Round wall decor

Round wall decor DEFAULT

Let your walls transport you to another place by adding a mural. Whether you hand-paint it or choose a wall covering, the motif will make a big impact.

7. Install shelving

If you’ve run out of floor space for bookshelves, take your collection to the wall. Install floating shelves and display hardcovers, small sculptures, and other odds and ends.

8. Hang plates

Why hide your fine china in the cabinet when you can show it off? Use wire plate hangers to display your favorite dishes and serving platters. If you’re a collector of any design object, this might be the move for you–we’ve even seen breadboards as pieces of art on the wall of a Brooklyn brownstone.

9. Display sculptural sconces

Sconces add an extra source of light without taking up space on the floor or a side table. Choose an eye-catching design that doubles as a wall sculpture to bring in light and style.

10. Go greener

Plants don’t just have to sit on the windowsill. Try hanging or wall-mounted planters to add a bit of greenery to your space and nature to your walls. If you’re not big on water, you can opt for a high-quality faux plant (and no one will probably ever be the wiser).

11. Tap into texture with macramé wall art

Those ’70s macramé wall hangings have come back in a big way. The weavings add texture and warm up stark walls. Shop for them on Etsy, or try your hand at making your own.

12. Or try beaded wall art

This wall hanging is made using the Maasai beading tradition. We love the minimalist black-and-white design. The stunning piece is handmade in Tanzania using glass beads sourced from the Czech Republic.

13. Hang an oversized wall calendar

A large calendar works especially well on an office or kitchen wall. Keep track of your events while also adding a standout element to enliven your room. Try bright and bold calendars with sans serif fonts to create a modern look and add a pop of color.

14. Set the tone with a giant whiteboard or chalkboard

A big board is a perfect functional addition to an office, playroom, or even a kitchen. A chalkboard lends a rustic air to any room, while a whiteboard is the contemporary alternative—and you don't have to stick to just white (they’re available in a variety of shades and prints). You can take it to the next level and paint an entire wall with WriteWallPaint, which creates a writeable surface.

15. Create a basket wall


Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Enhance your homes appearance with an assortment of our desired Wall Décor. Dress your walls with such items as Clocks, Wall Art and Photo Frames. Our vast collection covers distinct designs and colours of all shapes and sizes.

  • LSPR-ID7492225

    "Pinky Crest Cockatoo" Framed Canvas Wall Art Paint, 120cm

    RRP $399.00


  • LSPR-ID6206675

    Leni Retro Alarm Clock - Sax Blue

    RRP $29.00


  • LSPR-ID6208432

    RRP $189.00


  • LSPR-ID6209042

    RRP $35.00


  • LSPR-ID7492232

    "Nikko Blue" Framed Canvas Wall Art Paint, No.1, 80cm

    RRP $275.00


  • LSPR-ID7377702

    Kelsey Timber Wall Shelf, 122cm

    RRP $369.00


  • LSPR-ID6149324

    Veronese Cold Cast Bronze Coated Animal Skull Wall Art, Ram Skull

    RRP $245.00


  • LSPR-ID7501954

    Cobb & Co. Stainless Steel Wall Clock, 38cm

    RRP $95.00


  • LSPR-ID7482125

    Diamonds In Line Timber Wall Art, 80cm

    RRP $95.00


  • LSPR-ID7473121

    Leni Old School Metal Framed Round Wall Clock, 23cm, Gloss Mint

    RRP $49.95


  • LSPR-ID7492258

    "Flower Embrace" Framed Hand Painted Canvas Wall Art, 120cm

    RRP $339.00


  • LSPR-ID7482126

    Abstract Mountains Timber Wall Art, Portrait, 60cm

    RRP $55.00


  • LSPR-ID6209044

    RRP $35.00


  • LSPR-ID7491308

    Sete Wooden Round Wall Clock, 60cm

    RRP $125.00


  • LSPR-ID7492239

    "Australian Native Birds" Framed Canvas Wall Art Paint, Kookaburra, 90cm

    RRP $275.00


  • LSPR-ID7492233

    "Nikko Blue" Framed Canvas Wall Art Paint, No.2, 80cm

    RRP $275.00


  • LSPR-ID6206130

    "House Rules" Timber Wall Panel with Hooks

    RRP $125.00


  • LSPR-ID7485385
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Wall Mirrors

Wall Hanging Mirrors

Make the most of your available wall space with a classic hanging wall mirror from Dunelm. A large wall mirror is perfect for checking how you look on the way out of the house whilst also reflecting light throughout your home. Likewise, a beautiful oval mirror will create the illusion of space, adding depth and texture to your home. Our wall mirrors all vary in size and style, so choosing the right match for your home should be simple.

If you are looking for a wall mirror that creates a design feature in your living room why not hang a beautiful ornate mirror over your fire place mantle. There are loads of styles and colours to really draw in your eyes, such as gold mirrors which look fabulous against pale or bright colours, and can easily brighten up cream walls with a splash of elegant charm.

Our most popular wall mirror is the black vintage style which looks fantastic either hanging on a wall or even rested against a free corner in a room to reflect back light into small spaces. Moroccan inspired interior design is a rising trend, so why not embellish your walls with a Moroccan mirror and soft lighting to help transform your décor into an enchanting Moroccan haven.

DIY- Round Boxwood Hedge Wall Backdrop Diy - Floral Boxwood Wall Stage Decor

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Wall decor round

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5 DIY WALL ART DECOR IDEAS - Aesthetic + Affordable ☆ DIY MOON MIRROR!

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