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RowCommand controls seed output
RowCommand on a MaxEmerge™ 5 row-unitRowCommand on a MaxEmerge™ 5 row-unit
RowCommand on a chain drive MaxEmerge 5 row-unitRowCommand on a chain drive MaxEmerge 5 row-unit

Controlling input costs and improving productivity are key producer requirements today. RowCommand is an effective, integrated John Deere solution designed to meet these intensifying needs. The RowCommand system manages seed output, reduces yield drag, and improves harvest capabilities on all Pro-Shaft™ driven row-units, and chain-driven MaxEmerge 5.


NOTE: Chain-drive RowCommand is only compatible with planters equipped with pneumatic downforce systems. On planters equipped with the heavy-duty downforce springs, potential chain interference may result and is not recommended.


NOTE: Chain-drive RowCommand requires some modification to brackets in order to function with corn finger pickup meters.


NOTE: Pro-Shaft drive RowCommand is compatible on MaxEmerge 5 row-units with vacuum and corn finger pickup meters. For mini-hopper row-units, RowCommand is compatible on vacuum meters only and is not compatible on corn finger pickup meters. Pro-Series™ XP row-units with corn finger pickup meters are not compatible with RowCommand.


RowCommand controls seed output by incorporating individual, low amperage clutches inside the Pro-Shaft and chain-driven gearboxes. Clutches are completely enclosed within the gearbox housing to protect them from the elements and harsh operating conditions.


When power is supplied, either manually or through John Deere Section Control software, clutches disengage the seed meters and seed flow stops. Controlling seed output at individual rows reduces overplanting in point rows and maximizes seed placement when entering/exiting headlands.

Components and operation
Electronic power modules shown on a 1775NT PlanterElectronic power modules shown on a 1775NT Planter
RowCommand clutch on MaxEmerge 5 with 105.7-L (3-bu) hopperRowCommand clutch on MaxEmerge 5 with 105.7-L (3-bu) hopper

RowCommand is a simple and efficient solution to control individual row planting. This system does not utilize air to operate; therefore, no compressor, air lines, or valve modules are required.


RowCommand utilizes low-voltage controller area network (CAN) messaging to signal power to the desired clutches to stop planting or eliminates power to resume planting.


This means very little power is used in normal planting conditions, and in the event a clutch fails electrically, the meter will continue to plant.

The RowCommand system requires the following five basic components to operate: 

  • Electric clutches

  • Electronic power modules (EPMs)

  • SeedStar™ 2 or XP monitoring (wedge box/controller)

  • GreenStar™ display

  • Planter wiring harnesses

Clutches are protected within the sealed Pro-Shaft and chain-driven gearboxes for years of trouble-free operation and simple installation or removal. RowCommand has true individual-row control of up to 16 clutches or sections for planters larger than 16 rows.


Unique to RowCommand, the 16 available control sections can be configured based on operator preferences. For example, on a 1775NT 24-Row Planter, every two rows can be paired together for a total of 12 control sections, or control the outermost eight rows individually and the remaining inner rows paired together for 16 control sections.


While SeedStar with RowCommand has 16 control sections, a minimum of 152.4-cm (60-in.) wide sections are recommended for optimum Swath Control Pro™ solution capabilities. As with other Swath Control Pro products, an SF2 signal is the minimum level of accuracy recommend for operation.

Pro-Shaft drive RowCommand planters

RowCommand is available as a factory-installed option or as an attachment for field conversion attachments for the following Pro-Shaft drive planter models (see chart below).


Planter model Row configuration
 1725 12-row narrow, 12-row wide, and 16-row narrow 
 1725 Central Commodity System (CCS™) 16-row narrow
 1765 12-row narrow
 1775 12-row narrow
 1775NT 12 row, 16 row, and 24-row narrow
 1775NT CCS 12 row, 16 row, and 24-row narrow
 1795 12/23 row, 12/24 row, 16/31 row, and 16/32 row
 1795 24 row, 50.8 cm (20 in.)
 DB 60 47 row, 38.1 cm (15 in.)
 DB 80 32 row, 76.2 cm (30 in.) or 48 row
 DB 90 36 row, 76.2 cm (30 in.)
 DB 120 48 row, 76.2 cm (30 in.)
 DR (Deere/Orthman™ planter) 16R40 16 row, 101.6 cm (40 in.)
 DR (Deere/Orthman) 18R38 18 row, 96.5 cm (38 in.)
Chain-drive RowCommand planters

In terms of planter compatibility, RowCommand for chain drive is designed for the following planter model configurations equipped with pneumatic downforce systems.


Planter model Row configuration
 1725 12-row narrow, 12-row wide, and 16-row narrow 
 1765 12-row narrow
 1775 12-row narrow
 1775NT 12 row and 16 row
 1775NT CCS 12 row and 16 row
Chain-drive RowCommand and heavy-duty downforce
Chain interference with heavy-duty downforceChain interference with heavy-duty downforce

As seen in the image, chain interference may result when operating chain-drive RowCommand on planters equipped with short and long parallel arms and heavy-duty downforce springs.


NOTE: Chain-drive RowCommand is only compatible with planters equipped with pneumatic downforce systems. On planters equipped with the heavy-duty downforce springs, potential chain interference may result and is not recommended.


Chain-drive RowCommand with corn finger pickup meters
Bracket material removalBracket material removal

Due to the design characteristics of the chain-drive RowCommand clutch, some modification to the corn finger pickup meter drive bracket is required. As seen in the picture to the left, some material needs to be removed from the front of the meter drive bracket in order for the chain-drive RowCommand clutch to have sufficient space for installation.


NOTE: Chain-drive RowCommand requires some modification to brackets in order to function with corn finger pickup meters.

RowCommand ordering information

To add RowCommand to a model year 2009 and newer planter model listed above is simple. Pro-Shaft drive attachments for field conversion and chain-drive attachments for field conversion are available by planter model to add the appropriate number of clutches, EPMs, brackets, hardware and row-unit harnesses. For complete installation and part detail for the RowCommand conversion, please use the RowCommand compatibility tool per specific planter model.
RowCommand is compatible and available for model year 2003 (serial number 700101) to 2008 (725101) planter models listed above. In addition to the attachment for field conversion attachment, a planter mainframe harness, SeedStar 2 controller (wedge box), and additional CAN harnesses are needed.

Integrated Swath Control Pro

Coupling RowCommand with Swath Control Pro provides the ultimate in precision planting and productivity. One company and one integrated solution are what John Deere offers by incorporating Swath Control Pro capabilities within the SeedStar 2 wedge box (controller). Unlike previous systems, no rate controller, additional harnessing, or components are required to achieve automated individual-row control.


SeedStar 2 and XP monitoring, RowCommand, and Swath Control Pro activation from John Deere Precision Ag Technologies are all that is needed when ordering.

System requirements

RowCommand is a simple and efficient means to control individual row planting using of low-voltage electric clutches. When activated, each clutch consumes no more than 0.5 amps. By design, power is only supplied to the clutch when a signal is received to stop planting. In a normal planting condition, no power is supplied, and the clutch is de-energized. 


Power for the RowCommand system is provided from the nine-pin ISO implement connector. All late-model 8X00 and 9X00 Series and newer John Deere Tractors equipped with the nine-pin ISO implement connector can supply ample power for system operation.


Along with ample system power, a GreenStar display and SeedStar monitoring are required for operation and control interface. The GreenStar display is where system setup, control settings, and manual control functions are performed.



If youre looking for a productive, all-purpose planter that can help you make the most of your narrow planting window, ask your dealer about the incredible DB Series Planters from John Deere. These acre-hungry machines will help you finish faster.

The DB Planters are available in ten configurations, with widths from 44 to 120 feet, for 20-inch, 22-inch and 30-inch row markets. Theres also a split-row model. All have the features and options you need for true planting efficiency and versatility. Our John Deere row-units and vacuum seed meters lead the industry in accuracy, adjustability and planting speed.

A range of seed-carrying capacities increases your flexibility and reduces refill stops. Plus you can add the new Central Insecticide System and shave hours off your refilling time. The Central Insecticide System is a revolutionary closed handling system thats designed to give you both effective corn rootworm control and exceptional planter productivity. And reliability? Dont worry these planters and their frames are among the toughest around, with plenty of 7x7 steel framing to tie everything together.

With long planters like these, tight turns could give you some uneasiness. But fear not. Thanks to optional steerable axles, the DB Series can cut corners with no trouble at all so you can get in and out of the field worry-free. Just hook the axles up to an independent hydraulic SCV on the tractor and youre ready to go. (Not available on DB60 models)

An easy-to-use control box lets you fold and unfold the DB Planter from the tractor cab. Can 44- to 120-foot planters really fold to a manageable transport size? You bet! In fact, the front-fold design of the DB Series Planters keeps transport widths between 15- and 17.6-feet. Lengths vary, but all are less than 62 feet. Ample underframe clearance (22 to 26 inches) during transport makes it easy to clear obstacles.

Large walking wing wheels keep the DB Planters floating on top of the ground, while wheel spacing improves residue flow. Wing cylinders have locking brackets for safety.

90-ft. toolbar with 36 rows on 30-in. spacing
Available in mini-hopper MaxEmerge 5 row unit
Requires a minimum 325-hp tractor equipped with Category 4 drawbar

54-row planting width on 90-ft. toolbar
Row spacing options: 20, 22, 30 in
Equipped with MaxEmerge 5 twin row-units
3- and 5-section frames


SeedStar 4HP is designed to optimize the in-cab monitoring experience exclusively on the Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display or 4640 Universal Display for growers with ExactEmerge planters and MaxEmerge 5e planters model year 2018 and newer. With SeedStar 4HP, operators will easily see key planter information with customizable run pages, zoom functionality, and simultaneous graph and performance measurements. SeedStar 4HP is included in base on all model year 2018 ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge 5e planters.

Easy Fold is a feature of SeedStar 4HP for MaxEmerge 5e row-units and ExactEmerge row-units equipped on 1775NT and 1795 Planters with a 2-point hitch or DB Planters. This integrated solution replaces the frame-folding box like the manual fold option in SeedStar 3 HP, and it has enhanced the process by controlling and automating the selective control valves (SCVs).

The one-operation fold reduces the need for training inexperienced operators by sequencing the process correctly and reduces time spent folding and unfolding. By utilizing implement automation, the hitch will be controlled by the planter during the fold cycle. Lining up the draft tube to the wing hooks is automated through this process, reducing operator tasks. On DB models, Easy Fold simplifies the folding process functions to one SCV.

A manual process is available when needed. A manual fold option is available from the frame control page on the display for non-compatible or non-equipped tractors or planters. The manual control function is accessible from each step of the Easy Fold process.

The first day of planting season can be as productive as the last with mobile row-unit runoff. The mobile row-unit runoff activation on the planter main controller (PMC) allows operators to make adjustments to maximize row-unit performance from a mobile device at the rear of the planter for both preseason and in-season use - all enabled through the PlanterPlus app.

Mobile row-unit runoff allows growers to perform test-stand functions from a mobile device connected to the planter. The row runoff test provides complete diagnostic checks both preseason and in season. With the row-unit runoff test, the operator can make adjustments from the mobile device, including vacuum pressure, to determine the optimum meter and vacuum settings. This app functionality will help avoid making trips to the cab while validating meter performance.

During preseason planter inspections and set up, utilize the meter performance test to validate meter accuracy, similar to a test stand without leaving the farm. Test all systems on the planter, not just the meter, providing confidence that all planter systems are ready to plant. Reports are generated from the test providing information the operator can save and send for future reference. Before heading to the field, the operator will benefit from knowing the best row-unit and vacuum settings for each variety selected to plant that spring.

Easy Adjust row cleaner and coulter combo provides a pneumatic row tillage solution that is controlled from the seat of the tractor. Every decision to make an adjustment during spring planting reduces the acres planted per day and can increase or decrease profitability. An adjustment that can be overlooked is row cleaners due to planter size, difficulty to make the adjustment, and varying conditions across fields and time.

With the Easy Adjust row cleaners on ExactEmerge planters, operators now have a pneumatic solution to make on-the-go adjustments that is controlled directly from the seat of the cab. They can be raised from the cab as needed with the push of a button for wet areas, waterways or end rows. For growers using SeedStar 3 HP, the row cleaners are completely integrated into the John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 Display as well as the Gen 4 4600 CommandCenter display or 4640 Universal Display. For growers using SeedStar 4HP, a 4600 CommandCenter display or 4640 Universal Display is required.

The Easy Adjust row cleaners have the capability to save three presets for varying ground engagement based on field conditions. The system is controlled in three sections: at each wing as well as the center (frame or wheel) track rows. The pneumatic lines use air from the active pneumatic downforce compressor, requiring no additional compressor to be installed on the planter. The Easy Adjust row cleaners utilize down and up force air bags. The adjustable air pressure setting for each bag allows the operator to set the ride of the row cleaner depending on the field conditions and the desired results. Making these on-the-go adjustments from tractor cab increases productivity and performance during planting.

The row cleaner-only option utilizes parallel linkage to provide the floating action growers require in their fields. Parallel linkage allows for the unit to float up and down in the situation of hills or hard objects. The cleaner and coulter combo does not have parallel linkage, however, the row cleaners have floating rings installed to help provide the same benefits.

Terraces or waterways are two of many field obstacles that make planting on a curve challenging. When planters utilize drive shafts, they are not able to control each individual row-unit; as a result, planting on a curve presents an issue of maintaining 100 percent population. Since the inside rows are moving slower than the outside rows, the inside rows will be over populating while the outside rows are under populating.

With ExactEmerge planters and equipped MaxEmerge 5e planters, the curve compensation feature allows each row to receive an individual signal based on the speed at which the row-unit is moving, maintaining the correct population across the width of the planter. Without curve compensation, there could be as much as a 24 percent drop in population accuracy, which is equivalent to 8,600 seeds per acre when planting at 36,000 seeds per acre. Curve compensation measures acceleration within the main planter controller and utilizes speed inputs to ensure each row has the desired population accuracy.

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Similar models may be shown in addition to the featured model. Equipment may be shown with options.
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Examining the Key Features of the John Deere DB90 Planter

Agricultural professionals who are looking for a planter to tackle wide open fields may want to consider the John Deere DB90. This planter is designed to plant 36 rows at a time with 30-inch spacing. It is available with Pro-Series XP™ units, and it can be equipped with the Central Insecticide System™.

John Deere DB90 Planter

Let’s take a look at some of the other highlights of the John Deere DB90.

Curve Compensation

With curve compensation, each row is handled according to its individual position. ExactEmerge™ allows the John Deere DB90 to maintain the correct population across the length of the planter. With curve compensation, there is up to 24 percent more population accuracy.

Variable Rate Drive (VRD)

Seed variable rate drive is available as a factory-installed option for all applicable John Deere planter models. With VRD, operators enjoy almost instantaneous rate changes. There is also no ramp up or ramp down of the system. Operators can easily match seed population based on different soil types or irrigation tactics.


With RowCommand on the John Deere DB90, operators can easily manage seed output and reduce yield drag. RowCommand also improves harvest capabilities on all Pro-Shaft™ driven row units, as well as the MaxEmerge™ 5.

MaxEmerge 5

The MaxEmerge family of row units has more strength than the average line, and each unit has longer-wearing parts. The rows are also easier to service, which reduces downtime during critical times for growers.

SeedStar™ 3 HP

The SeedStar 3 HP monitoring system can provide operators with information on the planting process directly in the tractor cab. Planting functions are also fully integrated with AMS applications, such as the GreenStar AutoTrac™ assisted steering system and Apex™ software.

Central Commodity System (CCS™)

The Central Commodity System of the John Deere DB90 increases seed capacity, bulk fill capacity, and productivity for operators. A wide range of crops can be planted using the CCS, including corn, popcorn, sweet corn, and sunflowers. A standard fill light package is also available with the CCS for operators who work after sunset.

Innovative Central Insecticide System (CIS)

The Central Insecticide System is designed to work with Force® CS, which is an improved soil-applied insecticide, created to provide consistent performance. It can be easily handled by operators, and it leverages direct injection technology.

Active Pneumatic Downforce System

The active pneumatic downforce system is available as a factory-installed option for the John Deere DB90. It features a split rank control feature, and it gives operators separate control over the front and rear rows of the planter. Although the system is set to a 100-pound downforce at the factory, it can be adjusted to accommodate various speed conditions.

For answers to questions related to the John Deere DB90 or other planter models, contact your local John Deere dealer today.

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2019 Corn Planting 90ft Wide: John Deere 9520RX and DB90

DB90 Planter from John Deere. Learn more about the features, specifications, and more for the DB90 Planter.

  • 90-ft. toolbar with 36 rows on 30-in. spacing
  • Available in mini-hopper ExactEmerge or MaxEmerge™ 5e row unit
  • Requires a minimum 325-hp tractor equipped with Category 4 drawbar

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Number of rows36
Row spacing76 cm
30 in.
Row unit seed hoppersCapacity
Vacuum meter: 2.2 L
0.062 bu
Seed MetersBase
Number of rows36
Row spacing76 cm
30 in.
TypeWheel modules with rephasing hydraulic cylinders
BaseCenter frame tires: 400/500-R22.5: 552 kPa
5.5 bar (80 psi)
Center frame tires: 600/50R22.5: 379 kPa
3.8 bar (55 psi)
14-ply Center frame tires: 31-13.5x15 621 kPa
6.2 bar (90 psi)
Center frame tires (DB90 and larger planters): 445/50R22.5: 621 kPa (6.2 bar) [90 psi]
6-ply wing frame implement tires: 31-13.5x15: 152 kPa (1.5 bar) [22 psi]
8-ply Wing frame skid steer tires: 31-13.5x16.5: 241 kPa (2.4 bar) [35 psi]
TypeExactEmerge™ row units
or MaxEmerge™ 5e row units
OpenerTru-Vee double disk
Row unit seed hoppersCapacity
Vacuum meter: 2.2 L
0.062 bu
Central Commodity SystemSeed capacity
3524 L
100 bu
With Refuge Plus option: 4405 L
125 bu
BaseElectric motors: 56 V
TypeAutomatic alternating or independent control
BaseSeedStar™ electronic system
Tank capacity499 Imperial gal.
2271 L
600 U.S. gal.
Transport weightAverage empty weight: 16,851 kg
37,150 lb
Recommended tractor horsepowerMinimum required on tractor with Category 4 drawbar: 242.4 kW
325 hp
Recommended tractor hydraulicsHydraulic oil pump required to operate electric drive planter: 227 L/min
60 gpm
Tractor standby pressure: 15,500 kpa
155 bar (2300 psi)
Hydraulic System Working Pressure: 20,684 kPa
207 bar (3000 psi)
Hydraulic system burst pressure: 82,737 kPa
827 bar (12,000 psi)

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