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  • rat in yardArchived

    2510 Harrison Street Evanston, IL - Evanston

    We saw a rat crawling around outside the northeast side of our house on Friday evening. Rats are known to have infested back yards on the north side of our block, but we are on the south side -- and to our knowledge, this is the first rat spotted on the south side. Most likely it came from the problem area along the alley north of Harrison St.

  • Parkway Tree TrimmingArchived

    1005-1015 Madison St Evanston, IL 60202, USA - Evanston

    Parkway trees on both sides of the street need trimming. Branches hanging into street.

  • Traffic congestion at Main/Asbury East/West TrafficArchived

    Main St /Asbury Ave Evanston, IL 60202, USA - Evanston

    When cars traveling east/west on Main attempt to make a left turn, traffic behind them have no room to go around but to only wait until the car has completed its left turn which usually happens when the traffic light changes leaving the traffic to wait again for the next green light. Looking either for a left turn arrow or reconfiguring the intersection with a left turn bay.

  • Busy Alley Near Town NEEDS PavingArchived

    1432 Elmwood Ave. Evanston, IL - Evanston

    The alley that runs north and south between Elmwood Ave. and Maple Ave. (E & W) and Lake St. and Greenwood St. (N & S) is used by the fire department AND the police department, yet when they paved the part of it adjoining the police parking lot, they left the remaining eighty per cent of it as an unpaved dirt road that gets huge potholes each year and is one of the only alleys so close to town that remains unpaved. I was told that the city would assess the property owners $6000 apiece to pave this as IF this were the owners' private domain. It is NOT. Many many people use this alley, including renters in an apartment complex, AND the police and fire departments. This should be paid for with city and/or police and fire dept. funds. (Disclaimer: my property is not on this alley.)

  • Inflexiblel tablesArchived

    1723 Livingston Street Evanston, IL 60201, USA - Evanston

    I've been chosen to contact the City about the following issue:
    At our neighborhood (McCulloch) park three picnic tables are chained to a CoE Ordinance sign and/or otherwise impossible to relocate to a more desired location away from the street, the signage or into or out of the shade. In addition one table support is broken.
    We would like to be able to relocate these tables to suit our various neighborhood events.
    Fortunately, we don't believe neighborhood picnic table theft is a significant CoE problem.

  • rat problemArchived

    2509 Harrison Evanston, IL - Evanston

    Our neighborhood has been dealing with a rat problem for month!
    The garbage containers along the north side alley are not always secure that is the lid is not tight so rats and squirrels can get in, especially a couple of days before garbage pick up!
    I killed a dying baby rat in my yard two days ago and am fed up with the problem.

  • Overflowing garbage dumpstersArchived

    159-169 Ashland Avenue Evanston, IL 60202, USA - Evanston

    There are several apartments that always have overflowing garbage dumpsters days before their pickup- is there a way the city can have the owners get more dumpsters?

  • RatsArchived

    2509 Harrison Street Evanston, IL 60201, USA - Evanston

    Rats in alley between Central/Harrison/Bennett/McDaniel. Mid block east to McDaniel. Scurrying across from north side to plant cover on south side of alley.

  • Bike rackArchived

    600-616 Church St Evanston, IL 60201, USA - Evanston

    There used to be a large bike rack in front of Whole Foods, which the City of Evanston decided to replace with three small racks, each of which can only accommodate two bikes. The result of this shortsighted beautification can be seen right around the corner where all the overflow bikes are now chained to the ornamental fences if the flower beds.

    What was the city thinking? Are they trying to discourage bicycle riding in Evanston?

  • Wrong way on prairie Archived

    2407 Prairie Ave Evanston, IL 60201, USA - Evanston

    Once again, cars making u turns and 3- point turns in front of haven school on prairie. Car almost head-on'ed me today while going WRONG WAY!!!! Traffic guards don't care. There was no traffic congestion, so there was no reason other than laziness, that would necessitate someone needing to upturn and go in wrong direction. THIS MUST STOP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stop Here for Peds Sign Mounted too LowArchived

    1150 Chicago Ave Evanston, IL - Evanston

    The bottom of the southbound R1-5b sign should be mounted 7 feet above the sidewalk to be MUTCD and ADA compliant. Many other similar signs around the city are also too low, making them hard to see behind parked vehicles.

  • inoperative vehicleArchived

    1041 Florence Evanston, IL - Evanston

    IMPC - 302.8 motor vehicles, states' No inoperative....motor vehicle...shall be parked, kept, or stored... and no vehicle shall be shall be in a major state of disrepair...' The white van behind this property has 4 flat tires, is rusting and has not moved for years. Previous complaint result in current license being placed but the inspector never assures that this vehicle operates and is movable, which it isn't. It's an eyesore and should be removed finally.

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Press Release: City of Evanston Announces 2021 Alley Maintenance Schedule

E New logo wwwNews Release

Tuesday, March 16, 2021  |   View in browser

Alley Grading

EVANSTON, IL - The City of Evanston’s Public Works Agency has announced its 2021 alley maintenance schedule.

Each year, starting in the spring, Evanston’s more than 300 unpaved alleys are periodically graded by the City. This work is done to eliminate potholes and ruts caused by vehicles, weather and other factors. The process improves travel and reduces puddling.

To find out when an alley zone is next scheduled to be graded, weather permitting, community members are encouraged to view the 2021 Alley Maintenance Schedule at, or call/text 847-448-4311. For convenience, residents may simply dial 3-1-1 in Evanston.

Alley Map


Media Contact: Jessie Mayo
[email protected]
Phone: 847-448-8041

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Dave Stoneback, a former City of Evanston Utilities Department Director and Water Superintendent, has been appointed as the city's first director of the newly-formed Public Works Agency.

According to an email City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz sent to city staff Tuesday, Stoneback will lead the newly created agency responsible for water treatment, infrastructure maintenance, engineering, capital planning, refuse, recycling and forestry services. He will work to complete the reorganization of the City's public works operations into four bureaus by the end of 2015.

The city's Public Works Agency recently formed as a merger of the Public Works and Utilities departments.

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"Dave Stoneback brings a unique mix of engineering, management and infrastructure experience to this new position," said Bobkiewicz. "He is the right person to lead the City's public works operations as we begin a new chapter in our service to the residents of Evanston."

Stoneback has worked for the city since 1985 and has served as the primary architect of the City's Long Range Sewer Improvement Program, the largest public works project ever undertaken by the City and, according to Bobkiewicz, "dramatically improved the lives of the residents, virtually eliminating property damage due to backups in the City's sewer system, which used to happen several times a year."

Find out what's happening in Evanston with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Bobkiewicz said Stoneback has "also been instrumental in dramatically reducing the City's energy costs through long-term contracts and in improving the City's relationships with ComEd and Nicor."

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Evanston City Council Meeting 10-25-2021

Storm Cleanup 101: How to Dispose of Tree Branches and Debris from Private Property

from City of Evanston · 18 Aug

City of Evanston crews work around the clock following severe weather events, including after the recent storm on August 10, to address hazards, clear streets and sidewalks, and remove fallen trees, branches and debris originating from public trees, including those in parks and in the parkway (the area between the street and the sidewalk). Evanston residents are responsible for addressing trees, branches, sticks and debris from private property.

Here are a few reminders as you clean up your property:

- Yard waste, including leaves, twigs, and other small debris items, should be placed in food and yard waste carts or in paper yard waste bags affixed with a City of Evanston sticker. These items will be picked up on residents’ normal refuse collection day in their normal collection area.

- Brush and tree branches should be tied in bundles with cloth ties, affixed with a City of Evanston yard waste sticker, and placed in residents’ normal refuse collection area. Please ensure that bundles do not block driving lanes, alleys, parking areas or sidewalks. Bundles must be no more than four feet in length and three feet in diameter, and bundled tree branches must be less than four inches in diameter. Bundles tied with plastic, wire or rope will not be accepted. Groot, the City’s contracted yard waste hauler, will not collect branches that are not bundled.

- Large branches and trees should be addressed and disposed of by a private landscaping contractor or arborist. Groot will not collect branches larger than four inches in diameter.

City of Evanston yard waste stickers can be purchased at the City Collector’s Office at the Robert Crown Community Center, Home Depot, Valli Produce, Lemoi Hardware, and Evanston Jewel-Osco locations.

For more information, please call/text 847-448-4311, or simply dial 311 in Evanston.

18 Aug· Subscribers of City of Evanston in General



Evanston city public works of

Evanston Water & Sewer Service

The City of Evanston Water & Sewer Service, under the City Department of Public Works, provides water for about 75,994 residents living in the area of Evanston, Illinois. Established in 1872, the City of Evanston Water & Sewer Service currently obtains its supply from a surface water source, Lake Michigan.
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Consumer Confidence Water Quality Reports

Under the authority of the Safe Drinking Water Act, the EPA requires Evanston Water & Sewer Service to assess local water quality each year and distribute a Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report. At WaterZen, we review these reports and make the information available, in a concise, straightforward, and easy-to-understand way.

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Main Customer Service

Physical Address:
2100 Ridge Ave
Evanston, 60201

847-448-4311 (Mon–Fri, 8:00 AM–5:00 PM)
[email protected]

Emergency (24 hours - broken water main or pipeline, etc.)

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Starting Your Service

When you move to a new home in Evanston, you'll most likely already have running water, but you'll still need to set up water service with the City Of Evanston Water. Luckily, Evanston City has made it pretty simple with the following online form. Starting service generally takes just two business days.

Click here to fill out a Start Service Form.

Stopping Your Service

When you move out of a home in Evanston, you'll need to stop your water service with the City Of Evanston Water, so you don't keep getting billed. Simply fill out the following online form. Stopping service normally takes just two business days.

Click here to fill out a Stop Service Form.

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Evanston City Council Meeting 10-25-2021

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