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Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights

Fitting close to the ceiling but not hugging it, semi-flush lights can give an impression of spaciousness to a room, which makes this type of ceiling light an excellent choice for a smaller bedroom, living room or home office.

A semi-flush ceiling light with crystals and beads can be as beautiful and impressive as a chandelier if you want to make a statement.

A semi-flush fitting is ideal for lower ceilings, common in modern homes, and for rooms where more height might be needed, such as a hallway or a home gym.

Our semi-flush ceiling lights collection comes in an extensive range of styles and finishes to complement your décor and furnishings. Choose from a wide variety of warm metal finishes or bright chromes, including brushed, satin, polished or black chrome, satin nickel, antique brass, satin brass or gold.

Glass shades include crystal, black smoked glass, white opal glass and the fascinating planet glass, as well as more traditional clear glass shades, some of which feature swirls, twists and dimples to give a soft, refracted light. Many of our glass shades are hand blown by craftsmen.  

If you are looking for a lower energy option, filter by features to see our LED semi-flush ceiling lights.


Semi Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Fixtures: A Few Inches From The Ceiling

The difference between a flush mount and semi-flush mount light fixture is subtle—just a few inches in fact! Flush mount ceiling lights have no distance between light fixture and ceiling, while semi- flush mounts leave a few inches of space. These versatile light fixtures range from a 6”– 21” drop down from the ceiling to allow for installation on 8’ - 9’ ceilings with ample clearance below. Those few inches of space can add additional room for the eye to appreciate the geometry of a semi-flush fixture, and provide a more textured look than clean lines of a flush mount light that hugs the ceiling tightly can. If you are a pendant lighting or chandelier lover who is looking to add a beautiful hanging fixture in a living room or other space that requires more clearance than a traditional hanging light, a semi-flush fixture may be a great option for you! Our collection includes semi-flush chandeliers, lanterns, and pendants as well as more traditional ceiling light shapes. In addition to this flexibility of form, our semi-flush lights come in a variety of finishes to coordinate with bronze, nickel, antique brass and painted furniture in your home. Several designs include geometric patterns such as gridwork and hexagons, while others are more organic in nature with materials like wood beads and capiz pearl. For a truly unexpected statement light, you’ll find eclectic modern and contemporary semi-flush mounts in shapes like starfish, leaves, and flowers. Shaded options include silky sheer to colorful prints and burlap solids, with glass choices from recycled bottle style to sparkling crystal, art glass and colored Murano glass. Our collection also embraces industrial style with metal mesh, engine fans and sleek sculptural designs to traditional and cottage with smoke bell lanterns and vintage schoolhouse lights, you are sure to find a ceiling light to distinguish your style at Shades of Light! 

Unsure which room in your house needs a ceiling light update? Check out our How to Choose a Ceiling Light guide for room-by-room advice on placing ceiling light fixtures, as well as sizing, style, and shape ideas!
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