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It&#x;s homecoming at Hillcrest. It is a harmless Patriot homecoming tradition to toilet paper yards. We called it rolling yards in my day.  Even though it is a harmless prank, kids sure don&#x;t want to get caught.

Russel Estes shared a funny video from his doorbell camera of several Hillcrest kids carrying out the homecoming TP tradition.  When Russel makes a sound with the doorbell cam, the Hillcrest kids scatter. You know their young hearts were racing.
Estes had a great sense of humor about his video, saying I toilet papered a few yards in my day. Harmless fun .


Apparently, the kids caught on video left in such a hurry they left several rolls of Toilet Paper behind. Estes said, and it was the good stuff .

The Hillcrest Patriots play Paul Bryant in a homecoming matchup Friday night at 7 pm.

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Sours: https://thebear.com/see-funny-doorbell-cam-video-of-hillcrest-students-tping-yard/

I love watching the footage from my Ring Doorbell smart security system and remembering all the fun, small moments of my day.

A.M.: A newspaper lands on my porch.

A.M.: A squirrel runs close to my front door.

A.M.: An Amazon employee arrives with seventy-eight rolls of Charmin toilet paper.

A.M.: I flag down the employee and tell him that there must be some mistake because I didn’t buy any toilet paper on Amazon—I usually just pick up a few rolls at the grocery store. Then I help him load the boxes back into his van and he leaves.

A.M.: Neighborhood kids ring my doorbell and sprint away.

A.M.: Neighborhood kids ring my doorbell and sprint away.

A.M.: A DHL employee arrives with a notarized letter stating that my house is in escrow, but, thinking that it’s the neighborhood kids again, I open the door and throw a bucket of water on him. He leaves, upset.

P.M.: Neighborhood kids deposit a flaming bag of poop on my doorstep. Joke’s on them, though, as I’m taking a nap and the fire goes out on its own.

3 P.M.: A portal opens up on my lawn. A future-me steps out, screaming, “Do not trust the youth! Do not trust the youth!” I tell future-me to pipe down. He steps back into the portal, dejected.

4 P.M.: Another portal opens up, and a different future-me steps out and comes onto my porch. When I answer the door, he informs me that he’s a good Samaritan who thought it would be cool to send me a bunch of toilet paper from the future because “You never know when you’ll need it.” His breath stinks of vanilla and Dulcolax, so I ask him to beat it.

P.M.: One of the neighborhood kids’ parents swings by to ask if her child has been terrorizing me. I say that he has. She apologizes and storms off.

P.M.: Another future-me comes to my door and says that if I don’t heed his warning, he’ll go further back in time and, by whatever means necessary, stop me from doing “the unforgivable.” He has a gross amount of caramel in his teeth, so I tell him to scram.

P.M.: The neighborhood kids swing by to say sorry for the pranks earlier. I explain that, in order for it to actually be a prank, someone has to fall for it, and since I hadn’t fallen for it, they’d only attempted practical jokes, not pulled them off. They take this lesson to heart and give me an apology cupcake. I accept it.

P.M.: A squirrel runs close to my front door.

P.M.: Several future-mes step out of a portal on my lawn. They all shout, “Don’t eat it!” but I don’t hear them as I’m taking the first noisy bite of my cupcake, and it’s scrumptious—vanilla with small chunks of chocolate and caramel icing. Yum!

P.M.: I land on my front lawn after being launched out of my bathroom window, powered by an explosive reaction to the cupcake.

P.M.: Everyone in the neighborhood comes outside and stares at my motionless body.

P.M.: I sit up. Everyone laughs.

P.M.: I begin praying to my God.

P.M.: My God visits me on the lawn. He grants my prayers. I step inside the portal that he’s just opened.

P.M.: I step out of the portal, glance at my watch, and say to myself, “Whoops! Went forward instead of backward.”

P.M.: I step out of the portal and rejoice, as I’ve finally got the hang of this thing.

P.M. (yesterday): I step out of the portal and pull out my phone. I open the Amazon Prime app and order the largest amount of toilet paper allowed. Before stepping back into the portal, I call my real-estate agent and yell, “Sell the house, today! No, no, it’s gotta be today. I don’t care. Any price!” Then I hang up and step back into the portal.

P.M.: I step out of the portal and see myself and all the other selves I’ve recently encountered. We hug and then everything goes black. Now I find myself floating in nothing. But I can feel it, so it’s more of a nothingness than actual nothing. It’s not pushing back, but I still struggle to move. I realize that I’ve broken the first rule of time travelling as outlined in every movie or book on the subject. I’ve made contact with myself. Occupied the same space at the same time. And I smile. I smile because everything is gone. No more embarrassment. No more destroyed bathroom. And, most beautifully, no more neighborhood kids. And even though I can’t actually see the kids, I know that I have actually pulled off the greatest prank of all. And I smile. I smile forever.

Sours: https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/ring-doorbell-recap
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On August 24, , a resident from the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood in Montgomery, TX, contacted local authorities after a strange woman rang her doorbell in the middle of the night. A partially undressed woman - who appeared to be wearing some sort of hand restraint - rang the bell and left. 

Some people believed she was related to local missing persons, but law enforcement do not believe she matches the missing person fliers sent in. Deputies canvassed the area with descriptions of the mysterious woman and asked neighbors if they heard anything. 

On August 29, authorities identified the year-old woman only as "Lauren." Police confirmed she was alive after a house call to a home in Sunrise Pines around 11 AM local time. A man in the home threatened suicide, and when authorities arrived, they discovered the year-old man, later identified as Dennis Collins, died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Collin's girlfriend was the mysterious woman. Authorities say she is the victim of domestic violence.

On September 18, Lauren opened up on Inside Edition, detailing how she ended up at the doorbell. She fell asleep next to her boyfriend of four months and woke up to "what seemed like a nightmare."

“I woke up, and he was kneeling on my chest and stuffing some sort of cloths in my mouth,” she said. “I truly felt like I was going to die that night.”

Sours: https://www.ranker.com/list/creepiest-videos-caught-by-ring-doorbells/christopher-shultz
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While the faded yellow bus number thirty-two drove up to the stop, Anya suddenly said: - Liza, Liza. Listen, can we come to see me. Liza thought at first, and only wanted to say that she was too tired for today, Anya smiled conspiratorially and added: - I'll show you something interesting.

Lisa looked at her friend with a knowing look; she immediately guessed on what topic this interesting was. Anya confirmed her guess by leaning over to her ear and whispering: - You want to go to the toilet now, right.

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Hello. A familiar voice made Oleg wake up. He opened his eyes with difficulty. Waking up was hard. Probably he was pumped up with some kind of chemistry.

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