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15 DIY Chicken Toys to Entertain Your Flock

Chickens aren’t terribly different from other domestic animals that humans keep, such as cats or dogs. Just like other pets, chickens are likely to become mischievous and get into trouble when they become bored. This can lead to damaged property and unhealthy chickens in the long term. Luckily, the solution is quite simple – give your chickens some toys to keep them entertained!

You might have noticed that there’s no chicken aisle at your local pet store. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck though! Rather, it just means you’ll have to get a bit creative, roll up your sleeves, and build something yourself. Thankfully, chicken toys are pretty easy to build, and we’ve gathered 15 great DIY options for you to toy around with.

15 DIY Chicken Toys

1. Chicken Swing

Check Instructions Here

Children absolutely love swings. A swing set is a perfect device for occupying children over long stretches of time. But it’s not just children who are open to the allures of a swing. Chickens love swings just as much as children if you give them the chance to try one! Luckily, building a chicken-sized swing isn’t that hard, and here you can even find directions to follow so you can easily build a swing for your chickens.

2. Stuffed Treat Ball

Check Instructions Here

This is about as basic as DIYgets. You just have to get an open ball that you can stuff with treats for your chickens. Go for healthy options like greens and fruits so you know that your chickens are benefitting from the nutrition as well as the fun. You can try doing this with either a kids toy or a dog toy; you should be able to find compatible balls made for both.

3. Chicken Seed Roll Treats

Check Instructions Here

These might remind you of crafts you made back in art class in elementary school, and in truth, they’re not all that different. Chicken seed roll treatsare extremely easy to make, and they don’t take long at all. Best of all, you probably already have everything you need. You don’t need to buy much for this; you can recycle most of the required materials, like the old cardboard tubes from your empty toilet paper rolls.

4. Xylofowl

Check Instructions Here

Ok, to be fair, there’s not a whole lot of DIYhere. You’re going to attach this to the wall, but aside from putting in the screws that hold it up, you’re not building much. Still, it’s a great way to repurpose an old kid’s toy and watch your chickens get endless hours of enjoyment from it. You can probably find a similar kid’s xylophone at any yard sale for just a buck or two.

5. Chicken Playground

Check Instructions Here

Entertaining chickensisn’t really all that different from entertaining children. When you want to occupy your kids, you take them to the playground. Well, the same thing works for chickens. Give them a playground and they’ll get near-infinite enjoyment out of it. There are many ways you can build a playground for chickens. Try using this as a starting point, but don’t be afraid to use your imagination and build something truly unique.

6. Chicken Boredom Buster

Check Instructions Here

This Cheep-n-Easy DIYboredom buster for chickens is easy to make and inexpensive as anything that might occupy your chickens. All you need is an old water bottle and a way to put some holes in it. Then, you can fill it up with chicken feed and watch your chickens all go nuts over it!

7. Easy DIY Chicken Dust Bath

Check Instructions Here

Chickens love dust baths, and you can build one with very little effort if you just find the right items to repurpose. All it takes is finding something large enough for a chicken to stand in that can hold the dust. Then, get the right material to fill it with. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and if you click on the picture, you can find all the information you need.

8. Jungle Gym for Chickens

Check Instructions Here

Here’s a modification of the playground idea. You can build a jungle gym for your chickens, which is perfect for flocks of more than just a few birds. If your jungle gym is large enough, all of your chickens will fit on it at the same time without being cramped for space. Best of all, you can make this from repurposed materials so you don’t have to spend anything!

9. Flock Block

Check Instructions Here

Flock blocksare like hanging treats for chickens. As they try to peck off a bit of seed, the block keeps moving, making it quite a bit of work for your birds to get any seed. It will keep your whole flock entertained for hours, and you’ll probably get a pretty good laugh out of it as well.

Cucumber Tetherball

Check Instructions Here

Who doesn’t love tetherball? Well, chickens probably wouldn’t be too interested in a tetherball, but when you replace a traditional ball with a cucumber, they get very interested very quickly. This is about as simple as a DIY projectgets. Just put a string through a cucumber and hang it up; your chickens won’t even know what minimal effort you invested in their new toy!

Chicken Teeter Totter

Check Instructions Here

If you haven’t noticed the trend yet, it’s that chickenslike all the same toys and fun things that kids enjoy. Here’s a teeter-totter for chickens, also known as a see-saw, which is a very common amusement at parks. Kids love them, and so will your chickens.

Chicknic Table

Check Instructions Here

Cute names aside, this is a great feeder toy for your chickens. They can perch on it and play around, but it also serves to keep their food up off the ground. Part toy, part utility, this is one that you’ll be happy you made. However, it does take a bit more skill than most of the other projects on this list, and you’ll need a few tools as well.

Repurposed Bicycle Wheels

Check Instructions Here

Have you ever seen a chicken playon a bike wheel? Turns out, if you mount one horizontally, it can become a great spinning perch for a chicken. This is a perfect project to repurpose that old bicycle that’s sitting outside rusting right now.

Chicken Kebab

Check Instructions Here

Here’s one that’s part toy and part treat. Chicken veggie kebabsare full of nutrient-rich foods that will help keep your chickens healthy and happy. But since it’s on a string, your birds are going to have to work for their food, which is going to keep them occupied for quite a while.

Chicken Roosting Bridge

Check Instructions Here

Regular chicken roosts are boring. Step up your chickens’ roost gamewith a roosting bridge. If it’s long enough, many chickens can roost at once, and since it’s so unstable, it’ll make them work hard to hold on, offering exercise that your chickens can definitely benefit from.


Chicken toys don’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the simplest toys seem to provide the most entertainment. After all, they’re not the smartest creatures in existence; occupying birds isn’t that complex. In just a short time, you could construct any of the simple DIY projects on this list and entertain your birds with little more than your imagination and ingenuity. Remember, these are just ideas. Feel free to make them yours by adjusting and tweaking them as you see fit.

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Dean Eby

An avid outdoorsman, Dean spends much of his time adventuring through the diverse terrain of the southwest United States with his closest companion, his dog, Gohan.  He gains experience on a full-time journey of exploration. For Dean, few passions lie closer to his heart than learning.  An apt researcher and reader, he loves to investigate interesting topics such as history, economics, relationships, pets, politics, and more.



Dean Eby

An avid outdoorsman, Dean spends much of his time adventuring through the diverse terrain of the southwest United States with his closest companion, his dog, Gohan.  He gains experience on a full-time journey of exploration. For Dean, few passions lie closer to his heart than learning.  An apt researcher and reader, he loves to investigate interesting topics such as history, economics, relationships, pets, politics, and more.


Michele Cook shares ideas for keeping your chickens occupied during the long, cold winter.

Bored chickens, like bored children, can find some not so great ways to occupy themselves if they have nothing to challenge their little minds. In the winter, there are no bugs to chase, no worms to dig up and no grass to pluck and this can lead your chickens to find other ways to amuse themselves. Like pecking other chickens. Creating some DIY chicken toys is a great way to keep your flock happy and healthy during the winter season.

Chicken Safe Treats

Before we get into making any chicken toys, it’s important to know what is and isn’t safe to put in them. If you have had your flock for more than five minutes, you have probably come to realize chickens eat anything, but just because they do, doesn’t mean they should. Kind of like that box of donuts I ate last night.

With that in mind, here is a short list of things chickens shouldn’t eat.

  • Avocado pits and skins (the flesh is fine)
  • Citrus fruits
  • Rhubarb
  • Onions and garlic
  • Dried beans (or those that aren’t quite cooked)
  • Potato peels

If it isn’t on the list above, chances are it is fine for chickens to have in moderation. Apples, peaches, melons, squash, cabbages, herbs, lettuces, carrots, and sweet potatoes are all fine for your chickens to snack on. There are plenty of other foods that are also chicken safe, but in the interest of space, I kept the list short.

Chicken Wire Balls

Chicken wire balls are one of the simplest and budget-friendly options when it comes to DIY chicken toys. It also makes feeding food scraps much easier. All you need is a piece of scrap chicken wire at least 1 ft x 1 ft and some baling twine or old clothesline.

To create the ball, just wrap the chicken wire around your chicken treats (aka scraps), bend over the ends, tie on the string and hang it in your coop. Try not to trip on the chickens that surround your feet while you are hanging it. When you are hanging your chicken wire ball, you want the center of the ball to be slightly above eye level for your chickens. This will make it easy for your chickens to peck and play with.

Corkscrew Chicken Toys

Another super easy DIY chicken toy is made with an old corkscrew and some twine. This one works best with whole veggies like a whole apple or head of cabbage.  Just twist the corkscrew into the veggie or fruit tie a piece of twine around it and hang it in your coop. Easy for you, fun for your chickens. This one can hang a little lower depending on the type of item you are putting the corkscrew in. You don’t want the chickens to have to jump to get that last little bit of cabbage hanging on the corkscrew.

Suet Blocks

This one isn’t really a toy, but if you put it on something that swings or swivels it can become hours of fun for your hens. Suet blocks are typically a hard block of mixed seeds and fats. You can buy one at your local farm store or you can make your own. Community Chickens writer Shannon Cole has a great recipe for suet cakes and she walks you through the process step by step.

One word of warning on these cakes. Everything loves them. Squirrels, other birds, mice and so on. As my mother would say, they attract everything except men and money.

Make sure you have a predator-proof coop before you put out a suet block.

Ground Ball Chicken Toys

Ever seen a chicken play soccer? Want to? Okay, it’s not quite soccer, but the way chickens will kick around a ball filled with treats comes pretty close. For this one, you will need a web ball dog toy like this one. Stuff it to the gills with greens and herbs and throw it in your coop. What happens next closely resembles a group of four-year-olds playing soccer.

The one problem with this method is it can get messy on rainy or snowy days. On those days you might want to hang up the ball or keep it inside your coop if it is big enough.

Bored chickens can adopt some bad habits. They might start pecking at each other, pulling tail feathers, or scratch themselves a hole to China. Providing some DIY chicken toys is a cheap and effective solution to keep your hens happy and occupied. Watching them play with their toys can be pretty fun for you too.


Michele Cook is a farmer, author, and communications specialist for the National Federation of Press Women. She raises chickens, goats, and vegetables on her small farm in the beautiful Allegheny mountains of Virginia. If she is not outside caring for her farm you can find her curled up in a chair with her nose stuck in a good book.

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20 Chicken Toys You Can Buy or DIY

Chicken toys you can buy or DIY chicken toys! When raising chickens, it is a good idea to keep them entertained. When chickens start getting bored, they become mischievous and start doing things that can easily irritate you.

Chicken Toys You Can Buy or DIY

Pet chickens or livestock? If you do not want chickens to damage their eggs or continuously pluck features, provide them with a dust bath area and assorted toys to play with all day long.

You can buy toys for chickens and make some using supplies that you already have on hand.

  1. Lanermoon Loofah Hanging Bells

Entertain your chickens with the Lanermoon Loofah Hanging Bells. The hook design fits with ease on chicken cages. The bright colors excite the chickens, and the noise that the bells make keeps them interested in the toy. You will notice your chickens using their claws and beaks to play around with this fun and affordable toy.

  1. Vehomy Chicken Xylophone

Let your chickens make music by purchasing the Vehomy Chicken Xylophone. The bright colors and musical sounds that come from the xylophone will keep your chickens engaged for quite some time. You can hang the xylophone in an area where the chickens will easily notice it.

  1. Vehomy Wood Chicken Ladder

Let your chickens swing around, climb, and walk back and forth on the Vehomy Wood Chicken Ladder. It is the perfect addition to the backyard. The durable material of the ladder can hold multiple chickens at the same time.

  1. Chicken Swing

Just like children, chickens enjoy swinging back and forth. Backyard Barnyard offers the perfect chicken swing for you to install in the backyard. It is a great addition to the chicken coop because it keeps chickens entertained and gives them a comfortable place to stand around.

How To Make a DIY Chicken Swing for Your Chicken Coop

  1. Plastic Bottle Full of Treats

If you have an old plastic soda bottle, rinse it with water and fill it with chicken treats. Poke a few holes on both sides of the bottle. Make sure the hole is wide enough for a chicken’s beak to fit.

  1. Hanging Treat Basket

Use a metal hanging basket that you might already have to keep your chickens entertained and excited. Fill the hanging basket with apple slices and other chicken-friendly treats. The basket can sway back and forth while the chickens attempt to get what they can from it.

  1. Mirror Sign

If you have an old mirror, use it as a sign for the backyard. You can hang the mirror against the fence or somewhere else near the chicken coop. The chickens will enjoy looking at themselves. It can entertain them for hours each day.

  1. Vegetable Hanging Feeder Toy

Vehomy makes a vegetable hanging feeder toy that puts your chickens to work. They will need to jump around in an attempt to grab the vegetables that hang from the toy. You can put assorted vegetables on the feeder toy, including tomatoes and cabbage leaves.

  1. Peck N Play Chicken Ball Toy

Add chicken ball toys to the coop for your chickens. These treat balls get stuffed with treats and will roll around while the chickens chase after them. Make sure you have plenty of chicken ball toys to go around for all the animals to play with and eat treats from.

  1. Chicken Treat Roller

Stuff the chicken treat rollers with some treats and put them in the coop with the chickens. They will have fun rolling these devices around while they try to gain access to the tasty treats inside.

  1. Soeenaper Natural Colorful Chicken Shredder

Chicken shredders are naturally a lot of fun for these animals. The Soeenaper Natural Colorful Chicken Shredder is no different. It is the perfect chewing toy that keeps chickens entertained with its natural materials.

  1. Kathson Loofah Shredder Chicken Toy

The Kathson Loofah Shredder Chicken Toy is available in bright colors, including pink, blue, green, and yellow. It draws the attention of the chickens in your backyard. It is composed of natural materials and takes seconds to install. You will see your chickens all over this shredder toy after you install it.

  1. Toilet Paper Tube Treat Container

Fill an old toilet paper tube with various treats that your chickens will like.  Place the tubes on branches and in different spots around the yard to get your chickens to move around. They will walk around to the other areas to see which treats they can get.

  1.  Corn on the Cob Bars

Place corn on the cob on a metal bar and place the metal bar out in the backyard. Make sure you put several corn cobs in a row to offer plenty of corn for all your chickens. The chickens will get excited about trying to grasp the corn with their beaks.

  1. Rolling Plastic Ball Treat Holder

Purchase a rolling plastic ball toy and fill it with treats that your chickens will love. You can typically find these toys in the dog section. Put apple slices, dried corn, and even pieces of cabbage into the plastic ball before setting it near the coop where the chickens can play with it.

  1. Corn-Filled Plastic Bottles

Grab unused plastic soda bottles and fill them with dried corn. Poke holes into the bottles using a knife. The chickens will reach through the gaps with their beaks to access the corn and eat it.

  1. Hanging Discs

When you have old discs lying around, put them to good use. Put yarn through the center of the discs and then hang them throughout different areas of the backyard. The chickens are naturally drawn to the colors of the discs, especially when sunlight hits them. They might even look at a reflection of themselves as they get closer to the discs.

  1. Hanging Cabbage Head or Head of Lettuce

Use a traditional shepherd hook in the backyard. Place it into the ground and hang a cabbage or lettuce head from it. The chickens will start putting in the effort to reach the cabbage or lettuce head, eating bits and pieces of it each time they can get it. The hanging cabbage or lettuce head is so simple to put together, but it works great at keeping chickens occupied.

  1. Tree Branch Gazebo

If you are not afraid to get creative and you have a lot of tree branches, use them to make a small gazebo for the chickens. You will notice that your chickens enjoy standing around and walking on the gazebo. It gives them something to do, but it will also look great in your yard near the chicken coop. You can follow an online tutorial to see how to make a small gazebo using tree branches.

  1. Cranberry Wreath

Create a cranberry wreath that you can hang up on a metal fence near the chicken coop. You can make the wreath by wrapping pieces of cabbage around a twine wreath. Place fresh cranberries between parts of the cabbage on the wreath.

The chickens love cranberries and will look forward to picking at the coronet.

Chicken Toys You Can Buy or DIY

Chickens, like most animals, need mental stimulation. If you offer your chickens these different toys, you can keep them entertained and occupied. If the chickens are staying busy, you will not need to worry about them misbehaving and doing things you do not want them to do.

More on Backyard Chickens

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CHICKEN TOYS - How to Entertain Chickens 2

10 Toys for Your Backyard Chickens

Toys for Chickens

Chickens love to get busy. They enjoy running around, scratching, and pecking at things all the time.

Now when they can&#;t find anything that resembles those activities, they get bored. And when they do, it could lead to unhealthy behavior and cause serious health problems for your chooks.

Buy on Amazon

Your chickens are going to peck each other, pull at each other&#;s feathers (including theirs) that could get them injured.

Aside from you have to treat those injuries, situations like these are extremely stressful for chickens. When your chooks are stressed out, they won&#;t lay eggs and continue to be healthy, happy chickens.

Buy on Amazon

This problem occurs more commonly in backyard settings since they are confined in (small) coops with not much to do. So if you are raising backyard chickens, it&#;s important to always make sure your pets have something they can &#;play&#; with.

Toys for Chickens

Any activity that allows for natural chicken behavior can be considered playing, so anything that encourages that can be called a toy! If you have chooks, then it&#;s best that you have several toys to keep them occupied.

Have a look at these ten toys for chickens that you can easily make to keep them entertained and healthy all the time&#; 🙂

Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer?

Interactive Treat Dispensers

This is a very easy project that you can do using empty plastic containers. As much as possible choose a sturdy one, like soda bottles or a peanut butter jar. Simply drill holes that are just big enough for the chicken treats to fall through. Make sure to remove any loose plastic pieces that your chooks might accidentally ingest. Fill it with chicken feed, put the lid back on, and give it to your chickens!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Shredded Newspaper

All animals love shredding paper! Dogs, cats, parrots,  even your chickens!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Perching Places

Aside from the chicken roost inside the coop, they should also have a climbing structure outdoors which allows for some physical exercise. You can easily do that by simply putting together some tree branches. You can also build one that is higher and with more climbing &#;steps&#; for a chicken jungle gym!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Old Tree Stump/Branch

If you have trees in your yard, here&#;s a good use for a fallen branch or a dead tree log. Simply leave them in one place for a few days and wait for bugs and other creepy crawlies to seek refuge under it. After that, you can turn it over and let your chickens find and peck away the treats!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Old CDs

Chickens see color better than we do. So if you still have some old broken CDs in your recycle bin, they will surely love this colorful recycled toy! Simply hang it anywhere where they can reach it. You can also use broken ones by sticking the pieces to a softball.

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Compost Piles

Chickens enjoy &#;work&#;, too! If you want to create your own compost they will gladly help. They will eat all the bugs and worms, and shred, turn and mix everything else! Definitely a win-win situation. 😉

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Dust Baths

Dust baths are a way for chickens to stay clean. But aside from that it also serves as a venue for socializing and &#;playing&#;. Read more about it here.

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Pet Bird Toys

Just like with the old CD, anything colorful that stimulates their curiosity will definitely entertain them. Now, these baby toys are really great for chicks, since it&#;s not really advisable to give them &#;food toys&#;.

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens


We&#;ve shared the benefits of having a chicken run before, and this idea is definitely on this list.

You can also make a similar version for the chicks by using containers. Simply cut out the other end of the container, and your chicks will enjoy passing through it like little kids in a playground!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

Rope Swing

Here&#;s another great exercise tool for their feet to help keep them on their roosts. All you need is two cuts of ropes and a wooden rod or tree branch to create a swing. Make sure the swing is level!

  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens
  • Toys for Chickens

You can also make your chickens happy with these Eight Healthy Homemade Treats For Your Chickens&#;


Coop diy chicken toys

There’s more to raising chickens than buying a backyard coop and decorating it with some charming amenities. Chickens require entertainment as well, not just for their happiness, but for their overall health. A lack of stimulation can lead to physical and behavioral issues for these birds, such as bullying, obesity, and feather pulling. This is especially true during the winter months, when the colder weather limits their typical activities. Luckily, there are plenty of toys for chickens available that are specifically designed to keep boredom at bay.

The most ideal chicken toys are ones that engage their senses and activate their instincts. Foraging toys are particularly popular for chickens, as they encourage play with their beaks and claws. Some of these include places to hide treats, and others are simply appealing due to their various textures and bright colors. If you’re looking to really get your chickens moving, you could also opt for a swing, ladder, or even a jungle gym to inspire them into physical activity. Whichever route you choose, you’ll be making a good investment in the well-being of your chickens. On top of their new toys, just remember that they’ll also appreciate interaction from their owners, whether it’s cleaning their coop or just saying hello.

DIY Chicken Swing

Chickens &#; they’re just like us!

Well, maybe not so much. After all, when was the last time you pecked the ground for bugs or rolled around in a dust bath?

But one thing we do have in common with our favorite feathered pets is that we all have a tendency to get bored.

Like all other animals, chickens can develop some seriously bad habits if they are left without entertainment.

Looking to energize and occupy your backyard flock?

Here are some of the best toys you can make or purchase for your chickens today.

Why Do Chicken Need Toys?

A chicken that is not provided with adequate physical and mental stimulation will be more inclined to have health and behavioral problems.

The list is long, but problems that your bored chickens might have include:

  • Cannibalism
  • Bullying
  • Egg eating
  • Feather pulling
  • Obesity

Chickens who are not given access to mental stimulation &#; particularly during the winter months, when foraging activities are limited &#; will feel “cooped up” and stressed.

You might already be giving your chickens toys without even realizing it.

If you frequently interact with your birds to clean the coop, collect eggs, and interact with your birds, you are probably providing them with some mental stimulation.

In addition, providing your birds with table scraps, access to compost bins and dust baths, and free-ranging opportunities are great natural ways to entertain your birds.

However, if you’re looking for other low- or high-tech options to keep your backyard chickens amused, we’re here to tell you about all of the opportunities that are available to you.

10 Cool & Entertaining Chicken Toys (That You Can Buy Right Now!)

If you’re not the crafty type &#; or simply don’t have a ton of time on your hands to make your own chicken toys &#; you can purchase some of these handy creations online or at the local feed store.

Here are some of the best options.

1. Cricket Tubes

You can make your own chicken tubes or you can purchase some from your local feed store.

These consist of plastic tubes that are lined with holes. After you fill the tubes with crickets, they will slowly make their way out, oneat a time.

The chickens will enjoy waiting for the next tasty treat to emerge &#; and trying to coerce the crickets out while they wait, too!

2. Chick-N-Veggie

Ware Manufacturing Chick-N-Veggie Treat Ball
Ware Manufacturing Chick-N-Veggie Treat Ball
  • An entertaining way to provide leafy greens to the backyard flock
  • Fill if full of fresh vegetables - large enough to fit a whole head of lettuce
  • It rolls and entertains chickens while providing a healthy treat

The Chick-N-Veggie sounds like the name of a fast-food side dish, but it’s actually a super fun way to give your flocks some leafy greens.

All you do is fill the ball full of fresh vegetables like a head of lettuce or cabbage.

The ball rolls on its own and entertains the chickens &#; and once they catch it, they are able to chow down on a healthy treat.

This ball has an easy-to-open and easy-to-close design, making it a great option for the time-crunched backyard chicken keeper.

3. Precision Pet Chicken Treat Ball

Precision Pet Chicken Treat Ball
Precision Pet Chicken Treat Ball
  • Fill with veggies and hang in coop for snack time
  • Included bell provides entertainment for chickens
  • Stimulates chickens' natural foraging instincts by providing a challenging feed

Another inexpensive treat ball is this one made by Precision Pets.

Designed to be hung instead of chased, this ball comes with a bell to let your birds know when it’s time to play.

It encourages the natural instincts of your chickens to forage by giving them an interactive, challenging source of food.

This treat ball comes with a clip so that you can attach it to any coop or cage and it can be filled with any kind of vegetables.

Made out of durable metal, it’s coated with a rust-resistant red finish that is both attractive to your birds as well as resilient.

4. Lixit Chicken Toy

The Lixit Chicken Toy has a unique design that will provide snacks and activity for your chickens.

It has a pull-apart design that is easy to operate. You can stuff it full of mealworms, feed, or other treats and then snap it shut.

Put the Lixit inside your chicken run, and watch as they chase it around on the ground.

This toy is resistant to pecking and inclement weather. Although it’s not designed to be hung, it’s excellent for giving the birds small treats and food.

5. Chicken Swing

If you don’t want to make your own chicken wings, there are plenty of affordable products available for purchase.

This swing is a lot of fun for younger birds in particular -the older ones may avoid it.

You should start off by hanging the swing low to the ground, as they might have trouble getting up and onto it.

Once they get used to it, you may be able to elevate it. It’s a great activity for your birds around the year, but especially during the cold winter months when snow and ice might make it impossible for them to move around and forage.

This chicken swing by Fowl Play Products is exceptionally-well made and very colorful to catch the eyes of your birds.

It has a plastic perch that is easy to clean and it resists warping and rotting.

Because it has an ergonomic shape, it’s easy for your chickens to sit on.

The perch is nearly 17 inches wide, which is plenty large enough for your biggest chickens.

6. Hanging Loofah and Shredded Paper Toys

These products are super fun and easy to install.

When you purchase, you get several types of foraging hanging toys.

One is made out of a loofah-like material while the other one consist of shredded paper.

These toys are designed to be destroyed, but allow your chickens to chew and play with them using their beaks and claws.

They are brightly colored and highly stimulating for your chickens to interact with.

7. Chicken Ladder

Adding a chicken ladder to your run is a great way to improve your chickens’ dexterity and to add energy to the rest of the coop.

This colorful ladder has a fun design and is made out of wood and steel water.

It has buckles to prevent the birds from pulling off the wire and a quick-link fastener that makes it easy to attach outside.

It’s available in two different lengths so that you can customize it to the dimensions of your coop or run.

8. Chicken Playground with Treat Basket

This is a pretty steep investment for someone who is just starting to think about chicken toys, but it’s truly the granddaddy of all toys for your backyard flock!

The Coops & Feathers chicken playset is massive, equipped with two swings and two ladders along with a coated wire treat basket.

It has a solid wooden platform and is easy to put together.

Designed for a large backyard flock, the treat basket in particular simulates natural foraging behavior and will give your chickens hours of entertainment.

9. Swinging Hanging Mirror

If you don’t want to make your own chicken mirror, this inexpensive hanging mirror is a great option.

It’s multisensory, equipped with bells that ring as your chicken is playing. It is made out of solid wood and is both wear- and bite-resistant.

Because this mirror will entice your chicken to attack it, it is also designed to clean your chicken’s mouths in the process.

Looking at their own reflections will give your chickens plenty to do when they’re locked up in the coop!

Treat Spiral

This spiral holder is a great way to offer chickens treats like veggies and bread. Its hanging design keeps it up and off the floor.

Depending on how high you hang it, your chickens can have easy, beak-level access or they can jump up into the air to earn their treats.

It’s made out of super high-quality steel so you don’t need to worry about them damaging it either way.

10 Cool DIY Chicken Toys

You don’t need to break the bank in order to keep your chickens entertained.

Instead, consider some of these fun homemade toys that you can make with items you have hanging around the house.

1. Repurposed Fruits and Veggies

Chickens love food! You can entertain your birds with some old, leftover produce from your refrigerator &#; or even some snacks that are fresh out of the garden. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hang a head of cabbage, cucumber, or some leaves of lettuce from some twine in the coop &#; your chickens can take turns jumping up to grab some pieces.
  • Toss a piece of fruit into the chicken yard to watch your chickens chase after it.
  • Hide small berries and cooked beans in the chicken bedding to make them scratch through it, like a scavenger hunt. Just make sure they see you do it so that they know it’s there.
  • Fill the crevices in a rotting log with soft fruits and vegetables, like sweet potatoes or bananas.
  • Crack open a large pumpkin, watermelon, or squash and let your chickens dig through it.
  • Fill a Kong toy (the type you would use for dogs) with frozen peas or cranberries. Roll it front of the chickens to show them how the peas will fall out when it is rolled.

2. Get Rid of Leftovers

If you have some stale baked goods or other foods to get rid of, you can easily repurpose them into some fun toys for your flock!

Just make sure you choose high-quality foods &#; you want to avoid moldy items as well as bread that is too soft, which can be a choking hazard.

  • Roll a hard roll or a hard-boiled egg across the chicken pen for your birds to chase.
  • Thread a loaf of French bread onto a rope and let your chickens jump up for it. You can also do this with bagels or donuts! Just make sure they aren’t too sugary.
  • Insert cooked rice, oatmeal, grits, cornmeal or peanut butter into the crevices of rotting logs to give your chickens to peck at.
  • Hide cooked pasta in low-bushes for your chickens to find.
  • Give your chickens some meaty bones to peck at.
  • Make a suet cake out of lard, seeds, and peanut butter &#; hang it for your chickens to jump at.

3. Ice Them Out

If the summer heat seems to be getting to your chickens, there’s no better way to entertain them (and keep them cool and hydrated) than to give them access to some fun, icy activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Freeze large treats &#; like mealworms &#; inside a block of ice. Your chickens will enjoy pecking out the treat.
  • Freeze beef tallow and let your chickens peck it apart.
  • Give your students frozen fruits and vegetables to snack on.

4. Repurpose Your Kid’s Toys

Have your children outgrown their once-favorite toys? You can easily give them a second life by repurposing them for your chickens. Here are some ideas.

  • Hang kid-safe mirrors in the coop for your chickens to watch themselves.
  • Coat plastic rings of kiddie keys with peanut butter and hang them from a low spot in the coop.
  • Set up children’s playgrounds or jungle gyms for your chickens to play on &#; wrap food around the bars for added fun.
  • Wind up a walking toy and let it chase your chickens around the pen!
  • Toss a lightweight ball into the pen to give your birds something to chase around.
  • Poke holes in plastic Easter eggs and fill them with seeds. The chickens will enjoy rolling them around.

5. Hang Plants in the Coop

Some plants are just way  more fun than others! To provide your chickens with hours of entertainment, consider hanging sunflowers or millet in the cage.

These make fun pinatas for your chickens and if one bird happens to pull a plant down, the others will enjoy chasing him around the yard for it.

You can even give them old chunks of sod with the root and dirt clods still attached. The chickens will love digging through them to pull out the tasty microorganisms.

6. Use What Nature Gave You

You can scatter insects, like worms and crickets, in the chicken yard for your birds to take. Alternatively, you can stuff a rotten wood log with whatever you have a bile. Chickens also like playing in fallen leaves, particularly if you toss some bugs or treats in them.

7. Give Them Newspapers

Not to read, of course &#; unless you have some seriously smart chickens. You can layer some seeds between pieces of newspaper so the birds have to work them out, though &#; this will give them hours of entertainment at no cost to you.

8. DIY Interactive Treat Dispenser

You can make your own interactive treat dispensers using any empty plastic containers, like soda bottles.

Drill holes that are large enough for the treats to fall through and let the birds go to town.

A word of advice &#; make sure you remove any loose shards of plastic that your birds might accidentally eat.

9. Homemade Jungle Gym and Swing

This DIY option is a great choice for adult chickens and baby chicks alike.

Chickens like being at the top of the world, and giving them a place to perch is a great way to encourage them to act out their natural tendencies.

You can build an elevated run by using a fallen tree or set up a sawhorse for hours of fun.

To take this homemade jungle gym to the next level, you can surround it with hanging bits of food &#; or you can erect a swing.

Homemade chicken swings can be made out of rope and large branches. Old 2x4s will also suffice as the “seat” part of the swing.

This will help your chickens build their leg muscles and will also give them a place up and out of the litter.

Hang CD Wind Chimes

Chickens love shiny things, and they can see color even better than we can.

If you have some old CDs or DVDs lying around, you should hang them up in the chicken run.

If the disks are broken, you can stick the pieces to a softball or make your own mosaic, too.

This toy is a good one to have, since it doubles up as hawk protection &#; the hawks fly away in fear when they see the light movement.

Tips for Purchasing or Making Toys for Chickens

The most important thing to realize when selecting toys for your chickens is that while they are curious and interested in the rest of the world, they aren’t going to be as easy to train as animals like dogs.

Chickens don’t really care if they please you, so if your main goal in providing your chickens toys is to encourage them to entertain you, you are probably going to be disappointed!

Like other animals, though, chickens are primarily driven by food.

Toys that incorporate food and involve eating it will be the most useful toys to have in your chicken’s “toybox.”

Even chicken scratch can be considered a toy &#; it provides your chickens with hours of entertainment, after all.

Remember, chickens are naturally curious &#; some of the best toys will be those that catch their eye.

Think food, again, and also things that are shiny and eye-catching.

You should avoid giving your chickens access to toys at all times. You should only add toys to your chickens’ routines about once or twice a week &#; too much activity can stress your birds and high-impact activities, like jumping, can affect a hen’s laying abilities.

You also need to make sure you give your chickens equal access to the toys.

Remember, your flock has a natural pecking order, and too much competition &#; particularly if there is food involved &#; can cause your chickens to cross over from the fun competition into overly aggressive behavior.

Do I Need Toys For My Chickens?

If you don’t really care about the health and happiness of your chickens, then no &#; you probably don’t need to supply them with any toys.

However, our guess is that if you&#;re reading this article, you probably do care. It might seem like giving your chickens toys is frivolous, but the truth is that chickens can help prevent a dangerous &#; and potentially even deadly &#; behaviors.

So if you’re still on the fence about spending money on toys for your chickens, consider experimenting with some of the DIY options we mentioned above. You can always upgrade to a fancier, more expensive storebought toy later on.

And remember &#; while these toys are for your chickens, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy watching the birds play, too. Have fun playing with your flock!

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