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If sleeping on your Airstream mattress brings back childhood memories of the lumpy sleeper sofa at your grandma’s house, maybe you should consider upgrading the factory grade RV mattress in your Airstream. Finding a replacement mattress for your is not as daunting a task as it once might have been. A little knowledge and some accurate measurements can help you find the perfect Airstream mattress replacement and have you well on your way to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Airstream Mattress Types and Sizes

Airstream RVs come in excess of 780 different floorplan configurations. The majority of mattresses in Airstream RVs have one or more radius corners and a number have cut corners. Fortunately, most of these mattresses fall in about eight general camper mattress dimensions. The most common mattress in RVs is the Queen Short (60” x 75”), other common RV mattress sizes include:
• RV King (72” x 80” or 72” x 75”)
• Cal King (72” x 84”)
• Eastern King (76” x 80”)
• Regular Queen (60” x 80”)
• Full (53” x 75”)
• Twin (38” x 75” or 38” by 80”)
• Bunks come in a variety of dimensions ranging from 28” x 75” to 42” x 80”

Things to Consider When Replacing Your Airstream RV Mattress

One consideration when looking into a replacement mattress is the height of the mattress. You can increase the height for a plusher, more comfortable mattress, just make sure you have adequate clearance (i.e., a bunk might not allow enough head room if you get a taller mattress).

Weight is another consideration. You may need to replace or reinforce your existing platform with the increased weight of your replacement mattress, dependin on the type you choose. For beds with the lift-up platforms, the gas springs may also have to be replaced with ones that can support more weight.

A third consideration is the comfort level you desire. Do you want your mattress to be extra firm, extra plush or somewhere in between? Also consider the type of mattress: foam, memory foam, innerspring, pillow top, or air mattress (read our article “RV Mattress Types: What You Need to Know” for more information in this direction, especially because depending on your mattress shape and size, the choice might have already been made for you).

Finding the Right Airstream Mattress Dimensions

• Measure the platform the RV mattress sits on, not the mattress itself, round down to the nearest lower inch.
• Measure the widest point and the longest length
• Measuring the height of your existing mattress can give you and idea of what thickness you can opt for
• Measure the number and location of radius corners and cut corners – if you have any questions in this sense just call us at our toll free number: (888) 889-2812.

If you find your mattress difficult to measure, contact Airstream for details about the dimensions for your specific mattress. At, we can provide any foam mattress size for your Airstream. Foam RV mattresses with cut corners can easily be ordered directly through our online shop. For radius corners, however, use our custom foam mattress form or simply call us!

Sofa Replacement Mattress for Your Airstream?

Do you need a replacement mattress for the sofa bed in your Airstream? In that case you should be looking at other characteristics than in the case of a trailer mattress, as the two types of mattresses are different in many ways, especially where thickness is concerned. Read our sleeper sofa mattress guide to better understand what you should be looking out for when purchasing a sofa bed mattress for your Airstream.

  • You’ll never feel the bar!
  • 4-inches thick
  • Maximum foam
    (density: 2.5 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • Perfect choice for the heavyweight sleeper
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $345
  • Sleep soundly
  • 4-inches thick
  • High-quality foam
    (density: 1.8 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • You won’t feel the bar
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $295
  • Maximum comfort
  • 5-inches thick
  • High-quality foam (density 1.8 lbs. per cu. ft.)
  • Feel the ahh!
  • Available in common and custom sizes
  • Starting at $325

An Airstream replacement mattress is a pretty substantial investment, so spend some time researching before you order your custom camper mattress. Determine your comfort preferences, type of mattress you like and budget when ordering your new mattress. We at are happy to help you work out all the details.

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Louis Leibowitz

I have over 40 years of experience in the mattress industry. At age 12, I began sewing box spring covers in my father’s factory. That was the beginning of a career centered on helping people to sleep well. I’m currently the owner of Walt’s Sleep Shop located in Middletown, NJ, the brick-and-mortar retail affiliate of My experience in the bedding and furniture industry encompasses manufacturing, materials planning, merchandising, retail sales, and sales management. For the last 15 years, I’ve been a member of the Mattress Committee of Furniture First, a nationwide buying group with more than 200 members and 400 stores covering 47 US States.


A Better Night's Sleep

A worthy mattress is crucial to a good night's sleep. If a mattress doesn't meet your personal preferences then your comfort is compromised. Restless, interrupted sleep leaves you feeling tired and sore in the morning. Or worse yet: Not in the mood to hike, bike, bird watch or whatever inspired your Airstream adventure in the first place. Make sure your mattress is the right one for you and protect your investment. Your mattress will last as long as your adventures.

Airstream founder Wally Byam famously promised that Airstreamers would always enjoy the comforts of home, no matter where their adventures took them. In that spirit, Airstream Supply Company is proud to offer mattresses from Mobile Sleep™. A leader in the industry, Mobile Sleep's custom options ensure you'll be rested and recharged for the next day's adventure.


Use our custom mattress selector to determine the best mattress for your Airstream. Simply input the model and model year of your Airstream to determine the most likely mattress size installed at the factory. 

Please measure your current mattress to verify the size.

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What Length and Sleeping Options are Available in a 2021 Airstream Globetrotter®?

2021 Airstream Globetrotter® Length Options and Sleeping Options
With prime camping season well underway, the 2021 Airstream Globetrotter® offers a phenomenal experience for families and groups. If you’re interested in understanding more about the Airstream Globetrotter®, you’re in luck! With several options located at our Scottsdale, AR area, we’ve looked into the overall length and sleeping options available for the model. Check it out below!

The interior of a 2021 Airstream Globetrotter.
Length Options Inside a 2021 Airstream Globetrotter
Up to four length options are available in the 2021 Airstream Globetrotter: 23’, 25’, 27’, and 30’. Each of the four sizes provides two layout options with separate sections for living and sleeping. Modern kitchen features are provided on each model, as well as a Fusion Touch Screen stereo for ready entertainment. Both the 25’, 27’, and 30’ models offer an L-shaped seating area running along with the rear or front space with a dinette. Each kitchen and bathroom space is lined with DuPont Corian® Countertops, which provide additional design depth for its built-in cabinetry and multifunctional storage bins.

Sleeping Options For the 2021 Airstream Globetrotter®
For sleeping arrangements, the 2021 Airstream Globetrotter can sleep up to 6 people. Six-person sleeping arrangements can be found in all options at the 25-foot, 27-foot, and 30-foot sizes. Each 25-foot and 27-foot layout provides a bed space at the front of the trailer. These are either in a Queen size (FB) or two Twin Size (FB Twin) beds. Meanwhile, the 30-foot layouts offer the same option at the rear of the trailer (30RB and 30RB Twin). Despite fewer options, the model can also be designed to sleep four. Both layouts come in the 23-foot trims and are offered with a Queen size or two Twin size beds at the front of the trailer.

Find a 2021 Airstream Globetrotter® at Airstream of Scottsdale
With camping season in full swing, you can find select Airstream models in the Scottsdale, AR area by coming into Airstream of Scottsdale. We have various 2021 Airstream Globetrotter models available at our location that can fit any family or group. Check out our inventory today and give us a call to schedule a walkthrough!

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