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Commercial semi-truck drivers in the United States know a paid room is not always a viable option on the job, and a mattress for a semi-truck bed can save time and money. But what size mattress fits in your semi-truck bed? I did some research to figure out what size of mattress does fit in a semi-truck bed and wrote down my findings below. 

What size mattress fits in a semi-truck? Most semi-truck bed mattresses run at around 80 inches in length, and 40 inches in width but this question is not simple and depends on the semi-truck model and the sleeper size of each semi-truck model.  

There are many different models of semi-trucks, and each has its own mattress specifications. Some people even make custom sleeper cabs, which we will discuss later, so they can really have a homey feel in their semi-truck. 

How Do I Know I’m Buying the Right Mattress? 

With many different outlets to purchase mattresses, it can be easy to overlook the exact specifications needed for a specific semi-truck. The thickness of the mattress usually should not matter if the length and width are correct, however, there are mattresses made specifically for semi-truck sleeper cabs. It is recommended to do your research and check the specifications of the vehicle you drive on your own. 

Measure the width and length of your sleeper berth to confirm optimum mattress fit.”

If you are in a position where your vehicle is not your own and cannot measure the dimensions of your semi-truck bed’s sleeper do not worry, there are many wonderful charts on the web to assist you in making the correct purchase. See the chart below for some examples of specific semi-truck models and the mattress size that fits for each. 

The page referenced above has a more complete list featuring more semi-truck models on their website. This page includes links to purchase mattresses in its chart. 

“A good mattress is a sound investment whether you own the truck or not because your sleep is an invaluable commodity, it’s actually priceless, in my book.” 

Source: Trucker Tips Blog

In , the commercial trucking industry posted some HUGE numbers. The value of semi-truck transported trade with Mexico rose % to $ billion, and % to $ billion with Canada, showing how critical the industry is for efficient trade. Given that 91% of companies operate with 6 or fewer semi-trucks, (Source) the importance of the above quote is undeniable.

Some Popular Semi-Truck Brands and Their Sleeping Features

This section shares some of the most popular semi-truck brands in the US market. Then it explains each of them relating to their overall reputation and features relating to mattress space. 

A trucking option known for its spectacular engine efficiency (Source) and variety of versatile models, Freightliner semi-trucks are the most popular brand in class making up around a third of newly purchased semi-trucks each year. (Source) The Freightliner Condo Couch Series has a common bottom birth size (CBBS) of 42 x 80 inches, which is nearly as big as any standard model. 

Overall freightliners are great sleepers, as all other models have a CBBS of 38 x 80 inches, (Source) which is still quite large.  

Kenworth trucks have the same CBBS measurements as the Freightliner brands with the T and T models having 38 x 80 measurements and all other models having 42 x inch measurements. (Source) Kenworth trucks is an internationally recognized brand known for fuel economy, minimal upkeep requirements, and reliability. 

Kenworth trucks also employ a web-based diagnostics tool that helps drivers determine the source of a technical problem while driving. 

Under the same ownership as Kenworth trucks, this umbrella makes up a sizable portion of active semi-trucks in the United States. Peterbilt trucks are known for the many of the same engine features as Kenworth’s are. In terms of CBBS measurements in the sleeper however, Peterbilt has a larger variety. 

Having a couple models with standard 42 x inch measurements, the Peterbilt Unibilt Ultra Sleeper has the largest CBBS for a mattress of all standard commercial semi-trucks, with measurements of 51 x 75 inches. Peterbilt trucks are also known of their SmartAir feature, which keeps fuel costs lower by cooling sleeper cabs, and the overall roomy and comfortable nature of their sleeper cabs. In short, Peterbilt trucks have a fantastic sleeping experience and allow for the biggest mattress that can fit in a standard semi-truck, making them pretty awesome for a tired trucker. 

A company better known for its car manufacturing, Volvo has come on strong in the US market in recent years, specializing in semi-trucks for on-highway use. Volvo trucks are also known to offer the best driver amenities and most luxurious overall cab space. 

The Volvo semi-truck model with the largest CBBS measurement is the Volvo model, with specifications of 42 x 80 inches. Volvo also has some models, like the Volvo that has a 36 x inch mattress CBBS, that offer amongst the smallest mattress spaces for standard commercialized semi-trucks.

Known for their heavy-duty, versatile trucks and their NASCAR sponsor, Mack trucks are not as significant of a presence in the US market as the brands listed above. They are known for being maybe the best high mileage, heavy workload truck. The most common model, the Mack Pinnacle, has a 38 x 80 inch CBBS measurement giving it potential for a good sized mattress to make up for the smaller sleeper cabs of Mack trucks. 

Custom Semi-Truck Beds

It is certainly an extra cost, but some drivers say that it is worth spending the extra money to expand a semi-trucks sleeper cab. Just ask Dan and Joy Kelly about their customized ARI Legacy II Sleeper, who sold their home to finance their new “money-making motor home.” 

 “You pick out your flooring, walls, fabric, cushions, wood for cupboards, everything – just like designing your home.” -Joy

Dan and Joy Kelly really went the extra mile with their sleeper cab by adding many extra features including a sink, a dual burner stove top, large refrigerator and freezer units, a booth style dining table, a foldup bed a shower, a toilet, a inch flat screen television. 

With the ability to add space to a sleeper cabin, the question of mattress size would change entirely. A better question for these custom trucks might be, “what size bed wouldn’t fit in a semi-truck sleeper of that size?” 

Sheet Sets for Semi-Truck Mattresses

When you purchase a mattress for your semi-truck, of course you need a good set of sheets to go with it. Here are our recommendations for sheet sets for all the different sizes of mattress.

Other Questions

What if I don’t want a full mattress? 

If you know you need to sleep in a semi-truck sleeper cabin, but don’t want to deal with the cumbersome nature of a mattress, consider a thick memory foam topper. These are great for team driving  If a foam topper is something that interests you, they can be found at many commercial stores, and their dimensions can easily be changed if needed. Here is a link to buy a foam topper. 

Do I need special sheets for truck mattresses? 

Not necessarily if you have preferred sheets that fit your mattress, but you can find sheets that are custom-sized and made specifically for sleeper mattress at truck stops.


It measures 8 feet wide with a generous walk-through and stand-up-and- stretch headroom. It is also available with an aerodynamic roof fairing. The Kenworth T with a inch sleeper is the ultimate driver's truck.

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Then, how wide is a Kenworth t?

Kenworth's 59” long taperleaf front springs with shock absorbers offer a smooth ride with excellent stability. Available on the T in a wide range of ratings: from 12, lb. to 22, lb.

Subsequently, question is, how wide is a Kenworth truck? The "W" in W denotes Worthington, one of the two founders of Kenworth. Produced exclusively as Class 8 truck, the W is offered in multiple configurations.

Kenworth W
LengthWA: "/"bbc, WB: " bbc, WL: " bbc

Thereof, what size bed is in a Kenworth t?

Find the truck mattress you need on this chart.

Truck ModelsCommon Bottom Berth Size (Please Check Yours)" thick
Kenworth T and T38x80TR
Kenworth - most other models42x80TR
Mack Pinnacle38x80TR

What is the average width of a semi truck?

Semi trucks are, for the most part, inches ( feet) wide. Laws in different municipalities, however, may restrict the width to 96 inches (8 feet).

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Whether you drive regional or across the country, fatigue is one of the most difficult issues every trucker faces. A good night’s sleep should leave you feeling ready to face the responsibilities of the road, so your mattress should be supportive. Knowing how to make the best choice possible within a budget might be difficult, but you need to be aware there are many options out there. When it is time to order, here are a few tips to choose just the right truck bed mattress to get the best rest possible.

Choosing a New Truck Bed Mattress

Like any other bed, there are many different types of mattresses available. Polyurethane foam mattress is the first choice of many savvy truckers, because of its comfort and support. Many go for the choice of polyurethane only, but those who want a little extra comfort opt for a Kenworth mattress with memory foam.

While inner-spring mattresses are also available, such mattresses are not really made to fit through the doors of a truck sleeper. So choosing a polyurethane mattress is a smart way to replace the mattress without running into a hassle, because they are shipped rolled up, so they can easily be placed inside the sleeper. It is as simple as unrolling them, waiting for the foam to expand and making up the bed. Replacing a truck mattress should take only a few minutes, but rest from a good night’s sleep on a new mattress will last far longer.

Measuring for a New Kenworth Mattress

Measuring the space correctly for a new truck mattress is easy enough, especially if you’re seeking a mattress for Kenworth trucks such as the W, the T or even a custom sleeper space. Measure the area where the mattress will go, take off fractions of inches to provide for bedding space, and that provides the perfect size needed. With those dimensions, it is easy to order a truck bed mattress that will be the right fit for the space.

Shopping around for mattresses might seem to be just another chore, but we at have a wide selection available for a Kenworth mattress that will make selecting and ordering a replacement easy. We know that spending the night tossing and turning does no good in the battle against fatigue, and we have models for every driver’s needs.



With Memory Foam

  • Plush, contouring feel
  • 2 1/2-inch layer of memory foam on top of 5 1/2-inch base of premium, high-density support foam
  • Starting at $



Truck Foam Mattress

  • Very comfortable
  • Firm, supportive foam
  • High quality polyurethane foam
  • Starting at $



Truck Foam Mattress

  • Great space saver
  • Medium-firm feel
  • Max quality & support in a 5-inch thickness
  • Starting at $
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I have over 40 years of experience in the mattress industry. At age 12, I began sewing box spring covers in my father’s factory. That was the beginning of a career centered on helping people to sleep well. I’m currently the owner of Walt’s Sleep Shop located in Middletown, NJ, the brick-and-mortar retail affiliate of My experience in the bedding and furniture industry encompasses manufacturing, materials planning, merchandising, retail sales, and sales management. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a member of the Mattress Committee of Furniture First, a nationwide buying group with more than members and stores covering 47 US States.

Kenworth T680 52 inch sleeper cab inside tour

Kenworth T inch Mid-Roof Sleeper Available with Optional Upper Bunk and Aerodynamic Roof Fairing

Kenworth has enhanced its inch mid-roof sleeper offering with the addition of an optional upper bunk and aerodynamic roof fairing for the Kenworth T

The optional, inch wide, comfortable foam upper bunk is now available with the Kenworth T inch sleeper for regional haul applications that require a second sleeper berth. The upper bunk is for use while the vehicle is parked and not in motion. The T inch sleeper is standard with a liftable lower bunk that features a inch wide premium pocket coil mattress or an optional, inch wide premium pocket coil mattress.

T 52in Upper Bunk

Optional Upper Bunk for T inch Mid-Roof Sleeper

The Kenworth T inch sleeper's optional roof fairing is designed to help offer optimal aerodynamics for dry van fleets and truck operators involved in regional haul operations. Without the roof fairing, the sleeper configuration is well-suited for tanker and flatbed applications.

T 52in Fairing1

T inch Mid-Roof Sleeper with Optional Roof Fairing

The T inch sleeper is standard with the PACCAR MX engine rated up to hp and 1, lb-ft of torque. The fuel-efficient Kenworth T with the PACCAR MX engine received the Heavy Duty Commercial Truck of the Year award from the American Truck Dealers (ATD).

T 52in Fairing2

T inch Mid-Roof Sleeper with Optional Roof Fairing

The T inch sleeper features a stamped aluminum cab, panoramic windshield, robust doors, 3‐piece aerodynamic hood, and ergonomically designed luxury dash and interior. A passenger swivel seat is available as an option and expands the living space into the cab to provide even more comfort and convenience when parked.

A bunk heater, flat screen TV, premium sound system and factory-installed inverter with optional shore power can be selected for additional comfort. The many driver comfort amenities help give the Kenworth T's inch mid-size sleeper the feel of a larger sleeper.

Contact your Kenworth dealer for more information.

Kenworth Truck Company is the manufacturer of The World's Best® heavy and medium duty trucks. Kenworth's Internet home page is at Kenworth is a PACCAR company.


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Building some custom Kenworth T680's

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