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Do you want to Buy Wolf Kitchen Cabinets that look simply ravishing? If yes, then you don’t need to go from one store to another in search of getting these wolf cabinets pricing lists, Home Magic LLC is here to provide them. Many of us want to have everything antique at our home. If you are one of those people who cannot get enough of white color, then get the white cabinets from here. Wolf cabinets pricing is perfect for those houses that do not have much space and do not get much daylight.

Why wolf cabinets online?

Do you want to buy comfortable acyclic bathtubs? If yes, then feel free to visit our wolf cabinets price list store. You are renovating your home and you just want to get rid of your old bathroom and kitchen, and then consult our professional. We also manufacture countertops that will leave make your kitchen look stunning. We thrive upon giving a broad and exclusive range of countertops styles, such as customized, contemporary or fashionable which are available in diversified colors and textures. Our specialty is granite. Our granite countertops are chemical resistant, equipped with thermal stability, and exhibit many more features. Here, you will also get quartz countertopsthat are also available in various shades. These countertops come with a limited lifetime warranty. Get the best wolf cabinets pricing in the lesser range.

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Wolf Cabinets offer a vast selection of kitchen cabinets featuring a harmony of form and function. This kitchen cabinet manufacturer guarantees total satisfaction with cabinets quality, style, and value.

If you need a great kitchen cabinet design and practical storage to make your dream kitchen a reality, we offer you Wolf Kitchen Cabinets at an affordable price. They look amazing and perform just as good.

With a five-year guarantee, high-quality Wolf Kitchen Cabinets offer features and benefits typically found in custom made, luxurious cabinetry that is much more expensive.

Wolf kitchen cabinets are constructed and designed to provide unmatched value and give you an ample of possibilities when creating your dream kitchen. Solid hardwood and hand-crafted parts, a state-of-the-art finishing, and long-lasting quality give you a great choice for your needs in the kitchen.

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, stop by our kitchen cabinet showroom at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470 to see all the Wolf Cabinets styles we offer. As one of the Wolf Cabinet dealers in New Jersey, Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center offers a great selection and low prices.[expand title=”Read More”]

Contact us today for a free estimate on your kitchen or stop by our New Jersey kitchen cabinet store to see Wolf Classic Cabinets Specs and Wolf Designer Cabinets, Wolf cabinets pricing, and Wolf Classic Cabinets catalog. Come and see how beautiful and affordable they are.

Wolf Classic Cabinets catalog includes 3 kitchen cabinet series: Expression Series, Insight Series, and Impact Series. Wolf Dartmouth Cabinets, Wolf York Cabinets, and Wolf Hudson Cabinets come as three styles of the Expression Series. Wolf Saginaw Cabinets belong to theirs Insight Series while Wolf Somerset Cabinets are part of Wolf’s Impact Series.

Backed by industry-leading warranties, all Wolf Kitchen Cabinets combine many generations long woodworking expertise with the latest technologies and trends. Providing great value for the money, Wolf Cabinets pricing suits large and small kitchen renovation projects without breaking the bank.

Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center is a proud Wolf Cabinets dealer conveniently located at 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. Feel free to visit us anytime to see Wolf cabinets at our NJ cabinet showroom. Discover a wealth of wonderful features and carefully curated styles and finishes made by Wolf Cabinets.[/expand]

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Wolf Kitchen Cabinets
Wolf Cabinets



Expression, Insight, and Impact Wolf Classic Cabinets Product Series

Wolf Classic Collection brings us three series of kitchen cabinets. Expression Series, Insight Series, and Impact Wolf Classic Cabinets series feature class, high-quality construction, and beautiful and long-lasting finishes. However, they also have some differences which is exactly why you will prefer one type of cabinets over another.

When choosing the right type of Wolf kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodel, the list of their differences and features will help you to bring a well-thought and informed decision.

This chart created by Wolf Home Products clearly shows the differences between the three Wolf Classic cabinetry series.

Wolf Cabinets Series Comparison Chart

Expression Series

Homeowners, interior designers, contractors, and builders love Wolf Classic Expression Series because it adds premium features to cabinetry such as soft-close doors.

Expression Series brings three styles — Dartmouth, York, and Hudson. Dartmouth kitchen cabinets are available in six different, long-lasting and beautifully looking paints and stains: White, Honey, Crimson, Gray, Brownstone, and Dark Sable.

York comes in White Paint and Gray Stain.

Hudson style comes in Antique White Paint and Heritage Brown Stain with Chocolate Glaze.

Wolf Expression Series brings these three styles to make your projects easy and stress-free.

Wolf Dartmouth Cabinets

Dartmouth Wolf Cabinets

Expression Series of Wolf Classic Collection features Dartmouth as one of the most popular kitchen cabinet styles. These are the most popular Wolf gray cabinets but the door style comes in five more stains and colors.

Great looking and highly adaptable, Dartmouth Wolf style gives any kitchen a clean, modern look. Beautiful finishes and minimalist kitchen cabinets door style give you plenty of space to incorporate accessories and hardware you love.

Wolf Dartmouth Kitchen Cabinet Door in Gray Stain
Dartmouth Gray Wolf Classic Cabinets Kitchen Design

Wolf Dartmouth Kitchen Cabinets in Gray Stain

Gray color works perfectly in kitchens, setting a relaxing ambiance between warmth and neutrality, bringing the best of both worlds. Wolf Dartmouth Grey cabinets bring an exciting tone of gray that will work in any kitchen. Feel free to mix and match — these gray cabinets will welcome various hardware and accessory choices.

Dartmouth Wolf Cabinets in White Paint
Dartmouth Wolf Classic Cabinets Expression Series in White Paint

Dartmouth Wolf Kitchen Cabinets in White Paint

Wolf Dartmouth White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice for many homeowners and interior designers who love the bright and cheerful atmosphere in a kitchen. They provide a timeless look that you cannot get tired of ever.

Wolf Expression Series Dartmouth style cabinets can add plenty of light and provide a clean palette for decor details you love. They will certainly add functionality and irresistible ease to your everyday activities in your kitchen.

Wolf Dartmouth Cabinet Door Style in Honey Stain
Dartmouth Honey Stain Kitchen Cabinets by Wolf

Wolf Dartmouth Kitchen in Honey Stain

Honey stain is a golden shade that adds a hint of depth and a wealth of warmth to the kitchen space. Wolf Dartmouth Honey stain kitchen cabinets from Expression series present the perfect choice for anyone who wants to introduce a clean, simple, but also warm and welcoming design into their favorite room.

Honey finish inspired by family life creates a familiar ambiance, while the durable construction of the cabinets enables you to enjoy this lovely kitchen for many years to come.

Wolf Cabinets York Style

Wolf Classic Cabinets bring a clean and classic look with the York style cabinet doors. White paint presents a durable, high-quality, and beautiful finish, the perfect match for any design. Wolf York White cabinets are clean and simple, but they still have enough detail to elevate the style of any kitchen.

Wolf Cabinets York in White Paint
Wolf Cabinets York Door Style in White

Wolf Gray Cabinets York Style

These gray cabinets from Wolf York Series are made of sturdy and durable maple wood. Both wall cabinets fronts and base cabinets fronts of Wolf York Gray kitchen cabinets are made from 3∕ 4″ solid wood. Rails are pocket drilled and assembled with 11∕ 4″screws for rugged durability. American made, they look as great as they perform.

Wolf Gray Cabinets York Style
Wolf York Cabinets Door Style in Gray Stain

Insight Series: Saginaw Collection Wolf Classic Cabinets

Wolf Classic Series brings a special line of cabinetry under Saginaw brand name. These cabinets feature classic styling, with modern, contemporary elements. Wolf kitchen cabinets from Saginaw Collection bring traditional appearance with the raised panel. However, the raised panel here has a slightly bolder, cleaner line.

Wolf cabinets from Saginaw Collection are available in rich paints and stains. Choose from Honey Stain, Chestnut Stain, Crimson Stain, and Dark Sable Stain.

Wolf Classic Cabinets Saginaw Collection Chestnut Stain

If you love traditional style and natural look, Chestnut stained Saginaw Style cabinets from Wolf are a great choice.

The chestnut stain is deep, rich, and organic. Combined with the raised panel cabinet doors design, chestnut stain brings a feeling of familiarity and warmth, but also a refined styling.

Wolf Kitchen Cabinets Saginaw Collection Chestnut Stained Kitchen
Wolf Cabinets Saginaw Collection Chestnut Stain Door Style

Saginaw Honey Stain Wolf Kitchen Cabinets

The warmth and familiarity Honey stained Wolf Classic Cabinets feature will bring a welcoming feel both to your kitchen and home. Raised panel introduces a classic, timeless traditional look.

All wood Wolf Saginaw kitchen cabinets in honey stain are inspired by and made for real family life and exquisite taste.

Saginaw Honey Stain Wolf Kitchen Cabinets
Saginaw Honey Wolf Kitchen Cabinets Door Style

Saginaw Dark Sable Wolf Classic Cabinets

Dark Sable stain is the deepest and darkest stain finish of all other finishes from Wolf’s Saginaw traditional style collection.

Dark but subtle color, traditional, classic lines, and durable construction make Wolf Saginaw Dark Sable cabinets long lasting and beautiful. If you’re looking for high-quality kitchen cabinets that will give you good value for your money, these are most probably the ones you’re looking for.

Wolf Saginaw Dark Sable Cabinets
Wolf Saginaw Dark Sable Door Style

How to Maintain and Care for Your Wolf Kitchen Cabinets

Regardless of what type of Wolf cabinets you choose, you will need to maintain them to keep them looking like new. The good news is — it is so easy to do that.

  • Simply wipe up spills, splatters and water spots as soon as they happen to keep your cabinets dry.
  • Use soft, lint-free cloths and a mixture of mild soap or detergent and warm water.
  • Never use detergents, oven cleaners, bleach, ammonia or other harsh or abrasive chemicals. They can be harmful to the finish of the cabinets.
  • Steel wool, scouring pads, and powdered cleaners will also damage your cabinets.
  • Have in mind that sponges and dishcloths may have remnants of grease or detergent on them, so it’s better to avoid using them.
  • When you finish cleaning the cabinets, dry them immediately using a soft cloth.
  • Don’t place small kitchen appliances where heat is directed onto cabinet surfaces.
  • Have in mind that excessive moisture can cause permanent damage to the cabinets.

Where are Wolf Kitchen Cabinets Manufactured

Wolf Kitchen Cabinets are manufactured in the USA. All their cabinet series are made from real American Maple without brackets, cams, or clips.

All Wolf Classic pieces feature drawer boxes dovetailed for strength while finishes are machine-applied to provide a smooth, impeccable, perfectly even look.

Wolf Cabinetry enables you to shop for your new kitchen with confidence. This cabinetry is backed by certifications from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA) and the KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP).

Wolf also provides a 5-year warranty to make sure you love and enjoy your new kitchen while having the support you need.

Where to Buy Wolf Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen and live anywhere in the state of New Jersey or in the neighboring states, stop by at ourkitchen cabinet showroom conveniently located at 107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470. Our designers expect you any day between Monday and Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm, and on Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm. We are also open to working with interior designers, contractors, and builders. Offering only kitchen cabinets that we know you will enjoy and that will live up to your expectations.

Get Wolf stunning pieces at a reasonable price in NJ with a guarantee that will protect you and your investment and make your kitchen remodel successful and long-lasting. Choose Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center, one of the Wolf cabinet dealers that will provide you with dedicated attention, free estimate, free 3D design, and confidence that that comes with our experience and knowledge.

As experienced cabinet suppliers, we guarantee the lowest prices on kitchen cabinets. If you find a Wolf cabinet dealer that offers you a lower price, we will beat that offer by 10 percent. Just come to our cabinet store and bring us a written estimate.

Contact us today or visit us to explore all Wolf Kitchen Cabinets options we offer, their specifications, pricing, and get a sincere advice from our experienced designers.

Sours: https://aquagranite.com/wolf-cabinets/
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Wolf Classic

Made in America, all plywood quick ship cabinetry. Wolf Classic Cabinets feature the most popular door styles and finishes at great prices without sacrificing on cabinet construction or integrity.

Wolf Classic is a quick ship line of cabinetry that is proudly made in America and factory assembled. Offering many of today’s most popular door style/finish combinations at extremely attractive price points, Wolf Classic Cabinets will make any design as beautiful as it is affordable. Wolf Classic Cabinets are made with quality plywood construction, all dovetail drawers and ship within 1-2.5 weeks! The selection of SKU’s, accessories and moldings gives a nice variety of options to fit each project’s needs. Modern finishes and the upscale look of paints and glazes at no additional charge are also included.

Whether remodeling or building, Wolf Classic Cabinetry is an excellent choice. The all plywood construction provides a cabinet built to last. Partnering with Direct Supply on Wolf cabinets provides your library or showroom with samples and literature at no cost to you. We also offer design assistance and jobsite delivery making it easy to focus on the design and selling process.

What Our DNA Is


  • 01All plywood construction
  • 02Dovetail drawers
  • 03Soft close doors & drawers on full overlay door styles
  • 04On trend door styles and finishes
  • 05Paint & stains are the same price
  • 06Exceptional value
  • 07Quick ship – 1-2.5 week turnaround
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Wolf Cabinets Review

Anyone use cabinets by Wolf?

I considered Kraftmaid when renovating our kitchen and again when replacing vanities in baths. For the kitchen I chose a midwestern company, Crystal, and was over charged by my contractor. We did not open the boxes when they arrived (potential for damage), and regretted that decision. One or two doors should have been replaced. And I chose the brand because I wanted a wood lazy susan, and the one I received is plastic. Twelve years later, it still works fine, however. the top layer of the finish is gone underneath the hardware, but only I notice. For the vanities, I ordered one 60" vanity for $1600 (40 percent discount), but the order was not made correctly and the cabinet was 3" too long! The dealer would not re-order, and that vanity is now a bar in my basement. I ordered a second, much shorter vanity costing twice as much, again with a contractor discount, but only 25 percent. It's nice enough, made locally, and semi-custom sold as "custom" -- and I was required to mention to my builder several times, and a few times to my architect as well, that the drawers and doors needed to be adjusted, and there were places that needed to be retouched -- we thought it was construction dust, but these were actually places where the machine application of the stain had missed. I was told that all stain was hand applied -- apparently there is a hand that holds a sprayer and that means that the stain is "hand applied". Now I am replacing the cabinets in my laundry room -- from the poor man's Ikea -- Habitat. The base cabinet needs to be special ordered and I will probably spend twice as much on that as I did on all of the uppers -- they are poplar Bertch, a quality line sold by Ferguson and others -- and were lightly used. All will be painted to match my special order base cabinet to be completed with a new Elkay sink and Kohler faucet. New hardware. I will take a look at Ikea, but I disagree that MDF is suitable for a wet location. Any flood in the area will ruin the base of your cabinets, even the best brands. And it just takes the ruin of one cabinet to require a very expensive re-install of your countertops and nearby cabinets. So a couple of extra bucks for plywood- - that does respond well to sitting in water -- is worth it, in my opinion.

QUESTION: I will top the base cabinet with granite or solid surface, but what about the washer/dryer? Dear spouse wants to leave them open, but I like the look of the W/D being under a shelf - -the contractor wants to put a support between the washer and dryer, but I am not sure that is necessary - thoughts? experience?

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/2492304/anyone-use-cabinets-by-wolf

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About Wolf Classic

Wolf Home Products is an innovator in the building products industry. Wolf cultivated more than 175 years of business experience into a total satisfaction guarantee. With a vast inventory of kitchen and bath, outdoor living and building products, they deliver your orders in a fraction of the time and ensure you get unparalleled value — when and where you need it. Wolf stands behind their service because, above all, Wolf stands behind you.

Wolf Classic

With a combination of style and affordability, Wolf Classic has become one of America's most popular cabinetry lines. Cabinets are available in some of today's most popular door style and finish combinations, including the upscale look of paints and glazes at no additional charge. A broad selection of items, accessories and mouldings means Wolf Classic cabinets will make any design as beautiful as it is affordable.

Wolf Classic is a trusted choice for cabinetry. It is backed by a five-year warranty, which is best in cabinetry lines at this price, so you can buy with confidence.

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