Molex micro fit connector

Molex micro fit connector DEFAULT

Connector Micro Fit Male 2X2 Way Molex

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Producer: Molex
Package: 3 pieces
Note: Quantity 1 corresponds to 3 pieces

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Series: Micro-Fit
No. of Positions: 4
Pitch Spacing: 3mm
For Use With: Micro-Fit , , Crimp Terminals
Current rating: 5A
Flammability rating: UL94V-0
Gender: Receptacle
Material: Polyester
No. of Rows: 2

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Data sheet

Micro-Fit -
Operating temperature
°C to +°C
For cable
Number of poles
Number of rows
Product type


Micro Fit Connector

Leading Wholesale Trader of Molex Micro-fit Connector from Gandhinagar.

Molex Micro-fit Connector
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ApplicationTelecom/Data/Network, PCB, Audio & Video
ConfigurationMicro connector and nano connector
Number of Pins2~20

Molex Micro-fit wire to board housing terminal and header connector 

Pitch :-

 Pins :- 2 ~ 25


HousingEquivalent of Molex Micro-Fit receptacle Housing, plug housing
Crimp terminal Male and female, tin plated
Header/wafer SMT, Thru/DIP; Straight angle/Right angle
Pitch Centerlinemm
Number of RowsSingle or Dual
Current rating5A AC,DC
Voltage ratingV,AC,DC
Wire rangeAWG20~24


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Fit connector micro molex

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