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Heart of a beast: 2ZZGE powered 1993 Toyota Corolla E100

The "GT-Lift" for the 7th generation Toyota Corolla E100 has been the long-standing trend for the boring old Corollas. There is a very good reason for that: it works. There are about a gazillion 4A-GE swapped E100s out there. And pretty much everybody knows their potential. About 160hp, a simplistic 5 or 6 speed manual transmission, and a kerb weight of 900-1000 kilos. All of these translate to a fun daily driver and a cheap project car, and that's why it's so popular here.

The car in question here today, belonging to Omar Shah, is a little different. If you've read our coverage of the AE101 Corolla meet a couple of weeks back, you will probably recognize this particular E100. For those who don't, this particular E100 has a heart transplant from the top of the line 9th generation Corolla Aerotourer Z and is also commonly found in the Celica GT-S: the 1.8 liter 2ZZ-GE engine. The 2ZZ-GE was the only motor by Toyota to feature variable valve timing with lift intelligence. Designed for Toyota by Yamaha, the 2ZZ-GE engine owed a lot to motorcycle engines, and the wide-angled valves and variable valve timing and lift system enabled the high-revving engine to develop 170-190 bhp based on tune. The engine has a remarkable 100 horsepower per liter. The car only weighs around 1100 kilograms with its new found power.

How does it feel?

Pretty damn awesome. This is a wild car. The car rides is on a set of 15" wheels and lowering springs, and on a chassis that was originally designed for a maximum of 1.6 liter 160 hp engines, those 20 or so extra horses really make themselves known in this mid-90s family sedan.These are newer and smarter ponies.In the dry it's a little easier to tame, the wheels like to lose their grip frequently and there is substantial torque steer. I had a ride in this in the rain once, and boy was thatan experience. As soon as a stretch of empty asphalt lay ahead of us, Omar kicked the clutch and downshifted.The tires spun all the way up to4th gear before gaining adequate grip, Omar fighting the torque steer in an attempt to stabilize the car in the rain.The way the power is delivered, it felt like the car gained an additional 50 horses.

Is it any different from a 4AGE-equipped Corolla?

4A-GEs to these cars are like jelly to the bread. It's been tried and perfected, they work together brilliantly. The instant response of the 4A-GE and wide power-band is incredible for a 1.6 liter engine of its time-period. The 1.6 feels at home in the 101, sadly, the 2ZZ-GE doesn't. It feels out of place, like it doesn't want to be there. Maybe I'm just used to these engines in heavier cars, but this particular motor feels more comfortable in newer cars, namely the 9th generation Corolla(s) and Premallions.

Okay so it has a big bad heart, what else?

Suspension nicked from a AE111 GT, Corolla T-Sport braking system and an assorted set of Ultra-racing strut bars help stabilize the car, and having access to a huge workshop consisting of almost every part needed certainly was a big help. Omar Shah is the son of the owner of MA Automobiles in Uttara, the workshop that was solely responsible for the project. While it didn't exactly get the GT-lift, he did get the BZ-Touring facelift.

A few words with the owner: 

Why this motor?
"The 4A-GE will be extinct someday, and I had a lust for more power, since the 3S-GE/GTE swaps have already been done in this chassis, I wanted to try something different. The 2ZZ-GE with the short gear ratios and lightweight aluminum block was the obvious choice really."

How long have you had this car?
"Little over two years, out of which it was powered by a 4A-GE black-top 5-speed manual transmission for one and a half."

Future plans for the 'Rolla? 
"Aftermarket clutch, reducing rotational mass on the crank, intake and ignition system."

Sours: https://www.thedailystar.net/shift/project-cars/2zzge-powered-lightweight-1993-toyota-corolla-e100-109294

Supra_Fanatics said:

I think won't be easy to get approval right? Like FF cars want to convert to 4WD also not allow...

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FF to 4WD definately fail due to too many mod. But LX80 to JZX81 very common. Cause the bolts & nuts hole already there. But depend also on the sifu skill cause minor cut on the solid axle mount muz done nicely loh:)

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D7zul said:

Yup. That's the trade off

But higher stroke means better fuel consumption

And no need high revving engine when we have the torque :biggrin:

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meg_omen said:

stroke 90mm? meaning your redline will be at 7000rpm...
you'll lost the high-revving engine character of 4AGE...:smokin:
coz of the bore/stroke ratio...:hmmmm:

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Bro D7zul, i agree with meg_omen as 7AGEdefeat the purpose of high-revving engine character for 4AGE... but with the upgraded torque, nice for u for daily drive:) unless, u're up hill/down hill & track regulary kaki!!!


Sours: http://www.zerotohundred.com/forums/threads/2zzge-swap-on-a-ae111.416201/
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Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine Matrix/Corolla Swap Package


Complete ultra low mile Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8L VVTLi 180/190hp Matrix/Corolla ENGINE SWAP PACKAGE. These engines are inspected for integrity and function and have 10-50k miles on them. MWR knows more about these engines than anyone so we important stuff and replace the lift bolts (a big job sometimes!) so you don’t have to worry about it.

Works for 2003-04 Matrix/Corolla 1ZZ – bolts right in, very minor wiring. You must add your choice of XRS model Cold air intake and XRS cat pipe (or adapt your 1ZZ midpipe) – both sold separately.
Corolla/Matrix Cat Pipe

2005-08 Matrix/Corolla/Vibe 1ZZ – bolts right in but you will need to convert to mechanical throttle and change to 03-04 wiring. NOT AN EASY JOB and unfortunately MWR does not provide tech support for this job.

1998-02 Corolla – bolts in but wiring will be difficult and MWR does not provide tech support for that part of the job. Custom air intake and midpipe required.

When you place the order include your car’s model and year in the comments field and we’ll make sure to provide the best package possible for your swap.


  • XRS 2ZZ-GE engine
  • 03-04 Matrix XRS ECU with 8250rpm rev limit, 6200rpm VVL engagement
  • XRS intake manifold and throttle body
  • XRS exhaust manifold (header)
  • MWR VVL connector kit (works with your 1ZZ engine harness)
  • 2ZZ injectors
  • 2ZZ coils
  • 2ZZ alternator
  • 2ZZ power steering pump
  • 2ZZ OEM flywheel (used)

Bolts to your stock 5-speed transmission or any Matrix/Corolla 6-speed transmission (sold separately).

Used engines come with a 30 day guarantee if installed in an unmodified vehicle. Initial function and performance is always guaranteed.


Additional information

Weight300 lbs
Dimensions28 × 20 × 28 in
Sours: https://www.monkeywrenchracing.com/product/toyota-2zz-ge-engine-matrixcorolla-swap-package/
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2ZZ-GE SWAPPED TOYOTA COROLLA AE111- This is my ride- Ep09

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