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Kimberly-Clark, Huggies' diaper packs designed for omnichannel

Huggies®, a Kimberly-Clark company, introduced HuggiesSpecial Delivery™ diapers, billed as the company’s “perfect diaper.” Notably, the diapers themselves are made from 23% plant-based material by weight, but from a packaging perspective, it’s interesting to see that the new line had omnichannel in mind.

“All Huggies Special Delivery pack types are first packaged in bags. Depending on the pack type, they are either then placed into a carton or case. Our smallest pack offering of Huggies Special Delivery is produced in paperboard cartons that are die cut. The rest of our retail cases, along with our e-commerce packs, are corrugated and also die cut,” says Eric Lausch, Packaging Engineer, Kimberly-Clark.

Featured in a stylish black box with the iconic Huggies logo, Huggies Special Delivery diapers are now available online in sizes Newborn through Size 6, as well as at major U.S. retailers throughout North America. The line features some packs that are Ships in Own Container (SIOC) and others that are not. Consumers visiting the Huggies website are invited to first select the size, then select the channel for delivery. A list of large nearby retailers that offer the product is presented, as is a list of online e-tailers. Via Amazon, consumers can even select automatically replenishing subscription options. 

“The smallest pack offering in a paperboard carton is shipped to stores in brown boxes. All other Special Delivery packages, outside of the cartons, are SIOC. The only coding/markings across the Special Delivery products are the case/retail bar codes,” Lausch says.

As for the retail side of the omnichannel offering, with a promise like "our perfect diaper," as clearly stated on the corrugated and paperboard cartons and cases, Lausch knew “the graphics would have to break through and make waves.”

“We found that the black and white photography against a black background connected in a bold new way that not only draws attention, but also evokes the emotional connection between parents and babies to create an elevated experience,” he says. “Pairing this with the rigid carton design, Huggies Special Delivery acts as a disrupter on store shelves saturated with flexible film packaging.”


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Huggies is introducing Huggies Special Delivery, what it calls its “most perfect diaper ever,” with a liner and waistband made from plant-based materials, including sugarcane, that provide better absorption and fit.

And in what might be considered an unusual marketing decision in the disposable diaper segment, Huggies Special Delivery packaging is black, making the product stand out in a sea of white and pastel packaging that other brands use. The advertising also relies on black-and-white imagery.

The diapers are free of parabens, fragrance and “elemental chlorine,” and “dermatologically tested and clinically proven hypoallergenic,” according to the company. Huggies’ “wetness indicator” helps parents know when it’s time for a change. They also come with a variety of designs the company says follow “contemporary market trends.”



The commercials emphasize that Special Delivery is for parents who believe the “perfect way to care for your baby is your own way,” regardless of what the “five million parenting search results say.”

The multibillion-dollar disposable diaper market is dominated worldwide by two brands: Procter & Gamble's Pampers and Kimberly-Clark's Huggies.  It’s a tricky market. As the nation ages, much of the growth is coming from the sale of adult diapers.

In recent years, because of environmental and health concerns, some parents have turned back to washable, cloth diapers but some studies say the water, detergent and energy consumed to clean them has its own environmental downside.

Kristine Rhode, Huggies North America brand director, says the company set out to satisfy three product goals: a diaper that gave “superior performance, contained more plant-based fibers, and provided the softest fabric on baby’s skin.”

Using the plant-based material like sugarcane is “really quite new to the industry when you think about how product materials have evolved,” Rhode tells Marketing Daily.

While Kimberly-Clark, like others, seeks out sustainable practices, Special Delivery is not biodegradable, and Rhode says, no other U.S. disposable diaper is, either (though several make the claim).

Huggies will advertise via addressable TV and on website and social media sites where parents tend to gravitate.

Special Delivery’s black packaging clearly excites Rhode, too. On grocery shelves, black packaging has come to be associated with upscale, quality products, according to a study by packaging design company Bizongo.

“Huggies Special Delivery is really an elevated experience, so the black box for us was meant to be striking, to capture the attention of consumers along with the unique designs on the diapers themselves,” Rhode said.

“We tested this with parents and heard back from them, resoundingly, that the black box to them looks premium. A quote we kept hearing was, ‘we want to try it.’ “

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