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Best Shocks for Harley Sportster

For city or highway traffic, many motorcyclists like to keep their motorcycle as close to the surface of the road as possible. Modern sports shock absorbers, which are small in height but effectively cope with the suppression of shocks and vibrations, allow doing this. There are many models of rear springs on the market of shock absorbers from third parties. The best Shocks for Harley Sportster always have high quality of assembly, effectively cope with any vibrations, have a stylish appearance, and allow you to fine-tune the compression depending on the weight of the motorcycle. 

Almost all of the shock absorbers discussed here are Sportster piggyback shocks, which have powerful reliable springs using compressed gas to enhance the softening effect. It is worth remembering that the most effective shock absorbers for sports riding are low springs around 11 inches. They significantly press the rider to the road, which increases manoeuvrability and allows you to feel comfortable at high speeds. Such low springs are quite productive in damping small shocks, but if you drive in rough terrain, their efficiency will be lower than that of high shock absorbers. 

That is why it makes sense to put higher springs with powerful springs on Harley-Davidson sports bikes, which can dampen not only small, but also large jerks and blows. When choosing the best shock absorbers for your bike, pay attention to the springs, the overall design of the shock absorber and the alloy they are made of. Vibration is best damped by shock absorbers with two springs or with compressed gas inside the structure. Fortunately, today you can choose excellent springs at the most affordable price. 

List of Top-Rated Shocks for Harley Sportster

Reviews of the Best Shocks for Harley Sportster

Progressive Suspension B

Preload PositionFive Cam style
Nitrogen ChargedYes
Consistent DampingYes
BodyThe Doublewall Steel
Durable DesignYes

The rear suspension shock absorbers under consideration are reliable springs capable of withstanding extreme loads, which is why many consider them the best on the market. They are designed to provide maximum softness and smoothness when driving. The shock absorbers are equipped with a powerful spring with charged nitrogen, which allows them to achieve the softest and longest absorption of shocks. This spring is quite long, which sets these springs apart from other options. 


  • affordable price on the shock absorber market 
  • powerful long spring
  • excellent modern design
  • reliability of reinforced construction


  • color: black
  • 2 springs in a set
  • weight: up to 10 pounds
  • manufacturer: Progressive Suspension 

Progressive Suspension shock absorbers look very stylish and when installed on a motorcycle they seem to inspire confidence and sense of reliability. They can gently absorb the strongest shocks and vibrations. You can easily perform Harley Sportster suspension upgrades and improve not only the shock-absorbing qualities of the bike, but also give it a stylish look. 

Can I use these springs to install in the front?

&#; No, you can not. These shock absorbers are designed for the rear wheel and cannot be mounted in the front position.


CompatibleHarley Davidson Motorcycles
Preload AdjustableTo tune to rider weight
Length &#; ( mm)
Position in the carRear

The proposed set of rear springs from the manufacturer HTTMT is two shock absorbers with four mounts, which lower the motorcycle and give it an unusual sporty and stylish look. For some people, this version of shock absorbers may not be acceptable, but for those who appreciate non-standard riding it will be interesting. These are inch springs that can withstand quite intense loads. They are suitable for installation on a huge range of Harley Davidson motorcycles.  


  • high-quality Assembly
  • stylish design
  • lowers the rear of the motorcycle


  • color: black
  • set with 4 fixing points
  • material: stainless steel
  • length: inches
  • the approximate weight of the set: pounds
  • manufacturer company: HTTMT

Shock absorbers may be short for driving out of town, but they are fully suitable for urban flat roads. For those who are interested in chrome springs, the manufacturer has this option in addition to pure black.  

How do I install shock absorbers myself?

&#; Installation of springs on a motorcycle is as simple as possible and very fast. You&#;ll need wrenches and pliers for that. You need to unscrew the old mounts and remove the factory shock absorbers. Then install the new springs and secure them with screws and a wrench.

Progressive Suspension B

These shock absorbers are equipped with a five-stage softening system. This system allows you to achieve the smoothest possible silencing of jolts, vibrations, and even strong impacts. Nitrogen at high pressure is used in the springs, which also facilitates even softer operation. The all-steel construction inspires confidence. 


  • heavier shock absorbers compared to similar models
  • strong construction that can withstand heavy loads
  • affordable price
  • charged compressed nitrogen is used


  • color: full black
  • for street and sport motorcycles
  • weight: up to 13 pounds
  • manufacturer&#;s brand: Progressive Suspension

These springs are not very large and are more suitable for installation on motorcycles designed for sports riding or driving in highway or city conditions. They are unlikely to be suitable for cross-country driving where there may be large pits. In general, they are excellent shock absorbers, which are designed for sufficiently high speeds.  

Is there only one shock absorber included, or is there a pair?

&#; Usually two shock absorbers with mountings are supplied. 

Are there such or similar springs in a different color or chrome?

&#; The manufacturer also produces almost all of its shock absorbers in a chrome design.

Nallows Factory Spec FS

The Factory Spec FS springs are designed for installation on sports motorcycles. They have a five-stage system of adjustment at installation, which allows you to adjust them according to the weight of the motorcycle. The height of the shock absorbers is inches. The set includes fasteners and a special key, with which you can conveniently install and adjust the springs. 


  • installation set is included
  • easy to set up for a motorcyclist
  • low sport springs


  • color: black
  • for sports and street driving
  • set weight: 8 pounds
  • brand of the manufacturer: Nallows

By installing this set on the bike, you significantly press the back of the motorcycle onto the road. As a result you get a small Sportster rear shock length within inches. This makes the bike look very stylish and sporty. The springs are made of a strong alloy and are designed for heavy loads. In terms of reliability, these are some of the best springs on the market.  

The dimensions of the spare parts indicate that they are inches. Is this a Sportster 14 inch shocks?

&#; Unfortunately not. inches is the total size of the parcel. The presented shock absorbers have a height of inches, which is much smaller and they are designed for use in sports or speeding purposes.


BURLY springs allow you to lower the position of the motorcyclist by inches, which significantly improves manoeuvrability and contributes to a more comfortable ride at high speeds. These shock absorbers are very good quality and have a very soft stroke. The upper part has a BURLY label. 


  • customizable springs to suit the racer&#;s weight
  • withstand heavy loads
  • convenient installation system


  • color: black
  • for street and sports racing
  • set weight: 6 pounds
  • manufacturer&#;s company: BURLY

Installation of the set is quite fast and easy. There is no need to remove the fork to install the springs. Also, the shock absorber device allows you to adjust the springs very precisely to the weight of the motorcycle. 

How long does it usually take to install these shock absorbers?

&#; In different ways depending on experience and skills. It took me about 40 minutes, although many people can do it in 20 minutes. The whole installation procedure is not complicated and can be handled in your garage. As a last resort, you can stop by the car service. 

Progressive Suspension B

Excellent inch rear springs are presented by the company Progressive Suspension. The series shock absorbers are made with the use of dense gas to reduce vibrations and smoothly dampen other vibrations. The low height of the shock absorber presses the biker well into the road, which increases manoeuvrability and makes turns faster and smoother. 


  • reliable and smooth shock suppression system
  • fine-tuning for the racer&#;s weight
  • designed for Harley Davidson Sportster from to
  • adequate price on the market


  • color: full black
  • shock absorber height: 12 inches
  • set weight: 13 pounds
  • for sports models
  • manufacturer&#;s company: Progressive Suspension

Thus, it is one of the best models of Sportster shock absorbers, which is designed specifically for sports riding in good track conditions. As for the installation, it is quite simple and does not take much time. Every motorcyclist can replace the springs in their garage within an hour. 

What is the difference between inch high shock absorbers and inch ones?

&#; Once the set is installed, the main difference is the rider&#;s height of landing, which affects speed performance and the ability to cope with corners faster. Besides, the inch springs make the bike look even lower and sportier. The inch shock absorbers are also excellent for riding in normal urban environments on good roads. 

Pro-Action SSS11B

Ultra-modern and stylish rear shock absorbers are presented by Pro-Action Company. The reliability of this shock mitigation system is at the highest level. The springs are made of aerospace aluminum and steel, which makes the construction easier and more durable. These are inch springs for sports and racing driving. They are suitable for motorcycle models from to  


  • used aerospace aluminum alloy
  • filled with nitrogen gas
  • heavy duty springs
  • light weight
  • fine-tune to the weight of the motorcyclist


  • color: grey, black with red
  • spring weight: 16 pounds
  • manufacturer: Pro-Action

Such springs will be suitable for those motorcyclists and racers who value the particular strength of the shock absorber and the reliability of the entire structure. These are very stylish and ultra-modern sports springs, which are designed for low seating. Perhaps this is one of the best Harley-Davidson shocks. They&#;re about the same level as Ohlins Sportster shocks. Their only drawback is the relatively high cost. 

Is it possible to manually adjust the springs when they are installed and adjusted for the racer?

&#; Yes. You can adjust the shock absorber precisely to match the weight of the motorcyclist riding the bike as effectively as possible during the installation. 

Burly Brand B

Excellent sports springs with sufficient height are offered by Burly. They are designed for driving in urban conditions and for sports racing. The double spring effectively handles any shocks. The springs look very stylish and attract attention on the road. 


  • stylish appearance
  • rugged construction with stainless steel
  • double spring design
  • effectively absorb strong shocks and small vibrations


  • color: black and red
  • sports inch shocks
  • weight of the set is approximately 9 pounds
  • shock absorber manufacturer: Burly

If you want to have a stylish set of rear springs that will effectively cope with all the shocks and vibrations, it is worth thinking about buying these shock absorbers. 

What Sportster models are these shock absorbers designed for?

&#; They are suitable for installation on a wide range of motorcycles from to Check with your retailer when you buy them to make sure they are compatible with your specific model, so you don&#;t have to worry about springs.


Based on the presented rear springs, it can be seen that most of them are very effective at dampening vibrations when driving in sports and driving in urban conditions. Special attention is paid to shock absorbers from the company Pro-Action. If you need springs not only for sports driving, then you should pay attention to higher springs with a good shock suppression system. This can be either shock absorbers from Progressive Suspension or Burly. Both are adapted to the ride in all conditions and allow you to adjust the springs to the motorcyclist as effectively as possible. 

Frequently asked question

Which brand of shocks is the best?

Many consider Progressive Suspension one of the best brands in the market of shock absorbers from third parties. Shock absorbers of this manufacturer have a reliable design and use compressed nitrogen gas to provide high-quality mitigation of any shocks. Also, these springs have different heights and can be conveniently adjusted for the motorcyclist.

How do you change the shocks on a Sportster?

Most shock absorbers are replaced without having to remove the fork. I usually remove the old spring by unscrewing the fastenings. After that, I install a new set and adjust the spring based on the rider&#;s weight. After that, I fix the spring using the fasteners in the delivery set. The procedure usually takes half an hour.

What are the best shocks for a smooth ride?

The best shock absorbers for a smooth ride usually have a small height of to 12 inches. That&#;s enough to extinguish most of the unbearable shocks that come with moving through the city. If you need springs to drive not only on urban roads, you should also look for taller models such as the Burly Brand B Stiletto Shocks &#; 13in.

What is a progressive shock?

These shock absorbers have a five-stage system for regulating shock suppression. They are very effective at dealing with almost any shock and vibration. They are represented on the market by Progressive Suspension.


Best Shocks For Harley Davidson &#; Right Shock for Your Model

Harley motorcycles take different models and sizes and might even come customized as the buyer ordered. Not all shocks work with all models of Harley. A shock might work with one model of a series, while the same shock might not work with another model of the other series. That’s why we’ve engaged ourselves in exploring some quality shocks compatible with most of the models of the key H-D series like Touring, Softail, and Sportster.

An extensive analysis ends up with the final listing &#;

Progressive UT or Ohlins HD &#; Best for Touring and Cruiser

Progressive B or Ohlins HD &#; Best Rear for Touring

Legends ‎ or Legends &#; Best for Baggers (Glide, King, Ultra)

Burly BB or FS &#; Best for Sportster

Progressive C &#;  Best for before Softail

Progressive Series &#; Best for Up Softail

Legends or Burly B &#; Best for Dyna

Progressive B &#; Best Lowering

Don’t get confused seeing two shocks selected for a category. We picked two because they are worth the same. If you find one unavailable, go for the other one &#; both are alternatives to each other in every case.

Why Choose Those?

The shock is one of the five must-necessary parts of a motorcycle and no exception to Harley. It enables riders to keep control of their Harley at the most critical times like acceleration, turns, and braking. The suspension of your motorcycle also determines balance against all bumps, hits and cracks. Therefore, having the right shock is seriously essential.

But the task is really fearsome, owing to such versatility in H-D motorcycles. It’s not uncommon that you bought the aftermarket shocks considering it the right one but later found it too hard to adjust correctly! Or, you might even, unfortunately, discover the shock not perfectly matching to or working with the frame of your model, though it was advertised so!

We focused mainly on finding out some shocks compatible with the key H-D motorcycle series and most models. Of course, we judged every possible issue, including type & size, frame compatibility, materials, performance, adjustment feature, and durability, to confirm each of the selected shocks is the best-in-class.

Best Shocks For Harley Davidson

Best Shocks for Harley Touring – Progressive Suspension UT

Check More Photos and Price at:

The manufacturer specifically designed the shocks for touring. With an 81% 5-star customer rating on Amazon, it is undoubtedly the consumers&#; favorite. No wonder it ranks as the best overall in this review. The shock&#;s versatility also gives it an upper hand as it fits a variety of bikes such as Electra Glides, Road Kings, Road Glides, Street Glides, and Ultra Limiteds.

If you live in a locality or love touring places marred with bumpy roads, then these heavy-duty shocks are for you. FST (Frequency Sensing Technology) enables the shocks to sense the frequency of the bumps and automatically adjust for a flawless performance. The shocks are lightweight yet sturdy enough to sustain a weight of lbs or more.

What we like

  • Spring adjustment (before loading) done by hand, i.e., requires no special tools
  • No more back pains due to rebounds
  • Weight capacity of pounds to accommodate you plus your passenger
  • Stiff enough to keep the bike stable through sharp corners and soft enough to keep you floating on the roads

What we don&#;t like

  • A bit thin for the rough Texas roads
  • May not deliver effective performance if not well balanced- especially for two passengers

Best Shocks for Harley Street Glide – Legends Revo-A Shocks

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Revo suspension shocks are a premium yet high-quality tools that give you the natural feeling of a legend on the roads. They&#;re sold in pairs and come with six external knob adjustments that facilitate effective rebound damping.

The heavy-duty shocks also have an adjustable coil suspension to provide optimum rebound damping further. The suspensions fit an endless list of motorbike models but have proven to work best for Harley Davidson Street Glides. 

Despite their price hype, they have no weight bias and can easily sustain both light and heavy riders. Plus, you no longer have to leave your partner or luggage behind while undertaking a tour mission.

What we like

  • pounds weight capacity inclusive of the rider, passenger or luggage
  • The installation process is effortless
  • Superb rebound damping and adjustable coil adjustments can match any riding style or preference
  • Extremely durable and stain resistant

What we don&#;t like

  • Not the best in terms of pricing
  • Appropriate height adjustments might prove tricky for inexperienced riders

Best Shocks for Harley Sportster – BURLY BB

Check More Photos and Price at:

The black-colored Harley Davidson progressive shocks, specifically designed for the Harley Sportster model. They&#;re a combination of stubby shocks and dropped shock springs. That enhances a pre-load adjustment to align to different rider weights.

If you&#;re looking for shocks to provide a smooth ride while entirely absorbing any tension during the trip, then your search ends here. After loading, the shocks may go down by around two inches maximally. So you should have that in mind when carrying an extra passenger or luggage and also the height of your bike.

The stylish shocks are the best suspenders you can find for your Sportster in the market today. Their prices are reasonable and offer a % satisfaction guarantee.

What we like

  • The installation process is a no brainer
  • Made of stainless materials that are long-lasting; muddy roads or rainy conditions shouldn&#;t scare you
  • Fork springs offer stability and optimum shock absorption
  • They&#;re adjustable to match the rider&#;s weight for best performances

What we don&#;t like

  • Rough roads may not guarantee comfort throughout the trip

Best Shocks for Harley Road Glide – Progressive Suspension UT

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UT is yet another progressive suspension series of products that is extremely seductive to the eyes. They work best for the touring bikes and have a carrying capacity of up to pounds. But what exactly makes them the best shocks for Harley Davidson road glides?

Whether the bike is in motion or stationary, you&#;re assured of a lowered ride height thanks to the matchless Ultra Touring (UT) spring combination. The frequency sensing technology (FST) is yet another impeccable feature that facilitates damping for optimum ride experience.

When it comes to wheel movement separation from frame movement, IAS technology ensures that the shocks serve the purpose well. That&#;s not convincing enough? Take a look at the pros and a few drawbacks associated with these excellent tools.

What we like

  • Extreme body comfort as you can easily swing your leg over the seat
  • Deflective disc valving enhance extra shock absorption
  • The shocks come with an adjustment wrench
  • Installation requires minimum effort

What we don&#;t like

  • Not the best choice for riders who weigh beyond pounds
  • They&#;re a bit stiff, especially at high speeds

Best Rear Shocks for Harley Touring – Progressive Suspension

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If you&#;re looking for the best Harley Davidson rear shocks, then go no further than the dynamic progressive suspension The black pair of tools have everything you&#;d need for a memorable touring experience.

The heavy-duty spring rate and chrome finish guarantees not only unmatched durability but also enhances maximum shock absorption. Its progressive disc valve installation further enhances this. Frequency sensing technology automatically senses bumps and adjusts for superb riding experience.

No special tools needed to craft the preload adjustments. A simple twist of the cap does this as the shocks come with a top mount threaded preload adjuster. Progressive rate spring further enables the rider to adjust the height according to his/her liking. 

What we like

  • Functional shock absorbers warrant a superior ride quality
  • Anti-rattle technology enhances comfort on bumpy roads
  • Clear-cut instructions on installation guidelines make the process stress-free
  • Black can match with a Harley or any other color

What we don&#;t like

  • When heavily loaded, the shocks put due pressure on the drive belt, which could cause breakage
  • Installation requires a floor jack

Best Shocks for Harley Softail – Progressive Suspension C 

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Are you looking for the best Harley Softail shocks that guarantee both quality and satisfaction? Progressive Suspension C got you covered. These elegant tools are made of chrome-plated finish to enhance stain and rust resistance while giving the eyes an irresistible appeal.

The dual shock system and high-pressure monotube that is gas charged provide constant damping and shock absorption. They also have a separate pre-load system that allows ride height adjustment of up to 2 inches. That ensures that they sustain variable loads and rider plus passenger weights.

Softails are vulnerable and can easily break if not well taken care of. To provide impeccable care, the progressive suspension system is made adjustable and shock sensitive.

What we like

  • Chrome-plated finish enhances matchless durability
  • Muddy or bumpy roads? It doesn&#;t matter
  • Installation and adjustment of the shocks is effortless
  • 2 inch of ride height adjustment allows you to lower your bike as you wish

What we don&#;t like

  • Improper installation and adjustment could put the vulnerable Softail frames at risk of breakage

Best Lowering Shocks for Harley Touring – Progressive Suspension B

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Progressive Suspension brand has made another high-quality motorcycle suspender that is extremely durable and affordable. Unlike other competing products, B entirely made of steel wall with multistage velocity-sensitive damping is better. The pre-load adjuster is strategically positioned and cam style.

When it comes to damping and shock absorption, the lowering shocks are gas charged and have heavy-duty progressive rate springs. Furthermore, the black covers and springs ensure that the shocks remain very durable and rust-free.

It is vital to note also that the pre-load adjuster lets you set the height to any position so that it can accommodate both light and heavyweight riders. There is no chance of breakage as a result of heavy loading since the shocks have functional springs that optimally absorb tension.

What we like

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Optimum shock absorption and damping
  • Easily adjustable to take either low, medium, or high heights (depending on your riding style)
  • Installation and adjustments are easy; it takes less than 15 minutes

What we don&#;t like

  • The medium setting seems to give a little stiffer ride
  • The low setting tend to sag for some riders

Best Shocks for Harley Dyna – Ohlins HD Blackline Shocks

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Ohlin’s shocks are ready to use right after unboxing as the producer offers free pre-load settings- nobody else does that! If that&#;s not kind enough, then maybe the five-year warranty would change your mind. The shocks are mainly black with golden detailing giving them a unique taste of elegance.

Pressured gas and oil (which don&#;t mix) shock is also an improvement that ensures that the suspenders remain stable while reducing air loss hassles. That further gives you optimum control of your bike. Having been tested and tried over the years, the manufacturers came up with a design to take the exact shape of your Harley Davidson two-legged machine.

The shocks can withstand extreme temperatures and heavy loads, thus offering consistency in performance regardless of the conditions. Ohlin&#;s reputable customer care system and highly qualified personnel are vital for the product&#;s success- smooth ride, comfort, and quality is a guarantee.

What we like

  • An effective customer feedback system
  • Damping is excellent with or without length adjustment options
  • Black with a taste of golden detailing makes the shock machines stylish and unique
  • Pressurized gas and oil shock enhances compression and rebound adjustability

What we don&#;t like

  • May wear out faster due to prolonged exposure to scorching temperatures

Best Affordable Shocks for Harley Sportster – Factory Spec FS

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Despite its low pricing, Factory Spec suspension machines have everything you need for lowering your Harley Davidson. Like most shocks, FS is black except that it&#;s a bit elongated, measuring inches. It is for this feature that it&#;s referred to as the best lowering shock for Harley Sportster.

Based on your weight and height, you can always manipulate the pre-load adjustments to a position that best suits you. Given the correct settings, you&#;ll enjoy the ride and yearn for more. If you&#;re new to the game, never shy away from asking for help as far as the installation and adjustment process is concerned.

Factory Spec is a recommended shock for shorter riders who have problems reaching for the stands. Even so, the preload adjustments and the wrenches ensure that you set everything to your anticipated height in advance.

What we like

  • Black color easily blends with most bike parts
  • Dynamic adjustment settings make them appropriate for rides of varying heights
  • Installation and adjustment process is effortless
  • Come with bushings needed to mount and adjust the wrench

What we don&#;t like

  • No instructions on how or where to install the spacers
  • The rides can&#;t get stiff, especially for longer trips

Why Harley Davidson Motorcycles Need Special Shocks?

Shocks are an essential part of the motorcycle whose slight default or intrusion could lead to dire consequences. Further, different bikes are designed and used for various purposes, such as racing, passage, logistics, etc. As such, each model of Harley Davidson requires a specific type and design of the suspenders for optimum results.

Due to their variations in models and sizes, different Harley motorcycles require special shocks that only works best for them. Some are according to the buyers&#; specifications.

Two motorcycles may belong to the same brand but have different shocks fittings. For example, the Shock that works best for Harley Sportster may not offer the same results for the Harley Sportster model.

Best Brands that Manufacture Harley Shocks


The brand was founded nearly 20 years ago by two brothers who were passionate about motor oil and chrome-plated art. Apart from shock suspensions, the company also majors in the manufacture of other motorcycle accessories like handlebars, sissy bars, air cleaners, cable kits, etc. Headquartered in La Palma, California, the privately run company is a reliable employment creator and a source of revenue to the government. BURLY BB is among the many in-demand products available on its shelves.

Progressive Suspension 

The progressive suspension is an experienced automobile accessories manufacturing company established in It&#;s based in La Palma, California, and is an affiliate brand for the parent organization- Motorsport Aftermarket Group. It&#;s widely accepted by customers, as evident in the rampant sale of its series of products. One such product is the Progressive Suspension UT- the best Shock for Harley Davidson.


Last in our review of the best brands that manufacture Harley shocks is the Ohlins brand. The company specializes in the automotive accessories production and has an employee range of between personnel. The company&#;s location is in Hendersonville, NC. Apart from the manufacture of motorcycle shock absorbers, Ohlins also makes building exhaust pipes and engines. It was founded in and has since produced several leading products such as the Ohlins HD Blackline Shocks.

Guide to Buy Harley Davidson Shocks – What Features should you look for?

Height Adjustments

Riding a motorcycle effectively is a question of your safety and comfort. The good news is, given the shock absorbers, you can always adjust the height a few inches either up or down as you like. Depending on your height and weight, perhaps, you may want the bike to be a bit raised or lowered. Short people, for example, prefer the size lower than the factory setting as it helps the foot to reach the ground, command greater control easily, or reach the side stand. Most brands enable an up or down movement of about 2 inches.

Stiffness or Softness

Based on your riding style and preference, you may want to consider these two factors when shopping for your shock suspenders. Stiff shocks are preferable for bikes that carry heavy loads and passengers. They, however, can get uncomfortable if you&#;re going for long trips. They are installed at the rear side of the motorcycle to sustain its heavyweight. Soft shocks are the exact opposite of stiff ones; they are put at the front to absorb small tensions while on the motion. There are also made from remarkably steady materials to avoid distractions and bizarre accidents.

Ease of Installation

How do you install your Shock alone? Consulting an expert is fine; in fact, the best alternative. But if you&#;re an economist like myself, you&#;d need to think of ways of cutting out unbudgeted costs. Most manufacturers usually give a free manual explaining how to install and adjust the shocks effectively- which is a no brainer, by the way. It&#;s essential to know all the components of your Harley Davidson bike before beginning the installation process. Go for shock absorbers that don&#;t require extra tools for installation- the bare hands are enough tools. But if you&#;re doubtful, you shouldn’t hesitate to consult an expert for the sake of your safety.

How Do Air Shocks Work?

Harley Davidson air shocks&#; main objectives are to offer more control and ease of installation. They are an improvement and a better option of the conventional springs. Here, the airbag is inflated to the desired ride height. That is done by an electric air pump that compresses air into the bags through the valves. The valves also control the direction and the amount of air entering the bag.

When the bag fills with air, the suspension system automatically adjusts to different external conditions by simultaneously allowing air inflow or outflow to maintain the balance. The whole system is controlled electronically with the solenoids moderating the ride heights and air pressure.

Air Shocks vs. Progressive Shocks

Debatable subjects like these always attract varying opinions from different groups, and in a democratic world like the one we live in, the majority always have their way. We conducted in-depth research regarding the better suspenders between air shocks and progressive shocks. Our survey showed that most riders prefer progressive shocks at the expense of the air shocks. The tiebreaker lied on cost-effectiveness and reliability. Progressive shocks were cheaper and more reliable than the air shocks. Concerning ride improvement and adjustability, everybody was upbeat for the shocks.

Lowering Springs vs. Coilovers – Which is Better?

Lowering springs and the Coilovers effectively reduce the motorcycle. Each spring has its advantages and drawbacks, and it&#;s the rule of thumb that the one that has more positives than negatives is better. In that regard, the Coilovers bring more to the table than the lowering springs as they offer more adjustability like a rebound, damping, and spring preload. Lowering spring, on the other hand, are stiffer, raising concerns about the ride quality.

How Do I Upgrade My Suspension?

The first step is knowing the body parts of the bike beforehand. Next, you&#;ll need to take the pre-load measurements (height and weight) of all the essential shocks components. After recording the dimensions, the next stage is replacing the fork springs without damaging the chromed caps. Compare the standard linear springs with the replaced progressive spring to ascertain compatibility. Also, replace the oil to minimize the damping effect and face the closer wound spring upwards to reduce sagging. Repeat the same process with compatible measurements in the rear part.

Concluding Remarks

Harley Davidson motorcycle shocks take different models and sizes. As such, you should know the model of the motorcycle that you own before determining the compatible shock- a little twist spoils everything. This review has captured almost every priority area matching your various needs and bike type. We&#;ve captured the best shocks for Harley Davidson in terms of value, touring, road, street, ease of installation, etc. We have a lot to learn about motorcycle riding and accessories, but we hope that this compilation will help you make a wise decision on your next purchase.

We’re listening from you. ..

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When you invest in the best shocks for Softail, the addition or installation on your bike enhances handling and braking greatly.

Also, it improves control so that you can enjoy guaranteed comfort during every ride.

Basically, the main function of shocks on motorcycles is to ensure that the wheels hold up or grip firmly and powerfully when the road condition is not good enough or during emergency situations.

When roads are covered with bumps and holes or during off-road adventures, the best shocks give you confidence.

We understand the desire of every Harley Softail owner to enjoy a smooth and uncompromised riding experience at all times.

This is why you must choose your design of brand or shocks wisely.

There are various designs of shocks on the market; picking the ideal choice for your Harley may be difficult and stressful.

To simplify this process, we have reviewed multiple designs on the market and eventually selected 10 models that stand out.

The top brands on the market are Progressive Suspension, Burly, Factory Spec, Superior Dixie, Monroe, HTTMT, SMT, and Legends Revo.

These models or designs are selected based on crucial factors such as durability, stylish design/appearance, affordability, ease of installation, and riders&#; comfort upon installation.


What is The Best Shocks For Softail?

The best brand of shocks for Softail is Progressive Suspension. This design offers incredible firmness and improves the overall ride experience.

Why is Progressive Suspension The Best Shocks For Softail?

Progressive Suspension is an excellent design choice for riders who love adventures—especially individuals who love riding or traveling on long trips.

The progressive Suspension offers impressive comfort and enhances the appearance, feel, and performance of your bike.

This is one of the few exceptional designs on the market that can compete with the most expensive brands and models in terms of performance and effectiveness.

Comparison Table of Best Shocks For Softail

10 Best Shocks For Softail Reviews

Progressive Suspension C &#; Best Popular Rear Shocks For Softtail

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Highlighted Features

  • Rear suspension shock (2 units)
  • 9 x x inches in dimension
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Guarantees up to 2 inches of ride height adjustment
  • ‎ pounds in weight
  • A dual coil shock system

Progressive Suspension C offers an incredible level of adjustment that supports a smooth and safe ride on bumpy roads or rough terrains.

These shocks are installed on the rear side of your bike, and the installation process is straightforward.

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can easily put them together without stress.

This design supports up to 2 inches of ride height adjustment, eliminating bottom-out issues.

The shocks can comfortably accommodate varying loads and rider weights. Generally, they can hold or withstand a load of about pounds.

If you are looking for a high-performance design to improve your bike&#;s overall performance and guarantees a safe and comfortable ride experience.

Especially during long rides, these shocks are a worthy investment. Although it is a bit pricey, you will certainly get value on your investment.


  • Guarantees smooth ride experience by improving stability and handling
  • Your bike will feel more coordinated, and it inspires confidence greatly
  • Easy to install. An incredible design or model for bike owners with basic mechanical skills
  • Durable design. A perfect choice for riders with aggressive riding style


  • It is quite hard to lower down your bike&#;s height with these shocks

Progressive Suspension C &#; Best Quality Shocks For Harley Softtail

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Highlighted Features

  • 2 inches of ride height adjustment
  • ‎17 x 7 x inches in dimension
  • High-pressure gas-charged monotube
  • Chrome plated finish
  • Dual coil shock system for rear installation
  • ‎9 pounds in weight

This design is a popular pick among adventure and long-distance riders. Definitely, there must be something special that the C offers, compared to other models on the market.

If you are looking at replacing your old or faulty rear shocks, and you are unsure about the model or brand to go for.

Especially if your bike bottoms out, here is an excellent replacement and upgrade choice.

These shocks are strongly made, which gives them heavy-duty and top-quality status.

It improves the overall ride experience (enhances handling, stability, and comfort) and supports ride height adjustment up to about 2 inches.

When you have the appropriate tools, supported with the repair manual, the installation is what any Softail owner can do in their garage or at the comfort of their home.

Progressive Suspension C is adjustable for spring preload, ensuring it efficiently accommodates different loads and rider weights.


  • Guarantees comfortable and consistent riding performance on bumpy roads
  • No adjustment is needed before installation. The shocks align perfectly with factory set-up
  • Heavy-duty, top-quality, and easy to adjust
  • Your bike&#;s tires won&#;t leap


  • The price is quite costly

Burly BB

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Highlighted Features

  • 17 x 7 x 3 inches in dimension
  • Adjustable weight
  • Comes in black color
  • ‎6 pounds in weight
  • 5 inches low riding rear shock

This model is an ideal choice or option for small riders. If you are looking for shocks that can comfortably and efficiently lower your bike at a pocket-friendly price, here is the perfect design for you.

Burly BB is one of the most affordable and efficient shocks you will find on the market.

When installed on your Harley Softail, it eliminates worries and concerns related to footing issues or difficulties.

In the end, small riders can conveniently handle their bikes for a smoother and enjoyable ride at all times.

Also, if your bike finds it hard to retain its stability or bounce when riding on bumpy roads or rough terrains.

The BB fixes these issues and guarantees an improved riding experience by ensuring you are relieved from irritating back pains that may occur due to bad road conditions.

Since these shocks are preload-adjustable, they can easily accommodate varying loads and rider weights.

Overall, here is an excellent low riding shock absorber for guaranteed value on investment.


  • Ensures riders can reach the ground easily for a comfortable riding experience
  • Easy to install, affordable, and fits perfectly on an installed bike
  • Bike handling at every ride becomes smoother and more enjoyable


  • Contrary to the information highlighted in the description, it doesn&#;t come with fork springs

Factory Spec FS HS-2

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Highlighted Features

  • 13 pounds in weight
  • Installation components
  • Chrome Finish
  • Adjustable spring preload
  • 3 x x 4 inches in dimension
  • Sold and packaged in pairs (2 units)

If you ride the Harley Softail, you can&#;t get it wrong with these stock shocks.

Factory Spec FS HS-2 is one of the smaller designs on the market. So, riders can easily adjust their bikes up to inches lower.

This improves the ride experience and as well offers incredible comfort and stability.

In the kit are all the necessary installation hardware, making the assembling and coupling process easier.

There is no need for custom or special installation tools to get the job done.

The price is pocket-friendly, making it one of the most affordable designs you will find on the market.

If you are a small rider looking for a design that can improve your bike&#;s performance without breaking the bank, don&#;t look elsewhere.

The FS HS-2 has gathered excellent reviews on top market places like Amazon, which shows how pleased and satisfied bike owners are upon installation on their motorcycles.


  • The fit and adjustments are excellent
  • Improves the bike&#;s appearance and guarantees a smooth ride
  • Easy installation, and drops bike&#;s height up to inches
  • Top-quality stock shocks replacement


  • No installation manual
  • You may need to make a few adjustments for excellent installation

Superior Dixie A

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Highlighted Features

  • Rear shock absorbers
  • A perfect fit for Softail
  • 11 inches in length
  • Black Finish
  • Installation hardware

These 11 inches rear shocks are a perfect fit for Softail to models. They are adjustable, and they improve performance, handling, and comfort.

Superior Dixie A is rated among riders for its outstanding qualities and has gathered impressive comparisons with the expensive designs on the market.

These shocks are well-cushioned to withstand bounces and vibrations that you may encounter on the road.

Once installed on your bike, you can confidently ride on rough roads (bumpy and with potholes) without straining or hurting your back.

You do not have to be an experienced mechanic to handle the installation. All you need to do is remove the worn-out units and bolt on these stocks accordingly.


  • Guarantees improvement in performance, handling, stability, and comfort
  • Absorbs vibrations and bounces exceptionally well, thereby relieving back pain
  • Quick and painless installation process


Progressive Suspension C

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Highlighted Features

  • Ride height adjustment up 2 inches
  • 5 x x 5 inches in dimension
  • A dual coil shock system
  • Chrome Plated Finish
  • Adjustable preload
  • 6 pounds in weight

The Progressive Suspension C is another incredible design that you can look at or consider for an upgrade.

This is one of the most expensive designs on the market. The great news is that riders get amazing value on their investment.

These stocks offer excellent improvement in appearance, performance, handling, stability, and comfort.

The chrome finish is catchy. It enhances the appearance of your bike by making it very attractive, thereby giving it a new look.

Suppose you want to upgrade the appearance and performance of your Harley without necessarily making an expensive upgrade.

In that case, you may consider investing in this design.

Ride height can be adjusted up to 2 inches. It accommodates varying loads and rider weights comfortably.

Usually, it has a load capacity of about pounds.

After successful installation, it guarantees a stable and smooth riding experience, thereby alleviating strains and pains that could result from potholes and bumps on rough roads.

Are you looking for reliable shocks that function exceptionally well on Harley Softail? You may want to invest in the C.


  • Offers great preload adjustability
  • Guarantees incredible upgrade in ride experience
  • Gives your bike a new feel and look


Monroe Shocks & Struts Max-Air MA

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Highlighted Features

  • ‎21 x x inches in dimension
  • Sintered iron piston for enhanced durability
  • Equipped with the air hose kit
  • 1 pound in weight
  • Lubricated air sleeve
  • 15 inches in length

This is one of the most affordable air ride suspension shocks you will find on the market. Usually, air ride shocks are a bit costly.

As a result, Harley riders may want to question the quality of these shocks. The amazing thing is that they hold on well and work excellently well.

The quality, performance, and effectiveness of these shocks are supported by numerous excellent reviews from riders.

If you have always been fascinated about air ride suspension, but you can&#;t afford one because of the premium or expensive pricing.

Here is a pocket-friendly option that you can go for. They work great, and you will be pleased with them upon installation.

The installation is smooth and straightforward. The application is what everyone can do independently, irrespective of your mechanical experience.

The lubricated air sleeve lowers friction and guarantees a smooth ride.

According to a few users or riders, air leakage may occur. Some riders even complained that the top mount breaks after some time.

These issues can be fixed or corrected with ease. All you need to do is weld the top support to prevent breaks or leaks.


  • Excellent handling for a smooth and consistent riding experience
  • Durable and exceptionally built for long-lasting performance
  • Very affordable and easy to install


  • Air leakage may occur as a result of cracks in the top mount welds


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Highlighted Features

  • Black Finish
  • ‎ x x inches in dimension
  • 5 inches slammer lowering shocks
  • Installation hardware
  • Preload adjustable design
  • 53 pounds in weight

If you are looking for a shocks design that is durable and long-lasting, this design is an accurate pick.

It is a product of excellent research and development. The impressive build guarantees durability, efficiency, and exceptional quality.

HTTMT LS is designed to withstand extreme conditions and elements so that you can enjoy its remarkable and excellent performance for an extended period without any issues.

Irrespective of the season or weather condition (winter or summer), these shocks hold up perfectly and perform efficiently.

The LS is not affected by rust and corrosion, and it doesn&#;t deform under harsh temperatures or excessive heat.

If you are an adventure lover who seeks protection, comfort, and stability while riding on rough terrains or during long-distance tours.

These shocks are reliable and can be trusted for improved ride quality.


  • It can accommodate varying rider weight
  • Improves bike performance while riding on rough terrains
  • It can handle extreme conditions and elements
  • The damping capability is excellent


  • You may experience a slightly challenging riding experience after installation. It gets better over time


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Highlighted Features

  • Black Finish
  • 5 inch eye-to-eye
  • Preload adjustable design
  • 2 shock absorbers
  • Installation components
  • Made from quality materials

The suspension shocks guarantee incredible absorption on bumpy roads or rough terrains.

When you have these shocks fitted on your bike, you can confidently drive on pumps and potholes without heavy impacts on your back.

They totally eliminate strains on the back as a result of multiple bounces.

SMT B07JN2JTB5 improves handling and stability and as well enhances acceleration.

If you are an adventurer or an individual who loves long-distance rides, this is an excellent choice for you.

The performance is satisfying, thereby ensuring you get value on your investment.

Overall, these suspension shocks lower your bike&#;s rear and improve your bike&#;s appearance. Thanks to its elegant design.

Also, the installation is easy, and all the components you need for a successful installation process are included in the kit.


  • Eliminates tire drags and guarantees a smooth ride
  • An excellent choice for low riders
  • Smooth and straightforward installation
  • An inexpensive design


Legends Revo-A Shocks

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Highlighted Features

  • 13 inches in length
  • 6 external knob adjustments
  • pounds weight capacity
  • ‎15 x 15 x 6 inches in dimension
  • Black Finish
  • 55 pounds in weight

Legends Revo-A Shocks are excellently designed. This model is one of the premium options we have on the market.

These top-quality suspension shocks improve your ride quality, thereby making you feel confident on the roads.

If you are an experienced rider, who wants to spice up your bike&#;s appearance and performance.

Here is a design that gives you a natural feeling of excellence and class at every ride.

The external knob adjustment and the adjustable coil suspension features support efficient rebound damping.

If you are an inexperienced rider, this may not be an excellent choice for you. For instance, the height adjustment may be a bit tricky.

These shocks are well-built and can easily hold or withstand varying rider weights. They are suitable for both heavy and light Harley Softail owners.

You can conveniently go with your luggage and even bring a passenger along with you while going on road tours or adventurers.

Although the price is on the high side. The overall improvement the A offers when installed on your bike makes up for the heavy investment.


  • Effortless installation process
  • Supports all riding styles or preferences
  • Resistant to stain and very durable


  • An expensive design
  • Height adjustment might be a bit tricky or complicated for inexperienced riders


The prices of suspension shocks vary from one brand, design, or model to another.

Some designs are categorized as premium or expensive, while others are tagged as affordable or pocket-friendly.

While the premium designs are generally equipped for exceptional overall performance, some inexpensive options offer closer outcomes.

Before you commence your search for the shocks for Softail to purchase, first, decide how much you are willing to invest in these components.

With a specific price target in mind, you can then tailor your search towards designs offered within your budget.

In the end, it becomes easier to choose a brand or model that meets your requirements and expectations.


When your shocks are correctly installed, untimely bottom out, and leaks are eliminated. Some shocks are a bit difficult to install, especially for inexperienced riders.

However, some designs can be installed quickly and straightforward. A design packed or equipped with an installation manual or instruction makes the job easier.

While the ease of installation has nothing to do with the effectiveness or overall performance of shocks, this feature is a plus.


Another vital factor you need to consider during suspension shocks upgrade or replacement is the size and type of the design you desire to invest in.

Ensure your choice of suspension shocks is a perfect fit for your bike.

Investing in a wrong or incompatible design won&#;t only lead to a waste of money. The experience is also exhausting and time-wasting.

So, make sure you take your time during selection. Read the details and specifications carefully to ascertain you are picking up the appropriate shocks.


The best shocks for Softail are specially designed to guarantee smooth performance and experience while riding on rough terrains.

They are built to withstand vibrations and bounces that may occur due to bumps and potholes on the roads.

By investing in new suspension shocks, the main aim is to enhance or optimize your bike&#;s performance level— for improved stability, handling, and comfort.

Hence, your choice of design must support these goals.

Build quality

If you desire durable and long-lasting shocks for your Harley Softail, you need to consider the materials used to construct your choice of design.

Ensure you verify and ascertain that the build materials are solid and durable enough to withstand extreme conditions and elements.

Choose a design that is not affected by excessive temperatures and can withstand rough riding styles and terrains.

Shocks made from premium metal and steel are excellent choices.

Remember, the capital you wish to invest in suspension shocks is valuable. Ensure you treat it that way.

You certainly do not want to conduct a replacement or upgrade this minute and then be forced to replace it the next due to low-quality build material.

Compatibility with bike&#;s frame

Choose a design that fits your bike&#;s frame perfectly. Ensure you consider the eye-to-eye measurement and the stroke length of your choice of design.

These details will determine if the shocks are well-matched with the frame.

While attaching the shocks to your bike&#;s frame, ensure you use the correct bolts and bushings.

FAQ&#;s Best Shocks For Harley Softail

Which Suspension shocks brands are best for Harley Softail?

There are several exceptional brands of shocks on the market. Suppose you are looking for reliable and long-lasting options to choose from.

In that case, take a look at any of the models or designs discussed in this buying guide. Progressive Suspension is our top choice.

What are the crucial installation tips?

Before you install your new shocks on your Harley Softail, we advise you to go through the installation manual that comes with the package, if present.

The manual shows each step you need to follow for a successful installation. If the installation manual is absent and you haven&#;t done an upgrade or replacement before.

We recommend you consult a technician to fix it for you. While YouTube videos can guide you through the installation process. They are sometimes unreliable.

What tools or accessories do I need to install suspension shocks on my bike?

There are several tools that you can use for easy installation. In some cases, these accessories are mentioned in the installation manual/guide, in case your choice of design comes with one.

Some common tools include jack and stand, breaker, bar, nut splitter, wrench, and wheel chock.

What comes next after suspension shocks replacement/upgrade?

After you must have successfully installed the shocks on your bike, it is advised that you carefully inspect the suspension system as a whole.

During this time, check every component and part of the suspension to ensure they are still in good condition.

What does the phrase &#;Bottom out&#; means?

This phrase is popularly used to describe when the bottom of your motorcycle touches the ground or makes contact with the road.

This happens during a ride on rough roads (bumpy and filled with potholes). In a situation where your bike bottoms out, your bike is susceptible to damage, leading to the need for frequent repairs.

This issue can be corrected by replacing your stocks with a design that offers significant height or supports up to 2 inches of ride height adjustment.

Nevertheless, the existing shocks can be rebuilt by increasing/adjusting the height.


The best shocks for Softail improves your bike&#;s overall performance and are designed to last for a more extended period. Like every bike owner, the goal is to ride on a bike that guarantees smooth operation and withstands obstacles on rough terrains.

When you upgrade your shocks with any of the models or designs we have listed and discussed in this buying guide, they enhance the quality of your suspension.

These options make a big difference between bumpy rides by ensuring you enjoy a relaxing ride experience going forward.

When you put all the details in this guideline into consideration, you are guaranteed ultimate value on your investment.

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