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T.Rex walking, brown, Dinosaur Toy Figure by Papo


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    T.Rex walking, brown, Dinosaur Toy Figure by Papo

    T.Rex walking, brown, Dinosaur Toy Figure by Papo

    T.rex Toy Figure in scale , 36 cm long.

Beautiful detailed Figure of the theropod Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus rex.
The Dinosaur Toy Figure is lovingly hand-painted in a brown colour scheme.
Colour Version

Special Feature:
movable Jaw

Size of the T.rex Figure:
13 cm tall
36 cm long (following the body shape)
 cm long (in straight line)




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Large Soft To Touch Realistic T-rex Dinosaur Toy

Realistic Large T-rex dinosaur toy, squishy and soft to touch with a skin texture is a perfect match to dinosaur enthusiasts for inside and outside play.
This giant Tyrannosaurus rex will capture your kids attention to get on journey to the prehistoric time.

* Size 22 inch (56cm)
* Material: Soft to Touch, filled with % polyester fiber
* Educational T-rex Dinosaur Toy
* Recommended Age: Children 3 years & older


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  • No batteries are needed to rule the world with this T-rex snapper. A long, brown snout and rows of teeth add to the realism. A simple one-finger trigger action causes the jaws to open and snap shut. The sturdy trigger keeps this toy from becoming extinct.
  • Characteristics: The long wand that holds this brown T-rex’s snapping head allows users to reach around corners or high above their heads. Made of durable ABS plastic.
  • Size and Color: This T-rex snapper is a mixture of dark and light browns with a rough, pebbly texture. The entire snapper is 18 inches long.
  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.
  • Although T-rex was first described in , there remains much we don’t know about the tyrant lizard king. For example, its color and texture are a mystery. Some scientists suggest that darker colors would have been better camouflage for a hunter, while others suggest brighter colors like modern birds. We also don’t know what its babies looked like, as a T-rex egg has yet to be discovered. Also, despite valiant attempts by movie makers, we don’t know what T-rex sounded like. Was it more like a crocodile or a chicken? Finally, although the humorous possibilities are endless, we don’t know for sure what T-rex used its tiny arms for.
    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size in inches: L x W x H


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