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Juego de Mesa Mini Billar Tabletop Pool

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Snooker - uno de los tipos más populares de billar.

Snooker - one of the most popular types of billiards.

Es un lugar favorito para los jugadores de billar.

It is a favorite place for the players of billiards.

Ofrecemos también una sala de juegos con billar y dardos.

We also offer a games room with billiards and darts.

Los huéspedes también pueden relajarse con una partida de billar/snooker.

Guests can also relax with a game of pool/snooker.

Deportes: Los huéspedes pueden disfrutar de diversos juegos, incluido billar/snooker.

Sports: Guests can enjoy a range of games, including pool/snooker.

España está liderando el camino, con su academia de billar.

Spain is leading the way, with its billiard academy.

Esta imagen pertenece a las siguientes categorías: Carom billar, Charco.

This image belongs to the following categories: Carom billiards, Pool.

Otra mesa de billar en una habitación que ofrece internet.

Another pool table in a room that offers internet.

La propiedad ofrece restaurante, centro de fitness, sauna y billar.

The property offers restaurant, fitness center, sauna and billiards.

Mesas de billar y ping pong disponible en varios sección.

Pool tables and ping pong available in several section.

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Suggestions:de billarjugar al billar

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billiard pool snooker pinball poolroom billar





Billar, TV, conexión a Internet y una zona wi-fi.

Billiard, TV, free internet and a wi-fi zone.

Billar ruso es un juego para móviles en 3D directamente a jugador experto real.

Russian billiard is a straight 3D mobile game for real skilled player.

Billar, pinball, hacer turnos de mano-izquierda.

Pool, pinball, making left-hand turns.

O solo podrías quedarte con dar asco en el Billar.

Or you could just stick to sucking at pool.

Carreras de Caballos Billar Inglés Boxeo Danza Otro Golf Baloncesto Deportes Motorizados Natación Tenis

Horse Racing Snooker Boxing Dances Other Golf Basketball Motorsport Swimming Tennis

Billar; Deportes; Importación; Juegos DeportesVarios productos

Billiard/ Snooker; Games; Import; Sporting Goods

Mira, estaré en la parte trasera del Billar Bones esta noche.

All right, look, I'll be at the back of Bones Billiards tonight.

Billar, tomar, camisetas mojadas... todos están descartados.

Pool, beer pong, wet T-shirt contests - they're all out.

Billar... Era el juego de mi padre.

Pool... used to be my father's game.

Casino, Ping-pong, Billar, Juegos de mesa.

Billiards, Board Games, Casino, Ping-Pong.

Billar y actividades de deportes acuáticos están disponibles bajo petición.

Billiards and water sport activities are available upon request.

Por alcanzar nivel 7000 en Billar 9.

Reaching rating level 7,000 in Pool 9.

Juegos de mesa, Billar, Ping-pong.

Board Games, Billiards, Ping-Pong.

Piscina exterior, Juegos de mesa, Dardos, Instalaciones para barbacoa, Billar.

Outdoor Swimming Pool, Board Games, Darts, BBQ Facilities, Billiards.

Colección de películas en DVD, Billar, Instalaciones para barbacoa.

Billiards, BBQ Facilities, Movie Collection on DVD.

Billar son algunos de los juegos más conocidos y famosos.

Billiards are among the most well known and famous games.

Billar piquete es un buen juego de la piscina.

Billiards picket is a nice pool game.

Hamacas, Billar, Instalaciones para barbacoa, Zona de juegos infantil.

Hammocks, Billiards, BBQ Facilities, Children's Playground.

Añadir a mi guía Billares Londres Billar y polas.

Add to my guide Billares Londres Pool and polas.

Tenis de mesa, Tiro con arco, Billar.

Table tennis, Archery, Billiards.

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mesa de billar335

jugar al billar173

billar americano

billar romano

billar romano mecánico

Mesa multijuegos 4 en 1- mesa de ping pong - billar Pool - air hockey caliente y mesa de comedor

Detalles acerca de  Mesa De Billar Pool Snooker 7' pies Conjunto Completo Juego De Accesorios Temporada Verde Mod.- mostrar título original

Nice for the price

The pool table is nice for the price - you are getting what you paid for when you consider most pool tables run over $2,000. My husband and two teenage boys were able to carry it down stairs themselves and it was not difficult to put together. It looks good, it doesn't look cheap. It is very solid and sturdy once it is set up. The playing surface is not a slate, but it is smooth. It is not 7', the entire length of the table is. The ball return works as it should, and just a note - the white ball gets returned amongst all the other balls, which hasn't been a big issue for us tho. The balls and accessories are nice, with the exception of the cue sticks -they are very light and you can tell they are "cheap". Wish it had come with game instructions for all the accessories - I do not know how to play some of these games. The biggest downfall of this table is when you hit a ball in the pocket, when the ball drops it is loud as it hits the board below. It is too bad they didn't put some kind of rubber padding for when it fell to curb that sound. We may try to look into that, in the meantime we will be playing with music on to help. Overall, we are not disappointed in our purchase as we wanted a starter table for our basement we are currently finishing. We have enjoyed playing a few games with our kids on it so far and hope to get some good life out of it - including memories!

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De billar juego mesa

Juego de billar coreano, mesa de billar de 9 bolas, a la venta


Shanghai Tengbo Sports Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer and exporter of the Standard Snookers,American pocket billiard tables,Chinese snooker,Russian style billiard,Carving style&Fancy style billiard,coin operated billiard and other accessories for more than 8 years in China.

With years of manufacturing and trading experience,TB sports have won more and more good reputations abroad,and we could also offer innovative customized solutions for customers’ needs. We are encouraged and inspired by the new idea and products that our customer need.

Our mission is quality,design and novelty of offered products.

We care about our customers, professionalism is the key factor in every segment of our activities. We are at your disposal in terms of complete business and consulting services. Satisfaction of our clients is our priority.

We have obtained certifications of CE/ISO9001,etc.

We thank you for your trusting and looking forward to your visiting to our company.  

1.) Entered the filed of table tennis and pool table for 12 years


2.) Over 50 experienced employees.


3.) Factory is only about half an hour from Shanghai air port.


4.) Main product: Pool table,table tennis,billiard table,Ping-pong table,Pool cue,ects.


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