the past that was forced to kowtow to his superiors to spare his peers, he bastardized his ideals when he was forced to kill others even though he was in a fucking military academy, and now in the present when the world is virtually unrecognizable he’s seen as a pariah known as the “Legendary Ace”, also there are aliens involved?

One of my absolute favorite scenes in Plunderer is when the main cast is forced to visit the past and during the school’s opening ceremony, the Commander straight up pops 3 punks in the crowd. It was jaw-dropping, to say the least, but it’s not until after the back and forth with Licht does he reveal that he actually shot them with a paint gun...even though they acted like they were dead the entire time. Like “Oh yeah, golly, I’m not dead!” Seriously, I checked out from this anime when I saw an attack-helicopter slowly rise from the smoke of the abyss.

The music is terribly anachronistic, mundane, and poorly integrated from scene to scene due to poor directing. The animation doesn’t even have to be spoken for in this case, but for the sake of it, I’ll say that Plunderer is so poorly animated that you can count the number of smear-frames per episode on your fingers. The coloring and linework is incredibly flat to the point where this show looks and feels like it was released over a decade ago.

Plunderer is…awful, irredeemably so. But it was never boring, far from it. With a bit of grandad’s cough medicine coursing through my system, it was actually raucous fun. Can I recommend it? Well honestly, that’s for you to decide whether or not I want the rest of you curious viewers at large to...share in my pain.


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I was glad to see that the manga I enjoyed was getting an anime adaptation. I was kinda worried it would be mediocre, or maybe it would be just a small 12 episode "prologue" arc or something, but I didn't expect it to be THAT terrible. It really takes some skill to turn a pretty solid manga into this abomination. So here is the list of problems:
1. Visuals. Here it feels exactly as it did with the latest season of Seven Deadly Sins: face animation and emotions are almost non-existant, all cool fights with great moves are a static image + some blinking "special effects" (and don't forget screaming AAAAAA for the whole fight). I swear, I have seen gifs with better animation, and to add insult to injury - even manga had better drawn static panels and frames for that exact fights. Why didn't you just colorise it if you didn't want to bother with actual animation? I have no idea. And outside of fights all charachers either barely move or it is animated "on budget" by two-three students who just did a part time job to get some food. It is trully terrible.
2. Sound. There are only 2 types of sound here: so dull you forget it at once and so irritating it makes your ears bleed. First category consists of openings and endings, second - of all the bgm. Military theme was so bad that I nearly skipped all the scenes where it was playing. If visuals were drawn by students, the sound was more likely made by a hobo for a bottle of cheap wine. I think even if you took a cat and pulled its tail - it would still be a better "music".
3. Pacing/story. Boy oh boy, THIS is the problem. The real one. While I have some degree of tolerance to bad looks/sounds, pacing just kills the source completely. Imagine a perfectly normal source, with nice fights, good plot turns and some ecchi jokes. Now take all the ecchi jokes, that take a panel or a page at most (with chapter being about 50) and stretch it to be 5 minutes long in a 20-minute episode. And now tell me, how can any joke keep up if you make it from a 2% time gag to a 25%? The answer is: you should not even try to do it, as this joke will become way too annoying and way too pushy and it simply will not be funny. And it is EXACTLY what they have done. All jokes - stretched, like they wanted to make it a full-time hentai but chickend out after prelude, all worldbuilding - infodumped in a few seconds, all battles consist out of 2-3 "moves", as heroes just repeat some 2-frame animation. Also there are a lot of lost moments, that may not feel like anything but a filler, but later it actually adds some lost elements to puzzle, as some characters did stuff that is really hard to justify without those small elements.
I think I didn't mention a number of smaller issues, but to be honest after mentioned 3 big problems I have already critisized 90% of the anime, at this point any more criticism will be just beating a corpse.

TL;DR: this anime is a horrible adaptation. The only reason I didn't give it the worst score is as a token of appreciation to the source material, wich is good, but this whoole anime is a waste of time, efford (although not much of it) and potential.


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This show is about a guy that likes to roam around
He's never in one place, he roam from town to town
And when he find himself falling for some girl
He turns into a massive creep and start molesting her
Cause he's a plunderer, yeah a plunderer!

This show was a train-wreck from beginning to end. It started of as a typical generic ecchi show but went on to pretentiously try and disguise itself as more than just a self-insert power fantasy. It expects you to feel invested in the dramatic moments but because it's so amateurishly executed it becomes laughable. I think that if anything this is where the enjoyment of this show lies. Characters doing bizarre actions or random plot-conveniences are not rare in this show which made for some entertainment gold. But it doesn't do enough to make up for how poor everything else is.

Plot holes are pretty frequent and a lot of things are left unexplained, some of which were in the manga but not here for some in-explainable reason. The world-building especially was very lacking even though it's focused on a lot. For example in the world of Alcia, everything is ruled by a number/count. The count goes up or down depending on if you succeed or fail a certain task, the higher your count the more powerful you are. Can this task be changed? Are there rules of what you can/can't have as a task? Is it balanced or are some tasks just easier than others? It's a very interesting concept that sadly lack depth and only exist to tell how strong a person is. Instead of focusing on interesting things like this they focus everything on the shitstain that is our protagonist Licht.

Pretty much everything centers around him while leaving no room to expand on the rest of the characters. Leading to a boring cast of shallow individuals that's hard to care about. Most women are there to be sexualized and/or fall in love with his "irresistible" personality and looks. Especially Hina and Lyne, two blockheads that have no will of their own besides Licht's safety and having his children. They had some ambitions in life before meeting Licht, but realized that he is much more important than them. Jail was the only decent character since he at least changed into a man that starts to value people over his duty. It wasn't mind blowing development, but it was something.

Licht himself is the least likable out of them all. He pervs on girls in the open who clearly dislikes it and he never suffer any severe consequences for it. He even molest the daughter of his dead childhood friend. It leaves the impression of an egoistic asshole who doesn't give a damn about others. But he is also shown to have a kind side which clashes with his extremely perverted nature. Leading to his morals being very confusing and made me anything but invested in him.

But was there some visual pleasantries at least? No there's no saving grace here either. The artwork is bland with undetailed backgrounds and unimaginative lighting. Character movement is often stiff and disproportioned which leaves a lot to be desired during the lackluster fight scenes. Of higher value than I expected coming from such a new studio but was as a whole below average.

Good soundtrack and voice acting? Not really. The music is forgettable and falls on deaf ears due to how little weight it's contribution have. The voice acting was also far from extraordinary. I can't blame the actors for it because of the awful script they had to work with. It's a shame because there were some talented actors in this, but it at least made for some stupid over the top dialogue.

So would I recommend Plunderer? While it had some entertainingly bad moments and twist that spiced things up, it's not enough to be worth your time in my eyes. But if you've finished it and enjoyed it for the same reason I did then I can recommend Ousama Game for a similar experience.


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Count Explained Plunderer

Plunderer Licht Count Meaning

Count could also lead them to the abyss when it has dropped to zero. Licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom.

Plunderer Vol 3 Ch 9 Plunderer Manga Read Plunderer Vol 3 Ch 9

Plunderer licht eye count.

Plunderer licht count meaning. Rabu 18 maret 2020. Licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom licht bach plunderer wiki fandom. He is one of the 7 legendary red barons known as quot the flash baron quot.

Plunderer licht real count. Plunderer licht count anime plunderer. There is a count on his eye but it s hard to tell exactly what the count is.

His number actually means the number of girls who have accepted him meaning 1000 girls have rejected him. Licht bach リヒトー バッハ rihitō bahha or known by his real name sakai rihito 坂井離人 sakai rihitō is the main male protagonist of plunderer. Licht modifies her latest design but worries he has only put her in danger despite hina praising him.

Plunderer licht count meaning. In the world of plunderer every person has a number printed somewhere on their body that corresponds to a vital aspect of their lives. Plunderer licht true count.

Count カウント kaunto is a life system that keep people alive in althea it could define any number related to their life. Plunderer プランダラ purandara is the anime adaptation of the manga series of the same name produced by geektoys. Pelmo asks licht and hina to help make her dream of flight come true even though researching flight is a crime punishable by death.

Jumat 27 maret 2020. This is known as a count and can go up or down depending on what happens in that area of the person s life. Licht is forced to save a girl named pelmo from falling to her death in an experimental aeroplane.

Where exactly plunderer is going is a little unclear storywise. Nana s number is how many people love her cooking. All that is shown is 001 which can be interpreted as him aging 001 count ending in 1 or it being reversed and him having a 100 count since no count is 3 numbers long at all times.

Count can also define as a battle powers for anyone who owns a ballot although this does not include original ballots which was used for voting. Her number goes up if someone loves it if someone hates it it goes down. However the second episode does shed more light on the mysterious licht a hero of a war that took place 300 years ago and whose count is impossibly low.

Licht plunderer count anime plunderer.

It S The Year 305 Of The Alcian Calendar And The World Is

Pin By Danyael On Plunderer Anime Japanese Anime Series Watch

Plunderer Episode 6 Trong 2020 Vương

What S Your Count The World Of Plunderer Explained

5 Facts About Licht Bach Plunderer Youtube


Wiki plunderer

List of Plunderer episodes

Wikipedia list article

Season of television series

Native name
Country of originJapan
No. of episodes24
Original networkTokyo MX, KBS, TVA, SUN, BS11, AT-X
Original releaseJanuary 8 (2020-01-08) –
June 24, 2020 (2020-06-24)

Plunderer is a Japanese anime series adapted by Geek Toys from the manga series of the same name written by written and illustrated by Suu Minazuki. The series premiered from January 8 to June 24, 2020.[1] From episodes 1–11, the opening theme is "Plunderer" by Miku Itō while the ending theme is "Countless Days" by Rina Honnizumi.[2] From episodes 12–24, the second opening theme is "Kokou no Hikari Lonely dark" by Itō Miku while the second ending theme is "Reason of Life" by Honnizumi Rina, Ozawa Ari, and Itō Shizuka.

Funimation acquired the series for distribution, and streamed the series on FunimationNow in English speaking regions,[3] and on AnimeLab in Australia and New Zealand.[4] Funimation premiered the first two episodes of the series on YouTube in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on December 8, 2019.[5]

Episode list[edit]


  1. ^All English titles are taken from Funimation.
  2. ^ abThe first two episodes were given preview screenings by Funimation on December 8, 2019.


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Licht vs jail សង្ខេបរឿង Anime Plunderer プランダラ អ្នកក្លាហានព្រាននារី part 2

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