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Skyrim – Crafting the Dragonplate / Dragonscale Armor Set

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Every time you take a Dragon down in Skyrim, it always drops the loot of a Dragon Scale and a Dragon Bone. Now, you wonder what’s the use of it?

If you seek to craft an almighty armor set for your character, then crafting an entire Dragonplate or Dragonscale armor will do the job. If you’ve been taking a lot of dragons recently in Skyrim, you should probably have a lot of Dragon Scales and Bones right now. If so, then you’re ready for the final step of crafting that Dragonplate armor.

Below are the key ingredients needed for making that Dragonplate Armor set.

Dragonplate Ingredients

Dragonplate Armor

Ingredients: 3 Leather Strips, 3 Dragon Scales, 2 Dragon Bone

Dragonplate Boots

Ingredients: 2 Leather Strips, 3 Dragon Scales, 1 Dragon Bone

Dragonplate Gaunlets

Ingredients: 2 Leather Strips, 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Dragon Bone

Dragonplate Helmet

Ingredients: 2 Leather Strips, 2 Dragon Scales, 1 Dragon Bone

Dragonplate Shield

Ingredients: 1 Leather Strip, 3 Dragon Scales, 1 Dragon Bone

Skyrim - Crafting the Dragonplate / Dragonscale Armor Set, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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Dragonscale Armor

Turn-in locationIngredient type and amountArmor color type and general statsLink to each armor type Master Scalesmiths20 (heroic) Dragon Scales (of the appropriate color)
Black Dragon Scale Armors ML14
Blue Dragon Scale Armors ML14
White Dragon Scale Armors ML14
20 Flawless Dragon Scales (of the appropriate color), 10 Restored Dragon Relics, 10 Restored Giant Relics, 10 Restored Elven Relics, 3 Commendations of HeroismIcon tooltip.pngCommendation of Heroism: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment.
Flawless Black Dragon Scale Armors ML25
Flawless Blue Dragon Scale Armors ML25
Flawless White Dragon Scale Armors ML25
Altar of Epic Rituals20 Flawless Red Dragon Scale, 20 Epic Dungeon Tokens, any color heroic Dragonscale Armor/Docent/Robe, and a Shard of the Red Dragon
Epic Red Dragonscale Armors ML20
  • This higher quality armor has +6 Enhancement BonusIcon tooltip.png+6 Enhancement Bonus: +6 enhancement bonus to Armor Class. instead of +5 Enhancement BonusIcon tooltip.png+5 Enhancement Bonus: +5 enhancement bonus to Armor Class. for the rest of the armor types.
  • Superior Fire ResistanceIcon tooltip.pngSuperior Fire Resistance: This property absorbs the first 40 points of fire damage per attack that the wearer would normally take.
  • Eternal FireIcon tooltip.pngEternal Fire: While you are wearing this item, your melee, ranged, and unarmed attacks gain the Flaming Burst ability. (This weapon is sheathed in fire. The weapon deals an additional 1 to 6 fire damage each hit. In addition, critical hits deal an additional 1 to 10 fire damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2 to 20 for a x3 critical multiplier and 3 to 30 for a x4 multiplier.)
  • Combustion +84Icon tooltip.pngCombustion +84: Passive: +84 Equipment bonus to Fire Spell Power.
  • Fire Lore VIIcon tooltip.pngFire Lore VI: Passive: Your Fire spells gain a 16% Equipment bonus to their chance to critical hit.
  • Fire GuardIcon tooltip.pngFire Guard:
  • Incineration GuardIcon tooltip.pngIncineration Guard: This item stores the power of a raging inferno deep within. When the wearer of this item is successfully attacked in melee, this destructive power occasionally comes to the surface, devastating enemies with massive fire damage.
  • Empty Colorless Augment SlotIcon tooltip.pngColorless Augments
  • Empty Blue Augment SlotIcon tooltip.pngBlue AugmentsColorless Augments
Mikrom Sum (requires 375 Purple Dragon Knights favor) 20 Flawless Red Dragon Scale, 15 Commendations: Purple Dragon KnightsIcon tooltip.pngCommendation: Purple Dragon Knights: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. This is a token of favor earned by helping the Purple Dragon Knights. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment., 15 Commendations: Druids of the King's ForestIcon tooltip.pngCommendation: Druids of the King's Forest: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. This is a token of favor earned by helping the Druids of the King's Forest. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment., 3 Commendations of HeroismIcon tooltip.pngCommendation of Heroism: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment.
Cormyrian Red Dragonscale Armors ML23
20 Flawless Green Dragon Scale, 15 Commendations: Purple Dragon KnightsIcon tooltip.pngCommendation: Purple Dragon Knights: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. This is a token of favor earned by helping the Purple Dragon Knights. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment., 15 Commendations: War WizardsIcon tooltip.pngCommendation: War Wizards: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. This is a token of favor earned by helping the War Wizards. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment., 3 Commendations of HeroismIcon tooltip.pngCommendation of Heroism: This is a valuable item that can be exchanged for goods if brought to a Challenge Trader. You can exchange it in Eveningstar for powerful equipment.
Cormyrian Green Dragonscale Armors ML23
Sours: https://ddowiki.com/page/Dragonscale_Armor
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Dragon scale mail

Dragon scale mail (commonly abbreviated DSM) is the strongest single piece of body armor available. Its base AC reduction is 9, it weighs only 40, provides a useful extrinsic, is inherently erodeproof, and doesn't hinder spellcasting. It does not however provide any magic cancellation, and should hence be complemented by a high MC cloak.

Dragon scales are body armor that might be dropped by a dragon. They have a base AC reduction of only 3, but are otherwise identical to the dragon scale mail of the same color. They can be converted into dragon scale mail.

The most coveted varieties are silver dragon scale mail (SDSM) for reflection and gray dragon scale mail (GDSM) for magic resistance.

The following information pertains to an upcoming version (NetHack 3.7.0). If this version is now released, please verify that it is still accurate, then update the page to incorporate this information.

Gold dragon scale mail now exists, and may have an impact on strategy/kit considerations given that it provides radius 4 light when blessed. The rest of the text in this article currently doesn't reflect the addition. Also, this article (and perhaps other articles) should be reviewed for ambiguous uses of "GDSM", though green dragon scale mail already existed so it may not be a problem.



The following table shows the extrinsic abilities provided by each color of dragon scales or dragon scale mail:

Black, gray, and silver dragon scale mail have a base price of 1200 zm, and their scales are 700 zm. Other varieties are 900 zm for the mail and 500 zm for the scales. Gray, silver, and yellow dragon scales are the only ones whose resistances cannot can be obtained as intrinsics.


Uncontrolled polymorphing while wearing dragon scales or dragon scale mail turns you into a dragon of the same color. This, and purposeful polymorph into a dragon of the same color, will revert your scale mail back to its scale form[1], but leave its enchantment unchanged. If the dragon scales are enchanted above +3, it is possible that they will evaporate while attempting to return them to dragon scale mail. While polymorphed, the scales will show up as "(embedded in your skin)" and will not function as armor: the base AC and enchantment of the scales will not lower your polymorphed AC, and they cannot be targeted by a scroll of enchant armor. Your shirt and cloak will tear as normal. If you polymorph again while in dragon form, there is a chance that you will turn into a different large monster, destroying your armor in the process.

Dragon scale mail is considered to be magical for purposes of object polymorph, whereas dragon scales are not.

Since scales and mail are never generated randomly, they cannot be obtained by polypiling.

Acquiring scales and scale mail

There are two main ways to acquire dragon scale mail: either wish for it directly, or obtain dragon scales and then upgrade them to scale mail. When wishing, make sure of your spelling and wording, or you may end up with a scroll of mail.

There are two other ways to obtain DSM. The first is to find it in a bones pile, which is obviously unreliable. The other option is to kill one of the player monsters on the Astral Plane, who have a chance of wearing dragon scale mail. This method is almost completely useless, since any adventurer reaching the Astral Plane will probably have DSM already.

Making dragon scale mail from scales

Dragon scale mail can be easily made from dragon scales:

  1. wear only the dragon scales you wish to convert
  2. read a non-cursed scroll of enchant armor

If the scroll is blessed, the mail gains 1 point of enchantment and becomes blessed. Beware; if the scales are already above +3, this may vaporize them as with most other armor.

Acquiring dragon scales

Dragon scale mail is simple to acquire: kill dragons of the color you want until one drops scales, and make mail out of them as described above.

The chance of a dragon dropping scales is 1/3, but only 1/20 if the dragon was revived.[2]

Energy sources such as magic traps and The Mitre of Holiness can make Turn Undead a viable strategy for forcing one dragon to drop scales.

Here are some methods of generating dragons:

  1. Polymorphpets on a polymorph trap until one becomes the desired dragon, then leave it behind for a while to go wild (or just kill it and make up for the luck loss).
  2. Reverse genocide dragons.
  3. Allow a monster of the appropriate alignment to summon nasties until the desired dragon is created (note that this can never produce Blue, Gray, or White). Be prepared to deal with whatever else is summoned!
  4. Polymorph into a female dragon of the desired variety, lay some eggs (#sit command), let them hatch and slowly grow up into adult pet dragons. Killing them with a monster's passive attack or a trap avoids penalties.
  5. Seek out the dragons found in the Castle, in Fort Ludios, and in some quest levels.
  6. Confused lootthrones to create Throne Room monsters (farmable prior to 3.6.0).

If you want to reverse-genocide dragons to kill, but aren't strong enough to beat them in normal combat, you can force them to engage you in a "cage match" where they can't fight back.

[email protected] 

Dig a 3x3 square in the rock behind a closet, or use a boulder to block the entrance. Stand on a scroll of scare monster (Elbereth will fade immediately if you attack, but a permanent engraving is an acceptable alternative if you can rely on pets to kill the dragons for you). The scroll will prevent the dragons from attacking you in melee, but they also won't use their breath weapons while in melee range. Beware of digging monsters breaking your setup.

-|`[email protected]`|}|

If you manage to get to the castle without dragon scale mail, the room with the wand of wishing in a chest includes a guaranteed scroll of scare monster on the floor. It is cursed, so attempting to pick it up will destroy it. There are two positions in the room where a dragon can breathe at you, which you can block off with boulders generated by a scroll of earth from Sokoban. The walls are undiggable, negating the threat of disruption.

The Sokoban scroll of scare monster can also be used, although you'll have to move it out of the closet by digging a hole below it and letting it fall through. Hopefully it lands somewhere a boulder fort can be arranged (in place of walls); if not, you can move the scroll into a more suitable position by kicking it (it will be stopped by either a wall or a monster) or, if it gets stuck, digging a hole once more (except on the lowest level).


Gray or silver?

Main article: GDSM versus SDSM

Gray and silver are widely considered the two best types of dragon scale mail, but players disagree as to which is more useful in particular circumstances. Gray provides magic resistance which protects against monster spells and polytraps; silver provides reflection which protects against wands and breath attacks. Since both are extremely useful, it's best to find a source of magic resistance or reflection and then get the dragon scale mail that grants the other intrinsic.

Other colors

In general, one will always want GDSM or SDSM. However, there are some corner cases where one might use another color:

  • Wishless ascensions: Of course, one can obtain DSM without wishing via reverse genocide. However, some unlucky characters may find neither the scroll nor enough magic markers to write one. In this case, it is worth enchanting the first dragon scales found, simply for the AC benefit and weight reduction.
  • Foodless ascensions: While players attempting a foodless ascension can get most resistances through crowning, this may be undesirable (or even impossible for foodless atheists). The extra extrinsic may thus be worthwhile, particularly if the player already has MR and reflection from other sources. One advantage of gaining extrinsics from DSM over rings is that you have to identify the rings first. The three most desirable colors are:
  • Red dragon scale mail, to protect against the fire traps in Gehennom, can be superseded by the ring.
  • Green dragon scale mail, to protect against spiked pits, poisoned missiles, and poison melee attacks, can be supplanted by an alchemy smock, by the eponymous amulet or ring, and for some roles by leveling up.
  • Sleep resistance, from orange dragon scale mail, protects against traps, wands, and thrown potions. It is granted to elves at level 4, but otherwise cannot be entirely superseded by a ring of free action, making that DSM also useful.
  • If you really hate acid attacks: Short of self-polymorph or the MC 1 alchemy smock, yellow dragon scale mail is the only way to obtain acid resistance. Acid attacks are rarely threatening, however.



Getting dragon scale mail is a bit different in SLASH'EM. Baby dragons take much longer to grow up, and it is not feasible anymore to polymorph pets into dragons for their death drop (due to polymorph working like it does for player characters). However, there are many dragons in the Wyrm Caves, and there are the guaranteed gray dragon scales in the Lawful Quest and the gray dragon scale mail worn by One-eyed Sam. The last two may be somewhat difficult to liberate from their previous owners, and the law quest one is generated cursed -9.

Some of the gnolls can be generated with dragon scale mail: gnoll warriors may be generated with orange dragon scale mail, chieftains may get blue dragon scale mail, and shamans may get either red or silver dragon scale mail.

SLASH'EM's used armor dealers can sometimes enchant armor for you. Using this service on dragon scales will turn them into dragon scale mail, providing a way for illiterate characters to obtain dragon scale mail without violating conduct. However, the player is far from guaranteed to find a shopkeeper who offers the appropriate service: only 25% of armor dealers will offer it.

New colors in SLASH'EM

While still less useful than GDSM and SDSM, these two new dragon scale mails are still worth using for some players. Drain resistance is a lot more important in SLASH'EM, given the abundance of wands of draining and the breath of deep dragons in its later game; a player who has magic resistance and reflection from other sources may well consider deep dragon scale mail as an option. Meanwhile, shimmering dragon scale mail provides a way for players to get displacement and MC 3 at the same time without sacrificing their cloak slot. Finally, due to the presence of shoggoths and giant shoggoths with their high speed and massive acid damage, yellow dragon scale mail is also a viable option.


In SporkHack, all colors of DSM save gray and silver have some kind of secondary effect. Spork also adds an additional color, gold, which acts as a permanent light source.

New colors in SporkHack


In dNetHack, shimmering dragon scales/mail is also added. All old DS/DSM have additional properties too.

In addition, dragon scale shields can now be made. They are made by reading a scroll of enchant armor while confused, and will harden worn dragon scales into a shield. They grant the same extrinsics that the same color of mail does.

Also, dNetHack silver dragon scale mail/shields is much more valuable. Amulets and shields of reflection no longer reflect dragon breath, but SDSM/SDSS do.


In UnNetHack, dragon scale mails have AC 5 (down from 9) and dragon scales have AC 1 (down from 3).

The powers of dragons and thus their scales and scale mails is randomized each game:

(*) Dragons described as "glowing" always emit light, and wearing their scales or scale mail grants radius 2 light, like SporkHack.

(**) The dragon with the "stone" power has lava breath, not stoning. However, wearing its scales or scale mail confers stoning resistance.

Before wishing for dragon armor, note the new rules for wishing in UnNetHack. In particular, wands of wishing only have 0-2 charges (plus 1 wrest), and only wishes from wands can grant wishes for magical items. Dragon scale mails, magic markers, scrolls of genocide and scrolls of enchant armor all count as magical items. However, dragon scales are considered non-magical items and can thus be obtained from any wish source.

Any dragon armor can be wished for by appearance, so wishing for "guivre scale mail" (from a wand of wishing) or "guivre scales" will always work.

To wish for dragon armor by its power, the corresponding armor must be formally identified first, e.g. by using a scroll of identify on dropped dragon scales (the matching scale mail will be identified with it). The name of the power (from the table above) can then be used in the wish, e.g. "reflecting dragon scale mail".


  • Dragon scale mail in FIQHack weighs 300 when carried (150 when worn).
  • White dragon scale mail protects your inventory from water damage.
  • Shimmering dragon scale mail provides displacement and stun resistance.
  • Blue dragon scale mail gives 100% resistance against slow monsters.

Colored DSM (all except silver/gray) have new benefits, in addition to the standard ones above:


In xNetHack, dragon scales are cloaks instead of body armor. Dragon scale mail is removed; instead, a set of dragon scales can be fused into a suit of body armor by reading a scroll of enchant armor while wearing the scales over the armor. Scrolls of enchant armor will always target worn dragon scales instead of other worn items. Any body armor infused with dragon scales confers 3 extra AC and the scales' extrinsic. If the armor is already dragon-scaled, fusing another set of scales will replace the previous color.

If the scroll is blessed, the fused armor becomes blessed and has its erosion repaired (but it is not made erodeproof). If the scroll is cursed, the fused armor becomes cursed and loses a point of enchantment.

If you read a scroll of enchant armor while wearing scales without body armor, you polymorph into the matching type of dragon. (If you have polymorph control, you choose whether to transform.) If you read it while confused and wearing both scales and body armor, the scales fuse into the armor, and then you polymorph into a dragon.

Encyclopedia entry

Stephen had argued, and the expert armorer had grudgingly
admitted, that dragonscale shield or armor, provided it proved
feasible to make at all, ought to offer some real, practical
advantages over any metal breastplate or shield -- gram for
gram of weight, such a defense would probably be a lot
tougher and more protective than any human smiths could
make of steel.
[ The Last Book of Swords: Shieldbreaker's Story,
by Fred Saberhagen ]


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It may contain text specific to NetHack 3.6.1. Information on this page may be out of date.

Editors: After reviewing this page and making necessary edits, please change the {{nethack-361}} tag to the current version's tag or {{noversion}} as appropriate.

Sours: https://nethackwiki.com/wiki/Dragon_scale_mail
I Found REAL Military \

Dragon Scale Armor (5e Equipment)

Armor (scale mail), uncommon

A suit of high quality scale mail made of shaved dragon scales. The armor, despite being medium, makes little noise and does not impose disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Medium Armor

Neutral Buoyancy. The armor, despite being medium, has neutral buoyancy in water. Which means that if a wearer falls into water or moves within water, this armor does not cause them to sink or to float.

Mostly Mundane This armor is a mundane set of armor made with dragon scales. Any sufficiently skilled armorer can make a suit of it. Even though the scales have a magical absorption property, neither the suit nor the scales register as magical when magic detection is used.

Effect Absorption. The wearer of this armor has advantage on saving throws on an effect based on the kind of dragon scales used.

Scale ColorRedWhiteBlueGreenBlackGoldSilverBronzeBrassCopper
Choose or d1012345678910
Save Advantage Vs Effect:FireColdLightningPoisonAcidFireColdLightningFireAcid

The armor itself is immune to the effect.

Sours: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dragon_Scale_Armor_(5e_Equipment)

Armor dragon scale

Skyrim:Dragon Items

Dragon items are high-quality armors and weaponsDG made out of dragonparts. Dragon armors come in lightDragonscale Armor and heavyDragonplate Armor varieties. Dragon weapons are added by the Dawnguard add-on, and require that it be installed.

Dragon items can be crafted if the player has the Dragon Armor perk, the final perk in Smithing's perk tree. Unlocking it requires a Smithing skill of 100 and all of the perks in either the light armor or heavy armor branches of the perk tree. Note that unlocking this perk does not allow you to then travel down the other armor branch, e.g., if you unlock Glass Smithing and then Dragon Armor, you cannot then unlock Daedric Smithing if you don't already have Ebony Smithing.

The Dragon Armor perk also allows you to improve Dragon items twice as much. This perk applies to both unenchanted and enchanted items (generic or custom), as long as the Arcane Blacksmith perk has been unlocked.

Dragonscale Armor[edit]

Dragonscale is the best light armor in the base game. It appears in leveled lists starting at level 46 (enchanted varieties at level 47). However, even after level 46, Dragonscale armor is twenty times less likely to appear than other armor types. All items can be tempered using 1 sample of Dragon Scales, and having the Dragon Armor perk doubles the quality improvement.

A male Nordwearing Dragonscale armor
  • A female Imperial wearing Dragonscale armor

Appears only with Alternative Armors - Dragonscale

Studded Dragonscale ArmorCC[edit]

Studded Dragonscale is a variant added by the Alternative Armors - Dragonscalecreation. It can only be crafted once Tilted ScalesCC is completed. Each piece of armor has 2 points higher in armor rating than the regular version, making it considerably better.

A female Imperialwearing studded Dragonscale armor
  • A male Nord wearing studded Dragonscale armor

Dragonplate Armor[edit]

Dragonplate is tied with StalhrimDB as the second-best heavy armor in the game, beaten only by the elusive Daedric Armor. It appears in leveled lists starting at level 40 (enchanted varieties at level 41). However, even after level 40, Dragonplate armor is twenty times less likely to appear than other armor types. Either Dragon Scales or Dragon Bone are used to temper the armor:

  • 1 Dragon Bone is needed to temper the cuirass and shield.
  • 1 Dragon Scales is needed to temper the boots, gauntlets and helmet.

Having the Dragon Armor perk doubles the quality improvement.

Although Dragonplate armor has a lower base armor rating than Daedric, the difference in base armor rating is not always significant. A full set of either type of armor can provide a character with an armor rating well past the 567 displayed armor rating needed to achieve the armor cap by applying the right combination of Heavy Armor perks, Fortify Heavy Armor enchantments while wearing the armor, and/or use of Fortify Smithing enchanted gear and potions while improving the armor. At that point, the lighter weight of Dragonplate (79 vs 96) may make it more attractive than Daedric (unless you have the Conditioning perk or The Steed Stone ability, both of which make equipped weight zero). Also, the materials used to make Dragonplate armor are generally available in larger quantities than Daedric Armor. Note that getting the Dragon Armor perk uses the same number of total Smithing perks as the Daedric Armor perk, if you take the left-hand branch of the Smithing tree.

Another benefit of dragonplate armor is if you usually use light armor for yourself, focused on the left side of the Smithing Perk Tree, and want to make some powerful heavy armor for your followers, or do the reverse.

If you are smithing Dragonplate Armor for profit, consider making Dragonplate Cuirasses, and then temper them with a Dragon Bone to increase the value.

A male Nordwearing Dragonplate Armor
  • A female Imperial wearing Dragonplate armor

Dragonbone WeaponsDG[edit]

Dragonbone weapons are the highest-quality weapons available in the game, but are only available if the Dawnguard add-on has been installed. They do not appear in leveled lists, and can only be obtained via crafting or by looting a Keeper. All items except ammunition can be tempered using 1 Dragon Bone, and having the Dragon Armor Smithing perk doubles the quality improvement.


Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Dragon_Items
Worlds First 50cal rated body Armor

Dragonscale Armor Crafting Guide

Dragonscale Armor Set - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

This crafting guide covers the Dragonscale Light Armor pieces that can be made utilizing the Dragon armor perk as part of the Smithing skill with your character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Within this guide you will find pertinent details including the ingredients, stats of crafted items, profit margins, and other relative information for you to know just how to make the armor and how much you can make in septums by doing so. Each item below includes tables for reference.

Dragonscale Armor is the light armor counterpart to the Dragonplate Armor, both of which are part of the Dragon crafting group of Smithing. Unlike the heavy armor plate variant, which is second to Daedra Armor, Dragonscale is the strongest possible light armor you can potentially craft in the game, making the Dragon group of crafting items worth far more to the light armor wearers than those looking to specialize in heavy. Like its companion, this armor set takes the bone and scale ingredients found from slaying Skyrim’s many Dragons, turning them into relatively valuable pieces of armor. Unfortunately, they offer nothing in the way of weapons to craft, thus still giving a value to the Daedric crafting group since its weapons are the most powerful craftable ones in the game.

The Dragonscale set pieces depict an overall darker tone of color than the heavy armor pieces do, also being primarily made out of scales versus bone, this fact shows in the look of the pieces. In my personal opinion, the light armor also has an overall more menacing and bad-ass tone to it, particularly the shield piece. Dark blues and purples are often present as opposed to the bleached bone look.

The Dragon Scale ingredient is used to upgrade all pieces of this armor set at a Workbench to increase their overall protection and value, requiring a single scale for each piece upgraded in this manner.

Protip: Like its companion heavy armor, the Dragonscale pieces have little in the way of profit to be made, with the margin being low at best and considerably more items made at a loss than other sets.

Sours: https://standardof.net/games/skyrim/crafting/dragonscale-armor/

Now discussing:

Dragon Skin

Ambox current red Asia Australia.svg

This article needs to be updated. Please help update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.(August 2010)

X-ray of Dragon Skin Body Armor

Dragon Skin is a type of ballistic vest formerly made by the now-defunct company Pinnacle Armor, currently produced in Missoula, Montana by North American Development Group LLC available for public, law-enforcement and military customers. Its characteristic two-inch-wide circular discs overlap like scale armor, creating a flexible vest that allows a good range of motion and is intended to absorb a high number of hits compared with other military body armor. The discs are composed of silicon carbideceramic matrices and laminates, much like the larger ceramic plates in other types of bullet resistant vests.[1]

The armor was c. 2007 available in one basic protection level: Dragon Skin Extreme (formerly SOV-2000), which until 2007 was certified to comply with the NIJ 2005 Interim Requirements as a Level III armor system.[2][3][4]

Dragon Skin has been worn by some civilian contractors in Iraq, some special operations forces in Iraq and Afghanistan,[5] some SWAT teams,[6] nine generals in Afghanistan,[5][7]bodyguards tasked with protecting generals,[7] and U.S. Secret Service personnel.[5] The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has also purchased Dragon Skin.[7]

In 2020, there are no known users of the armor, although sets can be found on various online retail sites, and one of the creators has gone on to create a new company, Stealth Armor Systems.[8]


Dragon Skin armor is made of an overlapping series of high tensile strength ceramic discs encased in a fiberglass textile. Different layout configurations with variations in coverage are available.

Dragon Skin Extreme is made of overlapping approximately 0.25-inch (6.4 mm) × 2-inch (51 mm) ceramic discs encased in a fabric cover. In evaluating the Dragon Skin system, it is important to note that while the external measurements of the Dragon Skin panel are 11.5 inches (290 mm) × 13.5 inches (340 mm), the area of level III coverage provided by the encased ceramic discs is 10 inches (250 mm) × 12 inches (300 mm); the fabric edges are not intended to provide ballistic protection. Weight of the Dragon Skin Extreme armor providing 10 inches (250 mm) × 12 inches (300 mm) of level III protection was approximately 6.4 lb (2.9 kg).



In a test for the History Channel's military show, Mail Call, the vest repelled nine rounds of steel-core ammunition from an AK-47 full automatic and 35 rounds of 9×19mm from a Heckler & Koch MP5A3, all fired into a 10-by-12-inch area on the vest. On Test Lab, also on the History Channel, the vest withstood 120 rounds fired from a Type 56 (7.62×39mm) rifle and Heckler & Koch MP5 (9×19mm). In another demonstration on the Discovery Channel series Future Weapons, a Dragon Skin vest withstood numerous rounds (including steel core rounds) from an AK-47, a Heckler & Koch MP5SD, an M4 carbine (5.56×45mm), and a point-blank detonation of an M67 grenade. While the vest was heavily damaged (mainly by the grenade), there was no penetration of the armor.

In 2007, NBC News had independent ballistics testing conducted of Dragon Skin versus Interceptor body armor. Retired four-star general Wayne A. Downing observed the tests and concluded that although the number of trials performed was limited, the Dragon Skin armor performed significantly better.[7]

NBC also interviewed retired USMC Colonel James Magee, who was one developers of the Army’s then-current body armor, Interceptor. "Dragon Skin is the best out there, hands down. It's better than the Interceptor. It is state of the art. In some cases, it’s two steps ahead of anything I’ve ever seen."[9]

In light of the May 2007 media investigations, senators Hillary Clinton and Jim Webb requested that Comptroller General of the United StatesDavid M. Walker initiate a Government Accountability Office investigation into the army's body armor systems.[10]

After being confronted with conflicting information by lawmakers who questioned the NBC test results and provided Army-supplied data of vest failures from a May 2006 test, the technical expert solicited by NBC to certify its test backed away from his staunch defense of Dragon Skin and stated that the vests "weren't ready for prime time".[11]

It was also featured on Time Warp on the Discovery Channel.

Law enforcement[edit]

In Fresno, California, a police department commissioned the purchase of Dragon Skin for its officers after a vest stopped all the bullets fired during a test, including .308 rounds from a rifle and 30 rounds from a 9mm MP5 fired from five feet away. The armor also stopped 40 rounds of PS-M1943 mild steel-core bullets from an AK-47 along with 200 9 mm full metal jacket bullet fired from a submachine gun.[12]

Military testing[edit]

Dragon Skin became the subject of controversy with the U.S. Army[14] over testing it against its Interceptor body armor. The Army claimed Pinnacle's body armor was not proven to be effective. In test runs for the Air Force there were multiple failures to meet the claimed level of protection. This coupled with poor quality control (over 200 of the 380 vests delivered to USAF OSI were recalled due to improperly manufactured armor disks) and accusations of fraudulent claims of official NIJ rating which Pinnacle had not actually obtained at the time of purchase led to the termination of the USAF contract. Pinnacle attempted to appeal this decision, but courts found in favor of the USAF.[15]

Dragon Skin armor did not meet military standards when subjected to various environmental conductions, including: high (+150'F) and low (-60'F) temperature, diesel fuel, oil, and saltwater immersion, and a 14 hour temperature cycle from -25'F to +120'F. Military testing revealed that the epoxy glue that held its disc plates together would come undone when subjected to high temperatures, causing the discs to delaminate and accumulate in the lower portion of the armor panel. This exposed significant portions of the armor, resulting in Dragon Skin vests suffering 13 first or second shot complete penetrations. [16]

On April 26, 2006 Pinnacle Armor issued a press release to address these claims and a product recall instigated by the United States Navy.[17] The company stated that although vests were returned due to a manufacturing issue, a test on the Dragon Skin Level III armor was conducted by the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations at Aberdeen Proving Ground in February 2006, which concluded that it "did not fail any written contract specifications" set forth by the Air Force,[17] which was further stated by Pinnacle Armor to require high ballistic performance due to the hostile environments in which AFOSI operates.[17]

Weapon review website Defense Review also published an article similarly dissenting, noting that in their test and review of the Dragon Skin armor, they had found that it was "significantly superior in every combat-relevant way to U.S. Army PEO Soldier's and U.S. Army Natick Soldier Center (NSC)/Soldier Systems Center's Interceptor Body Armor".[18]

The Pentagon stated that the test results were classified and neither side could agree to terms on another, more comprehensive test. The Army wanted to hold and inspect the vests for 1–2 weeks before shooting at them, and Pinnacle wanted them shot at right away from out of the box because they said they feared the Army tampering with them in order to save their currently cheaper body armor program.[citation needed]

On May 19, 2006 it was announced that the dispute had been resolved and the vests were going to be retested again by the Army to clear the dispute.[19] On May 20, 2006 it was announced by The Washington Post (and other newspapers) in an article titled "Potential Advance in Body Armor Fails Tests"[20] that the Dragon Skin vests had failed the retest according to their anonymous source. Official results of these tests were classified at the time but have since been released by the Army.

On June 6, 2006 in comments posted on an online discussion forum, Karl Masters, director of engineering for Program Manager - Soldier Equipment, said he recently supervised the retest and commented on it. "I was recently tasked by the army to conduct the test of the 30 Dragon Skin SOV-3000 level IV body armor purchased for T&E [tests and evaluation]," Masters wrote. "My day job is acting product manager for Interceptor Body Armor. I'm under a gag order until the test results make it up the chain. I will, however, offer an enlightened and informed recommendation to anyone considering purchasing an SOV-3000 Dragon Skin—don't. I do not recommend this design for use in an AOR with a 7.62×54R AP threat and an ambient temperature that could range to 49°C (120 F). I do, however, highly recommend this system for use by insurgents..."[21]

In response to these claims, Pinnacle Armor released a press release on June 30, 2006.[22] Official results of these tests are classified.

According to the Army, the vests failed because the extreme temperature tests caused the discs to dislodge, thus rendering the vest ineffective. Pinnacle Armor affirms that their products can withstand environmental tests in accordance with military standards, as does testing by the Aberdeen Test Center.[23]

In response to claims made by several U.S. senators, Dragon Skin and special interest groups, on Monday, May 21, 2007, the Army held a press conference where they released the results of the tests they claimed Dragon Skin failed.[24][25][26][27]

In April 2008 one of the Dragon Skin vests, with a serial number that identifies it as one of 30 vests bought by the Department of Defense for U.S. Army for testing in 2006, was listed and later bought from eBay. The seller, David Bronson, allegedly was connected to a U.S. Army testing facility. The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), the U.S. Department of Justice, and the F.B.I. are investigating the matter as of May 2008. The buyer described the vest as having been shot at least 20 times, with not a single through-penetration.[28][29]

U.S. Army bans privately purchased body armor[edit]

On March 30, 2006 the Army banned all privately purchased commercial body armor in theater. Army officials told the Associated Press that the ban order was prompted by concerns that soldiers or their families were buying inadequate or untested commercial armor from private companies.[30] The Army ban refers specifically to Pinnacle's Dragon Skin armor saying that the company advertising implies that Dragon Skin "is superior in performance" to the Interceptor Body Armor the military issues to soldiers.[31] The Marine Corps has not issued a similar directive, but Marines are "encouraged to wear Marine Corps-issued body armor since this armor has been tested to meet fleet standards." NBC News learned that well after the Army ban select elite forces assigned to protect generals and VIPs in Iraq and Afghanistan wore Dragon Skin.[7] General Peter W. Chiarelli made a statement that, "he never wore Dragon Skin but that some members of his staff did wear a lighter version of the banned armor on certain limited occasions, despite the Army ban."[7]

Chris Kyle stated in his book American Sniper that he wore Dragon Skin body armor after his third deployment which he received from his wife's parents as a gift.[32]

H.P. White Labs conducted tests on Dragon Skin in May 2006. Even under normal conditions model SOV 3000 Dragon Skin failed to stop the second impact of M2AP. Then when the other tests were run, SOV 3000 failed multiple times, with the exception of the Salt Water test.[33]

Certification and subsequent decertification[edit]

In an interview with KSEE 24 News, an NBC affiliate, on November 14 and 16, 2006, Pinnacle Armor detailed the five-year process that the NIJ and Pinnacle Armor went through to establish a test protocol and procedure for flexible rifle defeating armor, and then pass it for the certification.[34]

On December 20, 2006, Pinnacle Armor said that they received the official letter from the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) that they had passed the Level III tests, and that Dragon Skin SOV-2000 was now certified for Level III protection.[35]

The Air Force, which ordered the Dragon Skin vests partially based on claims they were NIJ certified at a time when they were not, has opened a criminal investigation into the firm Pinnacle Armor over allegations that it had fraudulently placed a label on their Dragon Skin armor improperly stating that it had been certified to a ballistic level it had not yet been. Murray Neal, the Pinnacle Armor chief executive, claimed that he was given verbal authorization by the NIJ to label the vests although he did not have written authorization.[36]

On August 3, 2007, the Department of Justice announced that the NIJ had reviewed evidence provided by the body armor manufacturer and had determined that the evidence was insufficient to demonstrate that the body armor model would maintain its ballistic performance over its six-year declared warranty period. Because of this, Dragon Skin was found to not be in compliance with the NIJ's testing program and has been removed from the NIJ's list of bullet-resistant body armor models that satisfy its requirements.[3] Pinnacle CEO Murray Neal responded that this move was unprecedented, political, and not about the quality of the vests because they were not saying they have failed any ballistics tests. He stated it is about a dispute with the paperwork to deal with a warranty issue instead, in which the warranty period of Dragon Skin is longer than that of most other commercial vests.

After passing tests at United States Test Laboratory[edit]

On August 20, 2007, at the United States Test Laboratory in Wichita, Kansas, nine Dragon Skin SOV-2000 (Level III) body armor panels were retested, for the purpose of validating Pinnacle Armor's six-year warranty. The panels tested were between 5.7 years old and 6.8 years old. All items met the NIJ Level III ballistic protection, confirming Pinnacle Armor's six-year warranty for full ballistic protection.[37] Pinnacle resubmitted the SOV-2000 vest to the NIJ for certification based on this successful testing, but this application was rejected because the test had not been properly documented. In November 2007, Pinnacle sued to force the NIJ to recertify the SOV-2000 vest; their case was found to be without merit and summarily dismissed in November 2013.[38]


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