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Fix (NieR) Automata Resolution

For help and/or questions, please post in the FAR thread over on the Steam discussion boards.

For more instructions and guides on how to use FAR, see this Tweak Guide over on the Steam guides for NieR:Automata.

Main Features

  • Fixes native fullscreen resolution
  • Allows adjusting Global Illumination for a performance boost.
  • Allows adjusting the resolution of Bloom and Ambient Occlusion effects to the current framebuffer resolution.
  • Includes a freecam look.
  • Includes a framerate unlocker.

Framerate Unlocker

The framerate unlocker is known to break cutscenes and scripting in the game. Use at your own risk!

Steps to enable the framerate unlocker:

  1. Disable V-Sync in-game
  2. Disable the built-in frame limiter of FAR (set it to 0)
  3. Enable Remove 60 FPS Cap
  4. (optional) Edit in dxgi.ini to override the default 60 Hz refresh rate of the game.



+ + Toggle On Screen Display (OSD)
Keyboard: + +
Gamepad: / +
Toggle Config Menu
Hold + while launching the gameOpens the Injection Compatibility Options

Framerate Unlocker

+ + Toggle 60 FPS cap

Camera and HUD

Keybindings can be changed in the control panel of FAR. Some non-English keyboard users might need to rebind the keys before they work.

Turn on/off freelook (will disable XInput movement control)
Lock Camera Origin
+ + Lock Camera Focus
HUD Free Screenshots

Config Menu

Gamepad: Hold / for seconds
Toggle Exclusive Input Mode (game vs. config menu)
Keyboard: ///
Cycle Through UI Items
Gamepad: /
Activate Selected Item
Keyboard: + +
Gamepad: /
Exit Config Menu
Exclusive Keyboard Mode: + + ///
Gamepad: / +
Move the Control Panel

On-Screen Display (OSD)

Color and scale config is stored in Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Global\osd.ini

+ + Toggle On Screen Display (OSD)
+ + /Resize OSD
+ + Toggle Framerate Counter
+ + Toggle Clock / Version
+ + Toggle GPU Monitor
+ + Toggle CPU Monitor
+ + Toggle Memory Monitor
+ + Toggle I/O Monitor
+ + Toggle Disk Monitor
+ + Toggle Page File Monitor
+ + Toggle D3D11 Shader Analytics


+ + Command ConsoleSee documentation for commands
  • DrDaxxy for fullscreen resolution fix and global illumination tweak.
  • Durante for ambient occlusion and bloom resolution tweak.
  • Francesco for framerate unlocker.
  • IDK31 and Smithfield for freecam look.
  • GitHub contributors

Whether you’re using the official Steam version of Nier Automata or playing a cracked version, you can use the FAR mod for Nier Automata for a better experience. For those not familiar, FAR refers to &#;Fix Automata Resolution&#; because some devices aren&#;t playing it as perfectly as we want it 2B.


There are two different versions of the mod floating around. One version is for the official game on Steam and the other version is for the cracked game. However, many have tried to use the latest version of the FAR mod manually because the automatic installer will not work or might stop working and they find that the game ends up crashing or just goes to a white screen. Many guides will tell you to go back to an older version of the game but you might find that the FAR control panel still does not work.


There is a lot of work that goes into trying to mod a cracked game which makes you wonder why people don’t just support the developers and buy an official version of the game &#; it&#;s a lot easier to mod an official copy instead of a pirated one.


One trick on how to use the FAR mod for Nier Automata is not to try to install or uninstall different versions from GitHub. You’re going to install and uninstall different versions for days and possibly end up compromising your computer. If you want to get the FAR mod for Nier Automata working, you would need to download the right repack that works with the game.

Some suggest using Fitgirl’s repack that has a version of FAR that could possibly work with a cracked version of Nier Automata. All you would need to do is unpack it, copy the contents from the folder, and paste it wherever your Nier Automata .exe file is. It’s a viable option if you don’t know how to use mods for the cracked version. Hitting CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE should open the menu for the FAR mod in Nier Automata and help you run the game a little better whether it’s the official Steam version or the cracked version.

If it’s still not working after that, then it might be time to make some smart financial decisions and buy the official game to run the FAR mod in Nier Automata.


Here&#;s Kaldaien&#;s version of the FAR mod, in case you&#;d like another option available that&#;s more official:

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) &#; v

If you&#;re looking into even more mods, we looked into outfit mods for 2B and A2, and how Nier Automata is being featured in Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not the same game, but it&#;ll look the same!

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Special K currently has a limited feature set for the Microsoft Store version, as some features mentioned on this page is unavailable.

Special K features NieR: Automata specific tweaks and features (collectively known as FAR) created by Kaldaien with contributions from various individuals. For years these tweaks were essential to fix various issues the Steam version of the game suffered from, and many of these features and fixes made their way into the game officially following an update to the game released by Square Enix on July 15,

With the current state of the game Special K (FAR) is no longer as essential though it still features improvements to the latest version of the game that some may find beneficial:

  • Enables much faster loading times.

  • Can improve the frame pacing of the game and eliminate micro stuttering.

  • Decrease the global illumination below that of the lowest setting of the game for a major performance improvement.

  • As well as various other minor fixes and features that improves the overall rendering pipeline and latency, such as Nvidia Reflex integration.

  • How to migrate from the old FAR to the latest release?
    See the below Installation section.

  • How do I get improved performance on lower-end devices?
    Special K can decrease or disable global illumination beyond what the game exposes, see the relevant section below.

  • How to install ReShade with Special K?
    See the separate ReShade page.

  • Does the HD Texture Mod still work?
    Yes, rename the folder to

  • Does the LOD Mod still work?
    Yes, use the new Automata LodMod mod that fixes both ambient occlusion appearing through walls as well as LOD pop-ins.

  • Is there a fix for the Ambient Occlusion graphical glitches?
    Yes, use the new Automata LodMod mod that fixes both ambient occlusion appearing through walls as well as LOD pop-ins.

  • Where can I go for other mods?
    More mods can be found over on NieR:Modding (Website, Discord) or Nexus Mods.

  • There is only experimental >60 FPS support using the latest Special K version.

  • 3DMigoto is not compatible with HDR.

  • The Fullscreen mode might not work alongside Special K, which can be fixed in either of the following ways:

    • Configure the game to Borderless mode, which is functionally identical.

    • Open Special K’s in-game UI, expand the SwapChain Management section, and disable Waitable SwapChain.

  • For existing users of Special K the game might not launch with the latest version of SK.
    This can be fixed by browsing to and deleting the folder.

  • Infinite loading screens is usually caused by outdated textures, such as 2B dress textures, incompatible with the new version of the game. Please remove any such textures.

  • Special K currently has a limited featureset for the Microsoft Store version following its patch. This will eventually be fixed with the featureset of Special K unifying across both versions.

Microsoft Store users, please see Installation (Microsoft Store).

  1. The legacy standalone version of FAR is no longer compatible with the game, and the game will fail to launch if those files are left in the game folder so they need to be manually removed. Please Uninstall FAR v or older before proceeding further.

  2. Special K (which includes the FAR plugin) can be installed for the game, either through a Global (system-wide) or Local (game-specific) install. The legacy standalone version of FAR is known as a “local Special K install”, so if you only want Special K for NieR: Automata and no other games, please follow those instructions.

  • The best compatible version of Special K is the test version of Special K available from the forum.

  • See the section below for how to install Special K for the Microsoft Store version.

Special K currently has a limited feature set for the Microsoft Store version, as some features mentioned on this page is unavailable.

The global injector of Special K can be used to inject the mod into the game:

  1. Install the global injector of Special K.

  2. Launch SKIF.exe and open the Options tab. In the Whitelist area, type in and then click on the Save Changes button at the bottom.

  3. Go to the Global Injection tab, select Special K, and click on Start Service to start the global injector.

  4. Launch the game. If everything works properly Special K’s GUI should appear and you can hit + + to access its in-game control panel.

Special K supports injecting custom textures into the game, allowing the use of third-party textures mods.

  1. Find a texture mod you would like to use.

  2. Launch the game.

  3. Press  + +  to open the control panel of Special K.

  4. In the file menu bar of the control panel, click on File and then Initialize Texture Mods.

  5. Now click on File again, and select Browse Texture Assets and click on Injectable Textures.

  6. The texture inject folder should open in a regular File Explorer window on your computer. Now close down the game.

  7. In the texture inject folder that was opened, create a new subfolder with a name of your choice.

    • This is primarily for your own benefit. If you want you can also just use the base NieRAutomata.exe folder without any subfolders, however this will make it impossible to separate textures between mods.

    • Example: a subfolder called “2B” which contains all 2B related textures.

  8. Move the texture files of the mod into the newly created folder.

  9. Launch the game and enjoy your texture mod.

As a result of the way the FPS unlocker feature works in the updated Steam version, it has a beneficial side effect of speeding up loading times as the loading animation itself is no longer limited to 60 FPS. Special K includes a toggle that automatically disables both the built-in as well as Special K’s own FPS limiter during loading screens to allow these to pass by much quicker than otherwise. This can bring the loading times of the game down from ~15 to ~5 seconds.

  1. Press + + to open the control panel of Special K.

  2. Expand the NieR: Automata > Framerate subsection. Click on the box to the left of to enable faster loading times.

  3. Loading times should now be quicker as the time is not as limited by the animation speed itself any longer. In general, the faster the frame rate you can reach during loading times the faster loading will become.

    • Note that using a third-party FPS limiter such as RTSS or display driver FPS limiters will counteract this as the FPS will be prevented from go beyond the 60 FPS needed to speed up loading times.

Global illumination (indirect light bouncing) is a massive performance hog of the game that both the game and Special K allows changing, though in different ways.

It is currently unknown if there is a direct correlation between official in-game quality levels and those of Special K’s override, however as far as can be determined based on visual impact and performance gains, the in-game quality levels seems to stretch themselves from SK’s Ultra level (assumed to be the same as the in-game High level), to SK’s High level (assumed to be approximately the in-game Medium level), and a separate quality level between that of SK’s High and SK’s Medium that would correlate to the in-game Low quality level. For a visual comparison between quality levels, see Visual Impact.

The game does not seem to expose lower quality levels of global illumination, such as SK’s Medium, Low, or Off, where the main performance gains can be found for lower-end devices.

  1. Open the Settings screen of the game.

  2. Locate the Global illumination toggle.

  3. Change the value accordingly.

    • High seems to correlate to the default quality level of older versions of the game, and is called Ultra in Special K’s override.

    • Medium seems to correlate to approximately the same quality level as the High override in Special K.

    • Low seems to correlate to approximately a quality level between that of the High and Medium override in Special K.

    • The game does not have any native quality levels that directly correlates to Special K’s Medium, Low, or Off overrides.

  4. If the performance gains are not enough, try using the Special K method to decrease the global illumination even further.

  1. The game’s own global illumination toggle on the Settings page must be set to High for Special K’s override to have an effect.

  2. Press + + to open the control panel of Special K.

  3. Expand the NieR: Automata > Lighting subsection.

  4. Adjust the Global Illumination Quality for a performance boost.

    • Warning:Off is only recommended for below-minimum builds due to the massive visual impact it can cause in certain dark environments (make objects appear completely red)

The following screenshots showcase the effect global illumination has on objects in the environment by adjusting the Global Illumination Quality override in Special K. Note that this override only has an effect when the game’s own setting is set to High.

  • In the below table, approximate in-game quality levels are encapsed in square brackets .

Special K enables users to replace the default HDR implementation of the game with a custom one with more options available that some users might prefer. This is recommended only for advanced users.

  1. In the display settings of Windows, ensure that is enabled for the HDR compatible monitor.

  2. Launch and close the game once to allow the Special K config file to be created.

  3. Open the game-specific config.

  4. Find and change the parameter to

    • This is required to disable the native HDR support of the game.
  5. Launch the game.

  6. Press + + to open the control panel of Special K.

  7. Expand the Widgets section. Click on the box to the left of to enable the HDR calibration widget in the top right corner of the screen.

  8. In the HDR calibration widget in the top right corner, enable the option.

  9. Restart the game to allow the change to take effect.

  10. Load a save file and then use the HDR calibration widget to adjust the HDR experience.

  11. When you are finished, uncheck the under the Widgets section to hide the widget again.

The FPS unlocker option of Special K is experimental. The option in Special K is currently used to allow Special K to replace the built-in FPS limiter of the game with its own, as this may result in a smoother or more stable frame pacing. Going above 60 FPS will result in some aspects of the gameplay being sped up.

  1. Press + + to open the control panel of Special K.

  2. Expand the NieR: Automata > Framerate subsection. Click on the box to the left of to enable the unlock.

  3. Expand the top-level section called Framerate Limiter, enable the Framerate Limit and be sure to set the FPS limiter to 60 by + on it and typing in .

  4. The in-game FPS limiter is now removed and replaced with Special K’s much improved frame rate limiter.

    • Going above 60 FPS is currently not recommended due to its experimental state — some gameplay elements will run much faster causing various timing related issues.

The legacy version of FAR (v ) is not compatible with the new updated Steam version, and the game will fail to launch if left in the game folder. The files related to FAR needs to be removed manually from the game folder, so please remove them from the game folder. This is most easily done by removing any and all files that is not shown in the below image.

  • This is how a fully cleaned out folder looks like after the game has been launched once:
    • nierautomta_clean_folder.png
  • If the game has not been launched yet another executable along with some batch files will also exist in the folder.
  • Only GOTY owners have the folder.
  • Validating game files or uninstalling/reinstalling the game through Steam will not remove third-party files, such as FAR, from the game folder.

These are the files and folders related to older versions of FAR:

dinput8FilesRemove any file with in its name. These are the main components of FAR.
FAR.iniFileHolds NieR: Automata tweaks config.
d3d11_shaders.iniFileHolds outdated shader config for the outdated custom ReShade of FAR.
VersionFolderHolds non-functioning auto-updater version data.
logsFolderHolds FAR diagnostics logs.
ReShadeFiles/FolderRemove any file or folder with ReShade in its name is related to FAR’s outdated custom version of ReShade.

Removing Special K from NieR: Automata depends on the method that was used to install it:

  • For local (game-specific) installs for the Steam version, simply removing Special K’s DLL file from the game folder is enough. The DLL file is usually called dxgi.dll or dinput8.dll.

  • For global (system-wide) installs for both the Steam version and the Microsoft Store version, stopping the global injector through the Special K Injection Frontend (SKIF) is enough to stop Special K from affecting the game. If the Special K installer was used to install SK, the global injector can be uninstalled through the regular Apps & Features list of Windows.

Easy way to install FAR and HD Texture pack. Nier Automata Mod Helper (NAMH) walkthrough.

How do you open far mod NieR?

How do you open far mod NieR?

In-game press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace to access the control panel of FAR.

Is NieR automata a good port?

The famous critic and commentator TotalBiscuit analyzed the PC port of Nier Automata. It seems that from the technical point port is pretty good, because the game looks better than on consoles, turns well and has an acceptable number of options, so TotalBiscuit called it the best game port of Platinum Games so far.

Is Nier automata PC port fixed?

Over four years after release, Square Enix is finally sorting out its shoddy PC port for Nier: Automata. The incredibly vague announcement was made over on Nier&#;s Twitter account, which says that the upgrade patch is &#;currently in development.&#;

Is Nier automata better in English or Japanese?

For this game, the Japanese is overall much better than the English version. Compared to the original Nier, the English voice acting is slightly worse in Automata. Those are some of the below-average/bad actors, but if you really want to hear the same voices, you might want to choose the English dub.

Did they fix the Nier automata PC port?

Nier: Automata on Game Pass/Windows Store is a different port to the Steam version, doesn&#;t need the fan fix. Square Enix never did fix its version, seems like Microsoft did. Modders eventually came to the rescue with FAR, the Fix Automata Resolution tool, which not only fixed the bugs but also improved the visuals.

Is NieR automata bad on steam?

Though the game currently sits at a &#;very positive&#; rating on the Steam store, in the last three days new reviews have been overwhelmingly negative, with many of the new additions expressing disappointment at the differences between the Steam version and the version that recently joined Xbox Game Pass, which is, of &#;

Is NieR automata better on PC or Xbox?

And now the review-bombing has begun. Nier: Automata is better on Xbox Game Pass PC than on Steam, it has emerged. The PC version of Nier: Automata that launched into Xbox Game Pass this week is a port of the Nier: Automata Become as Gods Edition that launched on Xbox One in with the DLC thrown in.

Who ported NieR PC?

Share this story QLOC handled the Game Pass for PC version of Nier: Automata, and on Thursday the studio noted that it&#;s a port of the Become as Gods Edition, which launched on Xbox One in

Why does 2B wear a mask?

If you look at the operators, they wear veils over their mouths while speaking to their androids in the field. It&#;s a visual way for the developers to point out when the androids are being their “authentic” selves to the audience instead of what they&#;re supposed to be.

Did 2B die?

2B&#;s route exists so that 9S&#;s route can retread its events and build on it, and once that role is fulfilled, 2B is killed off as the primary motivation for the the revenge rampage that is 9S&#;s story in the second half of the game.

How bad is the Nier automata on PC?

Released in March alongside its PS4 brethren, the Steam edition of NieR: Automata left fans bitterly disappointed. Low-resolution textures, unstable frame rate, choppy cinematics, and stuttering gameplay among the laundry list of problems encountered by players.

Is Nier automata playable on PC?

Nier: Automata launched on Windows PC in March , about two weeks after its PlayStation 4 debut in the West.

How much is Nier automata on steam?

Store Prices

CurrencyCurrent PriceLowest Recorded Price
U.S. Dollar$ at %$ at %
Indonesian RupiahRp at %Rp at %
Malaysian RinggitRM at %RM at %
Singapore DollarS$ at %S$ at %

Should I play Nier before automata?

You should start with Nier: Automata. It is technically the sequel to Nier Replicant, but it builds upon the original game in every way. The combat is faster and more pleasurable, the story is easier to follow, and its alternate playthroughs change the game in dramatic ways.

How many GB is Nier Replicant?


Is Nier Replicant a remaster?

Nier Replicant review: it&#;s not a remake, but it&#;s one of the best remasters in recent memory. This new release of Nier goes to great lengths to improve the original – and while it&#;s no Automata, it&#;s now a fantastic experience.

Is Nier Replicant out?

Nier Replicant ver&#; is a remaster of the game, released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows on April 23, &#;.Nier (video game)

Platform(s)Nier Gestalt PlayStation 3 Xbox Nier Replicant PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 Xbox One Windows

Is Nier Replicant a prequel?

Nier Replicant is the prequel to Nier Automata, not the sequel. Replicant is a remaster of Nier, which was released in While the game saw modest success when it first debuted, it wasn&#;t until Nier Automata released in that the series gained wide popularity.

Should I play drakengard before NieR?

TL;DR: No, you don&#;t have to play Drakengard 3 prior to NieR:Gestalt/Replicant, although this comes from someone who has only watched playthroughs of these games.

Is NieR Replicant ver a remake?

NieR Replicant ver. &#; succeeds as both a remake and proof of concept for the franchise&#;s enduring, compelling brand of gameplay. When developer Toylogic and publisher Square Enix confirmed the existence of NieR Replicant ver.

Is NieR Gestalt same as replicant?

Replicant and Gestalt are actually two versions of the exact same game, released in different regions and on different platforms. The story and gameplay are identical and overall, there are very few differences between them. That said, each variant is different, and fans often do prefer one or the other.

Is NieR Replicant made by platinum?

The short answer is because NieR:Automata exists. That game saw enormous success, in part thanks to its rewarding combat system. Developed in collaboration with PlatinumGames Inc., it was responsive, skill-based and oh-so-satisfying &#; and the team wanted to capture that feeling in the updated NieR Replicant.

How many endings are in NieR Replicant?

four endings

Are all humans dead in NieR automata?

It is revealed in NieR:Automata that as a result of Nier killing the Shadowlord, Project Gestalt failed, and humanity became extinct within a thousand years. Because of their failure to stop Nier, Devola and Popola model androids everywhere were blamed entirely for the project&#;s failure.

What killed humans in NieR automata?

So from my understanding, The White Chlorination Disease (Or whatever the exact name was) caused humans to die, so they split their souls and bodies. The sounds (gestalts would go on for a considerable amount of time).

Does NieR automata require Internet?

Ending E is virtually impossible without internet, but some people have managed it. If you&#;re on pc you could use cheatengine to complete it. I enjoyed having the internet very much. You can probably enjoy 99% of the game without it.

Do you accept defeat NieR automata?

Don&#;t accept defeat! Even if you&#;re not connected to the internet, you should be offered help but to receive it the console asks you to connect to the internet. The ending you get is possibly the greatest moment in all of gaming.

How many main endings are in NieR automata?

26 endings

How many ending Nier has?

Is there a happy ending to Nier automata?

Since there is such an incredible number of endings in Nier: Automata, most players are bound to be interested in learning whether there is a good ending or not in Nier: Automata. While there isn&#;t anything that is actually labelled as a “Good Ending,” general consensus is that Ending E is the most satisfying.

How do you get the secret boss in Nier?

How to Fight Emil | Secret Boss Location

  1. Go to Emil&#;s House — Find it around the City Ruins: Center crater.
  2. Loot the treasure chest in the final room of the pitch black cave.
  3. Return to Emil and talk to him.
  4. Go back to his house a second time with 9S.

How many boss fights Nier automata?

24 bosses

How do you trigger the boss fight in Emil?

After Emil told you that he boosted security in his home, go down to Emil&#;s Residence again and open the locked chest with 9S and take the item inside. After exiting the room, the boss fight should trigger properly.

How do you beat the first boss in NieR automata?

Use these tips:

  1. R2. Take Luke Skywalker&#;s advice when he crash lands on Dagobah: “R2!!!” Hit R2 like it murdered your family.
  2. Live. Die.
  3. Run away. This may not sound like the honorable move, but run past every single enemy you don&#;t have to fight.
  4. Know When To Use Your Laser. Your laser is a great weapon.
  5. The Boss.

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Nier Automata FAR, ReShade, ReTexture Tutorial 2019

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