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Do you get sick of having to walk all the way to the fridge or community vending machine just to get a cold beverage? With this mini personal vending machine you can keep your cans chilled to the perfect temperature at a mere arm's length. Sure, you could keep a cooler constantly stocked with ice in your cubicle or work station, but isn't this easier?!

This vending machine lets you store up to 10 350ml cans, and like a vending machine you are able to see what your options are. In fact, this machine lets you store, and see, up to five different options of beverages (2 of each kind). Since variety is the spice of life I'm thinking...sparkling water, diet soda, regular soda, beer, and canned margaritas?

Personal Mini Vending Machine

You can access your beverages in two ways. You can open the door as if it was a fridge...boring. By using it this way, you could also store items like sandwiches and mini cakes (yum!). Or, you can use it like the fun vending machine it was made to be by pushing the button. When you do the back of the compartment opens up and the can will drop down from the back into the vending slot on the bottom - it's almost like magic.

Personal Mini Vending Machine

This convenient vending machine can be plugged into an outlet, but it also comes with a power cable that can be used with a cigar socket so it can be used in a large vehicle - I'm thinking road trip?!

Personal Mini Vending Machine

How Much Space Will This Mini Vending Machine Take Up?

At 25.6 inches tall, 16.3 inches deep, and 9.25 inches wide, this mini machine can easily fit on or under your desk at work, next to your garage work station, or anywhere else you might need a soda or beer on the quick.

Personal Mini Vending Machine

The mini soda vending machine can hold up to 10 cans of soda, water, or beer! Each level can hold 2 cans!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

The tiny vending machine plugs into any wall outlet to keep all the drinks chilled to the perfect temperature!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

It's perfect for offices, bedrooms, kids play rooms, and more!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

Just press the button next to the can you want, and it'll instantly drop down for your to easily grab and start drinking!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

You can also just open the door to grab a drink or restock the beverages inside the tiny vending machine!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

The mini drink vending machine measures just 25.6 inches tall x 16.3 inches deep x and 9.25 inches wide, so it can easily fit right on your desk, or under your desk!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

It's even great for use on jobsites for workers to quickly and easily grab a cold beverage!

Personal Mini Vending Machine For The Office Desk

Check out the personal vending machine for your desk in action below!

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These Mini Vending Machines Are The Perfect Addition To Any Office Desk

God bless Japan for making our lives easier. A Japanese online retailer that specializes in making weird yet useful gadgets introduces the Mini Soda Vending Machine. Well, it’s no secret that Japan has the highest number of vending machines in the world. You can find these convenient automatic machines all over cities, towns and even in the countryside. Everywhere you look, there’s a vending machine or two at every corner of the street. But Japan took their love for these machines a notch higher by introducing the personal vending machine, a downsized version of the actual thing.

Thanks to Thanko, we can now have our own vending machine that we can place on our desk. You can place it in your bedroom, kitchen and even next to your Jacuzzi bath tub. So you can just easily grab a refreshment without having to leave the Jacuzzi. This is also a perfect addition to your office as you can simply place this handy appliance on top of your office desk. It measures 25.6 inches tall, 9.25 inches wide and 16.3 inches deep, which is slightly bigger than standard computer system unit. Moreover, this could come as a perfect fit to the ultimate gaming bed which also comes from none other than Japan.


A Japanese online retailer introduces the mini soda vending machine for personal use

thanko mini soda vending machine


This mini machine can store up to 10 350ml cans and even the smaller 250ml cans. It has 5 levels of racks, each can hold two beverages of each kind. This mini version works the same way as the original machine. It’s basically a cooler that can be plugged into an outlet to keep your beverages cold whenever you need them. Additionally, it comes with a power cable that you can plug into a cigar socket so you can use it in your car. Wow, imagine going on a road trip with this portable refrigerator at hand.

mini soda vending machine cooler



personal mini soda vending machine


Simply open its fridge-like door to fill the racks with your favorite soda. Yes, we used the word ‘soda’ for its name just to be safe. But you can actually place any drinks that you want. Canned beers, canned cocktails, canned wines or any canned booze are just as welcome as canned sodas. Of course, you can also put other types of beverages such as iced tea, iced coffee, fruit juices, sparkling water and energy drinks. And just like the real thing, this mini machine also dispenses a can at a push of a button.


Plug it in

personal canned beverage cooler interior



Fill it with canned drinks

personal canned beverage cooler



Push a button

thanko beverage cooler dispenser



Enjoy your drink!

portable canned beverage cooler


This mini soda vending machine has 5 buttons on the right side next to each rack. Simply push the button next to your preferred drink and wait till the machine drops down the can from the back and into the slot at the bottom. This impressive gadget will surely make your office-mates full of envy. It is available on Thanko for ¥15,800 (around $151), with the shipping fee charged separately.

canned beverage cooler small version



mini soda vending machine



mini soda vending machine thanko


If you’re more of a Coke person then this Coca-Cola Vending Fridge is the one for you. Furthermore, this retro-designed soda can holder is more than just a fridge – it’s a vending machine too. It features five racks that can hold up to 10 cans of soda and a vending slot at the bottom.

coca-cola mini vending fridge



retro coca-cola mini vending fridge



coca-cola mini vending machine bottom slot


The retro Coca-Cola Mini Vending Fridge has a tall display window so you can see what’s inside. You can fill it with different types of Coke such as the Classic Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Vanilla Coke, and many more. Each level has a corresponding button on the right side. Simply push the button next to your preferred beverage and watch as it dispenses your drink into the bottom slot. Then reach into the clear plastic window at the bottom slot to retrieve your drink.

coca-cola vending machine push button



coca-cola mini vending machine


Get the Coca-Cola Mini Vending Fridge here and the mini soda vending machine here.


Check the mini soda vending machine in action on the video below

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