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How to Start & Run a Nursing Uniform Business

Many hospitals have established color-coded uniform requirements. This practice means that a department’s doctors, nurses and other medical workers wear differently colored uniforms. This easily recognized attire enables medical personnel to immediately identify other professionals in emergencies and contributes to patients’ confidence about the hospital. Nursing uniforms, or scrubs, also appeal to dental and veterinary staff. Retail uniform stores provide personal service missing from online or mass-market shopping experiences.

Start with the Basics

Begin by documenting your nursing uniform business. Select a business structure with a certified public accountant familiar with medical and retail businesses. Business structures include sole proprietorship, limited liability company and subchapter S corporation. You'll also need to consult with a commercial insurance agent with liability background. Visit your city or county clerk’s office for a business license, and contact your state Department of Revenue for a sales tax license. The Internal Revenue Service has a list of state websites.

Physical Vs Online Store

If you are operating a physical store, find an accessible and visible location that can easily be reached from main highways and near other medical or retail businesses. Look for a building with a front display window to capture passing trade. You'll need to obtain written zoning department approval before you commit to a lease. Then, work with a sign maker to create colorful building signage that describes your nursing uniform business.

You won't need a retail storefront if you intend to run a purely online business, but you will still need to consider some type of storage option for your merchandise suggests Uniform Market. Whatever the business model, you will need a website. As a nursing uniform business, you potentially will miss out on a huge revenue opportunity if you can’t sell your uniforms online. While it's possible to set a website up yourself very quickly and on a budget, you may wish to hire a website developer to offer guidance on the best ecommerce platform and sure your website is responsive and optimized for mobile.

Review the Competition

List your nursing uniform competitors. Three types of retailers carry nursing uniforms and scrub clothing:

  • Big box stores and discount retailers frequently carry basic scrub clothing, although the stores’ selection is often limited
  • Specialty uniform retailers cater to medical professionals and stock a variety of uniforms in many styles and colors
  • Online uniform retailers feature nursing uniforms from major manufacturers and may include personalization options as well

Figure out where you want to fit in the competitive landscape. This will guide your decisions on inventory and pricing.

Contact Scrub Vendors

Gather information on uniform specifications. Visit hospital nursing managers and area medical practices and request nursing staff uniform requirements, including color and style parameters; ask about uniform material preferences. Ask for the opportunity to submit a package proposal covering the purchase of multiple uniforms.

With this information, you can purchase your nursing uniforms wholesale. Utilize information on medical institutions’ uniform requirements, and compile a wholesale order that includes varied colors and styles. Order a wide variety of sizes, including plus and tall sizes. Consider cotton and synthetic blends for comfort and ease of care, and place bulk orders for better pricing.

Hire Staff

Hire personable and nursing-savvy staff. Find employees with customer service experience, as well as familiarity with the medical market’s needs. One option is to ask community colleges with entry-level medical programs for names of students eligible for work/study programs. Place well-worded Help Wanted ads as well.

Market Your Business

There are various ways to market your business. For example, you might target the consumer market with an open house featuring a nursing uniform fashion show. Promote this event with fliers at medical practices and on social media. As an incentive, you could offer special pricing on two or more uniforms, along with a frequent customer card offering a gift with completed purchase requirements. Contact local hospitals and medical practices about grand opening group discounts, along with incentives for future purchase commitments.


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Scrubs Business Start-up Guide for Nurses

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