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The Witcher 3 armor sets: how to get the best Witcher gear

The Witcher 3's witcher gear sets are your go-to source for the strongest armor and weaponry in the game for our dear old Butcher of Blaviken. Each belonging to a different witcher school, the blueprints for these unique pieces of equipment must be tracked down in Scavenger missions, then crafted with very particular materials - all of which we'll cover in our The Witcher 3 gear sets guide below!

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The Witcher 3 armor sets & gear guide

There's a fair amount of complexity to Witcher armor and gear sets. So what I've done is lay out all the essentials below to get you up to speed on the basic ideas behind gear sets, before walking you through our rankings for each set.

The Witcher 3 armor and gear sets guide

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Witcher Gear explained

Who loves bullet point lists covering everything you need to know in as concise a manner as possible? I do! Here are the essential need-to-know facts about gear sets in The Witcher 3:

  • "Witcher Gear" is the rarest and highest quality class of equipment above the likes of "Master" and "Magic". Witcher gear is coloured green in your inventory.
  • There are four witcher gear sets in the base version of The Witcher 3, with another four available through DLCs (some free, some paid).
  • Each gear set generally includes a full armor set, a silver sword, a steel sword, and sometimes a crossbow.
  • For each piece of equipment in a set you'll need to track down its blueprint diagrams in the world before you're able to craft it. Tracking down these blueprints is the basis for the various "Scavenger Hunt" side quests.
  • Gear sets are so sought after because the equipment in each set is among the strongest in the game. What's more, each piece in most gear sets can be upgraded several times with additional materials and blueprints.
  • The upgrade stages for most gear sets are, from lowest to highest: Basic, Enhanced, Superior, Mastercrafted, and Grandmaster. In New Game +, you're able to craft Legendary variants of each of these levels.

One final piece of advice: don't ignore the suggested levels on the Scavenger Hunt quests. They're not just the recommended level for defeating the enemies guarding the diagrams; they're also the required level for actually equipping the gear once you've crafted it. So don't bother rushing a set long before you've reached the suggested level.

The best Witcher armor in The Witcher 3

Now let's take a look at our rankings for the best Witcher gear sets in The Witcher 3. For each set, I've also detailed the Scavenger Hunt locations and suggested levels, as well as all of the equipment contained within that set.

Witcher 3 armor sets

7. Kaer Morhen Armor & Warrior's Leather Jacket

  • Equipment Type: Chest Armor

Let's not waste time here: the Kaer Morhen Armor is the medium armor that Geralt starts the game wearing. It's rubbish.

On a more interesting note, I'd refrain from instantly dismantling or selling this rubbish starting armor, because you can use it to craft the Warrior's Leather Jacket - a visually identical but statistically superior chest armor piece. But even this is only worthwhile if you craft it at the very start of the game, because the meagre 30 Armor it provides will soon be far outstripped by other armor you find during your travels.

6. Viper/Serpentine Gear Set ("Hearts of Stone" paid DLC)

  • Equipment Types: Silver Sword, Steel Sword (+ All Armor with Hearts of Stone DLC)
  • Basic Sword Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: White Orchard, Level 6
  • Venomous Silver Sword Associated Quest/Suggested Level:
    "Whatsoever a Man Soweth" in Velen, Level 36
  • All Other Gear Associated Quest/Suggested Level: "Open Sesame!" in Velen, Level 34

The Viper Gear Set is an interesting one, because the swords are actually included in the base game - and very early on, I might add. But you'll need the Hearts of Stone paid DLC to gain access to the Viper armor set - as well as the late-game Venomous variants of both swords.

The swords are useful in the early game thanks to their poison chance, while the armor's claim to fame is a best-in-class resistance to poisoning - and that's on top of some decent elemental and monster resistances too. Still, it's rather too niche a gear set to rank very high in our tier list of best gear sets on offer.

5. Griffin Gear Set

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword
  • Basic Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 11
  • Enhanced Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 18
  • Superior Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 26
  • Mastercrafted Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 34
  • Grandmaster Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Toussaint, Level 40

Griffin Gear is the first major set of witcher gear you'll be able to gain access to once you enter Velen and Novigrad. The main perk of this set of medium armor (and its associated swords) is a decent buff to sign intensity with each equipped piece.

Sadly Griffin gear seems to go rather under-utilised by the majority of players, who have realised over time that sign intensity isn't nearly as valuable in upping your DPS potential as the other main witcher gear sets.

4. Manticore Gear Set ("Blood and Wine" paid DLC)

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword
  • Grandmaster Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Toussaint, Level 40

The Manticore Gear Set is only available in the "Blood and Wine" paid expansion, and features a set of medium armor and swords that can only be found in Grandmaster variants - which means, as with all the other Grandmaster gear sets, you'll have to reach Level 40 before you can make use of them.

The Manticore Armor is all about alchemy, boosting your maximum toxicity and bestowing a bonus to alchemy charges and critical hit effects to your bombs if you equip the entire set. The swords, I find, are far more valuable, with each one boasting a + bonus to your Armor piercing, alongside a strong critical hit damage boost and a chance to bleed. Very powerful swords indeed.

3. Bear/Ursine Gear Set

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword, Crossbow
  • Basic Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 20
  • Enhanced Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 25
  • Superior Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 30
  • Mastercrafted Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 34
  • Grandmaster Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Toussaint, Level 40

The ultimate gear set for tanks and turtlers, the Ursine Heavy Armor set is unmatched in its ability to soak up damage, not only providing excellent armor stats and resistance bonuses across the board, but also giving you an extremely strong bonus to your Quen sign usage if you upgrade it all the way.

Add to that some strong Adrenaline Point gain bonuses with each piece you equip, and this gear set will also enable you to hit like a truck (or, indeed, a bear) once you get stuck into the fight.

2. Wolf/Wolven Gear Set ("Wolf School Gear" free DLC)

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword
  • Basic Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Kaer Morhen, Level 14
  • Enhanced Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 21
  • Superior Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 29
  • Mastercrafted Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 34
  • Grandmaster Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Toussaint, Level 40

Another witcher gear set only available once you've downloaded the associated free DLC, the Wolven Gear Set is a lovely set of medium armor and swords which gives players a jack-of-all-trades option regarding their equipment choices.

This set will boost your attack power, adrenaline point gain, and sign intensity all at the same time, but of course it won't be able to reach the heights in any one category set by the other more focused gear sets. Still, the versatility of the Wolf armor and weaponry means it's a firm contender for the best gear set in the game for first-time players.

1. Cat/Feline Gear Set

  • Equipment Types: All Armor, Silver Sword, Steel Sword, Crossbow
  • Basic Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 17
  • Enhanced Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 23
  • Superior Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Velen/Novigrad, Level 29
  • Mastercrafted Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Skellige, Level 34
  • Grandmaster Diagram Locations/Suggested Level: Toussaint, Level 40

This is where we start to get serious. Some people suggest that you steer clear of the Feline Gear Set unless you're a seasoned Witcher 3 veteran, but I say the benefits are just too good to ignore for any player, even those just starting out.

The only real downside to this gear set is the fact that light armor won't absorb as much damage as medium or heavy armor. Otherwise, this set gives you a delightful boost to attack power and critical hit chance - not to mention a chance to cause bleeding with each hit thanks to your two swords.

Honourable Mention: Teigr ("Where the Cat and Wolf Play" free DLC)

  • Equipment Types: Steel Sword
  • Associated Quest/Suggested Level: "Where the Cat and Wolf Play" in Velen, Level 25

If you're after armor, ignore the Teigr Gear Set completely, as all it contains is a single steel sword. I'm just including it here for the sake of completion, as it is technically a witcher gear set.

Available only with the free "Where the Cat and Wolf Play" DLC, this sword boasts a 15% increase to your Aard Sign intensity, along with some nice Feline-gear-esque boosts to critical hit chance and bleed chance.

The Witcher 3 guide series

And there you have it! You now have a complete knowledge of all the Witcher 3 armor and gear sets on offer. Now you have a choice, dear witcher. Either you can load up the game and start making use of this knowledge, or you can peruse our other Witcher 3 guides below for even more useful tips and strategies!

Sours: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/the-witcherarmor-sets-how-to-get-the-best-witcher-gear-3
What does armor rating does exactly?
How does it work, say i got 90 armor , do i negate 90 dmg? I mean i get how slashing,piercing,monster resistances work since they are in %, such as 15% slashing resistance meaning you negate 15% of the total slashing damage dealt to you, but what about armor?

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How does the armor value work?

Because sadly nobody felt like answering this question despite the point bounty I had to torture Geralt in the name of science and let some low-level nekars beat him up in various stages of undress.

I recorded the numbers in a spreadsheet and came to the following conclusions:

  1. The damage formula is
  2. Humans and non-humans (elves, dwarfs) do "slashing", "piercing" or "bludgeoning" damage, depending on their weapon
  3. Monsters do "monster" damage (only witcher gear provides a percent-resistance against this)


  1. You are wearing armor parts which combined give you defense and 20% bludgeoning resistance.
  2. A bandit hits you with a mace. The attack has an attack power of bludgeoning damage.
  3. First, your armor is subtracted, leaving damage.
  4. Then the resistance is applied which further reduces the damage by 20% ( damage).
  5. Your final vitality loss is points.

When you are interested in the gory details, here are the numbers which lead me to these conclusions. Test setup: Level 18 Geralt vs. Level 9 Nekars east of Lurtch in Velen.


I am aware that a sample size of 9 numbers per test setup is not a lot, but the numbers still match the formula above quite well.

What does this mean for equipment selection?

  • The stronger the enemy is hitting, the more important does damage resistance become
  • When fighting monsters, resistance against monster damage can be more important than high defense, so it might be worth keeping a witcher set even when its defense is lower than mundane gear.
Sours: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions//how-does-the-armor-value-work/
5 Rare Armors You May Have Missed - THE WITCHER 3

All throughout your journey in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you'll come across a variety of weapons and armor, all of which have different bonuses of perks that come with them. In this guide to the best weapons and armor in The Witcher 3, we'll be guiding you through how to acquire elite weapons like the Griffin School Gear, the Ursine School Gear, and other items like the Aerondight sword.

If you instead needed anything else relating to the game, then be sure to check out our extensive Witcher 3 guides walkthrough hub, featuring complete quest walkthroughs, as well as the locations of powerful Witcher gear diagrams.

Witcher 3 Best Weapons

The debate about the best weapon in any game is a familiar one. Players are always looking to get that tiny edge that will put them over the top and see them defeat their foes. Sometimes the debate is a very simple one with a clear winner, and then other times it’s more complicated. With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the discussion is more complicated, but in a way that will benefit you under any circumstances. Let's start with the best weapons in the game:

  • Gesheft Silver Sword
  • Griffin Steel Sword – Mastercrafted
  • Bloodsword
  • Aerondight
  • Ofieri Saber
  • Black Unicorn Relic Steel Sword
  • Harpy Relic Silver Sword

Best Weapons and Armor Stats

Choosing the best armor and weapons in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is all about play style. If you don’t use your signs often you might prefer the Ursine School Gear for maximum protection. If you depend heavily on your signs, perhaps the Griffin School Gear is best for you. If you’re like us and prefer something lighter, relying more on your movement to help you win fights, the Cat School Gear might be the way to go. Of course, each type of gear has four variations (Basic, Enhanced, Superior and Mastercrafted), and what one you use will depend on what level your witcher is at.

Below you’ll find a table that will show you what level you can start using each type of armor at. For example, once you hit level 30 you will be able to craft and wear the mastercrafted variation of the Feline School Gear. This includes chest armor, gauntlets, trousers and boots. Of course, you must have the diagrams that are required to craft this gear, and you can find links to all of their locations on the right side of this page. Please also note that the second table indicates at what level you can start using each sword type at. They follow the same basic idea as the armor, with each gear set having four different variations.

Minimum Armor and Weapon Levels in The Witcher 3:

VariationGriffin School ArmorFeline School ArmorUrsine School Armor
VariationGriffin School SwordsFeline School SwordsUrsine School Swords

Witcher 3 Griffin School Gear

As we mentioned above, the Griffin School Gear is all about your sign intensity. If you are someone who likes to slam your foes Igni and Aard, this gear set will provide you with that opportunity. It won’t give you as much protection as the Ursine School Gear, but you shouldn’t need it given that you’re a master of magic. Be sure to reflect your choice in gear by adjusting your character customization options so that your focus is on using your signs.

Witcher 3 Feline School Gear

This is easily our favorite gear set. Part of that has to do with how it looks, and the other part is because of the benefits it provides in combat. The Cat School Gear doesn’t provide you with the same level of protection that you get from The Ursine (Bear) School Gear, but it does allow you to recover stamina more quickly. This means you can use your signs more often, but they won't be as intense as if you used the Griffin School Gear. It also benefits your play style if the approach to your combat encounters is all about movement. Rather than rely on Geralt being able to take a lot of punishment, this gear is suited for people who prefer to dodge and roll out of the way when their enemy attacks.

Witcher 3 Ursine School Gear

Next is the Bear (Ursine) School Gear, and it’s all about being able to take crazy amounts of damage when you’re in a fight. It provides maximum protection, but you give up the stamina regeneration that you enjoy with the Feline School Gear. Still, you could make use of alchemy to tip the scales further in your favor, tossing bombs and rubbing your swords with oils to cause your foes more damage. If you’re a big fan of using lots of signs while you’re in combat, you may want to skip this gear.

Witcher 3 Aerondight Sword

To obtain this elite weapon, you'll have to firstly own the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3, and you'll then have to undertake the quest called There Can Only be One, which can be found on any notice board in Toussaint. Next, you'll need to complete all of the following quests, as well as completing them with the details that we've noted down next to each one:

  • Til Death do You Part - Solve the dispute between the two ghosts, and at the very end of the quest, select the 'actually, just a marital spat' conversation option.
  • Father Knows Worst - Save the brother inside the house, and then choose the 'no one dies, not today' conversation option.
  • Big Game Hunter - Ask the guards about the Count's life, and then choose the option to attend his exhibition.
  • Turn to Face the Strange - You don't have to complete this quest, but you do have to give the messenger a tip when he delivers the note from Yennefer.
  • Feet as Cold as Ice - Once you're inside the quest and the Knight starts talking to you, choose the 'take the damned head, go back to Beauclair' option.

Once you've completed all of the above quests, simply head back to the hermit on the lake, where you'll have one final fight to undertake before you can claim Aerondight for yourself.

Witcher 3 Vitis Steel Sword/Toussaint Armor

There's only one way to get this weapon and armor set, and it's entirely possible to miss it when you're undertaking the Night of the Long Fangs quest in the Blood and Wine DLC expansion. You'll firstly need to choose the option to go after Syanna, and once you're in the fantasy land, you'll need to head towards the tall stone tower, roughly in the middle of the hub area.

Head towards the southern side of the tower, where you'll find a small lake. Near the lake will be the body of a fallen knight, completely dressed in Toussaint Armor and carrying the Vitis steel sword, both of which are now yours for the taking.

Witcher 3 Gesheft Silver Sword

You'll need to obtain a diagram to craft Gesheft, which you can then only equip once Geralt is level 45 or above, and you'll need to own the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3. Go to north east Beauclair, past the Dun Tynne Crossroads, and past the river bank. Now enter the nearby Monster Den, and keep heading left, until you come to a small campfire near a stalagmite. There's a chest next to the stalagmites, which contains the diagram needed to craft the Gesheft silver sword.

Witcher 3 Hen Gaidth Armor

You only have one shot at obtaining the Hen Gaidth armor set, if you choose to go after the Unseen Elder vampire during the Night of the Long Fangs quest, again in the Blood and Wine DLC expansion. You'll emerge from a hole in the ground, and into the cave where you'll meet the Unseen Elder vampire, but if you look next to the hole in the ground, you'll find a chest containing two items of the armor set.

Once you're following the foot marks in the quest to find the Unseen Elder, you'll eventually come to a fork in the road. Follow the path left, defeat the few enemies that you come to in the next room, and you'll find a chest near the wall containing the next two pieces of the Hen Gaidth armor set.

Finally, you'll need to look for the last chest after Geralt has slid down a stone wall. Search near the base of the stone wall that he ends up on top of, and you'll find the final two pieces of the elusive Hen Gaidth armor set.

As for which piece of armor or particular sword is the best, you're always going to want to go with the highest variation that you qualify for. That is to say, if you are a level 31 witcher, you're going to want to use the mastercrafted versions of the gear that best suits your play style.

In terms of swords, there are some out there that offer more damage than what you will find in these three sets, but you also have to factor in how many slots each sword has for runestones. For example, if you can find a sword that does slightly less damage, but has three slots for runestones, you can really bump up its stats for things like armor piercing, causing your foes to bleed, or even setting them on fire. What this all boils down to is that there is no one sword that is better than all the rest, but rather just one sword out there that will meet your unique combat needs.

Follow this advice and you should be cutting through any werewolves in your path with ease. But if you want to know more, why not check out our guide to the max level cap here? Alternatively, you can find out how to romance everybody in Witcher 3 here.

Sours: https://www.usgamer.net/articles/best-armor-and-swords-in-the-witcher-3

3 rating witcher armor

Taking on deadly opponents is a routine for Geralt. Fortunately, there is no shortage of ways to bulk up your defense values for another tough encounter in The Witcher 3. Decoctions, potions and blade oils are all effective to increase protection, and yet make sure to obtain better equipment. However, you may be confused by in-game descriptions and bonuses from armor. How to know what's important and what's negligible? Higher armor rating does sound good, but how useful is it compared to the resistance percentage? Are they cumulative? Let's find out.

Armor Rating in The Witcher 3

Armor rating is a flat value. It's subtracted from the incoming damage: say, you're hit for 50 and have armor rating of 15, then you'll be damaged for At the start of the game, it may be useful to keep your armor rating as high as possible. Enemies don't dish out much damage, and you'll get substantial reductions without having to calculate their damage type to provide corresponding resistances: armor rating affects every damage type, be it bludgeoning, slashing, monster damage, etc.

Resistance Values in The Witcher 3

Resistance is a percent reduction applied AFTER the armor rating, and only protecting against a particular type of damage, like piercing or slashing. If something hits you for damage and you have 40 armor and 50% resistance against that kind of damage, you take ( - 40) * = 30 damage. As you progress, armor rating may become partially irrelevant: percentage is way more useful to protect Geralt against greater damage. On Blood and Broken Bones! difficulty, you'll often take severe hits for 1 + damage, let alone the Death March! setting. Gear pieces with high resistance values can be life-saving in many combat situations. Make sure to evaluate all the pros and cons of equipping an armor piece that says it's 50 points better than your current one: consider the resistance values stated in the description of the item to decide if it's worth it.

Damage Types in The Witcher 3

  • Slashing damage - mostly armed humans and non-humans
  • Piercing damage - mostly armed humans and non-humans
  • Bludgeoning damage - mostly armed humans and non-humans; also beasts with smashing attacks, like Golems.
  • Monster damage - all kinds of beasts you encounter during travels. Usually, it's rending damage from claws and teeth.
  • Elemental damage - ghosts and wraiths. Note that high elemental resistance won’t help in a fight against Elementa enemies (Wild Hunt are a good example of such). To combat Elementa, you’ll probably need Bludgeoning, Monster and other resistances.

Maxing out Defense in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 Armor vs Resistance

Dodging is good, but you’re bound to make a mistake sooner or later. You’ll want to soak up as much damage as you can when it happens. Or, perhaps, you don’t want to roll around, and enjoy blocking attacks or tanking your enemies.

To max out your protection late-game, consider using heavy armor, like Ursine Grandmaster set: with it, you gain 44% Piercing resist, 30% Bludgeoning resist, 55% Slashing resist, 74% Monster resist, and 31% Elemental resist. This alone is impressive, and you can further increase your resistances by using Protective Coating from the Alchemy skill tree. This ability provides up to 25% resistance against the enemies your blade oil targets. You can go up to 99% (can't reach % due to an in-game limitation).

Arachas decoction is also helpful when it comes to reaching the maximum resistance possible. It gives you overall damage resistance depending on your carry weight and load. Staying light will bring you up to 20%.

Use Quen for additional protection. It’s dependent on damage resistance and will take more hits with the right resists before breaking.

Heavy armor does provide significantly better protection against most types of damage, but bear in mind that medium and light equipment will accelerate your stamina regen or increase damage output. See for yourself which is more important for you: tanking enemies well, or bringing them down quickly, even if it’s risky.

Sours: https://enygames.com/content/witcherarmor-vs-resistance
Witcher 3 - BEST ARMOR In the Game - Ursine Bear School Gear Location!

The Witcher 3: The 15 Best Armor Sets, Ranked

Hunting monsters is a tough business, even for someone like Geralt of Rivia. Many of the magical creatures that roam the world can't be reasoned or bargained with. They'd much rather raze defenseless villages and tear the common folk apart - limb from limb. For the White Wolf to stand any chance against these beasts, he has to come prepared.

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To that end, we're going to rank the best armor sets that Geralt can find in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and its various DLCs. We're going to judge armor sets on their overall efficiency, as well as their accessibility and viability in the game. In other words, we're ranking the following pieces of gear based on which ones help Geralt do what he does best - kick ungodly amounts of ass and look great while doing it. Thanks to the hard-working artists at CD Projekt Red, all of the pieces of armor that Geralt can wear look great - photorealistic even.

Updated by Caleb Bailey on March 2nd,  However, what matters most is how effective they are in combat. With the second season of Netflix's Witcher series allegedly coming soon, we're sure to see more winks and nods to Andrzej Sapkowski's and CD Projekt Red's games. Hopefully, Henry Cavill will get to wear one of the awesome armor sets you'll see down below. The Netflix show will also win bonus points, as far as we're concerned, if the armor sets retain their in-game abilities; Geralt used his Signs quite a bit in the first season of the show. Just imagine how much stronger his magic would be if he were wearing the Griffin Armor!

15 Nilfgaardian Armor

Comparisons between Netflix's show and CD Projekt Red's game are inevitable - if somewhat off base. The Witcher 3 is such an open-ended game that no two players will have the same experience. That being said, we'd argue that the Witcher 3 did a better job of characterizing the Nilfgaardians that the first season of the series did.

This free DLC armor set literally allows Witcher 3 players to step into the shoes of the Black Ones. Should you wear this set, you'll receive a respectable boost to all forms of damage resistance. This set lacks any offensive boosts, however, so it's more useful for players who either have trouble dodging attacks or who want to roleplay as a Nilfgaardian loyalist.

14 Skellige Armor

The Skellige Armor is another piece of free DLC, compliments of CD Projekt Red. If the Skellige archipelago enchanted you with its beautiful islands, terrifying monsters, and fascinating culture, you can show your love for this land with this armor set.

Much like the Nilfgaardian set, the Skellige set mostly boosts Geralt's defensive capabilities. Aside from roleplaying, this set will help inexperienced Witchers get the hang of combat during their lower levels. If anything, players should think of the Skellige set and the Nilfgardian set as training suits; they'll help you get your bearings straight early on, but you'll eventually trade them in for more versatile armor sets.

13 Viper Armor

The Viper Set has several things going for it; it looks very similar to Geralt's iconic Kaer Morhen armor, boosts the White Wolf's defenses immensely, and it comes with two swords that wreak havoc during the Witcher 3's late-game! To get your hands on the Viper Set, you'll need to progress through the Hearts of Stone expansion pack - the first of The Witcher 3's major DLC's.

You'll also have to craft most of the pieces of gear in this Set - save for the Viper Venomous Silver Sword. Without spoiling Hearts of Stone, we can say this - to get it, you'll need to help out Olgeird von Everec.

12 Kaer Morhen Armor

Kaer Morhen is the stomping ground of most of the Witchers we meet in-game. Built by the School of the Wolf, many great and famous warriors call this ancient castle home. Geralt of Rivia falls among that number - after, he's called the White Wolf for a reason. As proof of his affiliation, he sports this dazzling piece of armor.

Geralt wears Kaer Morhen chest armor right from the start of the game. This medium leather chest piece offers decent protection from most forms of damage. It also looks great and serves as a part of Geralt's signature costume. The Kaer Morhen armor will get outclassed very quickly unless you upgrade it over time.

11 Assassin's Armor Set

Players can get their hands on the Assassin's Armor set early on in the game. In truth, this whole set isn't all that great. However, the Critical Hit Chance bonus that the gauntlets grant is a real stand out. The defense bonuses granted by the rest of the set aren't too bad, but they don't stack up to even a few pieces of common gear.

If you're looking to make a build that specializes in Combat Skills, these gauntlets are must-haves. You can either find these gauntlets lying around or you can craft them fairly easily. All the Assassin's set is missing is a white hood and a hidden blade.

10 Viper School Armor Set

Fans of Geralt's iconic costume rejoice! The Viper set looks exactly like Geralt's starting suit, but has better stats and bonuses. Now you can create better builds without sacrificing offensive power or defense. True to its name, the Viper armor also adds poison damage to your attacks.

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We should probably mention a few things before players get too excited. First and foremost, you can only get the Viper set if you own the Hearts of Stone expansion. You'll also need to find diagrams for each individual piece armor in this set. Lastly, you'll need the coin and materials to craft the Viper armor.

9 Griffin School Armor Set

Yeah, the name of this armor set makes us think about Family Guy too. Incidentally, the Griffin armor set is the tried and true garb of scholars and mages. Not only does this medium set grant superb elemental resistance, but it also significantly boosts Sign intensity!

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The main reason this stylish set ranks so low on our list is the overall viability of Sign builds in The Witcher 3. Simply put, Pure Sign builds aren't as effective as any of the other options players have at their disposal. In all likelihood, you'll have to mix in pieces of other armor sets to create a viable build in the harder difficulty modes. Still, the Griffin armor is a must if you want to use Signs more frequently.

8 Toussaint Knight's Tourney Armor (Crafted)

As a Witcher, Geralt tends to favor armor that keeps him agile and energized. Typically, the White Wolf avoids wearing cumbersome armor that might only slow him down on the job. Every once in a while, however, Geralt will don a sturdy suit of plate mail armor when he needs to slug it out with a particularly tough foe.

The Toussaint Knight Tourney armor boasts high defensive stats at the cost of speed and stamina. As a bonus, this set is one of the coolest looking suits of armor in-game. You can also settle for one of this set's variants if you aren't able to search far and wide for this specific version.

7 Tesham Mutna Armor

The Tesham Mutna Armor Set, on the other hand, comes from The Witcher 3's second major DLC - Blood and Wine. As the name suggests, Blood and Wine centers around vampires and aristocrats. The Tesham Mutna Armor set epitomizes these two ideas; it's a fancy, schmancy suit of knight armor that drains the life out of Geralt's enemies.

It's not the best suit of heavy armor in the game, but it's one of the coolest in our opinion. Moreover, this set's pretty hard to get - you'll need to complete the La Cage au Fou mission, then scour every inch of a secret vampire lair that you'll encounter.

6 Hen Gaidth Armor Set

If you own the Blood and Wine expansion for The Witcher 3, you can gain access to the Hen Gaidth set. Though this armor is bulky and heavy, it possesses stupendous defensive capabilities. Altogether, the Hen Gaidth set increases damage reduction up beyond 40%!

You have to actively search for this set, as you can permanently miss it in the middle of a playthrough. We don't want to spoil too much. Just keep your eyes peeled for the 'What Lies Unseen' quest. We're officially in the middle of a vampire video game renaissance! Celebrate the occasion with this Crimson Red suit of plate mail armor.

5 Manticore School Armor Set

If the Netflix Witcher series still needs inspiration for Geralt's costume, they could always go with this look. Fans of The Witcher 2 will notice that this set heavily resembles Geralt's main outfit from that game. Aside from acting as a throwback to the White Wolf's second outing, this set is very functional and effective.

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Unlike most of the other armor sets in this list, the Manticore armor doesn't excel in one area. However, it offers a very balanced mix of stats and bonus effects that'll carry you through most of the game. If you can get your hands on the Manticore armor, you'll likely wear it until you can create a  more specialized set (if you choose to).

4 Wolf School Armor Set

This outfit features a cool looking jacket that you won't have to pay $ for. Resembling the armor that Eskel wears throughout The Witcher 3, the Wolven armor is favored by the Witchers of Kaer Morhen. Players that are looking to make an Adrenaline build will want to nab this set ASAP!

More accurately, players will need to get each of the diagrams for the armor pieces in this set. It's going to take a lot of work and coin to complete this set, but it's well worth the effort. Best of all, you can craft the Legendary variants of this armor once you reach New Game +!

3 Ursine School Armor Set

Every time you upgrade the Ursine set, Geralt's suit becomes more rugged and hardened. In its final phases, the Ursine Armor will make Geralt look like an armored juggernaut!

As you can probably tell just from looking at it, the Ursine armor is a heavy suit with great defensive power. However, this set is also great for Grenade and Potion builds. With the right combination of skills, Geralt can chug elixirs and lob bombs like the Green Goblin! Once completed, this set also boosts Quen's intensity by %!

2 Feline School Gear Set

This set is a cat lover's dream come true. Not only does the Feline armor look stylish as heck, but it also greatly augments Geralt's Combat Skills! If you're looking to make a build centered around Critical Chance and Critical Damage, you'll need this suit.

The Feline armor turns Geralt of Rivia into a whirlwind of silver and steel. Many experienced Witcher 3 players consider it a must for Death March difficulty - at least early on in a playthrough. Melee combat is Geralt's specialty according to the lore, so it's no wonder why he makes such great use of the Feline armor. Best of all, you don't need any DLC to start building it!

1 Grandmaster Wolven Armor

If you're a die-hard fan of the Witcher 3 who still hasn't played the Blood and Wine expansion, consider buying it for the Grandmaster Armor Sets - alongside its compelling story and the fascinating new locations you'll visit. The Grandmaster sets are improved versions of the various Witcher School armors - the Griffin, Ursine, Feline, Wolven, and Manticore sets, to be specific.

While all of these armor sets are fantastic in their own right, the Grandmaster Wolven set stands out in our eyes; it's an absolute necessity for anyone who wants to run a Combat/Sign Hybrid build. If you allocate your points correctly, the Grandmaster Wolven set will the cornerstone to one of the most effective, versatile, and fun builds in the game.

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt &#; The Best Armor For Each Style of Play

With the recent launch of Netflix&#;s The Witcher, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has seen a massive resurgence in active players. In fact, the game even broke a new record for the most concurrent players just a few weeks ago! If you&#;re one of those players, either returning to the game or picking it up for the first time, you&#;ll quickly find that the armor you wear in The Witcher 3 can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your playstyle. That means that with the right armor set, you can get significant boosts to your preferred style.

Witcher 3 Best Armor Grandmaster Ursine Armor

In this article, we&#;ll detail what the best sets are for five different styles of play; pure swordplay, tanky defensive combat, monster-hunting, casting signs, and specialising in alchemy. We&#;ll also break down where to find the Grandmaster armor diagrams for each set; the ideal endgame armor for each of the five styles. All of these are found in the Blood and Wine DLC and can be worn from level 40 onwards. Finally, if you want to play through the Blood and Wine DLC quickly, or simply don&#;t want to spend time finding diagrams and crafting armor, skip to the end for an honorable mention.

Witcher 3 Best Armor for Swordplay: The Feline Armor Set

For our first playstyle, we&#;ll be looking at the best Witcher 3 armor for swordplay. This is the armor you&#;ll want to get if your style of play focuses on speed and aggressively attacking with your sword and using combat skills, rather than focusing on signs, alchemy, or anything else. For this style, you&#;ll want to find the Feline school armor. To find the Grandmaster diagrams for this armor (your ideal late-game armor), you&#;ll need to head to an estate in the far north of Toussaint. Here, you&#;ll find the armor diagram in a safe which is hidden behind a painting.

Witcher 3 Best Armor Grandmaster Feline Armor

From there, head out into the nearby swamp to find the Ardach Palace Ruins. This is the location of one of the bandit hansas, so it&#;s full of enemies, but you&#;ll find the boots and trousers diagrams in a chest here. Finally, the silver and steel sword and gauntlets diagrams can be found in a cave south of the swamp. Once you have them all, you&#;ll be able to craft the final upgrade to the Feline set.

Feline school armor is light armor, so it doesn&#;t provide as much raw protection as the other school sets. However, it also doesn&#;t slow you down so much, supporting a nimble style of combat that focuses on dodging. The set doesn&#;t focus on either Strong or Fast attacks, but instead helps you switch between them. The 3-piece set bonus means that every time you use a Strong attack, your Fast attack damage will increase for the next five seconds. The increase is 10% for each piece worn, up to a huge 60% bonus! Plus, if you have all six pieces, any attacks made against an enemy&#;s rear deal +50% damage and stuns them, though the latter effect costs an Adrenaline point.

Witcher 3 Best Armor for Defense: The Ursine Armor Set

If you want to play The Witcher 3 defensively, with heavy use of the Quen sign, then there really is only one choice for you; Ursine Armour. Not only does this heavy armor set offer the best overall protection among the Witcher school sets, but it also boosts the Quen sign considerably. Grandmaster Ursine armor, which you&#;ll want to aim for, requires you to be level Half of the diagrams can be found in Flovive, a village in the Blood and Wine DLC. Head north-east from Beauclair, cross the lake, and head inland a short way and you should find it. The armor diagrams are in a chest in a cave below one of the houses.

Witcher 3 Best Armor Feature 2

The second half of the Grandmaster Ursine diagrams aren&#;t far from Flovive. Simply head north and slightly west from the village, towards the end of the river which can be seen on the map. There, you&#;ll find a cave. Head inside and defeat a giant centipede lurking at the back of the cave; the diagrams can be found on the corpse of a Witcher in this area.

Ursine Armor&#;s set bonuses focus on boosting Geralt&#;s defensive abilities from the Quen sign. That makes it perfect for high-difficulty playthroughs where even a single hit can cause huge damage. With at least 3 pieces equipped, you&#;ll gain a chance that a new Quen shield is activated automatically whenever yours breaks. The chance is 5% for each piece worn. With all 6 pieces of the set, including the Ursine swords, the damage you deal with Quen abilities goes up by %; great for causing backlash damage with Explosive Shield and Quen Discharge!

Witcher 3 Best Armor for Monster-Hunting: The Wolven Armor Set

Out of all of the Witcher school armor sets, it is the Wolven set which is perhaps the most &#;Witcher-like&#; of the sets. It doesn&#;t necessarily boost any particular style of play, but if you want to be as effective as possible at hunting monsters of all kinds, this armor is the one to go for. (Besides, it&#;s also the armor of Geralt&#;s own school, so it&#;s arguably the most appropriate for him!)

Witcher 3 Best Armor Grandmaster Wolven Armor

To find the Grandmaster diagrams for Wolven armor, you&#;ll need to head for the Termes Palace Ruins. This site can be found east of Beauclair, in the Blood and Wine DLC. Work your way through the ruins, fighting Barghests and Wraiths, until you find a satchel which contains three of the six diagrams. Then, turn around and keep progressing through the ruins until you find a corpse, which has the second set of three.

Wolven armor is medium, like most of the Witcher school armor sets that don&#;t focus on boosting a combat style. The set&#;s relic bonuses provide boosts for oils and bombs, your primary tools to get an edge against monsters. With three pieces equipped, you&#;ll be able to apply up to three oils to your sword at the same time. Equip all six pieces, and you&#;ll also be able to throw bombs instantly, without any sort of delay.

Witcher 3 Best Armor for Signs: The Griffin Armor Set

If your playstyle focuses on the use of Geralt&#;s signs, then you&#;ll want armor which complements that, and there&#;s no better set than Griffin school armor. This medium armor offers decent protection without leaning too heavily towards any one style of combat. (Ideal for a build with lots of sign skills but less actual combat skills.) Plus, it even lets you turn your Yrden traps into zones that overcharge your Signs! To find the Grandmaster diagrams for Griffin armor in the Blood and Wine DLC, your endgame armor to aim for, you&#;ll need to Fort Assar. This site is near the eastern edge of the Toussaint map, and also home to several Slyzards. Three of the Griffin diagrams are in a chest under a ruined staircase.

Witcher 3 Best Armor Grandmaster Griffin Armor

The rest of the Grandmaster Griffin diagrams are to the northwest of Fort Assar, at Mont Crane Castle. In this ruin, look for an illusory wall which can be opened with the lamp. Inside, you&#;ll need to find a crystal on a table and then activate a switch. Note that this will bring the castle&#;s denizens down on you, so be prepared. Once you fight your way through, you&#;ll be able to use the crystal to activate a portal. Head through and fight the stone golem on the other side, then claim the diagrams.

The notable thing about Griffin armor is that, aside from Ursine armor boosting Quen, it&#;s the only Witcher school armor that boosts signs. In fact, their relic bonuses focus solely on boosting all signs, but especially Yrden. With 3 pieces worn, whenever you cast a Sign in the normal way, you can cast another Sign without any Stamina cost in the next three seconds! This is great for attacking with Igni or Aard, or doubling down Yrden traps. The full set bonus for all six pieces boosts the size of your Yrden traps by a sizable 40%. Plus, whenever you yourself are in one of your Yrden traps, you gain stamina regeneration, all incoming damage is reduced by 20%, and your Sign intensity goes up by %!

Witcher 3 Best Armor for Alchemy: The Manticore Armor Set

When it comes to alchemy, there are, unfortunately, not as many options for players during The Witcher 3. This is because the Manticore school armor, which offers bonuses to boost an alchemy-centric playstyle, wasn&#;t added until the Blood and Wine DLC. As such, there aren&#;t weaker versions of this armor to craft earlier in the game. However, it&#;s still a great late-game armor. Plus, it&#;s excellent for any playstyle that focuses on using bombs, potions, and oils. (Note that the Manticore armor set isn&#;t called &#;Grandmaster,&#; but is on par with the other Grandmaster sets.)

Witcher 3 Best Armor Grandmaster Manticore Armor

Unlike the other Grandmaster set diagrams, the Manticore diagrams are all scattered in different locations. First, you&#;ll need to travel to the Bastoy Prison Ruins, where you&#;ll fight an alp and find the steel sword diagram. From there, head to a small cave which is located southwest of the Termes Palace Ruins and southeast of Gélenser Farm to find the armor diagram. The trousers and boots diagrams are in a hidden area in a temple near the Prophet Lebioda Statue. After that, you&#;ll need to head to Murky Delve. This cave, which is south of the Palace Gardens, requires you to complete a series of tests. At the end, you&#;ll find the silver sword diagram and the location of the Lake of Cleansing. This final location is where you&#;ll find the gauntlets&#; diagram.

Manticore armor, like Griffin armor, is medium. Again, this supports builds which focus on alchemy skills and not any particular set of combat skills. The first relic bonus of the set will boost your bombs; with 3 pieces, your critical chance and damage will apply to all bombs. All six pieces will grant you a very useful bonus for potions and bombs alike; the maximum number of charges that all alchemical items have rises by 1.

Honorable Mention &#; The Hen Gaidth Armor Set

Although it won&#;t be available to you until very late in the game, and is in fact permanently missable, the armor with the best actual armor rating is the Hen Gaidth armor set. If you don&#;t want to spend time finding and crafting one of the Witcher School sets, then it&#;s certainly worth finding this one. The set can be found during the What Lies Unseen main quest in the Blood and Wine DLC. Each piece of the set is in a different container, each spread throughout the cave. Note that you don&#;t need to craft from diagrams in this case; you&#;ll find the actual pieces themselves during the quest.

Witcher 3 Best Armor Hen Gaidth Armor

You&#;ll need to be at least level 53 to wear the Hen Gaidth armor. Stat-wise, this set offers better protection than even Grandmaster Ursine. Plus, with 3/6 pieces worn, you&#;ll regain Vitality just from killing opponents. The Vitality you heal back is 1% per armor piece, up to a maximum of 6%. This is certainly a significant bonus for a lot of play-styles. However, you may well still find that Grandmaster armor offers more tangible bonuses for your preferred style of play.

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