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Cardio Meets Strength

The Best of Both Worlds

Finally, a machine that combines both cardio and strength workouts to save you time and give you the total-body makeover you've been dreaming of.

Watch workouts on your Android™ enabled tablet.

Train Better

The best trainers in the business will walk you through incredible workouts that are personalized to fit your goals and preferences.

Save Time

By combining strength, cardio, and a fast pace, you'll always have time to squeeze in a worthwhile workout.

Join Classes

Meet virtually with other fitness enthusiasts as you join virtual studio workouts, right in the comfort of your own home.

Get Coached

Your Fusion comes with additional coaching on your phone for nutrition, activity, and sleep with the iFIT Coach mobile app.

Stay Fluid

With SMR™ (Silent Magnetic Resistance), your flywheel provides smooth, quiet movement, so you'll never adjust another weight.

Find Power

The easy-to-read watts meter gives you accurate readings throughout your workout, so you'll always know how much power you're producing.


Fusion CST Review


You can exercise all your major muscle groups in a single workout to build strong lean muscles that tend to be less sustainable to injury. 

The iFit led Live studio workouts, created specifically for Fusion-CST owners, are engaging   designed to motivate and take you through the proper form and speed of movements. You can also set a difficulty level and allow your resistance to automatically adjust depending on what moves you are doing, whether that be bicep curls or lunges.

The Silent Magnetic Resistance lets the Fusion CST make transitions quietly and quickly among resistance settings without having to pause for adjustments, so you maintain the intensity level through-out your workout.

iFit membership provides access to over trainer led cross-fit workouts to choose from so can keep your body challenged and guessing what is coming next. As an option you never have to touch your machine's controls. Your trainer can auto-adjust and control resistance to match your customized workout. Of course you can override is if you prefer.

The Fusion CST’s footprint is inches wide by inches deep and inches high. But do allow some space to move about when exercising.

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Review: NordicTrack Fusion CST wins w/ power-based strength training for cyclists

Among serious cyclists, power is the key metric by which we measure our performance and gains. It’s easily quantifiable, easy to measure (with power meters getting cheaper by the minute), and easy to see how you’re progressing. But when we hit the weights in the winter, those pound and kilogram numbers force us to measure something else entirely. The new NordicTrack Fusion CST changes all that, providing flywheel-based resistance that shows your output in watts.

NordicTrack Fusion CST home gym review and tech detailsNordicTrack Fusion CST home gym review and tech details

I’ve been testing the Fusion CST for a couple months, combining it with body weight movements and some riding (it’s been pretty cold, and without specific goals, it’s hard for me to stay motivated on the trainer). The machine combines strength and cardio training with video-based personal coaching to provide total body conditioning, something many cyclists ignore as they focus purely on on-the-bike speed and endurance.

The flywheel combines with magnetic resistance, letting you change the resistance to match your strength or needs. At the highest setting, 12 full-effort jump squats makes for a great set. Switch to single leg efforts to make it harder. It doesn’t replace a lb deadlift (what does, really?), but it’s more than enough to work your muscles over. Stepping further away from the machine makes it harder, and the cables are a very generous 95″ (m) long.

For smaller muscle groups, it’s plenty of resistance. For exercises like rows, pull downs, shoulder press and flys, it’s easy to go from repping it out with what feels like a 5lb dumbbell to slow motion, full strength paddling a webbed glove through cement. The downside is there’s no negative resistance, so all of your workout is coming from the concentric motion.

Three sets of handles offer a variety of angles. The machine comes with a poster showing moves that target every major muscle group, most in several ways. That’s key to hit things from different angles to avoid developing muscular imbalances…which can happen if all you do are pushups, pullups and abs. I speak from experience, and such things take time and work to correct. So I really like the variety the Fusion CST offers. Resistance is changed by pushing a +/- button, so it takes just seconds to switch between moves.

The design also makes it very kid friendly. Because if you have kids, you know they’re going to mess with it. I’ve got my kids actually working out on it and they think it’s fun.


NordicTrack Fusion CST Portal workout app with subscription based programming

One of the stumbling blocks for people who have never worked out before is that they don’t know how to workout. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to weight training, the partner app iFit Coach and $15/month subscription service has more than 50 different workouts, with new ones being added regularly. That not only keeps it interesting, but it lets you pick and choose based on your goals. Or pick a training plan and it’ll select the workouts for you each day. Most are minutes, with some shorter ones and some longer ones.

iFit Coach app shows you how to perform full body exercises

The videos show you how to do each exercise in real time. Different coaches have different personalities, but all of the ones I’ve tried seem to do a good job of explaining the movement and offering safe alternatives if they’re too hard or you’re unable to perform them.

Once selected, the included 10″ Portal tablet (which is basically a customized Android tablet on which you can download other normal apps to, too) syncs with the Fusion CST via Bluetooth to control the resistance throughout the workout. As does an included Bluetooth heart rate strap.

NordicTrack Fusion CST home gym review and tech details

The workouts are good. Initially I was not excited about trying them, but after running through a variety of them, I’m a fan. Here’s why: Even though I have some specific workouts and movements I like to do on some days, the videos fill in to keep it fresh on other days. And they force me to work harder, faster and longer than I probably otherwise would. Same for Kristi. Because they move quick, they keep both of us engaged for the duration.


Overall the equipment is great and I recommend it highly. These are just a few small nitpicks: I wish the resistance could go a little higher. The lack of negative resistance will be a turnoff for body builders, but seriously, who among the cycling crowd is really trying to get huge? The only real drawbacks are with the app’s user interface. During a workout, you can pause it, but there’s no way to rewind it. The instructions move quickly, and it’s easy to miss their tutorial while you’re getting set up. It could also use a search function, making it easier to find, say, all workouts for a certain body part.

Lastly, there’s only one login/account per subscription…which means for a family, you’ll need to pony up for the $39/month family plan if you want to track everybody individually. Personally, I don’t mind if Kristi’s workout data mixes with mine. I know what I did, she knows what she did. But, if you pay up front for a year’s family subscription, you get a free set of NordicTrack Speedweight adjustable dumbbells ($ MSRP) and iFit Vue activity tracking wearable ($ MSRP). Individual subscriptions come with only the Vue when paid annually.


the best home gym for cyclists and endurance athletes

Current retail is $1, and includes the Fusion CST main unit with built-in tablet holder, a separate freestanding tablet stand, six handles, two ankle straps, the Portal 10″ Android tablet, Bluetooth HR strap, power cord, and workout poster. They offer several financing options that bundle 18 to 36 months of iFit Coach Premium subscription and a 3-year extended warranty into the price.

NordicTrack Fusion CST white glove home delivery and assembly review

White Glove delivery lets you pick the room it goes in and have it professionally assembled and set up for you.

Base price includes delivery to the curb. They offer in-home delivery for $99 more, and full white glove in-home assembly, set up and packaging removal for $ They sent it to us with the latter service, which is awesome because it’s big. And super heavy. As in, really, really heavy and you’ll need a hand truck to move it. One caveat: Make sure they get all of the parts out of the box…ours was missing the tablet, which we think was simply overlooked in the unpacking process (they promptly sent a replacement).


NordicTrack Fusion CST home gym review and tech details

The wide variety of workouts means there’s something for everyone and every fitness level.

As much as Crossfit might promote muscular endurance, doing jump squats and lunges won’t make up for time on the bike. But, despite using the Fusion a lot and riding less, I did manage to get 3rd, 4th and 5th places in some of my cyclocross races. And I’m feeling stronger on the bike than my riding hours would explain. Building strength means you’re using a smaller percentage of your available output on each pedal stroke, so while my endurance might not match a real racer’s, my max power output isn’t too bad. So I can hang on group rides.

The other benefit to cyclists is that you can add real resistance to non-forward-linear movements. Or work your hamstrings. The Fusion CST makes it easy to do lateral hip work and leg curls, two things that are underworked during cycling. Again, muscular imbalances are bad, m’kay? This fixes them.

While you don’t neeeed the iFit Coach subscription to use the Fusion CST, it really does turn the equipment into a legitimate cross training platform. At $15 per month, this could be your 2nd sub behind Zwift, The Sufferfest or TrainerRoad. If you’re investing in cycling training, it’s worth investing in total body conditioning for you and your family, too, right?

Most of all, what we (as a family) like about the NordicTrack Fusion CST is how quick, easy and fun it makes to get a solid workout. Definitely worth a look if your idea of fitness goes beyond the bike, especially if you really, really don’t want to go to a gym.

Training Session with NordicTrack Fusion CST - Trainer John Peel

iFit—NordicTrack Fusion CST


The NordicTrack Fusion CST combines strength and cardio in one, providing you with dynamic, time-saving workouts designed to drive your heart rate up and build your strength at the same time. You’ll receive a new workout every day, or you can select one from an ever-growing library. A world-class trainer will coach you through every workout at your personal level, setting the pace and automatically adjusting the resistance for you. All you have to do is show up and be ready to work!

• Enjoy the combination of strength and cardio movements in each workout.
• Challenge yourself with a variety of different styles of workouts, ranging from weight loss to HIIT.
• Choose a coach from an all-star lineup of the world’s best personal trainers.
• Join fast, high-energy classes and work toward your goals with other class members.
• Select your desired level of difficulty and enjoy automatic resistance adjustment throughout your workout.
• Track your workout stats, including calories burned, time, reps, watts, and heart rate.

• Go to to sign up for an iFit account.
• Download the app, then sign in to your iFit account.
• Browse the workout library and select a workout.
• Connect your Portal 10i™ tablet to your Fusion CST machine.
• Enjoy your workout!

Learn more about the NordicTrack Fusion CST here:


Fusion workouts nordictrack cst

NordicTrack Fusion CST For The Best HIIT Workouts Of Your Life

NordicTrack Fusion CST For The Best HIIT Workouts Of Your Life

Now, you may already have one of ourfantastic treadmills. So, we can’t blame you if you feel like your treadmill is all you need.

But as most walkers and runners learn, cross-training is important to keep your body balanced and strong. Which is why NordicTrack is proud to announce the arrival of theFusion CST.

What Is The Fusion CST

The NordicTrack Fusion CST is a complete home gym packed into one piece of equipment. With 6 precision cable ends and 2 ankle strap accessories, you can work your body from all angles. Also, this machine uses adjustable resistance to build your strength and improve your cardiovascular system.

The Fusion CST has a variety of features that many people may benefit from.


With the SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance Flywheel feature, Fusion CST workouts are powered by you, the user. The smooth action of the flywheel will help you to keep control of the equipment while working with its resistance to build strength and stamina.

Resistance Settings

There are 20 resistance settings. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to your Fusion CST workouts, and also allows different users at different levels of strength to use the same machine.

Heart Rate Monitoring

4 Sets Of Pulley Positions – Fusion CST

To help you reach your ideal cardio zone, the Fusion CST comes with an iFit® heart rate monitoring chest strap. These straps are much more accurate than any wrist monitors, and some of the workouts depend on you wearing your chest strap. The chest strap is adjustable, so all sizes of users are able to wear it comfortably.

Heart rate monitors used for exercise such as the wireless heart rate monitoring chest strap are not medical devices, and their accuracy may be affected by a number of factors. They are also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


You won’t feel restricted when using the Fusion CST. It’s cables have 95” of independent cable travel, so you can push yourself to the max and then some.


NordicTrack is known for high-tech offerings when it comes to workout machines and the Fusion CST is no exception. An integrated tablet called the Portal 10i™ comes with your Fusion CST, which you can choose to mount in the adjustable tablet holder or move to wherever suits you best.


The last thing your home needs is another large piece of machinery. Which makes the Fusion CST so perfect! This sleek machine’s footprint is &#; L x &#; W x &#; H.

With the Fusion CST, NordicTrack has taken strength and cardio training and blended the two together to take your home workouts to the next level.

HIIT And The Fusion CST

“But what does a strength training machine have anything to do with HIIT?” Well, it’s all in the name.

HIIT Workouts – Fusion CST

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) focuses on cutting down workout times and maximizing effort for even better results than a regular workout. With use of the Fusion CST, you will burn calories, strengthen muscles, and save time while improving yourself.

There are many workout programs included on the Fusion CST with a subscription to iFit®, which targets interval training. With the adjustable resistance settings, you can add the intensity to these workouts. Explore cardio workouts that’ll tone and build you into a better athlete, and strength training that’ll increase your power and make you stronger.

With an extended workout library on iFit®, you’ll never get bored doing the same workout over and over ever again! Since seeing is believing, here is a glimpse of one of the great HIIT workouts on the Fusion CST:

Minute Time Crunch Workout:


6 Lunges with punch

5 Push-ups

10 Jumping jacks

1st Circuit – 2 Rounds:

Push up position, reach and pull (30 seconds each side)

Skiers (30 seconds)

Side plank, pull through (30 seconds each side) **Modify by dropping knees to the ground

Second Break-

2nd Circuit – 2 Rounds:

3 push ups, 3 froggers (30 seconds)

Squat and drive (30 seconds)

Mountain climbers (30 seconds)

Second Break-

3rd Circuit – 2 Rounds

Right arm, left leg tap (40 seconds) **Modify by bending at the knee

Plank and tap (40 seconds)


Quad stretch

Drop hips and stretch lats

Stretch chest

iFit Chest Strap – NordicTrack

Be sure to have your iFit® chest strap on during your workouts, so you can know how hard you are working.

Heart rate monitors used for exercise such as the wireless heart rate monitoring chest strap are not medical devices, and their accuracy may be affected by a number of factors. They are also not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

If a better, fitter, and healthier you is what you want, then wait no more. Grab yourself a Fusion CST and start reaching your fitness goal today!

And don’t worry – you’re not alone on this journey either. Meet our NordicTrack iFit® Personal Trainers here. They’ll guide you every step of the way!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional. The above information should not be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, sleep methods, daily activity, or fitness routine. NordicTrack assumes no responsibility for any personal injury or damage sustained by any recommendations, opinions, or advice given in this article.



Nordictrack Fusion CTS Training / workout for 250+

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