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Translation of jewelry in Spanish:


alhajas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdʒu(ə)lri//ˈdʒuːəlri/



  • 1

    alhajas feminine

    joyas feminine

    a piece of jewelryuna alhaja / joya

    • The foreigner had tried to steal expensive diamond jewelry at knifepoint from a service girl.
    • She also requested you wear your gold jewelry, even though it is uncomfortable.
    • He wears real gold jewelry and drives a BMW.
    • He tells him of the jewelry store heist idea and Vogel immediately wants in.
    • She then took out her red velvet jewelry box, which contained three rings.
    • Once I opened the box I see a small black velvet jewelry box.
    • Her fingers started to peel off the wrapper, unveiling a dark blue velvet jewelry box.
    • There's no need to buy expensive branded jewelry from Tiffany unless you are making an investment.
    • Are you buying expensive jewelry for your wife for Christmas?
    • I learned to make silver jewelry as a hobby and then a minor profession.
    • For two months she learned how to make silver jewelry, selling some of her pieces through the store.
    • In India and Asia, the purchase of silver jewelry is not for show but as investment.
    • Also, South Beach shops off of Collins have some beautiful handmade jewelry.
    • Items of fine jewelry are priced from 2, baht and up.
    • Patients requiring preoperative magnetic resonance imaging must remove body jewelry.
    • Bronze enabled people to make better tools and weapons, as well as make beautiful jewelry and sculpture.
    • Some are encrusted with costume jewelry, evoking the roughly bejeweled icons of Byzantium.
    • Max, a goldsmith and engraver, established a company that manufactured costume jewelry.
    • European makeup and costume jewelry, too, are replacing traditional cosmetics and ornaments.
    • Performance means not wearing jewelry of any kind.

Translation of "jewelry" in Spanish

Select the body site and jewelry carefully.

Seleccione el sitio del cuerpo y la joya con cuidado.

What Miriam Jewels sells is jewelry.

Lo que vende joyas Miriam es una joya.

Fashion stainless steel gold-plated jewelry set

La moda de joyería de acero inoxidable conjunto chapado en oro

Gold is generally used for jewelry.

El oro se utiliza generalmente para la joyería.

Pottery, jewelry, clothing and antiques.

La oferta incluye cerámica, bisutería, confección y anticuarios.

Here's the jewelry, glassware and stuff

Aquí están las joyas, la cristalería y demás cosas

And recovered most of the jewelry.

Hemos hecho varios arrestos y recuperado la mayor parte de las joyas.

Wearing the best designer clothes and expensive jewelry.

Vistiendo las ropas de los mejores diseñadores y joyas caras.

Twenty-two million in odd jewelry and antiques.

22 millones de dólares en joyas exclusivas y antigüedades.

Got over grand in jewelry and electronics.

Se llevaron más de doscientos mil en joyas y electrónicos.

They're targeting homes and high-end jewelry

Su objetivo son casas y joyas de alto nivel

Nice work on that jewelry heist.

Buen trabajo en el robo de la joyería.

Guests wearing their Sunday best and estate jewelry.

Los invitados visten lo mejor de Domingo y joyería de familia.

Marcus was never even near the jewelry counter.

Marcus nunca fue aún cerca del mostrador de la joyería.

Barrett's housekeeper reported some jewelry stolen.

MUNDO: ama de llaves de Barrett informó algunas joyas robadas.

Someone just melted a jewelry store downtown.

Alguien acaba de derretir una joyería en el centro.

Never bought another girlfriend jewelry again.

Nunca más volví a comprarle joyas a una novia.

This whole family sheds jewelry like dog fur.

Toda esta familia guarda tanta joyería como piel de perro.

Everything we need to make jewelry molds.

Todo lo que necesitamos para hacer moldes de joyería.

You pulled that jewelry heist together.

Ustedes dieron el golpe a la joyería juntos.

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Spanish Jewelry Vocabulary Hugh Fox III
    Jun 30,  &#; amethyst – la amatista. amulet – el amuleto. anklet – la tobillera. barrette – la hebilla. bracelet – la pulsera. brooch – el broche. buckle – la hebilla. cameo – el camafeo.

Jewelry in Spanish English to Spanish Translation
    noun. 1. (general) a. la joyer&#;a. (f) means that a noun is feminine. Spanish nouns have a gender, which is either feminine (like la mujer or la luna) or masculine (like el hombre or el sol). (F) The thieves stole every piece of jewelry that I had.Los ladrones robaron todas las piezas de joyer&#;a …

Las joyas - Learn Spanish Online at
    Learn free Spanish vocabulary related to jewlery, such as "los aretes", "el anillo", "la cadena", "la pulsera" and more.

Agreement Words In Spanish - Custom Fine Jewelry
    Dec 02,  &#; In Spanish, we have a rule called “agreement,” which usually consists of the words around the noun to “consent” with the Nostun in sex and number. But there are other words that change accordingly, and we are generally not adjectives, although they are: interjection – these words express a reaction and are very independent: “oh!”

Spanish Jewelry Words - Jewelry
    Mar 11,  &#; Spanish Jewelry Words. By Garry Beck March 11, 0 Comment. Jewelry jumbled words spanish worksheet vocabulary lessons and lists lawless listen learn first chinese vs jewellery which one is the. Clothing Accessories Footwear And Jewelry Jumbled Words Spanish Worksheet Teaching Resources

Spanish word for jewelry is las joyas - YouTube
    Jun 04,  &#; Spanish word for jewelry is las joyas - YouTube. Visit to learn over Spanish words and phrases absolutely free! Visit …

Jewelry - Words To Use
    durable. easy-to-maintain. eco-friendly. edgy. elegant. inlaid. innovative. intricate. iridescent.

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    Dec 1, - A toast to the words that make us laugh. Make us go oooh. The ones that give us the feels. All the feels. See more ideas about jewelry quotes, quotes, words pins

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Dictionary English-Spanish

Tagua, palm or vegetable ivory, is a bueatiful hard and shiny material ideal for jewels, carving,beads andotherjewelrypieces and chess games made.

La Tagua es la nuez seca de

[] una palmera y es un material duro y brillante como el marfil, pero vegetal. Es un excelente materia prima para bisutea, adornos, piezas de muebles y figuras talladas.

taguabeads,slicesandnutsfor makingjewelry

Pues hay joyeros, cuentas deabalorios, muñecas y más.

Jewelry, beads,necklacesandbracelets.

The MF 5 model is the ideal furnace

[] for cooling large glassbeadsor glassjewelry.

El MF 5 es el horno ideal para el proceso

[] de enfriamiento de perlas grandes y decoración []

de vidrio.

series are the tagua pearlsand beadsforjewelry

la serie 012 son las perlas y bolas de tagua de primera calidad

Use your imagination to create a world of wonder out

[] of sticks, ribbons,beads, andmore.

Utiliza tu imaginación para crear un mundo de

[] maravillas con ramas, cintas, cuentas y más!

Different materials have been found with the bodies,

[] such as buttons,beadsfroma  necklaceandceramic shards.

Acompañando a los cuerpos se han hallado diferentes

[] materiales, como botones, cuentas de collar y fragmentos de cerámica.

Encourage dramatic play by having a dress-up closet with scarves, hats,

[] belts, ties,beads,costumejewelry,shoesandother props available.

Anímelo a representar todo tipo


de papeles-ponga en una caja bufandas, sombreros,

[] cinturones, corbatas, cuentas, bisutea, zapatos y otros accesorios.

The adhesivebeadsmustbe applied only in a vertical directionandalways in full height []

of the panel.

Los cordones adhesivos debenaplicarse solo en dirección vertical y ocupar siempre toda []

la altura de la placa.

Warriors still wear ochreand beads andgrowtheir elaborately styled []

hair to waist length, but the spears they carry are being


augmented by kalashnikovs seized in cattle raiding, and bicycles have become coveted possessions despite the awkwardness of riding a bike while wearing a sword.

Los guerreros siguen pintándose de

[] ocre, llevando collares y dejándose crecer el cabello y llevando un []

complicado peinado,


aunque además de sus lanzas actualmente llevan los kalashnikov que han arrebatado a otros pastores al robar ganado, y las bicicletas se han convertido en posesiones codiciadas pese a la incomodidad de ir en ellas sosteniendo una lanza.

11/6 -- Sculpybeads andornaments & Shrinky Dink beads -- 6 - 9 @ Parrie&#;s house (led by Mara MlynandParrie H-O&#;Keefe) 11/10 --Jewelrymaking (using thebeadswe&#;ve madeandothers) -- 6 - []

8 @ school (led by Mara Mlyn)

11/6 -- Cuentas Sculpy y ornamentos y Shrinky Dinks -- 6 - 9 @ casa de Parrie (sostenido por Mara Mlyn y Parrie H-O&#;Keefe) 11/10 -- Haciendo joyería (usando las cuentas que hemos hecho y otras) -- 6 - []

8 @ en la escuela (sostenido por Mara Mlyn)

Out front, a woman wearing a bright pink

[] dress, hoop earrings,andcarnivalbeadsvigorously swept []

the jungle floor, sending up a dust cloud.

En el frente, una mujer que llevaba


un vestido color rosa brillante,

[] aros de argolla y un collar de cuentas carnavalesco barría []

con fuerza el suelo selvático, levantando una nube de polvo.

The Native Americans made Indianjewelryfromitems such asbeads,shells,andminerals.

Los nativos indios americanos de artículos de joyería, como las perlas, conchas, y los minerales.

SMGL CORPORATION offers highest quality in Silver Beads, Pendants, Bracelets, Bali Silver Beads,


Gem Beads, Precious stone Beads, Semi

[] Precious StoneBeads,SilverJewelry andCalibrated Faceted []

Semi Precious Stones.

SMGL CORPORATION, ofrece la más alta calidad en plata bolas, colgantes, pulseras, cordones de soldadura de plata de Bali, gema


bolas, piedras preciosas bolas, bolas de

[] piedra semi preciosas, joyas de plata y Calibrada facetada []

semi preciosas Stones.

Preciosa keeps close attention to the ongoing improvement of the technical properties

[] of its fashionjewelrystonesand beads.

Preciosa contínuamente dedica su atención a mejorar las cualidades técnicas de

[] las piedras de bisutería y de las bolas.

jewelry,watches, credit cardsandhearing aids, all of which []

can be damaged.

Joyas, relojes, tarjetas de crédito y audífonos, todos pueden []


We are also looking for donated supplies such as

[] glass plates, vases,beads, jewelrymaking supplies,andsculpey for use in []

the crafts.

También necesitamos artículos donados, como placas

[] de vidrio, jarrones, perlas, cosas para hacer joyas y sculpey para usarlo []

durante las noches de artesanía.

Can hold

[] one g of wax inbeadsor blocks.

Puede contener una caja de  g y 1,5 kg deceras (pastillas []

o panales).

various plasticbeads andpieces of costume []

jewellery for threading

varias cuentas de plástico y piezas de bisutería []

para ensartar en un hilo

For example, you might create a toddler happy box with a few small board books, some small stuffed animals and some

[] large lacingbeads andstring.

Por ejemplo, puede crear una caja felíz para niños de hasta 5 años utilizando libros con

[] páginas de cartón, y pequeños muñecos []

de peluche.

Pore -Matte Complexe: Complexe with oil-controllingandmattifying micro-beadsthatact within the skinandon its surface.

Pore-Matt Complexe:

[] Complejo de micro esferas controladoras del exceso de grasa y matificantes que actúan en el interior y exterior de []

la piel.

The oysters are first enucleated with

[] perfectly round gemstonebeadssuchas turquoise, amethyst, garnet, citrine,andopal, then left to grow []

for almost a year to


obtain a luxurious nacre, or exterior coating.

Se coloca primero en las

[] ostras un núcleo con una cuenta de gemas comoturquesas, amatistas, granates, citrinas y ópalos, después se []

las deja crecer durante


casi un año para obtener un nácar, o capa exterior, exuberante.

The cells could also attach themselves to a

[] membrane or tinybeadswhich could be layered on top of each otherandconnected together.

Las células podrían adherirse también a una membrana

[] o a pequeños gránulos dispuestos en capas unas encima de otras e interconectadas.

Weldac&#;s low ripple

[] results in clean weldbeads-making the system particularly suitable for aluminumandstainless steel welding.

El rizo del Weldac da como resultado


limpios cordones de

[] soldadura -haciendo alsistema particularmente adecuado para la soldadura de acero inoxidable y aluminio.

We encourage you

[] to leave money,jewelry andother valuables []

at home.

Le recomendamos

[] que deje el dinero, joyas y demás objetos de []

valor en su casa.

Also in Monterrey is Emwa jewelry,

[] which distributes watchesand jewelryby Montblanc, Cartier, []

Bvlgari and more.

También en Monterrey se encuentra la joyería Emwa, que

[] distribuye relojes y joyas de Montblanc, Cartier, Bvlgari y más.


Word for jewelry spanish

Translation of jewelry – English-Spanish dictionary

The use of ducats in jewelry was essentially a means of communicating the exact economic positions on the marriage 'market'.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

In all these scenes that contain art and jewelry, the characters' aesthetic judgments emerge as crucially important political and economic statements.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Apart from hoarding, much gold and silver was transformed into jewelry, gold and silver wire, plates, vases, goblets, and the like.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

That is the sine qua non of this phenomenon in general: ducats are used in jewelry only when people have enough to show off.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Examples of jewelry designs and physical prototypes created by the proposed system are included.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

As governor, she consistently wore feminine clothing, had her hair done professionally, and wore makeup and jewelry whenever she appeared in public.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

In his view, idle capital was as much an example of luxury as was expenditure on needless clothes and jewelry.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

Learn Spanish 5 Nouns-JEWELRY-Earrings, Jewelry, Ring, Necklace, Bracelet -With Practice Exercises!

Spanish Jewelry Vocabulary

amethyst &#; la amatista

amulet &#; el amuleto

anklet &#; la tobillera

barrette &#; la hebilla

bracelet &#; la pulsera

brooch &#; el broche

buckle  &#; la hebilla

cameo &#; el camafeo

crown &#; la corona

cuff links &#; los gemelos

diamond &#; el diamante

earrings &#; los aretes

emerald &#; la esmeralda

garnet &#; el granate

hairpin &#; la horquilla

hatpin &#; el agujón

jet &#; el azabache

jewelry            &#; las alhajas

lapis lazuli &#; el lapislázuli

locket  &#; el guardapelo

medallion &#; el medallón

necklace &#; el collar

opal &#; el ópalo

pendant &#; el pendiente

peridot &#; el peridoto

ring &#; el anillo

ruby &#; el rubí

sapphire &#; el zafiro

tiara &#; la tiara

tie clip &#; el alfiler de corbata

topaz &#; el topacio

tourmaline &#; la turmalina

turquoise &#; la turquesa

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Dictionary English-Spanish

Imagine you areacostume jewelrymanufacturer, []

coating inexpensive silver with thin layers of gold.

Imagine que usted es un fabricante de joyería []

personalizada, que baña plata barata con una fina capa de oro.

You can buycostume jewelrywithus, as well as cut crystal []

figurines, products crystallized with Swarovski, crystal glass nail files, czech garnet jewellery,


crystal glass Christmas decorations and crystal for your home or your office.

Usted puede comprar bisuteria de cristal con nosotros, []

joyería, así como figuritas de cristal tallado, productos cristalizados con Swarovski, limas de cristal


para uñas, joyas de granate checo, decoración navideña de cristal, flores de cristal y cristal para su hogar o su oficina.

If you get rashes fromcostume jewelryor the metal []

button on your jeans, you&#;re probably nickel-sensitive, said Fonacier.

Si la bisutería o los botones de los pantalones []

provocan sarpullido, es probable que se sea sensible al níquel, apuntó Fonacier.

Nickel is found incostume jewelry,belt buckles, []

and wristwatches, as well as zippers, snaps, and hooks on clothing.

El níquel

[] se encuentra en la bisutería, las hebillas de los []

cinturones y correas de los relojes, así como también en las


cremalleras, los broches y los ganchos de la ropa.

Lead, a neurotoxin, is present in trace amounts in such things as soil, drinking

[] water, children&#;scostume jewelryand imported candies.

El plomo, una neurotoxina, está presente en trazas de cosas como el suelo,

[] el agua de beber, bisuterías para niños y en dulces []


This new commerical concept of Inditex offers a range of high quality fashion


accessories, including handbags, footwear

[] and leather goods,costume jewelryand a selection []

of both textile and fur garments.

El nuevo concepto comercial de Inditex propone una oferta de complementos de moda caracterizados por


su calidad, que incluye bolsos,

[] calzado y marroquinería, bisutería y una cuidadaselección []

de prendas en textil y piel.

A brand ofcostume jewelryand accessories, []

from Madrid come to present his collection.

Una marca de bisutería y accesorios,que desde []

Madrid vienen a presentar su colección.

A recent court settlement in California requires 71 key retailers (including K-Mart


and Target, but not WalMart) to

[] reduce lead amounts incostume jewelryby 2 and a new []

state law imposes a fine for selling lead-contaminated candy.

Un fallo reciente de la Corte de California ha determinado que 71 grandes minoristas (incluyendo K-Mart y Target, y con excepción de WalMart)


habrán de reducir las

[] cantidades de plomo en las joyas de fantasíapara disfraces antes []

del año , mientras que una nueva


ley estatal impone multas por vender caramelos contaminados con plomo.

In general jewelry is to be

[] understated, Nocostume jewelry,dangling earrings []

or any other jewelry that becomes a distraction or hazard is to be worn.

En joyería general debe ser

[] minimisada, ninguna joya de traje, pendientes que []

cuelgan o cualquier otra joyería que se convierta


en una distracción o un peligro no debe ser usada.

These include painted

[] toys and inexpensivecostume jewelrymadeout of metal.

Éstos incluyen

[] juguetes pintados y joyas de fantaa baratas fabricadas de metal.

Other projects included flower table arrangements,


family photographs, afternoon tea, the history of gingerbread, and

[] the production ofcostume jewelryfromnatural elements.

Otros proyectos tocaron temas como el arreglo de flores y los centros de mesa, las fotografías de


familia, el té de la tarde, la historia del pan de jengibre y

[] la producción de bisutería a partir de elementos naturales.

The streets with specialized commerce are a big differential in the city. They offer antiques,

[] electronic equipment,costume jewelry,andmuch more.

Las calles con comercio especializado son un grande diferencial de la ciudad, ofreciendo antigüedades,

[] equipamientos electrónicos, joyería, y mucho más.

Lead has been found in painted

[] toys and inexpensivecostume jewelry,particularly imported items.

Se ha encontrado plomo en

[] juguetes pintados y en joyas de bisutería barata, especialmente []

en artículos importados.

Jewelry, Wholesale Jewelry,

[] Wholesale Jewellery,JewelryDesigners,Costume Jewelry, Costume Jewelry,FashionJewelry,Gemstone Jewelry,Gold []

Jewelry, Silver


Jewelry, Fine Jewelry, Jewelry Supplier, Jewellery, Wholesale Jewelers, Jewellery Wholesalers.

Joyas, joyas

[] por mayor, mayoristas de joyería, disadores de joyas, Deportivo, Deportivo, Fashion Jewelry, Joyas []

de piedras preciosas,


joyas de oro, joyas de plata, joyería fina, joyas Proveedor, Joyería, Joyeros mayor, mayoristas de joyería.

Furniture and Decorations - Manufacturers of furniture,

[] decoration services,costume jewelry,musical instruments.

Muebles y Decoraciones - Fabricantes de muebles

[] en general, servicios de decoraciones, bijouterie, []

instrumentos musicales.

Copper is involved in the matter of a lot of different and varied components of all types of machinery, such


as caps, trims, etc.. It is part

[] of the elements ofcostume jewelry,lamps and fluorescent []

tubes, boiler, electromagnets,


wind musical instruments, microwave.

El cobre participa en la materia de una gran cantidad de diferentes y variados componentes de todo tipo de maquinaria, tales como casquillos,


embellecedoras, etc. Forma parte

[] de los elementos de bisutería, bombillas y tubos fluorescentes, []

calderería, electroimanes,


instrumentos musicales de viento, microondas.

Once a strictly wholesale business now open to the


public, Sam Moon is a bargain shopper&#;s

[] paradise for handbags,costume jewelryand accessories, []

all at wholesale prices.

Una empresa que en un momento fue estrictamente mayorista y ahora está abierta el público, Sam Moon


es el paraíso de los buscadores de

[] ofertas por sus carteras, alhajas de fantasía y accesorios, []

todo a precios mayoristas.

Bisuteria,costume jewelry,from Menorca []

is internationally renowned.

La bisutería de Menorca es internacionalmente []


She sings wonderfully as she designs nice and strange hippie-psychedellic

[] gadgets to hangjewelryor rathercostume jewelry.

Lo mismo canta maravillosamente como diseña bonitos y extraños artilugios

[] hippie-sicodélicos pa colgar joyas o mas bien bisutería.

Once the religious ceremony is over, you can add a pimp cane, a furry

[] boa and layers ofcostume jewelryin gold with bold []

jewels for fun.

Una vez que hayas superado la ceremonia religiosa, entonces


puedes añadir el resto con detalles arriesgados,

[] una boa de plumas, y toneladas de joyería estrafalaria []

para divertirse.

Processed from a natural state; we

[] produce finejewelry, costume jewelryand other decorative []

articles that represent Uruguayan


craftsmanship around the world.

Procesadas desde su estado

[] natural, logrando finas joyas, fantasías y los más diversos []

artículos de decoración que representan


la artesanía uruguaya en el mundo entero.

Encourage dramatic play by having a dress-up closet with scarves, hats,

[] belts, ties, beads,costume jewelry,shoes and other []

props available.

Anímelo a representar todo tipo


de papeles-ponga en una caja bufandas, sombreros, cinturones,

[] corbatas, cuentas, bisutería, zapatos y otros []


Ingl?s: - Food and beverages; - Arts/Culture; - Automotive parts; - Shoes and accessories/ Leather; - Meat; - Ceramic/ Lining; - Construction; - Cosmetics; -


Household appliances; - Entertainment; -

[] Computers; - Inputs;-Jewelry/ Costume Jewelry;- Lubricants; []

- Machinery; - Furniture

Alimentos y Bebidas; - Arte/ Cultura; - Repuestos de Autom¢viles; - Calzados y Accessorios/ Cuero; - Carnes; - Cer mica/ Revestimiento; - Construcci¢n; -


Cosm?ticos; - Electrodom?sticos; - Entretenimiento; -

[] Inform tica; - Insumos; - Joyas/ Bijuter¡as; - Lubricantes; []

- M quinas

Miniature sculptures, representations of

[] birds or novelcostume jewelryarticles are creatively []

designed through art with seeds,


an activity increasingly popular among plastic artists and native sculptors.

Esculturas miniatura, representaciones de aves o

[] novedosos artículos de bisutería son creativamente []

hechos por medio del arte con


semillas, actividad que se ha popularizado entre los artistas plásticos y escultores autóctonos del país.

The 8th of June Rimax begins the process and manufacture of plastic items, like products for children, articles for the home andcostume jewelry(earrings and necklaces) among others.

El 8 de Junio Rimax inicia con el proceso y transformación del plástico. Productos para niños, artículos para el hogar y productos de fantasía (aretes y collares) entre otros.

With over 15 years of experience, Accessories

[] Agency Ltd is the supplier ofcostume jewelryand fashion accessories to []

many countries worldwide.

A lo largo de 15 años la compañía Accessories Agency Ltd se dedica a suministrar

[] joyería de fantasía y accesorios de moda a diferentes países del mundo.

With applications in several branches such as leather footwear, automobile, mattresses, comforter quilting,costume jewelry,craftwork, technical purposes, etc. we are committed to assuring reliability in the use of our products.

Que trabajan en diversos sectores como el cuero del calzado, automóviles, colchones, edredones, joyería, artesanía, las aplicaciones técnicas, etc. Tenemos el compromiso de asegurar la confianza en el uso de nuestros productos.


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