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Ladies! ( Maggie Lou )

A road to hell is paved with good intent. You are "buying" yourself a big problem. Why ?

Carpet is worth nothing to you until installed. Until , if this is a runner, bound and finished. Carpet DOES get shipped every - and not always issue free,It gets yanked off a truck with a CLAW! You can't believe what can happen ! Call me if you do not believe it. Someone has to roll it out, inspect, finish it and install it. Your local/builder carpet source is not going to do that at the same price, when they did NOT sell you the broadloom!!!

I said it before, I will say it again. Go back to your designer.. You are going to accomplish nothing in this method, other than to assume all the responsibility, tick off the designer, and possibly end up with hours/days fixing the disaster you bought for yourself.

I can buy most high end broadloom through my trade only design center, for less than my local specialized full service carpet source who "does it all" and does that "all" for just about every other designer in this city. I could make more money as well! But. Read my post again. Which is why I do NOT buy it at the design center. Consider yourself warned. If you want to argue about the warning, feel free, But after thirty years of putting more rugs, broadloom, area rugs in homes than you might ever require or want in five or ten lifetimes? Maybe just believe me.


Prestige Carpet Mills

Prestige Carpet Mills

Prestige Mills brings a wide range of floorcoverings from all over the world. The finest Wools, Nylons and Acrylics are brought together by state of the art manufacturing facilities to create truly unique carpets.

Bromley, a luxurious New Zealand Wool woven velvet is a unique texture that is comfortable in any design setting. The rich earthtones create a wonderful sense of tranquility for the home.

Montgomery is an innovative carpet and border created from the classic color palette of today's interiors. Crafted using a fine acrilan fiber, this carpet gives the rich texture of a wool carpet at a more modest price level. The coordinating border allows you to compliment the field design for area rugs or bordered wall to wall installations.

The classic wilton trellis design is captured in this modestly priced tufted nylon carpet. Stratton offers a broad range of colors from the rich greens, blues and pink to the soft neutral beiges. The coordinating border can add a touch of elegance to a wall to wall installation or frame the carpet for a beautiful area rug.

Sisal carpets have long been a standard in the Prestige Mills carpet line. We offer dozens of varieties of patterns and textures in a fibers ranging from Sisal, Jute and Coir to the newer wool sisal blends. Our extensive product line can be finished with fabric borders, jute and canvas tapes for area rugs, installed as wall to wall carpets, or set into a room as a canvas upon which to place fine antique rugs.

Prestige Carpet Mills
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Prestige Mills


Since the mids, the name Prestige Mills has been synonymous with excellence in the wholesale carpet industry. Their commitment to outstanding customer service, attention to detail, and ability to offer the finest and most unique catalog of products from countless territories around the globe are what distinguish them from Their competition. As distributors of high-end products to both retailers and designer showrooms, Prestige Mills specializes in the creation of unique designs in &#;Old-World&#; weaving techniques and have gained a reputation for providing a class of carpets not previously available in the market. Their intimate relationships with a myriad of specialty mills around the world grant them exclusivity to many high-end niche products of various weaves, textures, and constructions. In addition to their core product offerings, They have several collaborative collections created by world-renowned designers such as Jack Lenor Larsen, David Hicks, Nina Campbell, and Missoni. Prestige Mills is firmly committed to the production of environmentally sustainable carpets and continues to strive to offer a product line that will soon be predominantly &#;Green&#;. They consider themselves to be pioneers within the carpet industry and are determined to lead the way in reducing the carbon footprint setting a strong example for others within their sector. Prestige Mills features unique and refreshing designs from around the globe that are geared towards the mid to high-end clientele. This diverse collection is comprised of wools, sisals, and nylons and constructed using a variety of different techniques. This division also contains their trendy and popular David Hicks and Nina Campbell collections.

Shop Prestige Mill&#;s Carpet Styles Now


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Contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives for more information on Prestige Mills.

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Mills carpet prices prestige

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