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Ozark banjos are an affordable entry into this charismatic instrument!

Ozark, named after the long mountain range that stretches from the Midwest to the American South, takes their inspiration from this region's traditional music. The ‘mountain music’ genres of the Ozarks - country, folk and bluegrass - are the speciality of Ozark banjos. These high-quality banjos are designed to bring you authentic looks, sounds and the feel of true mountain instruments.

The Ozark banjos range includes classic closed- and open-backed 5-strings. Other speciality variations such as tenor banjos, ukulele banjos and guitar banjos are also available. They all have proper demo drum heads for that instantly recognisable percussive sound!

Installing pickups in banjos is a tricky business. Luckily, Ozark have a selection of electro-acoustic banjos, bringing the warm natural tone of these instruments to the stage.


What Makes Ozark Banjos Different?

  • Authentic looks and sounds
  • Wide range of banjo models
  • Electro-acoustic models available
Sours: https://www.guitarguitar.co.uk/ozark/folk/banjos/

Ozark Banjo Company Reviews

Submitted by fumblefingers4me (see all reviews from this person) on 11/20/2016

Where Purchased: From the Builders

Year Purchased: 2016
Price Paid: 1700 ($US)


This custom made open back banjo's mellow tone comes from my custom selection of a walnut neck and 12" pot. The walnut produces a soft rich tone with a wonderful sustain. While it is not the typical sound you might expect for old time, it holds up well as a solo instrument as well as a participant in old time jams. Playing over the neck at the scoop produces a remarkable sweet spot.

Sound Rating: 10


The personal attention Lukas Pool and Eden Forman apply to each of their creations insures the best possible setup for your preferences. We discussed what I was looking for and that's what I got.

Setup Rating: 10


I chose the walnut wood for the neck and pot with an ebony fretboard, ebony center strip, ebony pot cap, aged brass hardware, planetary tuners, and a custom headstock design of a seagull made of mother of pearl. I also chose a matt finish for a dull smooth surface, easy on the eyes and easy to play anywhere on the neck.

Appearance Rating: 10


Lukas uses only quality hardware and he selects his woods for each project individually. This is a very playable, durable custom made instrument worth every penny I paid.

Reliability Rating: 10

Customer Service

Each banjo Lukas and Eden build is a custom design. Each one has its own distinct look, feel, and sound. You can order what you like from a wide selection of choices for wood, scale length, hardware, headstock and design, finish, tone ring, and embellishments. Customer service before, during, and after a sale is excellent.

Customer Service: 10


Necks and pots are individually created from carefully selected woods and mated to each other flawlessly. The Gotoh tuners are smooth, responsive and stable. My aged brass hardware brought out the appearance of the instrument I was looking for.

Components Rating: 10

Overall Comments

I was wondering, before I bought this instrument from the Ozark Banjo Company, if I was ready to make the major investment required. I was not disappointed from the start to the finish of its construction. Since owning it for about a year I have come to appreciate what a fine instrument can provide to my playing progress. You need to hear the numerous sound bytes on YouTube and to visit the company's website to truly appreciate what this growing banjo company can do for you. I know there are many quality custom banjo makers out there but be sure to check out Lukas and Eden's work before you decide on which one you want to create your instrument. My overall rating of 10 is an honest appraisal of getting what I asked and paid for.

Overall Rating: 10

Sours: https://www.banjohangout.org/reviews/search.asp?m=ma&v=10872
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Different by Design

Ozark guitars, banjos and fretted instruments are designed for playability, distinctive looks and good tone. We offer great-sounding, reliable instruments, crafted for you to play.

At Ozark we are committed to continuous improvement of our instruments. You can be assured that we have taken time to bring you a quality instrument, with excellent sound at a great value price. We make original guitars, banjos, mandolins, bouzoukis and fretted instruments that players choose for their great sound.

Ozark is the choice of established musicians as well as beginners and professionals, who all choose Ozark guitars, mandolins, banjos and bouzoukis for their excellent quality and superb value.

The history of the Ozark brand goes back over 30 years. The first Ozark instruments were banjos and mandolins which were made in Japan. Today Ozark has a reputation for outstanding instruments whose materials and specification are of the highest standard, together with styles and finishes to suit all tastes. We use good quality hardware and fittings on all Ozark instruments.

The latest Ozark guitar models are produced in a small factory workshop using traditional acoustic guitar construction methods, resulting in light, beautifully balanced guitars with good volume and wonderful tonal characteristics.

Our guitar range includes acoustic and electro-acoustic models, extends up to our popular resonator guitars. Ozark also brings you an extensive collection of the finest value banjos, mandolins and other fretted instruments available today.

Sours: https://www.stentor-music.com/
Lost Gander - Two Finger \u0026 Clawhammer

For Sale: SOLD!! Ozark Banjo Co Banjo for sale! SOLD!! (sold)

Edit: SOLD. I am not sure how to remove this ad now. newbie here, lol!

OBO. So great a banjo, but I really need money. made with love and care and perfection in 2016. Beautiful round strong deepish clear tone, easy to play and tune. I really want it to go to someone who will love it. Lucas and Eden have made a video of it, trying to find that on their site now. I don 't have a great case to send with it. Can negotiate if you want to pay/organize shipping. I was going to use a stewart macdonald system and ground Fedex

Edit: that's a piece of dust, not a flaw, on the neck in the second picture. No flaws or damage.

Here's the deets from the order form:
Neck & Pot Wood: Walnut + $100
Fretboard Wood: Ebony
Fretboard: Fretted
Scoop: Straight + $75
Head Stock: Modified Vega
Black Lacquered Pot + $ 50:
Pot size: 11"
Bracket Shoe: Ball Shoe + $25
Hardware Plating: Raw Brass
Fretboard Laminates: No Thanks
Tone Ring: Rolled Brass
Back Peghead Overlay:
Inlay: Star on peghead with fretboard dots
Banjo Head: Natural Calf or Goat +$100

here's a link to the video before they sent it. so much nostalgia! facebook.com/TheOzarkBanjoCo/v...77000032/

Sours: https://www.banjobuyer.com/banjo/85771

Banjo ozark

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