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Utah Valley University

Interested in the Utah Valley University Drumline? 

The UVU Green Man Group is a high-energy entertainment drumline designed to bring excitement and emotion to any event. The group consists of  exceedingly talented students from all areas of the United States. They have performed for hundreds of thousands of people, and provided entertainment and energy at countless events, not only for the university, but throughout the country.

The UVU Green Man Group is a program within the UVU Spirit Squad and  the Student Leadership & Involvement Department. As a member, here is what to expect: 

  • Practice two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings 
  • Drumline members should be well-rounded and skilled 
  • Spirit Squad members serve as ambassadors for the university and attend public functions
  • Participation in summer practices, camps and retreats is required 
  • The UVU Drumline performs and cheers at soccer and basketball games

UVU Drumline Auditions 2021-2022 season

We are always accepting applications for the UVU Drumline. If you like to drum, entertain, and really want to make the most out of your college experience, we encourage you to audition for the drumline in April.

Every member who makes the line receives between a 1/2 tuition scholarship in the fall ($1,298) & a full tuition scholarship in the spring ($2,596). It's hard to find that kind of offer anywhere else in the country to play on a drumline!

Audition Steps

  1. Register-Are you interested in becoming a member of the UVU Drumline? You should register for the audition ASAP if so and auditions will be held in April 2022.
  2. Get your packet- Once you register, you will be on the list to receive an audition packet that will be sent out via email on Friday April 1st,  2022. This packet will contain audition music and instructions for submitting a video audition.
  3. Send us your video. Submit your video audition by following instructions contained in the audition packet.
  4. Video audition submissions are due on Sunday April 24th, 2022 at 11:59pm.
  5. Live group auditions and interviews will take place on Friday April 29th at 7:00pm in the SLWC Building, SL 306 (MAC Court).
  6. 2022-2023 UVU Drumline notified and announced on Monday May 9th, 2022.

If you are unable to attend the live audition, please contact Kenton Nielson to work out a live video audition via Skype or FaceTime ([email protected] or 801.623.0785)

Green Man Group Audition Application
GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Actually started out with the notorious Blue Man Group but due to stress he struggled with drinking green koolaid which changed his pigment. Since joining green man group in 2013 he has blended in just fine!

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Is super cali swagilistic sexy hecka dopeness. He is also bald but still charming. He used to be extremely addicted to the hokey pokey...But then he turned himself around and started break dancing for the team. 

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Got his start at local news channel as a weather man. They didn't see it working out on camera so he eventually moved on disappearing from from the camera life completely. 

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Is known as Captain downbeat. He has the largest biceps of all the green men and enjoys chocolate flavored protein and romantic comedies. Also an avid sloth wrangler.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Was actually the first green man ever in space. He got tired of freeze dried ice cream and drinking tang and found a new life with sticks in his hand. 

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Is as big as they get, weighing in at over 270 pounds. He is fluffy, single and ready for a Pringle. Also enjoys playing with unicorns and glitter!

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Grew up on a large farm growing dandelions and acorns. He graduated from green man high and has found his place at UVU. 

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Is from the Green Lake City area and found green man Group while traveling in the circus selling peanuts. That is all.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

He enjoys collecting starfish and snorting pixie sticks.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Favorite movies are cone heads, space balls and E.T.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

A genuine stud muffin just looking for his cupcake.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

He enjoys he's pogo stick and collecting nickels.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Is the most senior member of the drumline.

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

Ever wonder if Michael Jackson is still alive?

GMG Person Icon

Green Man

It's classified.

Sours: https://www.uvu.edu/spiritsquad/gmg/
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right so mission bully jj oh no no no no no we're a team we are the seidman we are strong we will get everyone no no no bring it no no i'll bring it i'll make it make it very good harry will leave him do it bro we'll leave him to it you touch me i'll touch you back mom will put you in a spliff oh no don't put your stupid blob character in a spliff it's hard it's hard to be threatening when we're just a bunch of colorful blobs this is a favorite level of mine

bullying ksi on fall guys sidemen gaming

i won't lie this was this was a top tier of the tier list through that there's a shop and take my money yeah it starts to stay goated too fair we love about dizzy heights come on you sit down are you going today go 30 goat yeah that's how i was so confused by dirty goat josh pillow after nine years you've got to try some different stuff here go please


i have uh


en over yeah just a little bit there's a little food i'm not gonna lie it's not going great for

haraldinio but we've been jade all right no no no no no no no no no no no qualifying oh no why did i do that someone just grabbed me as i was making the jump over the gap and i was going to offend it was that actually you yeah i found because you idiot i thought you idiot you know josh remember yeah well i'm not jj i've done my time i need to learn your skins jinxed oh this is the the corona virus escape all right i might get corona i don't think i've ever done this i've

never played this either you just just run it's basically infected so if you ever got pink stuff coming out of your bum then just run away from people that's good you're good enough to do it right yeah order to infect myself from you or from them no no you just grab them arty all right yeah i've just gotta avoid pink people it's not what i'll do yeah i i i just on yellow blue you're calm cool i'm going to go and try and get the smart pink yellow


get dizzy off

this jesus christ he was trying to connect i have to hold him for a little bit you can't just grab him now just grab them you just grab them that's it come here so i'm trying i'm trying to avoid being infected right yeah okay okay i'll just call it the writer as well lads there's two of them two there's two of them one one of them we got one i've been affected one left one left on that team i won everyone i've been gonna lose we're gonna lose we're

gonna lose come on come on no i don't know where he was i hate team games no no no boys dog dash take care she's castle why does the grass look like a tennis ball make sure you keep jumping and diving through and you're good well i've been lost in the air okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay it's okay i went like 30 feet in the air it's okay it's okay okay oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no i'm done i'm done go go go

ahead distracted me i'm sorry poor does order hold up you know the plan jj right um lose no okay just keep ball okay i'm not doing well i'm not doing well you got soviet two three four just defend them you're not trying to attack anyone else's just defend our ones yeah r t might run out great brilliant idiot oh no oh great i'm just going to target red team yeah my team get bullied nope gets off of me get off of me blue smashing it they all they're not going wrong last

second always look yeah we now have zero all right i'll just stop yellow just up yellow stop yellow red clutch that i don't know i've just had the greatest news of my life boys they've sent me two nando's orders they sent me my original order and then some random donnie's order who's got chicken burger chicken butterflies i'm gassed oh my god we won hey red just went home come on josh and jj come on josh and jj jim on the boys i'm not asking for that chance in

the catch off yeah oh oh oh this is the circle special oh i swear to god josh i'm not i'm nineteen one three by the way nicer one three yeah okay that's for dessert harry and vic that's for me no if you can't see that we can why's the front as well oh boy i won't see damage from you on this one


yeah people are so good at this already i don't understand like how do you know the shortcuts and everything it's been a longer time now in it try harder one go oh

bullying ksi on fall guys sidemen gaming

he's having a stinker he's having a stinker it's fine where's jj adam wait i'm gonna be first oh no there's a dude oh no he's gonna get over it oh he's gonna try to me please no you mom your mom your mom no no oh no no piss off piss off no no no i'm good i'm good is that jj at the end being stopped oh my god oh my god get off me get off me you dirty man get off me i'm qualified jesus all right this is josh now no no oh no one of these stinkers like

this guy's gonna wait this guy wants a revenge on me oh oh my god he got one you a lot of toxic you know you're so toxic oh finished oh i i didn't mess up i didn't find the jj i was there it was asking for it for god's sake cherry card is from me yeah that was a poor performance i'm not alive yeah that's what i got if it's that mexican one man this is gonna be a small finals once this is done seven seven final so this is what i don't know what the this one is

you've to find the fake tiles yeah so basically the fake tile is shaped it's not really bait people like i think that's like a really secret tip that you can learn so that one over there wobbled oh my god that one i don't see oh my god straight line it's fine like we can lose at the start you don't die straight away i'll get you no no yeah yeah if i often just full sense at the start from here on you want to kind of like take it slow and just let everyone else go

ahead for you and not get knocked off which is easier said than done uh might be fast this this route right here might be the one all right come on these tiles aren't shaking whoa yes yes oh yes yes seven people at the final we have a chance we've got two yeah i don't know how it could go well could go badly um my gosh all right all right there we go oh it's fine oh you've cocked him just the diving is so glitchy isn't it yeah just didn't die i've actually dived

there it's all right it's not i feel like always when you're lying from diving you just can't get up oh my god okay this guy's just going to follow me why'd i dive why'd i dive i never dive i forgot to say josh idiot all right how are you doing jojo well um well larry on uh i think the fourth layer what color is it it's purple are you gonna blow me okay josh you've got a lot of space here yeah this guy's gonna come take it i messed up he's running oh

my camera died oh i think he's done josh he's gonna drop down why are you just running he's he's got he's got no bottle i'll try i just gotta work out my skate on this one and that guy just hit my escape oh dear that's a tricky one right there no that's bad up i've lost oh yeah you could yeah oh yeah yeah oh you can do this this is huge come on zucker if i drop down no no no no josh is putting me oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh come on that would have been his

first crown wouldn't it be the


do as well you could have gone and taken out the other guy instead of your good friend that's funny a dub though dash all right rick harry come on let's make it this time don't don't don't ever talk to me like that on the video game i won't have it i went out there like that when it comes um this is this is a free-for-all yeah this is a messy one this is a bit mad someone keeps holding me back what the oh boy this is an absolute

mess oh come on come on yes qualified yeah are you qualified oh oh harry is that yes right now yeah no see i didn't have headphones in boys i came in i came in and i the races started i was just stood there but i pulled it back i pulled it back how are you trying to might be through four


wait i went in there they just like been munching all my nandos like anyway oh dear that is up yeah on all of them up don't go up if it's up you'll go oh off oh my god i just made that

bullying ksi on fall guys sidemen gaming

jesus christ this one's coming down oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god all right i need to i need to pull this off oh this time 19 people what's your number vic they changed how the fruit works on this i don't like it really changed how the fruit works they've seen the way my fruit started there's definitely more added in they got harder imagine being fixed onto three the front runner victor killed it oh come on oh my god i'm good i'm good i'm good come on

then wait big performance again lads come on please come on the fellas i reckon to see that slime rotator thing like them has to be a team game ah i played this game too much sorry i don't know what to talk about to be honest man red team red two red yeah all right come on let's get this bread gamers yes vic nice little jump right there i think the key to this is like staying away from your teammates i'm just


them i'm sorry that's a bad job for me sure there's

none in my area blue team are killing me you got that okay look at that it's coming from out there that was a gem gold gold gold no there's a gold at the top you're gonna get it no please miss please miss please miss please miss please miss i got it too easy this really doesn't help come on teammates please pull through this you know i'm liking this thing well i'm having a little bit oh it's gold we're gonna get a gold okay then our boys getting it all right

absolutely our fella has done that we are all in the lead yes we have done that all right you're gonna get that still got a minute


i mean you haven't you have been caught up pretty fast i'm not gonna lie that's not good don't you oh it doesn't help at all he's just upset he's not here what no bastard overtaking us blue aren't coming back surely not yeah they get they get one gold though in the back and you get that in the last second go away yellows not

bad it's a lot of yeah vixx who's been struggling to find it yeah you know what oh yellows are killing it yellows are killing boys boys boys boys oh boys come on please uh oh god oh no you know i've grown to like this level now i'm a big fan of it until you have one session right at the back and it's awful i'm you can oh up you can catch up it's easy to catch up on cause everyone gets stuck hang on yes come on lad oh oh no it's over oh beautiful harry what a

little dive send it i usually can't mess up again that's where i'm at oh my god oh nelly oh my god what's up in there what's up in there what's up in there what numbers are you i think this is not called this is character i'm one for oh my god everyone come over this side i just you know what i mean why is this one tilted that much everyone this is the bit okay ready for it go go oh you know what boys i now hate this level again i hate it why are you going to get on

that lads that's fine lads lads lads lad laughs that was josh just everyone runs did you finish jj yeah i finished where's harry's number everyone know no oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh press lt harry i can't press yes yes come on is that a question i've done it i've done it i've done it i've done it no i didn't deserve to qualify that time oh my god that wasn't this was really forgiving like you can really catch up that was a nightmare that

one so did you like see store now or i don't know i had fun but it was it was stressful yes we love a little bit of that no early gig today giggly wiggly oh mine is doing very well here i'm doing great but i am still in it and see josh in front of me i'm going to follow him he seems to know he's dead until someone keeps eating my bum you know what i don't know what to do he's literally eating my ass like a cupcake yeah you could say like a cupcake off i'm going over

here oh my god i died oh my god i died this man oh no it's over it's over i've actually lost i've lost it because some prick touched me on the job yeah decided to vic yeah i qualified oh my god through harry's yeah i'm from through nice okay so okay we just gotta have a towel so i mean to have a tail um yeah i have a tail okay it's one minute thirty so anyone with a phrase make sure you have one i've got a tail here's a good spot to stick i'm just gonna

wait and get woman this red guy has hounded me he wants it how did you i'm just gonna go and steal one in like 20 seconds you say that and then then tie it in two seconds up and you're like oh crap are you son of a bastard we got two tails on our team by the way so okay yeah we need to it's not going great for us i just cried okay there we go oh i've lost mine oh boys we can't lose another team game surely no no no we can't we can't i'll keep mine i lost it no got

one how we st stop i hate this attack back it's so stupid come on come on come on hold on hold on oh no with 33 give me strength it's 25 25. you sure i think so okay look at the state of these two hot dogs i'm grabbing them just by the front scratches excuse me you want to go wait no this is 35 this is 35 people because 20 i think no no no no no no no 25. i have the last one yeah you're good josh if you want it i will i will fight back oh wait no oh harry harry harry harry harry

harry harry man you're lucky i'm not fighting back if i fight back i was so close again august 25th maybe tomorrow that's a bank tweet for tomorrow anyone wants it let's schedule it now oh my god it's so easy it's so again i've race quit there's ten left i think all right come on boys we're getting another dub for the gang never tough for the gang hey what all right 11 people though it's a busy one 211 chance mixer it's mixing we got front two two two

boys front row selected it's just right on the rng is it random who goes front because i don't know i think it is yeah come on the other engine it really should they should have just made the start point wider all right if you grab me i will kill you i won't grab you it's good to him yes boys i'm liking this you know this guy's right behind me though yes how do you get here and confirm that no what no it okay-ish that's what i'd like to see and vic storming

ahead oh no recovery until that happens all we have to have is this guy flop it for god's sake oh we've flopped it's going out come on they can plug it they can it no they're quite easy no it's just that bottleneck down us i gave you the smoke

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Fall Guys *UNRELEASED* Maps in Customs! Join up!

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Gmg fall guys

She will wake up. - Fuck you. - Sasha turned around and slapped his brother in the ear.

Fall Guys *UNRELEASED* Maps in Customs! Join up!

All so helpless. Hmm. A thought flashed through my head. After all, I do not know what the teacher wanted from me, but I clearly know what I would like from her. But I never got it.

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