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40 Dazzling DIY Gemstone Projects

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DIY gemstone projects

Whether purely for their aesthetic value or their healing powers, gemstones are a much-loved material in craft projects. But sometimes you don’t even need these precious stones to create gem-inspired masterpieces!

From edible crystal cupcake toppers and gem-shaped felt keychains to dazzling drawer handles and magical magnets.

This is the biggest gemstone DIY project round-up on the Internet, so there’s sure to be something you’ll want to make this weekend!

agate stone magnets

These beautiful agate magnets are so very easy to make! A Bubbly Life created hers in no time at all, and thankfully, she has shared her useful tutorial with you.

diy gemstone cupcakes

These DIY edible crystal cupcake toppers from Alana Jones-Mann will blow your mind! Luckily, you too can re-create these wonders by following her step-by-step guide.

Bohemian chain headpieces

Bohemian chain headpieces are all the rage now, especially when they contain beautiful, raw crystals just like this one from All the Good Girls go to Heaven. This would also be a beautiful addition to your next formal ensemble!

DIY gemstone magnets

Making these DIY gemstone magnets could not be easier! Simply purchase your favorite stones from crystal shops (or even your local market) and glue a magnet to the back of each. Thanks Almost Makes Perfect for such a brilliant idea!

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gemstone night light

Is your child a little frightened of the things that go bump in the night? Almost Makes Perfect has created a gemstone night light that you’ll want to re-create this weekend!

gemstone bangle bracelets

These gemstone bracelets are pretty fancy, but they’re surprisingly simple to make too! Art and Soul Beads has a wonderful guide to teach you how you can also create your own.

diy gemstone magnets

Who would have thought that concrete gemstone magnets could look so pretty? At Home In Love certainly did, and you’ll love her informative tutorial!

gem stone necklace

You probably have some sort of precious gem at home which you’ve been dying to turn into a piece of jewellery, such as a necklace. Brit + Co show you how you can do this with their awesome DIY tutorial!

bohemian gemstone wedding decor

You can also incorporate gemstones into your wedding décor, just like in this image on Burnetts Boards! Although there isn’t a step-by-step guide for this one, the images will certainly provide you with enough inspiration to create your own.

diy gemstone drawer pulls

Forget paying a lot for gemstone drawer handles when you can quite easily make your own, just as Curbly has done! Take a look at her great tutorial to see how it’s done.

amethyst necklace

Decozilla has featured a step-by-step image guide to help you make your very own amethyst necklace, just like this one! Isn’t it such a simple and elegant design?

amethyst framed mirror

This amethyst framed mirror is a genius idea! Design Love Fest has come up with this incredible creation, and she has also described her process over on her blog.

gemstone geodes

We kid you not, you can actually create your own gemstone geodes! Dollar Store Crafts will teach you how and the craft projects you can make using your finished geodes are endless.

gemstone earrings

Ever wanted to make your own druzy gemstone earrings? eHow has a guide teaching you everything you’ll need to know, so be sure to check it out before attempting to create these!


silver pendant necklace

This raw stone and silver necklace looks super expensive, but in actual fact, it cost just dollars to make! The polished silver you see? That’s just aluminum from a Pepsi can! Fall For DIY certainly is a genius.

crystal necklace

Here’s another great tutorial to help you turn your favorite crystals into necklaces, this time focusing on dainty and ornate finishes. See the project from Fall For DIY for more information.

diy faux agate

Did you know that you can also make your own Agate slices using common craft materials? Fall For DIY has another great tutorial to help you achieve this.

semi precious stone soaps

These gemstone-looking soaps would make the most perfect gift for a loved one, or even just to treat yourself! Check out Fall For DIY’s step-by-step guide to see how it’s done.

grow your own crystals

Here’s a spectacular tutorial from Free People teaching you how to grow your own crystals using a store-bought spice! Got to see it to believe it? You’ll be amazed!

pendant necklace

Agate necklaces are not only beautiful, but they’re eye-catching and on-trend too. Hello Natural has a great guide to teach you how to incorporate the popular stone into a necklace.

gemstone-inspired chain bracelets

Check out these chunky gemstone-inspired chain bracelets – Don’t they make a statement? You’ll love In Honor of Design’s helpful DIY tutorial.

diy stone rope necklace

Here’s a pretty and easy project to add to your weekend to-do list! These gemstone rope bracelets from I Spy DIY are going to get a lot of attention from passers-by.

diy faceted gemstones

Add a touch of magic to your traditional Christmas decorations with these wonderful hanging gemstones from Jade and Fern. The best part? They’re incredibly easy to make!

soda tab gemstone necklaces

These soda tab gemstone necklaces by Kid Things are a great project for your children to tackle next school holidays (or even this weekend!). They’d also make heartfelt, homemade presents.

gemstone bracelet

Oh my, these are stunning! Lebenslustiger certainly knows how to make high-quality gemstone cuffs on a budget, so check out her tutorial to re-create your own!

gemstone keychains

Here’s a gemstone-inspired tutorial that even guys will love! These gemstone-shaped, felt keychains by Lily Allsorts will help you to locate your keys in a jiffy.

gemstone magnet

Add some bling to your fridge in less than an hour with this DIY gemstone magnet project from Live Love DIY. The possibilities with this one are endless!

gemstone earrings

It just wouldn’t be a gemstone round-up without a tutorial about gemstone earrings, would it? Lou Vintage’s guide is pretty and easy to follow.

crystal egg geodes

Magical Daydream’s crystal egg geodes serve as perfect paper weights, gifts and home décor! Take a look at her helpful hints for re-creating these over on her blog.

borax crystals

This tutorial from Make Zine, not only teaches you how to grow your own borax crystals, but also how to turn them into a special ‘crystal ball’ necklace. Genius!

high-end gemstone earrings

Those are some very high-end gemstone earrings indeed! Want to make your own fancy version? Check out Pacific Rain’s wonderful tutorial!

gemstone candle topper

Could there be anything more calming and healing for the mind than a crystal-topped candle lid, just like these from P.S I Made This? Mix and match your design to showcase your favorite gemstones!

gemstone-shaped ice cubes

Next time you’re having your friends over for a delicious lunch or dinner party, why not make these cute gemstone-shaped ice cubes from Shrimp Salad Circus? You can even use fruit juice in them, just as this talented blogger has done.

gemstone soap on a chain

Forget soap on a rope, everyone needs gemstone soap on a chain instead! Shrimp Salad Circus has another DIY project idea that’s sure to wow you.

crystal rings

Inject some bohemian styling into your everyday look by making your very own crystal rings, just like Squirelly Minds has done. Very on-trend and simple to make!

diy gemstone picture frame

Fancy adding some color and crystals to your home décor? Makeover a plain frame with fragments of gems, just as The Crafted Life has done!

crystal crown

Feast your eyes on this superb crystal crown inspiration from True Blue Me and You! Although there aren’t any instructions listed, you can use this crown (plus the several others featured) to help you to create your very own!

concrete gemstone necklaces

Would you like to hop on-board the gemstone trend train, but aren’t a fan of vibrant colors and sparkle? Not to worry, because Tuts Plus has you covered with these concrete gemstone necklaces! You can leave them colorless or paint them until your heart is content.

crystal geode drawer pulls

Here’s another Anthropologie hack that you’ll be adding to your Bookmarks! Woods of Bell Trees has mastered these crystal geode drawer pulls (and saved you a lot of money in the process!).

diy shrinky dink jewels

Celebrate all things gemstone with this DIY shrinky dink jewellery set by Wrapped Up In Rainbows. The kids are going to love this DIY project!

Which gemstone-inspired DIY project has taken your fancy? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the Comments section below!

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10 Amazing Things You Need to Know About Decorating with Crystals

Crystals of all shapes and sizes—including impressive oversize geodes, small bowls of tumbled stones, and clear prismatic quartz—have been everywhere in home design recently. If you dig the look of decorating with crystals, it's time to get reacquainted with these colorful rocks. Our comprehensive guide to crystals will help you understand their potential benefit, the different types available, where to place them in your home, plus where to purchase them.

The Benefits of Crystals

crystals organized on shelves
Photo Courtesy of Wu Haus

Many people begin incorporating vividly colored crystals into home decor because they love the gorgeous look and because they add a luxurious accent to any surface. But decorating with crystals may offer additional benefits beyond aesthetics.

"Bringing a crystal into your environment allows you to connect with Mother Nature and enjoy the therapeutic effect that has on the soul," says Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and co-author of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In To the Real You.

In addition to reminding us of our relationship with nature, which can be especially meaningful for people who live in crowded cities or work in offices, crystals have been thought to have metaphysical powers for centuries.

"Long before people prized gems for their beauty and monetary value, they used stones for medicinal and magical purposes," says Skye Alexander, author of The Modern Guide to Witchcraft. For example, ancient Egyptians believed malachite could help prevent infections, and Roman soldiers carried bloodstones into battle for protection and courage.

crystals organized on round marble table
Photo Courtesy of Wu Haus

It is thought that a crystal's power has to do with the energy it emits, and each crystal has its own unique vibration frequency.

"When placed near a person's energy field, the crystal's energy is able to harmonize it, creating balance in and around the body," says Andrea Barone Sazwan, founder of Crystal Hills.

Many believe the healing powers of crystals can be applied to decorating in a similar way. According to natural lifestyle expert Jaya Jaya Myra, crystals can be used to clean the energy in your space, to amplify and attract abundance, to ward off negativity, and even to correct or minimize feng shui imbalances in the home.

Shopping for Crystals

colorful crystals and gemstones organized by color
Photo Courtesy of Energy Muse

If you're serious about enhancing a space with crystals, the best place to find what you need is a metaphysical store or a new age store. The employees at these types of stores will be knowledgeable on the meanings and functions of different crystals. Other options are museum gift shops or home decor stores.

New age stores are more likely to clear the space—that is, remove negative energy—on a regular basis. With the overabundance of energetically charged stones and all of the in-and-out traffic from customers, clearing space is thought to be important, says Diane Kewley, owner of Happy Soul.

Energy Muse's Askinosie also recommends visiting stores that have been around long enough to have formed direct connections with miners. "Businesses that buy from miners can ensure the crystals are natural, ethically sourced, and have been handled by as few people as possible," she says.

If you can't find a reputable store locally, don't worry. You aren't doomed to a crystal-free existence. There are plenty of options online where you can purchase ethically sourced crystals packed with positive vibes.

How to Choose the Right Crystals

crystals displayed on coffee table
Photo Courtesy of Energy Muse

"The first step to choosing your crystal is to get out of your head and into your heart," Askinosie writes in Crystal Muse. "Very often, the crystals you choose will be absolutely relevant to your life in the present moment. It's your intuition's way of telling you what your soul needs."

However, it can be helpful to start your online search with some direction, such as desired color or healing power. Shopping in person, on the other hand, offers a much more intuitive process.

"When you walk into a crystal shop, take note of which crystals stand out or call to you," explains Samantha Kelley, a holistic lifestyle coach and feng shui consultant. "You may even sweep your hands a few inches above the rows of crystals and see if you feel a tingly sensation over certain ones. Some people may get intuitive hits by having thoughts, feelings, or images pop up in their mind as they hold a particular stone."

In other words, you'll know that you've chosen the right crystal for you and your home if it feels right. "If you love the color and the feeling it gives you, go for it!" says Aude Ranoux-Banicki of Fleur de Lune. "If it's not a color you are drawn to or it's not providing the feelings or energy you want, then it's not for you."

The Six Must-Have Crystals for Your Home

rose quartz amethyst and selenite on round table with pink peonies and green drinks
Photo Courtesy of Wu Haus

If the thought of solely relying on your intuition to choose crystals seems overwhelming, most experts agree that you can't go wrong with these starter stones.

Amethyst: "Amethyst is like an energetic air purifier," says Askinosie. "It cleanses away any negativity that may be hanging around and makes sure your space carries an atmosphere of positivity where others will feel at home." Because of its calm, relaxing vibe, this purple stone is ideal in living rooms and spaces where people tend to gather.

Rose Quartz: While many people enjoy rose quartz in the bedroom for the pink stone's loving, compassionate, and gentle energy, television host and conscious lifestyle expert Alyson Charles keeps a large version on her living room table. "I want my being and home to be filled with those essences, so I have that crystal more as a center point," she says.

Selenite: A white crystal, selenite is ideal for the home because it complements most aesthetics. According to Sazwan of Crystal Hills, it also has a very high vibration that helps body and mind to relax and can facilitate a deep sense of peace. Try selenite on a bookshelf in your living room.

woman holding clear quartz
Photo Courtesy of Energy Muse

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz, the "master healer," is a high-energy stone that can amplify the properties of other crystals. "It's a great stone to place in entryways to create a high-vibration entrance to your home," says Happy Soul's Kewley.

Black Tourmaline: 
Known as a "stone of protection," black tourmaline has been used by healers and shamans throughout history to ward off negative energy, making it another ideal crystal for your entryway, says Ranoux-Banicki. You can also use it in doorways and on windowsills.

Shungite: Askinosie describes shungite as "the friend in romantic comedies who the love interest doesn't realize is amazing until 60 minutes into the movie." Although it's been around for billions of years, shungite's amazing healing potential wasn't realized until the mid-1990s. It can absorb electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices. Try it in your office or media room.

Where to Place Crystals

crystals displayed on dresser
Photo Courtesy of Wu Haus

Whether you showcase them on a mantel, gather them in a small bowl, or use them as drawer pulls, crystals can enhance the beauty and energy of any room. It's more about which crystals you choose to use rather than where you choose to display them. However, some crystals like amethyst are sensitive to light, so keep them away from sunny windows to prevent fading.

"One of the lovely things about crystals is that you can easily move them around to keep things fresh," says feng shui expert Kelly. "This helps to keep the chi, or life force energy, easily flowing throughout your home. Just like how an acupuncturist inserts needles to open up the flow of energy within the body, crystals can act as chi enhancers to facilitate the energetic flow within your space."

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10 Chic Ways to Display Crystals

For centuries, crystals like quartz, amethyst, and selenite have been thought to hold healing properties. A tradition that dates back to the Egyptians, today there are still plenty of people out there who visit their local rock shops for crystals that encourage positive vibes, good health and a peaceful state of mind.

Mystical or not, crystals make for pretty décor, pops of color that lends a hint of nature to any space. It's an easy way to bring the outside in, and they satisfy any shiny object craving. Bonus? They're fairly inexpensive. A small piece of rose quartz typically won't be priced over $10.

Also, you can put away that rock polisher. When it comes to crystals, the chunkier and more natural-looking, the better. Strive for imperfection–crystals that look as if you just happened to discover them on a hike. We won't tell anybody that you found them on eBay.

Forget your memories of grade-school rock collections. Here are 10 stylish ways to display gemstones in your own home.

Shadow Box Frame DIY - Gemstone Display Ideas - Up-Cycle Boho Decor

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