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  • • Waterproof Camera: CCD Color with Audio, 28 Infrared Illuminators Allow up to 32 feet of Visibility in the Dark, Image Mirroring Function, Made to Withstand Off-Road Conditions
  • • 7"Color TFT LCD Monitor: Embedded Control Box for Direct Power Input for Cameras, AV2 Video Input f or DVD/ VCR, AV1 and AV3 Video Input to Hook up to 3 Cameras
  • • Front of Monitor: Color LCD Screen, Power Indicator, Remote Receiving Window, POWER Button, MENU Button, VOLUME Buttons, Channel Selection, AV1/AV2/AV SHIFT Button, VIDEO2 Input, Earphone Jacks
  • • Back of Monitor: Loudspeaker, AV1 Input Terminal, AV3 Input Terminal, Support Attaching Slot, Power Supply Terminal, Automatic Back-Light Switch, Manual Mirroring Switch for all Cameras
  • • AV Conversion Cable (A), Ball Swivel Mounting bracket with Adjustable Mounting Pad (B), Stationary Mounting Bracket (C), Power Supply Cable (D), Remote Control (E), Earphones (F), Backshield (G), Cigarette-Lighter Power Adapter (H),
  • Sunshield (I), AC Power Adapter (J), 65" Weatherproof Extension Cable (K) and 20" Weatherproof Extension Cable (L)

Item Description (Last Updated: Sep 10, 2018)

Hours (Engine)
3,094 Hrs Showing (engine)

1990 Gleaner R40 Combine, 3,094 Hrs Showing (engine), Deutz Air Cooled 6 Cylinder 155 HP Diesel Engine, Hydro Transmission, Air/Heat/AM Radio, Head Reverser, Electric In/Out Reel Adjustment Switch, Single Chaff Spreader, Specs 135.5" Unloading Auger Height, Operators Manual, Parts Manual, Rear 11.25 - 24 Tires, 23.1 - 26 Front Tires, SN: R40K002819H9190

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Sourthern WIFound an '89 Gleaner R40 with around 2000 separator hours. I've been around the conventionals so I have a good idea what to look for on the clean grain side of things. What I'm wondering about is the rotor. Where are the wear areas and what should I look for? I've read that it's possible it's time for the cage to be rebuilt. What should I look for to determine if the cage is worn? How hard is it for a guy to rebuild the cage himself (I have CAD software and access to a laser cutter so heck, I could likely fab a whole new cage if it comes down to it). TIA!

There is a parts problem with early R40-R50s. Seem the hydraulic pump is no longer
available from any source. The engine mounted pumps seem to be limited production
unit, that can't be traced for replacement or parts. We run a R50 with a pump problem,
but are looking at other options. One would be to up grade the pumps via wrecker to
the newer pumps that mount on front of motor.

I'd guess the helical bars inside the cage are worn out if they have not been replaced already.

Zabcikville, TXLook for something red.

Northern CAI have an early (89) R50 with around 2100 sep hours. Our cage is still fine. It would depend on the conditions it came from for wear. I had a hydraulic valve problem and was initially told unavailable, but two hours later the parts guy called back and said there were some computer issues with Agco's parts numbers subbing to new numbers and everything we needed was available.

Centralia, MOParts cost and availability? Dealer support? A green or red combine?

Leeds, North DakotaGerald shoot me brand of pump and all numbers, have a couple connections, yes parts are find, Scott

Northeast Indiana (Auburn)What size or model of combine do you have now? A R40 is between a M and L size wise. The 40 and 50 series are the same except for motor hp. I looked at a couple R40 machines near me and don't like the tire size on them plus they seem to be priced the same as a R50. I have a local JD dealer with a R40 that has 2000 sep hours priced at $23,500 with no heads. I have a Agco dealer price a 1989 1/2 R50 with 1600 hours at 27,500 with a 320 grain head. I have a neighbor with a 1988 R40 with 2400 hours, 320 grain head and 6-30 hugger head priced at $20,000. If you have a F series the R40 would be bigger and quite a upgrade. Around 3000 hours the rotor-cage area will be ready for repairs.

Sourthern WIWe've got a K so pretty much any other machine in the world will be an upgrade. The only reason I'm looking at it is it's less than 1/3 the price of any you listed. It "looks" good, but I need to go see what the mechanicals look like. I'm afraid that since it hasn't sold at the price it's at, it's got some issues.

Northeast Indiana (Auburn)Look for oil leaks on the motor. The seals on the crank ends, the rotor gearbox and in the air passageways on top of the motor are a few places to look. You don't want any oil leaks where the air blows on the motor or it can overheat. Also make sure you get the wrench that closes the stone trap door.
Corn Harvest 2017- Gleaner R40 and John Deere 4755

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R40 gleaner

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Corn Harvest 2017- Gleaner R40 and John Deere 4755

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