Flat clear coat for wood

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What is a clear coat

A clear or semi-transparent coating, when added with dyes or other agents that increase its protective capabilities, still leaves visible the grain of the wooden substrate.

Clear Coatings for wood – FAQ

Can you use clear coat on wood?

Yes, they are used very often, even to better enhance the natural warmth and colors of the wood essences.

Should you put a clear coat over painted furniture?

Yes, especially in case of restoration, but after a previous sanding.

How long does clear coat take to dry on wood?

Clear coats don’t all take the same time to dry. Drying time depends on the type of product applied, and by drying conditions.

What is the best clear coat for painted furniture?

Acrylic solvent-based because it has very good flowing power and high yellowing resistance.

How do you apply clear coat to painted wood?

The application system and the methods depend directly on the type of product used, the paint to be overcoated and the type of support.

Can you put polyurethane over painted wood?

Yes, however, it depends on paints and substrates involved.

Why to use clear coat on painted wood

Clear coat are uses especially when performing restoration or maintenance operations, in particular when a previously applied coating film is still present on the substrate.

Clear coatings are mostly used in order to impregnate and protect wood for exteriors and to enhance the natural beauty of wood for interiors.

How to apply clear coat on wood

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Also in this case the application system depends on the type of product, as well they can be difficult or easy to apply. Normally it is applied by spray, manual or automatic, or by roller, pad or brush.

During application of water-based coatings, for both the product and for the substrate and for the environment, a minimum temperature of 15°C should be maintained.

Always check the wood quality before use, especially regarding the danger of resin outflow for pine, larch, douglas.

All preliminary mechanical processes on bare wood produce an irregular profile on the surface; to obtain a good coating result, a regular profile is required, and this can be obtained by sanding with increasingly finer abrasive paper, up to 150 for soft woods, up to 180 for hard wood.

The relative humidity of wood should range between 13% and 15%, according to the wood species. Wood humidity should always be checked before coating, using a moisture meter.

Example of application of clear coat and suggested products

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Three-coat waterborne stain coating system without sanding for coniferous woods

Basecoat AM0507 – AM0546 – AM0508

Drying 2/4 hours

Topcoat AZ21** – AZ32** – AZ34** – AZ97**

Drying 2/4 hours.

The third coat has to be applied within 4 hours.

Topcoat AZ21** – AZ32** – AZ34** – AZ97**

Stackable after 24 hours at 20°C

Clear HYDRO GOLD waterborne coating system for hard woods

Clear protective wood stain for hard woods AM0306/84, 89, 90, 93

Drying 2/4 hours

Clear washcoat AM0603/91

Drying 2/4 hours

The day after, automatic or manual denibbing

Clear 30 gloss thixotropic topcoat AZ9030/86

Stackable after 24 hours at 20°C

Clear open pore waterborne coating system for interiors

Sector: flat parts in general, doors, profiles, baseboards.

Application: conventional spray gun, airmix.

Stain AC1810: 20÷30 g/m²

Drying 1 hour

Basecoat AU0465 or AF72**: 80÷120 g/m²

Drying 4 hours

Automatic or manual sanding

Topcoat AF54** or AF72**: 80÷120g/m²

Stacking 16 hours at least

Clear fast drying waterborne coating system for interiors

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Sector: flat parts in general, doors, profiles, baseboards.

Application: spray

Stain AC1810: 20÷30 g/m²

Drying 1 hour

Basecoat AF74** or AF54**: 100÷120 g/m²

Drying 4 hours

Automatic and manual sanding

Topcoat AF74** or AF54**: 100÷120 g/m²

Stacking 16 hours at least

Sours: https://www.sayerlack.com/clear-coatings-for-wood-how-to-choose-the-best-one/

Guide to Clear Finishes

When working with any finish…

Choose the right brush.

Use natural bristle for oil-based finishes and synthetic filament (polyester, nylon, or a blend of the two) for water-based and water-based oil-modified finishes. Don't use rollers or foam brushes—they create bubbles.

Dampen the brush with a solvent.

Your brush will be easier to clean, and will go longer between cleanings, if its bristles are dipped first in mineral spirits, if you're using an oil-based poly, or in water, if the finish is water-based. Before using the brush, rapidly roll the handle between your hands inside a cardboard box to eliminate excess.

Pour some finish into a clean container.

Working from a separate container prevents the dust and other particles picked up by the brush from contaminating the finish in the can.

Tap, don't wipe.

After dipping about one-third of the brush into the finish, gently slap it against the inside of the container. Scraping the bristles over the edge of a container leaves the brush too dry to apply a coat of the right thickness.

Always brush or wipe with the grain.

It's the best way to work the finish into the wood pores and ensure an even appearance.

When working with water-based finishes…

Dampen the wood first.

Wipe the wood with a damp cloth to raise the fibers; after the surface dries, knock them back with 220-grit sandpaper.

Apply and move on.

Too much brushing can leave these fast-drying polys rough and ragged.

Don't smooth with steel wool.

It leaves behind tiny bits of steel that you can't see—until they rust. Use sandpaper instead.

Application tips
Sours: https://www.minwax.ca/wood-finishing-101/guide-to-clear-finishes/
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