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Royal Taj: Best Buffet and Best Indian Restaurant

By By Kit Waskom Pollard

For The Baltimore Sun|

Oct 28, 2014 at 1:01 PM

Chicken tikka masala is on the menu at the Royal Taj restaurant, voted Best Indian Restaurant and Best Buffet.

Howard County has long been known for its plethora of top-notch Indian restaurants. Among them, Royal Taj is a favorite for its authenticity, the variety of dishes and its excellent, professional service. Especially in the evenings, the white tablecloth restaurant feels elegant and upscale, and the waitstaff is impeccably attentive. And, of course, the food is fantastic.

The chicken tikka masala, chicken marinated in tomato, yogurt and spices, then cooked in a tandoori (clay) oven, is the most popular dish at Royal Taj, says owner Binda Singh. But Singh’s favorite is the tandoori lamb chop entrée; he enthuses about the lamb’s heady, spiced flavor. Health-conscious diners will be happy to hear that the lamb chops are healthy (“They are cooked in the tandoor,” Singh explains), but the flavors are what he loves most: “The spices! The herbs! The marinade!”


Royal Taj's excellent fare shines in a beautiful space

From the outside, Royal Taj looks like another nondescript suburban restaurant in Columbia. But when you step in the door, it's hard not to gawk.

The place is gorgeous. And when you find out the space used to be an Applebee's, you shake your head in wonder.

"We designed it ourselves," said owner Binda Singh. "We wanted to give it a world look that goes with the name."

The dining areas and bar are distinctive with recessed archways, decorative carved details, fireplaces, an ornate glass chandelier and gold highlights. Formal white chairs, snowy tablecloths and weighty silverware show attention to detail.

Royal Taj isn't new to the area. Its first location came on the scene in 2008 and was two miles from the current spot, which opened in fall 2015 after two years of renovations.

Singh isn't new to the restaurant business either. His father, Jasvinder, owned several Indian restaurants — including the now-closed Mughal Garden in Baltimore — where the younger Singh worked from the time he was a teenager. At Royal Taj, he is assisted by his father and brother, Sony, in the restaurant's operation.

Our meal went off without a hitch, from the initial serving of traditional papadum — wafer-like rounds of lentil bread — to our final dishes.

Our appetizers were excellent renditions of familiar Indian fare. The two meat samosas were golden pastry bundles encasing lightly spiced minced lamb. The shrimp pakora showcased six fat shrimp that had been marinated and coated in a yogurt batter before they were fried to a delicate crispness.

Our terrific server recommended boosting the starters with the sauces that were served with our bread. We obliged by mixing the spicy mint and tamarind chutneys for a sweet-heat flavor that perked up the appetizers.

Menu entrees are divided into tandoori dishes and chicken, lamb, seafood, rice and vegetable specialties with vegan options. (A lunch buffet is served Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.)

For our dinner, we really enjoyed the tandoori lamb chops. The four meaty bones were marinated in yogurt, ginger and garlic and cooked in a charcoal clay oven to an aromatic tenderness. The dish was served with soft basmati rice dotted with a smattering of peas and a mild tomato curry sauce.

We were told the chicken tikka masala is one of the restaurant's most popular dishes. We can see why. Several yogurt-marinated nuggets of chicken breast, cooked in a tandoor oven, bobbed in a bath of captivating tomato-based cream sauce.

You can pick your heat level: one for mild, five for the most heat. We chose four and were happy with the spiciness. It had a nice zing without bringing tears.

We accompanied our dishes with onion kulcha, India's fluffy naan stuffed with fresh onions and herbs. It was great on its own and even better dunked into a side of raita, a thin yogurt sauce studded with cucumber and tomatoes.

Like the rest of the meal, the desserts were well-prepared and thoughtful. The gulab jamun featured two airy, fried cottage cheese orbs the size of golf balls, swabbed gently with honey and sugar syrup.

The gajar halwa is a traditional Punjabi dessert made with shredded carrots, milk and almonds. The mix was delicious.

A fully stocked bar offers beverages from beer and wine to cocktails, including a fruit punch with rum. Indian drinks, like a nonalcoholic lassi, a sweetened yogurt drink, and masala chai, hot tea with milk and spices, are also available.

The Singhs, who are pleasant greeters at the restaurant, went from tight quarters that sat 85 to an expanded 230-seat space and haven't missed a beat.

The dining rooms are stately and elegant. The service is impeccable. And delectable food matches the sophisticated space.

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Connect With Us

Creating memorable food experiences for its customers since 2010, Royal Taj is a leading chain of restaurants spread across the regions of Sindh and Punjab. Glorified by the service we provide, we set the perfect ambience for our customers, making us a definite choice for special occasions and formal dinners. Specializing in authentic Pakistani, Chinese and Continental cuisines, we offer the most tempting assortment of dishes to satiate varying cravings of our diners. With our veneration for food and love for creation we make never ending efforts to prove our self among the best in the game.

Royal Taj is an embodiment of the love and ties established among individuals through food. In such short time, we have become one of the region’s leading restaurant chains, serving the most amazing food of highest quality. Warm welcome and hospitable smiles are the core ingredients of our tested recipe for a successful food business.

The Royal Menu

As food connoisseurs, we are totally on the same page with a lot of our customers. We know how many of you crave for a juicy B.B.Q Chicken Tikka while others might just be in mood for a sizzling plate of red, hot Manchurian. So, at Royal Taj we have assembled for our customers a variety of dishes including Pakistani, Chinese and various options of soups and salads. The tenderness of Malai Botis and spiced-up Handis are as heavenly as a mouthful of our authentic Chicken Chowmein. We promise that your visit to Royal Taj would be nothing less than a delightful food and a royal experience!

Superior Dining Facilities

The most important element for formal dinners is to create a well suited environment – making people feel special and loved – which adds meaning to the event altogether. We have worked on tiniest of details; from the doors you enter to the tables you sit at and from the walls that surround you to the lights that shine upon you, we have it all perfectly set up and placed for beautifying your special occasions. In order to make every event meaningful and uninterrupted, we have is a Party Hall, Conference Hall, Family Hall, Gents Hall & a VIP Dining Room – separately arranged for different meet-ups.

Special Features

Royal Taj features a bakery and bar within the vicinity to add the essence of royalty to our venue. A high-class, decorated bar is one of our most elegant features that creates theatrical ambience for our customers, serving them with refreshing drinks. We strive to make your meal even more special and sweeter by offering a wide range of desserts straight out of the Royal Taj’s fascinating bakery. Lunch buffets are also offered with a deliciously assorted menu. Along with this, there is a proper online procedure for reservations that makes it convenient and super quick for the customers to book at Royal Taj.

Customer Satisfaction and High Quality Standards

Absolute customer satisfaction and maintaining quality standards go hand in hand. In order to provide our customers with the best, we aim to serve halal food of highest quality, cooked by the best chefs and served by an efficiently trained staff that will give you the most hospitable and warm vibes.

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Royal TAJ Sentosa Buffet Area View

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