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Few things are more relaxing than spending a lazy summer day swaying in a hammock, sipping iced tea (or rosé!) with a good book in hand. But if you've only tried the standard variety of hammocks and have never curled up in a hammock chair, you're missing out—for one thing, they give you that nostalgic, playground swing feeling but in a much more comfortable way. And depending on the style you buy, they can even feel like cozying up in your own personal cocoon, if you're into that.

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Best Structured Hanging Chair

Outdoor Hanging Chair


For something a little more structured than a typical hammock chair, go with a hanging chair like this. It's totally weather-friendly and can be styled in so many ways—plus, they look as good indoors as they do outside. 

Best Neutral Hammock Chair

White Macrame Hammock Chair

$170 AT ETSY

This white macrame hammock chair is chic enough that it makes a statement, but not so much so that it detracts from all the rest of your decor, thanks to its natural white color. The fact that it looks like sitting on it feels like floating on a cloud is just a nice bonus. 

Best Striped Hammock Chair

Striped Hammock Chair


Not a fan of neutrals? This colorful hammock chair keeps things in trendy monochrome with its pink stripes to brighten up any space. Made with performance yard, this hammock chair is perfect for indoor/outdoor living, margarita stains and all.

Best Boho Hammock Chair

Macedo Macramé Double Chair Hammock


For those of you whose style leans totally boho, go with a slightly structured macrame chair, like this. Can't you just picture yourself right here, swaying in the shade with a good book?

Best Indoor/Outdoor Hammock Chair

Green Soft-Spun Polyester Hammock Chair


Add a little extra color—without going overboard—to your outdoor (or indoor!) space with this woven hammock chair, which comes in 12 different hues. The pillow seen here isn't included, but you can always add your own.

Best Baby Swing Chair

Indoor/Outdoor Baby Hammock Chair


If you're looking for a baby-friendly version to add to a nursery or even beside your hammock on the porch, this weatherproof Etsy option comes in plenty of neutral patterns and fun prints for little ones to get in on the swinging trend too.

Most Durable Hammock Chair

Sunbrella Soft Comfort Hammock Chair


If the first thing on your hammock chair checklist is making sure it's designed to hold up to the elements, get yourself a hammock chair like this one, made with Sunbrella performance fabric. 

Most Practical Hammock Chair

Alisha Polyester Hammock Chair


Okay, so you want a hammock chair that feels a little more utilitarian. This one features a hanging cup holder and a foot rest, and the gleaming wood finish gives it a little style too.  

Best Hammock Chair with Stand

Hammock Chair with Stand and Cushions


For easy set-up, pick an all-in-one hammock chair, like Home Depot's on-trend rattan offering. The all-in-one set includes a hammock stand and white water-resistant cushions. 

Best Outdoor Hammock Chair

Beachside Hammock Chair


Want a classic look? This cotton rope hammock chair calls back to a traditional beachside hammock with neutral macrame. Hang on the porch or by the pool for a resort feel in any weather.

Most Colorful Hammock Chair

Rainbow Deluxe Padded Cotton Hammock Chair


This hammock chair is both comfortable (squishy padding, for the win!) and colorful. If you can't get enough rainbow decor, this is definitely the hanging chair for you. 

Best Washable Hammock Chair

Machine Washable Hammock Chair


Need a hammock chair with an easy clean option? This 100% cotton hammock chair removes easily and can be tossed in the washing machine to clean quickly for indoor/outdoor use. The added fringe makes this performance furniture fun.

Coziest Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair with Cushions and Footrest

$315 AT ETSY

If you really want to get cozy, go for a hanging chair like this one—it comes with the two large cushions and smaller throw pillow seen here, and the bottom rolls out to act as a footrest too. 

Best Egg Hammock Chair

Boho Egg Chair


For a more boho take on the stylish egg chair, Anthropologie's patterned macrame swing is elevated enough to blend in with your existing decor while providing the perfect place to cozy up any season. 

Best Hammock Chair for Kids

Kids' Hanging Pod Chair


Give your kids their own hanging retreat with one of these cozy pods. They can be used indoors and out, and come in red, yellow, and purple. Plus, the way it fully envelopes them will make you both feel safe. 

Best Hammock Chair Stand

Metal Hammock Chair C-Stand


And of course, if you don't have a supportive beam or tree to hang your hammock chair from, you'll need a stand to attach it to. This one has more than 100 five-star reviews and can be used indoors and outdoors with most types of hanging chairs. 

Brittney MorganMarket Editor, House BeautifulBrittney Morgan is a noted land mermaid and a Virgo with a penchant for crafts, red lipstick, and buying way too many throw pillows.

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REVIEW: The 15 Best Hammock Chair Stands

If you want to set up your futuristic Bubble Chair without attaching a chain to your ceiling, you are going to choose a C-shaped stand made of stainless steel, which provides the modern industrial feel. But if you need a stand for a hammock chair or a wooden hanging chair, hanging chair frames made of natural wood are the first choice. Their beautiful natural design can add warmth to your living room or make you feel at home in your garden.

Here are a few tips about what do you need to consider before making a purchase. Let’s take a look at the best wooden and metal hammock chair stands available.



Wooden hanging chair stands are usually made of weatherproofed spruce wood and are extremely durable, weather-resistant, and look simply great against all the greenery in a garden. But also a large living room will definitely feel much cozier and more inviting with a wooden hanging chair stand.

Here is an overview of the best hanging chair stands made of wood. Below this list we’ll have a closer look at each of these models:



Wooden Hanging Chair Stands by Jagram Style

The beautiful hanging timber hanging chairs stands by Jangram Styles are new on the market. The Exaco Trading Company brought them 2019 in the USA shops. The frames are designed and produced by Jangram Styles, the company which is well known in Europe by using only established high quality and 100% FSC Scandinavian timber. This one is C-shaped wooden stand, actually the only one of that kind on the market.

Technical Details:

  • Made of the highest quality spruce timber
  • Genoa stand will support up to 265lb/120kg of weight
  • Stand Weight: 45.1 lbs
  • Assembled Size Stand and Chair: 64.5″ h x 40.2″ w x 55″ d
  • The wood is the color of amber
  • Compact design that can easily be set up on a small balcony or indoors

This Wooden Hanging Chair Stand. The perfect match is the excellent and really a unique model on the market:  Hanging Basket Chair Gaya


Review: cheap wooden swing chair stand

Wooden Hammock Chair Stand ATLAS

The Atlas Hanging Chair Stand by Bayer of Maine is a very durable and quite high hanging chair frame made of weather-resistant spruce.  It has a weight capacity of up to 350 lbs, which is an extraordinarily good value. This makes the frame suitable for really large hanging chairs for more than one person, such as the Hammock Chair Lounger HABANA.

The stand is suitable for hammock chairs with a spreader bar (pivot style) or any other swing chairs which require only one anchor point.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: approx.  55″L X 58″W X 93″H (147 x 234 x 139 cm)
  • Load capacity: max. 350 lbs (160 kg)
  • Weight: approx. 42 lbs (20 kg)
  • Hanging range from 79″ to 95″.
  • Material: weatherproofed spruce

It is handmade in Poland from laminated spruce wood that is specially treated for weather resistance. All metal hardware has been galvanized, which ensures long-lasting durability. The stand is adjustable, as well as sturdy and durable. It is suitable for all hammock chairs and many swing chairs. It comes complete with hardware and is easy to assemble. With a price of about $400 & free shipping, it is a somewhat favorable wooden chair stand.

Sustainable Hammock Chair Wood Stand Vela by La Siesta

Sustainable Wood Stand Vela by La Siesta

German company La Siesta is definitely one of the best world brands for hammock chairs and classic hammocks.  They convince not only with the well-known German quality but also with the design and eco-sustainability and fair working conditions.

We’ve already introduced some La Siesta products. One of them is the hammock lounger chair for two people made of organic cotton (our review you can find here), and this stand is a perfect match – both for indoors and outdoors.

Technical Details:

  • This exceptional wooden frame for hanging chairs and hammocks is a stylish & sophisticated statement of relaxation culture
  • Load capacity of 335 lbs 
  • Thanks to a high-pressure lamination process and a special waterproofing method, this stand can be left outside throughout the whole summer season
  • The stand is especially stable. The strap system with a snap hook allows you to precisely adjust the height until it’s just right for hours of relaxation
  • Height : 7 ft 8 in / Surface : 4 ft 7 in x 4 ft 7 in / Carrying capacity: 355 lbs / Material description: spruce (FSC certified)


Comfortable and contemporary wood crescent arc stands

Wooden Arc Hammock Chair Stand Curved

Made of compressed larch wood and stainless steel parts, this stand is suitable for outdoor use and is an excellent addition to any backyard, but thanks to its beautiful design is also suitable for indoor use. Perfect in combination with a hammock chair without the spreader bar.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: approx:61″L x 43.3″W x 57.9″H/155L*110W*147Hcm
  • Load capacity: max 260 pounds
  • Hanging height: 145cm
  • Width: 150 cm
  • Wooden Arc Frame has a unique design
  • Material: Russian Larch Wood
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Made in China

Unlike the previous one, you can use this stand for a hammock chair without a spreader bar, cause it supports to anchor points.


Wooden Globo Chair Stand

A luxurious and unique wood hanging chair stand was designed exclusively for the Globo Hanging Chair by Bayer of Maine (read our review). It was made entirely by hand from weatherproofed spruce, and all metal parts have been covered to be corrosion resistant so that you can place it indoors and outdoors. The combination of award-winning design and superior quality make this beautiful hanging chair a masterful addition to your home or garden. This stand is gorgeous from all sides and is unavoidable to be the center of every space you place it.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: approx.  54″L X 50″W X 67″H (127 x 170 x 136 cm)
  • Load capacity: max. 260 lbs (120 kg)
  • Weight: approx. 33 lbs (18 kg)
  • Material: weatherproofed spruce


Wooden Stand for a Wooden hanging Basket Chair

Wooden Globo Royal Chair Stand

This stand is similar to the previous one. The manufacturer and the quality are of the same caliber, and only this one has two anchor points is larger and suitable for the beautiful hanging swing ‘Globo Double” which is pretty much identical to the Hanging Globo Chair, except twice as big.

Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: approx. 238 x 181 x 149 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 200 kg
  • Weight: approx. 31,0 kg
  • Material: weatherproofed spruce






Wooden Swing Stand

This stand manufactured by South Mission is suitable for single or comfy hammock chair loungers but also all kind of swings. It is made of 100% real cypress wood, which has natural patterns and imperfections, and color may vary insignificantly.


Technical Details:

  • Dimensions:  78″(W) x 60″(D) x 82″(H).
  • Load capacity: max. 450lb
  • Weight: approx. 90 lbs
  • Material: Real Cypress Wood

With this product, you can get a really elegant wood swing stand for a low price.

The alternative is :


review: Cypress Swing Stand by Hatteras Hammocks

Cypress Swing Stand Roman Arc ® by Hatteras Hammocks

Hatteras Hammocks is well-known for its quality products made in the USA. Their hammock chairs stands have much more durable construction and better performance than some other wood structures out in the market. This Cypress Swing Stand Roman Arc ® by Hatteras Hammocks has won the international “Design Excellence Award”  in 1990, and according to the information of the manufacturer, it is the most widely copied hammock stand around. It is large and robust enough to fit a double size swing chair. The instructions were well written, and all the required assembly hardware was included in the shipment. The material is of good quality cypress made in the USA. The hardware is zinc-plated.


Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 7 ft. x 5 ft. 6 in. x 7 ft.
  • Load capacity: max. 450lb
  • Weight: approx. 90 lbs
  • Material: Southern cypress


wooden Stand for 2 3 or 4 hammocks

Wooden Stand for 4 Hammock Chairs by La Siesta

This grand, remarkable, and impressive hanging chairs stand by La Siesta named CAROUSEL supports four hammock chairs at once. It was designed for the deluxe-size hammock chairs, but it is suitable for all hammock chairs and many swing chairs. It is made from exceptionally sturdy wood, making it ideal for larger outdoor living and entertaining spaces. What is better than hanging out in a hammock chair? Hanging out in hammock chairs with friends.


Technical Details:

  • Item Weight 200 pounds
  • Assembled Diameter: 9 ft 10 in
  • Assembled Height: 8 ft 2 in
  • Material: Nordic spruce




The ceiling suspensions are usually complicated, and wooden frames often take up much space. Steel Hanging Chair Stands are very simple to install, space-saving, and usually have a simple form. Therefore they are the perfect choice for a balcony or a small terrace, but of course, they also can be used in the gardener inside the house.

Almost every hanging chair stand is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. If yours is going to be kept outdoors, a stainless steel stand might be worth investing in, as it will overcome rust and weather-wear. But the wooden stands are also outdoor resistant.

Here is an overview of the best hammock chair stands made of steel, and below the list, we’ll have a closer look at each of these models:

tripod cacoon stand metal

Vivere Tripod Hammock Chair and Cacoon Stand


Technical Details:

  • Solid Steel construction 
  • Simple design
  • Load capacity: max 450lbs (204KG)
  • Length 101″. Width 101″. Height 101″
  • Easy to assemble (See the installation video below)
  • Supports any hanging chair. You can use it for hanging cocoon chair
  • Extra stable through rounded feet and the included stakes 

The tripod cacoon and hanging chair stand can be the centerpiece of your backyard or pool area, but you can use it indoors too. The stand can be used even for a hanging bed.


C Shaped Hammock Chair Stand by Vivere

C Shaped Hammock Chair Stand by Vivere

This C shaped steel hammock chair stand is a perfect way to hang a bubble chair, not only tha hammock. The C design allows you to swing in the hammock, without having to think if you have enough space for the swing movements.

The design of the leg attachments is different than others that look pretty similar and are less expensive. This stand has the bigger base and don’t tip. That’s the reason you can use it also for kids’ tent hammocks.


Technical Details:

  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Heavy duty steel construction with oil rubbed bronze powder coat finish
  • Four legs, each capped with a rubber foot, provide maximum stability
  • 53″L x 55″w x 85″h; 265 pound capacity



Hanging Chair With Stand- La Siesta

Adjustable Steel Hammock Chair Stand Mediterráneoby La Siesta


This high-quality but straightforward, space-saving, and height-adjustable hammock chair stand made of powder-coated steel is suitable for different sizes of hammock chairs. Easy to use, easy to assemble, and easy to clean.



Technical Details:

  • Total height: 200 – 240 cm
  • Surface: 130 x 115 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 130 kg
  • Weight: approx. 20 kg
  • Material: Powder-coated steel





Adjustable Steel Hammock Chair Stand Romano by La Siesta

Romano Silver – Powder Coated Steel Stand for Basic or Lounger Hammock Chairs by La SiestaDurable and easy to clean.

Technical Details:

  • Total height: 225 cm
  • Surface: Ø 160 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 160 kg
  • Weight: approx. 32 kg
  • Material: Powder-coated steel

Due to its circular construction and its 160 cm is an extraordinarily stable stand for hammock chairs. This stand bears the quality label GS-tested – TÜV-certified safety” which is only awarded to products that fulfill the highest safety standards. The integrated rope with punched holes enables quick adjustments in height





palmera-steel-chair-stand-by-baier-of-maine-Space Saver Hammock Chair Stand by Byer of Maine

Space Saver Hammock Chair Stand Palmera


Technical Details:

  • Dimensions: 100 x 225-250 x 60 cm
  • Load capacity: max. 120kg
  • Weight: approx. 13,5  kg
  • Material: Powder-coated steel
  • Telescope tubes for adjustable height

This unique Hammock Chair Stand by Byer of Maine is the cheapest of this brand, is adjustable in height, and needs a wall for fixing. The purchase of the frame is worthwhile if you don’t want to have a clunky frame, but the ceiling of your room simply is not suitable for a standard suspension. The base of the stand fits against the wall, and the top is fixed to the wall with the supplied bolt. When not in use, this durable, space saver stand can be stowed away flat against the wall when it is not.

Very durable and saves so much room! Easy to install and comes with everything you need. It is suitable for all basic hammock chairs such as the Hammock Chair BRAZIL by Byer of Maine

Here you can watch the installation video:


Read Our Reviews:

Here you can find Reviews and Guide: The Best Hanging Chairs

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Sure, spending the afternoon on a poolside lounger is pretty blissful. But might we also suggest the wonder of the outdoor hanging chair? These simple, suspended seats have it all: a cocoon-like embrace to get comfy, basically built-in shade, the perfect breeze, and a gentle rocking motion that will likely lull you to sleep. Perhaps the best part of all: As this long, hot summer of continued social distancing chugs on, the hanging chair offers a totally solo place to get away from it all. Sharing is not only discouraged, it's more or less impossible as far as we're concerned. 

You can place one in pretty much any outdoor space where there's a sturdy support system: your porch, on its very own stand, or on a branch if you've got one available. Apartment dwellers can also get creative here; a hanging chair is the perfect accent for a living room or bedroom—anywhere a reading nook might be welcome. Feast your eyes on hanging chairs of all styles—from sculptural rattan and practical canvas to to washable nylon camping options. We've rounded up 13 that'll help you get acquainted with all things hanging chair. Grab a book, a comfy pillow, or a cocktail and curl up.

How to Hang a Hammock Chair


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Chairs standing hammock

If you love the idea of relaxing in a hammock but don't have a forest of 75-year-old maple trees in your backyard, buying a hammock stand is the solution. Whether crafted from hardwood or made of steel, they have metal chains attached to hook up your hammock in minutes so you can dive into your summer read or take an afternoon nap and rock yourself to sleep. A traditional hammock stand is a great addition to any outdoor setup (though kids may fight over who gets the coveted spot) and a chic chair stand works well on a deck—or even in a corner of the living room.

What to Consider

Standard hammock stands are long and low, resembling a boat frame, and chair stands are built to pair with a hanging pod or woven hammock seat. They’re typically made from powder-coated steel, often rust-resistant and can be left outdoors, and hardwood, which may be naturally weather-resistant or varnished for extra durability. If you already have a hammock, make sure it’ll work with the stand you choose. There are generally two kinds of hammocks: those made with spreader bars at each end, which creates a more supportive surface, or unstructured woven or loose-knit styles that conform to your body. Some stands work with both types. There aren’t a ton of special features to consider when shopping for a hammock stand, though you’ll want to consider its maximum weight limit.

How We Chose

All of the hammock stands featured below have an average rating of four stars or more. Our selection includes wood and metal stands in all the major styles, and we chose options across a range of price points. We read through reviews for each option to ensure our picks are well-constructed and stable. All require some assembly, though the time required to the stand together varies depending on the style you choose. Also, keep in mind that not all stands below come with hammocks shown in the photos.

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Our Value Pick

Vivere Hammock Stand



This hammock-and-stand combo gets rave reviews, with an average 4.8 stars from more than 20,000 customers. It’s an excellent value and comes in a rainbow of color options, like this bright purple, turquoise, and yellow-striped print. It also comes in multiple fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and durable, fade-resistant, Sunbrella. 

The 9-foot steel stand weighs about 35 pounds and has adjustable hooks for the hammock to hang at different heights. Another bonus: It folds up to store in a handled carrying case. 


The Metal Chair Stand

Songmics Hammock Chair Stand



Whether for your deck or if you want to create a cozy reading nook indoors, this hammock stand is an attractive, on-trend addition to any space, indoors or out. The black metal stand comes with the lovely gray hammock, which features a side pocket to stash your book, tablet, or cell phone, plus the two throw pillows shown are included. The stand is said to have a 264-pound maximum weight capacity.


The Wood Chair Stand

Meza Atlas Wood Hammock Chair Stand
The Holiday



This handsome, solid wood chair stand has a rustic look, crafted from light-colored spruce with a curved top and base. The stand is nearly 8 feet tall and weighs just over 40 pounds, and several customers say that it's sturdy. There’s a steel chain and carabiner at the top for attaching a hammock, which isn't included, and the rest of the hardware is galvanized. 

It has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which means it can potentially accommodate two people.


The Traditional Wood Stand

Chillounge Hammock Stand Set



Made from sustainably sourced solid wood with a honey-colored finish, this traditional hammock stand will be the centerpiece of your outdoor space. With a natural, rich-looking grain, the wide, graceful hardwood arc has 20-inch steel chains at either end and comes with the cheery stripped hammock that's shown, which is made of fade-and weather-resistant polypropylene. The hammock's maximum weight capacity is said to be 265 pounds. 


The Traditional Metal Stand

Sunnydaze Steel Hammock Stand

$125.00 (30% off)


This best-selling metal hammock stand is made from rust-resistant powder-coated steel. It can accommodate hammocks that are 9.5 to 14 feet long, and setup is easy, as all the joints snap together and lock in place. There are also plastic feet on the bottom to prevent scratches on your deck. The stand weighs about 33 pounds, with two 18-inch chains attached to either end to connect your hammock and adjust its height as needed. 

All the hanging hardware is  included and the stand is available in blue, bronze, and green, in addition to the black that’s shown. It's said to have a weight limit of 550 pounds. 


The Swing Stand

Pirny Hammock Chair Swing

$135.00 (11% off)


With a small footprint, this space-saving hammock stand is a great alternative to a porch swing. The black stand is made from rust-resistant, powder-coated iron tubing and it comes with the gray hammock that’s shown, which includes a pillow at the base for extra-comfortable weekend nap time. The swing is said to have a 500-pound maximum weight limit and is also available with an off-white hammock. 


The Family Stand

Family Huggle Pod Hammock Chair Stand



stand. It’s designed to accommodate a wide, open platform bed or circular tent. It gets high marks from reviewers, with an average 4.8 stars, and several customers say that it's sturdy. The steel frame has a black powder-coated finish to prevent rust and it comes with hardware to attach a hammock, plus it has a maximum weight limit of 600 pounds. The tradeoff of having a hammock stand that can hold several people  is that it has a large footprint — 8 feet in diameter.


The Triple Stand

ENO Three-Person Hammock Stand
ENO- Eagles Nest



This distinctive-looking stand, with an elegant shape and eye-catching curved details, holds three woven hammocks—or more, as it’s said to have a 1,200-pound weight limit. That makes it great for groups of friends or families, who prefer to relax in individual cocoons rather than on one large platform. 

Made of steel with a charcoal powder-coated finish to resist rust, the triple-hammock stand weighs a hefty 100 pounds, which makes it sturdy. Customers laud it for easy setup and it gets an impressive average 4.9 stars. While it’s on the expensive side, you’re getting three-plus hammocks stands in one.  


The Portable Stand

Tranquillo Foldable Hammock Stand



For a hammock stand that’s built to travel, this foldable pick is your best bet. It comes with a two-layer polyester mesh hammock, a breathable fabric that will prevent your back from getting sweaty on sweltering summer days. 

The stand is made from powder-coated steel, built with ball bearings so it won’t squeak every time you turn over while lying down. There are also stitched-in spreaders to keep the hammock from sinking in, and rubber feet at the base to stabilize it and prevent surface scratches. It comes with a carrying case and available in eight color options in addition to the appealing cobalt blue that’s shown. Its weight limit is listed as 550 pounds. 

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