Amazon coding interview questions 2020

Amazon coding interview questions 2020 DEFAULT

Amazon SDE-1 Interview Experience | Amazon WOW-2020

Online Test:
The first round contain easy to medium questions. The online test consists of 28 MCQs in which there were general aptitude questions, OOPS, output, Data structure etc. In addition to this, there were 2 coding questions.
Q2).Find the position of leftmost and the rightmost set bit, also the number of total set bits.
Tips– Complexity doesn’t matter in this round, O(n2) solution is acceptable. Also STL works well.

After this there are 4 Technical Online Interviews.

Round 1:

It is a coding round consisting of two coding questions.

Q2). Find the strings from an array which are not prefix of any other string. (He want the optimised trie solution with full Trie implementation).

Round 2:

It is also a coding round consisting of two coding questions.

Q1). At first he asked me about cache and its types and then full implementation.

Round 3:

This round is based on knowledge about subjects and 2 coding questions are asked. At first he asked me about my favourite subject I said Data Structure then he asked me basic questions about the complexity and type, and questions related to Cache(Very Important).



Round 4:

It was both behavioural and technical round. Amazon focuses more on their Leadership principles. Questions related to that were asked. For Example:-

  1. Describe any situation when your judgement/idea had a great impact.
  2. Describe any situation when you took initiative.
  3. What will you do if you are given a deadline and it’s not possible to complete that project with that deadline.
  4. Describe a situation when your teammates did not agreed with your idea.

Many more questions were asked. The interviewer want me to give answers specifically related to software only.

Two coding questions were asked-




IMPORTANT:- Go through Geeksforgeeks in depth also go through the past experiences available. The interviewer wants the most optimised solution possible to every question with full implementation. Don’t give up on coding question, the interviewer will help you whenever you are stuck. Also a production ready, clean  code is expected on the live coding platform. The whole process took 1 month so be patient.

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Cody, happy user

Your practice problems boosted my confidence and helped me to think critically throughout the process. And I got the job! Just wanted to say thanks.

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Practice Questions for the Amazon Interview

Interviewing for a software engineering position at Amazon? Start with our practice programming interview questions. We've helped several engineers get the job at Amazon already.

Writing an Automagic JavaScript Validator »

You're working with an intern that keeps coming to you with JavaScript code that won't run because the braces, brackets, and parentheses are off. To save you both some time, you decide to write a validator... keep reading »

Balancing a Binary Tree »

Write a function to see if a binary tree is "superbalanced" (a new tree property we just made up). A tree is "superbalanced" if the difference between the depths of any two leaf nodes is no greater... keep reading »

HiCal, Super Duper Calendar Software »

Your company built an in-house calendar tool called HiCal. You want to add a feature to see the times in a day when everyone is available. To do this, you’ll need to know when any team is... keep reading »

Making Change »

Write a function that, given: 1) an amount of money and 2) a list of coin denominations, computes the number of ways to make the amount of money with coins of the... keep reading »

Rectangular Love, Baby »

A crack team of love scientists has devised a way to represent dating profiles as rectangles on a two-dimensional plane. They need help writing an algorithm to find the intersection of two users' love rectangles... keep reading »

Highest Product of Three Numbers »

Given an array of integers, find the highest product you can get from any three of those integers. Challenge yourself to find the time and... keep reading »

Largest Stack »

Given a Stack class, implement a new class called MaxStack, with a function get_max() that returns the largest element in the stack. Your stack will only contain... keep reading »

The Stolen Breakfast Drone »

Your company delivers breakfast via autonomous quadcopter drones. Today something mysterious happened: one of the drones never made it back from a delivery. Each breakfast delivery is assigned a unique ID... keep reading »

Simulate a 5-Sided Die Using a 7-Sided Die »

You have a function rand7() that generates a random integer from 1 to 7. Use it to write a function rand5() that generates a random integer from 1 to 5. rand7() returns each integer with equal probability... keep reading »

Writing A Uniform Shuffle »

Write a function for doing an in-place shuffle of an array. The shuffle must be "uniform," meaning each item in the original array must have the same probability of ending up in each spot in the final array. Assume that... keep reading »

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Inside an Amazon warehouse

A robotic arm stowing boxes at an Amazon warehouse. Amazon's motto is "Start with the customer and work backwards."

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"Our questions are behavioral-based and focused on assessing for fit. I encourage candidates to give examples that show how they can follow an inquiry and get to the root cause of something."

— Miriam Park, director of MBA and university recruiting at Amazon


"It's fantastic being so close to a product where we can see how it impacts the actual customers."

— Chelsea Krueger, senior principal engineer at Amazon

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Amazon Coding Interview Question - firstNonRepeatingCharacter

About Amazon

Earth's most 'Customer Centric' company, Amazon was founded by Jeff Bezos from his garage in Bellevue, Washington on July 5, 1994. Amazon is an American multinational technology company whose focus is on a large number of fields, for instance, E-Commerce, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Streaming, etcetera. It is considered to be one of the Big Five companies in the United States Information Technology industry, along with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Amazon is renowned for its huge disruption of industries through technological innovation and mass scale. Being the world's largest online marketplace, AI assistant provider, and cloud computing platform, Amazon has a workforce of over six lakh employees, out of which over fifty thousand are Indians. It is the largest Internet company by revenue in the world right now and the second-largest private employer in the United States. Because of this, Amazon has the highest global brand valuation.

Given the plethora of services that Amazon offers, it is pretty obvious that a lot of people want to join Amazon and be part of its evergreen culture. But what really is the secret sauce to Amazon’s humongous success? Well, if you ask this question to any of the employees at Amazon, we are pretty sure that everyone would unanimously say: 'The Leadership Principles of Amazon'

Amazon HQ

Amazon Interview Process

Interview Process

  1. Recruiter Connect: Best way to get noticed by Amazon recruiters is to maintain a good Linkedin profile and message recruiters. The candidate can also apply on the Amazon job portal but it is suggested that they also get a referral from an Amazon employee.
  2. Interview Rounds: Amazon conducts four interview rounds alongside an initial coding test. The coding test consists of DS/Algo problems. The first round is an HR round where they ask behavioral questions along with Computer Science theory questions to the candidate. The next three rounds focus solely on DS/Algo.
  3. After Interviews: The recruiter contacts the candidate after these rounds and tells the verdict. They also look at the candidate’s leadership principles along with technical skills.
  4. Hired: Once the team and you both are comfortable and ready to start, the offer letter is prepared and shared with you by the recruiters and you are HIRED!

Interview Rounds

  1. HR Round(1 Round) This is when they ask computer science theory and behavioural questions to the candidate. The questions may enquire about the candidate’s experience at previous companies and conflicts the candidate might have faced with colleagues/managers.
  2. Data Structures and Algorithms Rounds(3 Rounds) The candidate is asked DS/Algo problems where production ready code might be expected from the candidate. It is not out of the realm of possibility to face minor behavioural questions here as well. The problems range from easy to hard but they are not the sole deciding factor for the final offer. Leadership principles also come into play here. The interviews are conducted on Amazon Chime.

Amazon Coding Questions

Gas Station

Given two integer arrays A and B of size N. There are N gas stations along a circular route, where the amount of gas at station i is A[i]. You have a ...

Majority Element

Problem DescriptionGiven an array of size n, find the majority element. The majority element is the element that appears more than floor(n/2) times. Yo...

Distribute Candy

There are N children standing in a line. Each child is assigned a rating value. You are giving candies to these children subjected to the following re...

Longest Increasing Subsequence

Find the longest increasing subsequence of a given array of integers, A. In other words, find a subsequence of array in which the subsequence’s elemen...

Max Product Subarray

Find the contiguous subarray within an array (containing at least one number) which has the largest product. Return an integer corresponding to the max...

Ways to Decode

Problem DescriptionA message containing letters from A-Z is being encoded to numbers using the following mapping: 'A' -> 1 'B' -> 2 ... 'Z' ...

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stocks II

Problem DescriptionSay you have an array, A, for which the ith element is the price of a given stock on day i. Design an algorithm to find the maximum...

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stocks III

Say you have an array, A, for which the ith element is the price of a given stock on day i. Design an algorithm to find the maximum profit. You may co...

Best Time to Buy and Sell Stocks I

Problem DescriptionSay you have an array, A, for which the ith element is the price of a given stock on day i. If you were only permitted to complete a...

Max Sum Path in Binary Tree

Given a binary tree T, find the maximum path sum. The path may start and end at any node in the tree. Input Format: The first and the only argument ...

Palindrome Partitioning II

Given a string A, partition A such that every substring of the partition is a palindrome. Return the minimum cuts needed for a palindrome partitioning...

Min Sum Path in Matrix

Problem DescriptionGiven a 2D integer array A of size M x N, you need to find a path from top left to bottom right which minimizes the sum of all numbe...

Min Jumps Array

Given an array of non-negative integers, A, of length N, you are initially positioned at the first index of the array. Each element in the array repre...

Edit Distance

Given two strings A and B, find the minimum number of steps required to convert A to B. (each operation is counted as 1 step.) You have the following ...

Unique Binary Search Trees II

Given an integer A, how many structurally unique BST’s (binary search trees) exist that can store values 1…A? Input Format: The first and the only ar...

Jump Game Array

Given an array of non-negative integers, A, you are initially positioned at the 0th index of the array. Each element in the array represents your maxi...


You are climbing a stair case and it takes A steps to reach to the top. Each time you can either climb 1 or 2 steps. In how many distinct ways can you...

Swap List Nodes in pairs

Given a linked list, swap every two adjacent nodes and return its head. For example, Given 1->2->3->4, you should return the list as 2->1-...

Rotate List

Given a list, rotate the list to the right by k places, where k is non-negative. For example: Given 1->2->3->4->5->NULL and k = 2, ret...

Reorder List

Given a singly linked list L: L0 → L1 → … → Ln-1 → Ln, reorder it to: L0 → Ln → L1 → Ln-1 → L2 → Ln-2 → … You must do this in-place wit...

See all Amazon Interview Questions

Tips for Amazon Interview Preparation

Now that we know about the rich heritage of Amazon, its work culture, and Leadership Principles, I am sure that you are tempted to interview at Amazon and take a job! Here are a few tips which you can use to crack Amazon's interview and get a job

  1. Understand the Leadership Principles Well - As mentioned before, Amazonians take great pride as far as their Leadership Principles are concerned. Therefore, knowing about these principles and citing an instance or two where the candidate has applied them in real life will have a positive impact on the interviewers. This leaves an impression that the candidate is genuinely interested in working with the company.
  2. Be Thorough with Data Structures and Algorithms - At Amazon, there is always an appreciation for great problem solvers. If you want to have a good impression of the interviewers, the best way is to prove that you have worked a lot on developing your logic structures and solving algorithmic problems. A good understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms and having one or two good projects always earn you brownie points with Amazon.
  3. Use the STAR method to format your Response - STAR is an acronym for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. The STAR method is a structured way to respond to behavioral-based interview questions. To answer a provided question using the STAR method, you start by describing the situation that was at hand, the Task which needed to be done, the action taken by you as a response to the Task, and finally the Result of the experience. It is important to think about all the details and recall everyone and everything that was involved in the situation. Let the interviewer know how much of an impact that experience had on your life and in the lives of all others who were involved. It is always a good practice to be prepared with a real-life story that you can describe using the STAR method.
  4. Know and Describe your Strengths - Many people who interview at various companies, stay shy during the interviews and feel uncomfortable when they are asked to describe their strengths. Remember that if you do not show how good you are at the skills you know, no one will ever be able to know about the same and this might just cost you a lot. So it is okay to think about yourself and highlight your strengths properly and honestly as and when required.
  5. Discuss with your interviewer and keep the conversation going - Remember that an interview is not a written exam and therefore even if you come up with the best of solutions for the given problems, it is not worth anything until and unless the interviewer understands what you are trying to say. Therefore, it is important to make the interviewer that he or she is also a part of the interview. Also, asking questions might always prove to be helpful during the interview.


  1. What are the Amazon interview rounds?

    5 rounds (4- Data Structures and Algorithms, 1- System Design, 1- HR). Find out More.

  2. Are Amazon interviews hard?

    The toughness of an interview depends upon the amount of hard work you have put in to prepare for them. Usually, the questions asked in a standard Amazon interview are of Easy to Medium Level but it varies from person to person.

  3. How do I apply for a job at Amazon?

    You can go to the Amazon Jobs portal and apply for any open role matching your skill set over there.

  4. Can I apply for multiple roles at Amazon?

    Yes, we can apply to any role that aligns with both our interests and skills. We are evaluated against the requirements for each role and we can give interviews for different roles at the same time.

  5. What are some of the questions which one should ask the interviewer at Amazon?

    It is always nice to ask questions about the company's culture and what is the current technology using which the company makes its products. Asking about the future innovations at Amazon also might be a good idea as it might make the interviewer believe that you are looking forward to joining Amazon for a long time. You can also ask about the interviewer's personal experience at Amazon and what skills which you must develop before you join the job.

  6. How to prepare for the coding interviews at Amazon?

    The secret lies in the amount of practice you do. Put in a lot of effort in solving challenging problems on Data Structures and Algorithms. Having a good knowledge of fundamental Computer Science Concepts like Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, etc. might also be helpful.

  7. Does Amazon have a dress code?

    No, Amazon does not have a dress code. However, all employees are supposed to wear decent clothes at their respective places of work.

  8. Is having a project on Web or Android Development or Machine Learning a must for being hired at Amazon?

    No, only good problem-solving skills are required to get hired at Amazon for an SDE position. Having said that, you will always get brownie points if you have a good project or two in your Resume as it shows that you are referenced and interested in the domain on which you have made your project.

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Interview questions 2020 amazon coding

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